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So you think you’re hot?…

sweat-is-fat-cryingRecognizing this quote? Talking for itself, right? Today was time for heat acclimatization training. and doing this in a country where the rain is its first name and the cold its family name…nope, no easy task.

OK, we are in July and it might not be cold as such. Well, yes it is. Compared to other places, which are actually the ones I am aiming to run soon. So, these 18ºC that most of us probably liked today were not enough for preparing for the 26-31ºC currently recorded where I am going. Therefore some necessary reading about heat acclimatization, check with running buddies and coach on how to prepare for this. Knowing as well that it will be the first race of the year… Morning started with getting dressed as for a running workout, already with extra clothes: a singlet! With 18ºC outside, sport bra and shorts are way enough. But nope, today it was a singlet, and on the top of it a long sleeves sweater and a rain jacket. For the legs, shorts and rain trousers. OMG! Was already sweating after 2,5km to the physiotherapist. Got a nice cycling under the rain (read: heavy rain) to get to our club cabin and waited a bit to meet club-buddies. Got a bonnet on my head as well, and off we went. 12km of this. No need to say that the sweat was definitively out! Off with all those layers and 41 minutes sauna after that. Yapp! After this type of preps, I will probably be ready to run in the desert without any effort! The plan is to have 2-3 runs a week with extra layers of clothes to adapt to the heat. Arriving one week ahead of the event should also complete the trick. Just have to ensure the hydration is working well.

Any tips for racing under hot weather conditions? Feel free to share 🙂

So yes, this thing about “sweat is fat crying”… Not too sure. Still have a butt and little extra on the thighs. As it should be 🙂 And yes, the rain in July IS killing me!

Run Happy! (and sweaty :-P)



How to make interval workout “hot”…

20 steps for this hot recipe… (to be used with care…)

Step 1: Skip the alarm ringing at 6 am

Step 2: Skip the snoozeS until 7am

Step 3: Go up around 7:40am, jump eagerly into your running gear and let you convinced to run later (i.e. 10:00am)

Step 4: Take a nice breakfast to load energy

Step 5: Play with the kids until the very kind cavalry came back from her daily powerwalk

Step 6: Massage your thigh with heat cream with chilli extract (no kidding!)

Step 7: Ask for help for sun-creaming your face (if not done earlier… Because it can be dangerous to do it after the chilli cream…)

Step 8: Hit the road and notice the sun being already high in the skies and getting (read: “temperature at least above 24°C”)

Step 9: Warmup and enjoy the light headwind as you know you are going to cook in a short while

Step 10: Find a place on the side of the already-busy-with-traffic road and stretch correctly

Step 11: Take the adequate music in your ears, let the large truck coming in front of you pass by aaaaand..

Step 12: Start running your serie of 12 times 400m with expected pace of 82/88sec and rest of 60sec

Step 13: Quickly reconsider the rest to take between the intervals and increase to 85/90 sec aaaand that the intervals might go sliiightly slower…

Step 14: Run like you can and enjoy as much as possible the little wind of the fast drivers passing by with their crazy cars… There is no shadow, so any little air move is welcome…

Step 15: IF ever finding some shadow, try to finish your interval in this spot and enjoy…

Step 16: Accept without questioning the water bottle a nice guy in a bike is proposing you, even if it means crossing the road (you know the one with busy traffic and crazy fast drivers)

Step 17: Realize that after 6 intervals done under the hot sun, that it is ONLY 6 left, so why not continuing…

Step 18: Finalize the serie of 12* 400s, with a fast last one and a smile in your face

Step 19: Move your feet like you can, others might say you are nit running but just stop listening to them. You cannot do more than this anyway so you ARE running!

Step 20: Reach home, take off your HR pulse band, jump in the little kids pool in the garden, disregarding the bugs that were unfortunate to try it at night and just enjoy this cold bath with your running gear on.
Step 20bis: You may shower yourself with freezing cold water under the water tube in the garden. Still with running gear on. Who cares? You’be been running 12*400s under 30°C, pave between 79 and 93seconds and still smile and can joke (almost…).

This is the best recipe for turning an interval workout into a “hot” workout… If any other suggestion or similar recipes, please send them to me!

NOTE: complete the day with additional steps if you still can move, like waxing, facial treatment and sooo well-deserved massage. Your day will be  complete!

Soon bedtime, so tomorrow can bring new hot recipes…