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Long run UK style..

And it was time for the last long run of the year… After a not too good training week, felt a bit bold to get out for a long run today.

Started with early breakfast (oat porridge, blueberry, banana, oat milk) and bed again. 3,5hr later I was of running under the rain. Decided to go by feeling although having a progressive pace per 10 km. The first km were slightly tougher than the rest as more hilly and including back& forth on a bridge. Thereafter was flatter.

The harbours route, which I swore not to take unless I could run in shorts as last time it became an ice skating experiment…, was today really nice to run.


No ice, weather perfect for the run 6° C, yes it was! No better condition to resume training really.


The whole run ended at 31km in 2hrs 29, making it a pace of 4:48/km 🙂 Who is happy? This is the fastest long run of the year, training effect 5 according to my Garmin… Promising for Dubai!


Rest after that as well as a well-deserved massage. Great way to complete the well and the year…

One more day to go and we will see what 2013 is bringing us!

Oh, about this “UK style”… As it might be due to unbalanced effort on the left leg than my upper left thigh is annoying me, decide this week to run on the right side of the roads… UK style!

And so this was a brand new and better day

The past days have not really been as expected on the training side. Not too good at 4 weeks before marathon (but better than 2 day before!). But today started well (although a bit early!). Trip to Dubai booked : check!

Decided for a swimming tour early morning (opening at 7am) but seriously… it is still Saturday! and as up early, went back to bed for a short while… which became a longer while! So ready and in the water of the swimming pool turned out to be at 11am instead. Good feeling and great workout.

2*500m freestyle
500m freestyle w/flippers
500m freestyle w/paddles & pull buoy

followed – stupidly? – by a 30minutes sauna… Yaaaa, did not really think about the de-hydratation here… But felt good. Banana + sushi and lots of water after that! + walk tour in town to check for any sales opportunity.

Back home had a lot to fix and tidy… took a few hours and thereafter got myself ready for an evening run (aka testing the body/mind form). 10K in 47:47 felt good. All paths were cleared out as snow has disappeared and rain has come to clean it up. Still keeping strong focus on the pavement and potential icy parts.


Ducks enjoying the evening lights


Unfocused lights of the bridge

Back home, shower and dinner (2 portions pasta from G) and thereafter rest in front of the Lord of the Rings on tv. Time to bed now! If everything fine, longest run tomorrow morning.

Booked and Ready…

OK, this is the shortest post ever: could not sleep due to the rain so up and off I went… NO! not this time, direction computer and booked (finally) my trip to Dubai. Marathon is in 27 days!!!

Will see how to resume my training after a few days low 😦

More later…

Ice skating or running?

Two days rest from running, mainly due to terrible weather and general tiredness of the body. So now it was time to get out!

GET on bikes and me running by 🙂


Not to fast especially as the roads were bit slippery. Ice skating replaced running from time to time!



Pause for hot chocolate and nutella toast (+ banana for me). Thereafter back home with the spooky ferry…


All in all, ended with 9+km, very easy pace. Really enjoyable run! Rested all afternoon after that! Hopefully body will be better tomorrow…

30 days to Dubai…

Short one, It’s Christmas day!

No more snow in the streets today. No run done either, taking a bit of rest. Had a good long Core & stability workout though after breakfast:

Twice the following program:

S’s program excl. hover
Ball bridge 2*10
Ball pikes 2*10
“table abs – 2 legs” 10 + bench dips on low table *10 (alternated together w/ table abs)
single leg push press 2*10 each side
+ “walking on the mat” 2*10 each leg
+ lunge 2*10
Triceps press standing 2*10
Jörgens transverse muscle 15
single leg,
+ both legs
+ straight legs

3 minutes rest between the 2 series
5-10sec between each ex.

+ hover 90sec

Felt good after that, as otherwise it seems that we are just eating during those holidays… But now, closing the laptop and enjoying the end of the day 🙂 As I said… a short one!

Two pairs of gloves is better than just one…

And so it was Christmas Eve… already! Late in bed to finalize the preparations for today and up early thanks to the clock. Wondered a bit while still in bed if I would run, but as I was awaken… why not?

On with the gear and off I … well, difficult to go right away as the white cover of snow was quite thick in front of my house and in the roads around. Thanks for the night workers, lots was anyway clear enough for running… well not REALLY running. What is it you call when you have 10/15cm snow and no one has touch it before you and you try to… yes, that’s right run… A lot reminding me running in the sea, as the muscles used did not seem to be the same one as usual!

Snow covered feet

Snow covered feet

Thanks for cleaning up, guys!

Thanks for cleaning up, guys!

Took a few pics on the way and noticed after a few 100s that I was slightly colder on the right hand… Yapp, had only one layer of gloves and the wind glove had been taken off for taking the pic was laying on the snow… Great to have two layers there as well!

Calm and peaceful?

Calm and peaceful?

Here you are, my little glove!

Here you are, my little glove!

