Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

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How to train under tropical weather conditions…in Scandinavia..

And here it comes… The complaint about three weather… Well, no actually. I like it hot and surely the sweating ain’t fun, but at least I can workout…

Long Wednesday (how comes that this specific day always feels so extremely long and stretched…) started early…. Well, the clock rang early, but the thought of getting out of bed for sweating on a bike was not too appealing, therefore remain in my pillow for a while. Still, when you are awaken, better go up, right? Core exercises directly from out of bed and then work, work and more work. Not been out until the afternoon, and the temperatures had been crazy warm. Yes, tropical! Could got hold on a bike for T and decided for a bike tour. First stop after 11km for water and admiring the little harbour we had reached. Then headed home, but the energy storages were clearly empty, so short stop for buying baguette, ham, chocolate and yoghurt.


Right on the clock!

After the stop, of course three headwind joined the party until home. Tired, still had rehab and strength workout to do… Feel so gods when it is done (and if done late, it does not feel at all because you fall asleep before even noticing it…).

So well-rested, ready for intervals, just took off this morning (“long Thursday”) for a 5K and 3*1K. Without counting with the temperature already up, the sun got rid of the clouds… Warmup felt stiff and heavy (or was these my “middle names” nowadays?). The 5K felt ok, not more. Could have run longer certainly, but not faster. Fully satisfactory. Ran straight for 4.xkm and decided to turn 180Ā° to get back home…not hearing nor noticing the bike being me until he almost hit me… Really sorry, mate… Should not go in your line… Got this first part out of the way. Then intervals. Fully satisfactory, although the headwind made my life more difficult as well as liiitle something in the knee (I think?) turning the last km into a “400+3*200”. Still fun to run it šŸ™‚ A bit of cheering from bikes and cars does make the run easier. The little grey cloud on this run was the little ache in the knee during the cool down. Stopped immediately and walked home. Real happy to see the body reacting well to the run.
Fastest shower ever and then work. Forgot lunch and got a huge smoothie after last meeting at 2:30pm. Did fill the belly, but when we decided to go for a walk to town, the return was a bit painful (hungry and tired never go well together…).
Day completed with pasta Bolognese and MI2 on TV. Tired now. Time for sleeping. Tomorrow is expected to be even warmer…


Short and fast: time for intervals

Got a long(er) night and then time to get ready for work. As my watch was still at the office, did not want to do my intervals with a phone in my arms. Therefore got to work, meeting, meeting, meeting and then it was time to go…for this year šŸ™‚
Lunch with a friend at a Chinese buffet and then 2 hours of rest so the food had time to settle in the tummy. Dark by then, but on with running gear and flying DS Skyspeed.
Started with an easy warmup and seriously doubted on the plan to run intervals. Little stretch, set the music and at the first bike passing…off I went. First serie went fine. Took 3 minutes rest, although did not feel it was necessary. The second serie of 200s was a bit tougher in a way, but the while thing so controlled… The last serie went well with stable time for the intervals. Cannot understand that all first intervals were the slowest ones šŸ˜¦  Ended the run with real easy cool down with short stop at the running store to see if they had some Skyspeed 3, but no. Will really have to carefully take care of my Skyspeed until I get new ones…
Then easy evening, movie and rehab exercises. Now a bit of rest add it is long run on the planning for tomorrow.

Recipe for fast intervals…

Take a good day rest on Monday. i.e. NO running, NO biking, ONLY rehab training for the heel (we want it to be better, right?).

Read the first five pages of the prologue in “Lord of the Rings” before sleeping (in Swedish so you sleep even better, and read it loud as well…)

Wake up earlier than the birds on Tuesday morning and get a glass or orange juice to wake up a bit (or not…)

Have your training pants on if you feel cold a bit – but just so you know, you will get warm after a few minutes…because you started to train your legs (VSA legs *2).

Open the window completely before doing your thorough core & stability station (I told you it would become warm…probably the training pants are no longer necessary!)

Stretch a little before rushing to the kitchen and prepare pancakes for small monsters (try to grab one or two before the pile is disappearing…).

Rush to the shower, get your clothes on and drop everybody at first day at school before rushing to work for first morning meeting.

Have your last morning meeting lasting 35minutes longer than planned so you’ll have to throw all your stuff in your bag, change your high heels to sneakers and run to the ferry which isĀ  nicely making you noticed that next time, running this pace won’t make it…

Finally arrive home, proceed to the fastest clothes-change in the world (seriously, probably close to Guiness record…).

Skip the 5km warmup easy pace for a 2km not-that-easy-pace (but seriously, there is a meeting in the early afternoon…)

Drop your singlet at a random shop because it is too warm already and tell that you will come back in ca.45/50minutes.

Continue the “not-that-easy-pace-kind-of-warmup” until 2km is reached and streeeeeeetch.

Set “Dj Eclipse” latest mix and off you go.

Do you best to get 2 intervals 5km @20:44 & 21:26 (with 5min rest in-between)

BTW! Stop after 200m of the second interval to ask to a random person working in his garden if he could give you water (look desperate? no need to push yourself… You have already run an interval close to your PR so you do look already tired, sweaty, desperate… water should come right away!)

Finish your run without forgetting to pick up your singlet where you dropped it.

