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Icy streets, icy pavements, minus temperature, still wanting to run…what would YOU do?

Following a wonderful long run in the cold and on icy streets (partially ice rinks actually…), Saturday went mostly to recovery and rest. This thing btw with strength training and core training: DO IT! Had a rest day on Friday and did some core & stability training. Taking no time (30min more or less) and feel so good afterwards. And the more you do it, the easiest (kind-of) it becomes… BUT what I did not realize really, is the effect while running. Until yesterday. During the 10K tempo included in the long run, done one a 1km-long bike path along the sea, with icy parts all over, but good enough for running, I DID feel that my abs were working out! The back was as well doing its fare share of the work there. Would definitely think that the run did go so well, because of those trainings. And core training can actually take no more than 10minutes (Yapp, it does). Done every morning (great to start the day), plank regular and side – 1min & 2*30sec. Done twice. Then abs with sitting and going down without having anything holding your feet (i.e. you don’t reach the floor when going down sloooowly). 2min. and finish with “Walk with the ball” on a Swiss ball (hold plank position, elbows/arms on the ball, and walk while working on your balance). 2min. Of course, you do not have to start right away with these times! Start with what is long enough for you to feel it a bit. And increase when it start to be too easy. Anyway, just saying: that is a great day to start the day! The long run I was longing to do was completed well, especially with those weather conditions. A bit annoyed by the sliding on the ice and hard-snowy-grass, which made my right hip feeling a bit. But after resting it disappeared and was gone by day-end.

Today then? No snow had fallen on the street…Yeaaaah?!?! Nope! Because the negative temperatures made the roads feeling like ice rink and pavements as well. My plan was originally to run to the city center where we have warmed-up pavements and run back&forth there. BUT after 200m on real icy pavement, I started running on the street…not much better, so headed (almost) back home when I found…TADAAAAAAA! a 200-ish meter long pavement being (almost) ice-free. So started to run back and forth there. Not much of a fun landscape indeed, but it did do the job! Got 9km on this back&forth track and then back home. Total 10.2km which is very satisfactory for these weather conditions (and it is more than 0km and staying on the couch, right?). Afternoon was easy with visit to IKEA (so typically Sunday-outing in Sweden…) and when arriving back home, the snow finally started to fall. Nice and quiet. Not a chance I go out again now, because I am a bit cautious knowing what is UNDER the snow (aka the icy streets from this morning). Tomorrow will be a better day.

Take care and keep on running (even if it snows…)

Wind, rain, cold and how to set 123km into perspective…

A while ago since last post. No real reason, but lack of time, motivation, inspiration.. pick one. Well, it is actually not fully true; I do believe that time can be found all the time. Inspiration has been there all the time. Motivation on the other side, has been a bit down. But let’s skip this part.

Two weeks ago, my training week ended in 123km. Which I was very happy and satisfied with. Lots of work at the office, rubbish weather with storm, rain, cold, you name it. And still, could have a second in a row of “more than 100km-week”. So yes. happy. And here came JJ who ran no less than 500 less than me…but all in a row…during 12 hours…indoors around a 239m track… Yapp! Making my little 123km a week/9 workouts/10hrs33min into perspective, isn’t it?

And of course, this meant a great personal best for JJ (and a visit to the doc for dehydration afterwards… price to pay for all warriors…). Same day, ran Elov Olsson around this ridiculous and small 239m-track for 24hours and summed up…250km!!! All in a row… Have a bit of run and see how he ran his last two laps (of many many!) here. (a bit of perspective: this is my MONTHLY km in September this year, which I did in 20hrs and 15 minutes and divided into 20 workouts (incl. one halv-marathon race). Yeaaaahhh… a bit more to reach the “real warriors” level.

Keeping up on running until then!