Not much running, then, but ended with 8K difficulty close to 0 with effort as regular workout due to the snow (and thanks to my anti-slip, I could have a good grip!)

Morning view on the bridge

Morning view on the bridge

Now has been listening to my son singing early in his choir, had gone down the snowy slopes in front of home and eaten a good plate of spaghetti bolognaise. Time for tea break with a friend and then ready for Christmassy cosy evening.

My own little snow angel

My own little snow angel

Merry Xmas!

Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow…

Up late this morning and after light breakfast we went swimming. Easy workout this time:

1000m freestyle
400m w/ flippers
100m w/ flippers – butterfly legs

followed by a 15min sauna for relaxing the whole body & mind. Ate thereafter at Max (their Low carb burger + French fries and coke 🙂 ) and then last Xmas shopping before back home.

Today was a rest day and was not planned to have active recovery, but following the thai massage from yesterday afternoon, the thigh felt fine (little-little feeling still, but nothing alarming as before). Swimming was feeling like a bless really, despite the cool temperature at first. But as F said wisely: “swim a bit, you’ll warm yourself!”. Regarding the food afterwards, no real bother to have a burger, just did not feel like cooking (on the top of cooking lunch would have taken a while, so this was the best alternative).

Evening dinner with smoked salmon and boiled potatoes – Mmmm! so nice with butter on the top. And finally some last Christmassy stuff to be fixed before bed time. Will see if tomorrow is allowing for a bit of running as the skies decided today to bring us a thick white cover, nice to walk on, not too nice to run on!

Same old same old? I don’t think so!

And time arrived for a new long run… again! Weeks seem to pass so fast lately. Up @3:50am (yes this is Saturday and I know it!), breakfast of oat porridge with strawberry and apple puree + soy milk and back to bed 😉 Up again @5:40am and got ready for running.

Started with easy pace 12K. Back of upper thigh still feeling not too well, despite G’s massage yesterday. Nice to run in the calm of the city with… snowflakes falling down on me. Not again I might have said, but this morning was really beautiful. Unfortunately no easy to take this feeling on picture!

Gloomy start under the light of the city center

Gloomy start under the light of the city center


Then had a 8K part with alternate tempo (fast / slow) on 1K distance. Once again, the fast km were slightly slower than I wished and the “slow” km were slightly faster than planned. 2K easy pace and then 2K fast pace (faster than my 5K pace), then 1K easy and 1K at 1K pace. Ending with 3+km easy pace.

Dark skies over the countryside

Dark skies over the countryside

Summary of the run: should not have thrown my water bottle at km4 as I was quite thirsty @ km20 and further. But running with a bottle ain’t my thing. next long run of this kind will my camelbak follow me! The back of my upper-thigh started to get me a bit worried (recommendation from me to you: do not read on internet when you have such a pain! you may start worry for nothing/too much…). The overall distance went fine, but still have to work on having the fast km faster and the slow ones slower. Ending the lasting fast km in 3:58 made me happy anyway 🙂

Straight line for running fast!

Straight line for running fast!

Took it easy rest of the day (it is vacation time, right?), ending with a thai massage this evening. Sooo nice and the pressure done on the back of the thigh seem to have released the pain. Hopefully it will be the same tomorrow as well!

Note that yesterday – Friday – an extra rest day was taken as the intervals of Thursday had increased the pain in the thigh and during the whole day at work it was kind of painful to walk (but not showing it is the worse part!). So rest it was and tomorrow Sunday will also be a rest day. Maybe some swimming if any pool is opened, or full rest. Skipped as well the core & stability yesterday but will do an easy workout tomorrow instead.

Great evening to you!

Evening intervals make its woman tired!

Back home without the Xmas present I had planned, jumped into my gear and off I went (yap! Always do that!).

On the training menu, intervals, fast and short. After an easy warmup, started the first serie of 5*200m. Went fine apart from the fact that my left back upper thigh felt too much like cramping AND I not smartly ran without plaster on my left foot blister…
Second serie felt easier and faster. Easy cool down to finish. Got two cars almost driving into me on the way back home… Not too pleasant feeling!

Now back from evening with friend and will really enjoy a good night’s sleep.

1 day to go before holidays!



And rest day it shall be…

After four consecutive days of training including tempo, intervals, long run and core/stability, it was high time for a real rest day, i.e. without active recovery (my specialty!). Therefore made an agreement with myself not to even run after the bus or the ferry.

The whole day went smoothly, although had a very tensed neck (right side), which would have definitely benefitted from a massage. But massage is planned after the weekend long run,  sooooooo had to kind of suffer a bit in silence instead. Not really stuck, but not comfortable.

Ended the day with a nice dinner with a friend, which made the rest day fully complete. And happy to have made it a whole day without any training activity!

Planned session this morning did not work to well as had the neck a bit stuck in the middle of the night so will see to make the best of the end of afternoon with short interval session before dinner out. In the meantime, one day at work 🙂


NOTE: ok, have to recognized that I ran up & down the stairs at work 4-5 times during my rest day… Cannot skip this really!