Climb up the stairs home

Shower ice cold (you won’t have time to bath your feet only as your meeting is soon starting)

Get a pear, a banana, a milk chocolate on the table and start dialling for your meeting.

If by any mean, you still have strengths left, bike to the soccer practice and play your coach role for 1hour 30 in progressively colder and winder climate (with the sun disappearing as well). of course, you’ll have to bike home back…


Really good day – so time for bed really and see how tomorrow will be!

Berlin: ONE MONTH TO GO!!!



When a workout turns (lactic) acid…

What an awful night… So warm outside and no wind to bring inside. So a bit tired this morning. After eccentric heel raises and oat porridge with banana and blueberries (Yummy!), time to get ready for a new 50 km bike. Like earlier this week, planning a 5K slow, 15K fast, 5K slow and same in the way back after a banana pause. The 5K warmup went fine, good weather and almost no wind. Started the fast 15K and got company of another cyclist from this beginning. So did not look really at my pace nor my pulse (which I really would like to see raising…). We talked all the way to the end of the first serie. Then took a break at a little harbour.


Pause km 25

Ate my banana and for this workout, I actually tested to have my camelbak with water. Much easier for drinking every 10K. Although really warm and sweaty on the back… The return was a bit tougher but could reach two fast km above 30 km/h (yippie…). Well back home took a bit of rest and as the skies looked fine decided for a detour to the sea. Really windy and cloudy. Trued to deep my feet and then went up to the thighs (which had by now accumulated lots of lactic avid from the previous ride). But seriously, no way I went further.Ā  Too cold to stay I decided to head home.Ā  Was really close to stop by a shop and buy a warm sweater but the brain is so smart to tell the rest of the body that “no way, it is only 8 km home…”. Well three daily bike workout ended in a total of 75km. Pretty tired, especially in the front of the thighs, I tested a hot/cold shock to seeĀ  if it would be better. Took an extra dinner as well (pasta radiators with two eggs and lots of grated emmenthal on the top). Hoping it will make me less tired, but it feels pillow-time is arriving soon. Might take a rest day tomorrow instead of Saturday….although I would try a test run as well…

Nice evening to you…

Why 8 when you can do 7 under 3:50?

Time for intervals (again!). Thus time long ones.

Decided to do them in the evening, despite the temperatures still being high. Spent the longest day at the beach, careful with my nice red back…and drinking enough as well. By 7pm, I was ready and started with 4 km warmup, more to find the adequate place for the intervals. Started with the dock along the harbour, but still to many people. My Garmin beeped crazily and I thought I was to slow so turned up the pace a bit. To see that I was running under the range planned (4:10-3:55)…rested a bit and continued the same way. Heavy sun made me sweaty, really much!. Still under the range… And then arrived the followers being ALL under 3:50… Could not really understand this. 1000m series was planned in my little head to have the FOUR last under 4 min/km, not ALL of them… Stopped however after the 7th as started to feel slight ache in side of left thigh and seriously I could have continued after the 90sec rest, but then I felt like fainting and then stopped it all. Average pace of 3:47 for this wonderful 1000m-intervals series. Yes, I can!
Then 2.6km easy run back home, added to a well-deserved large glass of water kindly offered by the restaurant which kept my tshirt and keys while running AND a crepe con chocolate šŸ™‚

Body felt great during the run, sweaty, tired, really difficult to sink in that this pace was reached. But more it will be easy training until Gƶteborgsvarvet next Saturday.

Late in bed, I unplugged the TV, which is ringing every night @3am and which I cannot unprogram… And no photo of the workout, went to fast!

A day “without” finally reaching its end…

This will be short. Up a little before 7am, aimed to the mat after a porridge breakfast. Short core session (E’s program including the V for 10 seconds (yapp, surprised myself with those ones). Have not done any core workout for a while note and yes it is bad and yes I know it! So today was surprising me really when I could feel the core working as if nothing had happened… Anyhow, when finished, packed my gears for my lunch interval run. No need to say that this should be done in the evening to ensure nothing is forgotten… By the time I reached the ferry I remember forgetting my jacket… Great!

Lunch time arrived and I went to change quickly for my intervals. Had eaten a strong breakfast, a banana for snack and drank powerade blue during the morning. Should have been fine. Left the office with a brilliant sun and actually the windbreaker was not missed. Started with 2K easy warm up, little stretching and of I went for my first 5K. Turned right after the bridge and despite knowing the construction areas on the way I ignored them and continue my run. Pace was fine, a bit fast first km, but ok feeling. By half way and despite my nicest smiles, the guys repaying the road asked me to turn around and aim back to where I came from… Which I did. 5K in 22:16. Ok, I would say. The second one started with a downhill and then pretty flat until Arendal. A bit windy there… Second 5K in 22:14. Not to good feeling so. Stomach started cramping. To warm I stripped one of my long sleeves and started the 3rd and last interval. Original pace was much slower than the two first even though still within the range. By km 2 I felt bad and stopped a short while. Started to run again but it ended pretty fast after 660m, and I continued a dull cool down back to the office for 5 km. Total of 20.5 km in 1hr44. Not to bad but crap feeling. Definitely not a good workout.

The whole day felt this way. Sun shining outside was not helping so I turned into Easter sweets we had in the pantry but not really helping either. Worked late and nice dinner late as well. So hitting the pillow now and hope for a better day tomorrow.