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Short and fast: time for intervals

Got a long(er) night and then time to get ready for work. As my watch was still at the office, did not want to do my intervals with a phone in my arms. Therefore got to work, meeting, meeting, meeting and then it was time to go…for this year 🙂
Lunch with a friend at a Chinese buffet and then 2 hours of rest so the food had time to settle in the tummy. Dark by then, but on with running gear and flying DS Skyspeed.
Started with an easy warmup and seriously doubted on the plan to run intervals. Little stretch, set the music and at the first bike passing…off I went. First serie went fine. Took 3 minutes rest, although did not feel it was necessary. The second serie of 200s was a bit tougher in a way, but the while thing so controlled… The last serie went well with stable time for the intervals. Cannot understand that all first intervals were the slowest ones 😦  Ended the run with real easy cool down with short stop at the running store to see if they had some Skyspeed 3, but no. Will really have to carefully take care of my Skyspeed until I get new ones…
Then easy evening, movie and rehab exercises. Now a bit of rest add it is long run on the planning for tomorrow.

Like two bridges over troubled water…

Following Sunday long run, a choice had to be made on Monday: to rest or not to rest. Due to sleeping difficulties, not a chance to go up and run early. Then forgot my gear to run at lunch and in the evening I wad in bed by 7pm… Deeply asleep within seconds! But all good things have an end…write up around 9pm and unable to fall asleep again… So did my rehab routine and by midnight, my eyes were closed again…

So early Tuesday morning run you may ask? Well, no… Lots of snoozes, and up at 6:30am to get breakfast ready: croissants and pains au chocolat for all 🙂 not much job 😉 Hurried to work, missed the ferry like yesterday, got to answer the phone and missed a beautiful shot of the harbour under the morning lights…all started a bit…not the way I wanted! Then interview at work, more work, discussion with Poland and planning discussion with Brazil… France is here visiting 🙂 When all looked completed for the day, aimed back home and jumped directly into my gear for avoiding falling on the sofa… Skipped the planned intervals as per the long run of Sunday and thought about a 13km, which changed into a 15K over two bridges and finally was completed in 18km… Lots of uphills, no need for strength workout today 😀 Do nice to run in the dark and the city lights, not to cold in the air, mind being free of all thoughts and worries…Should be like that more often. I love running during the day, under the sun or towards the sun rise or sun down… But the darkness of the skies has a special appeal. Making it all calm and peaceful. Just you, your shoes and the road…More of that, please!
Completed the day with pasta and fish with lemon sauce, yummy! As this is the final week before holidays, we watched a movie as well :”The League”. As usual, took me half of the movie to remember who wad the bad one… But now all asleep and time to get some beauty sleep as well (after doing my rehab exercise…).

Night night!

First run of the final week

Long day at work. Starting with pretty cold outside, turned out to be a nice sunny day. Sushi at lunch, banana and peach for snacks, spaghetti bolognaise for early dinner… Good food intake today 🙂 Topped by water and tea.
Time for first run of the final week. Ok, the motivation was not on the top to go out again after getting back home, but once I changed to my gear, fixed the hair up tight and started with easy pace, all the doubt about motivation were gone… Easy pace for 10K, although faster than expected, but the feeling was great so skipped thinking about the pace after half way. A bit of stretching and headed of to 5*500m. Nice feeling, pace more than decent. Easy back home.

Time to go to bed. Done good with eccentric heel raises today 🙂

Berlin is approaching…6 days to go…

Race against the sun…

So it felt today…Up before the birds, got a strength session for the legs followed by the variations on hover (I reassure once more that it CAN be fun to do in the morning…). No time for running after that. Done have a work to go to… But as soon as back home I really thought only about jumping into my running gear…which I did 🙂 Got dinner ready, grab a little today with lamb sausage, tomato and cucumber. Sounded like a bad idea but seriously after having prepared all the food served,I could as well have a little snack!
Started with easy pace and decided to go for a steady 5min/km, which would give me a nice 12K on the hour. Always nice with round and clear numbers… Maintained this pace more or less until half way. Then got more enthusiastic and slightly faster. Enjoyed the sunset on the river and finished my 16km with a fun and nice final km in 4:08 min. Yap! Probably enable to have this pace for a whole marathon, but would be cool to be able to record the last km of the race at this pace, wouldn’t it?
More hover afterwards, thorough stretch (I think I did stretch…). Did this exercise when laying on the stomach with the arms as a cross and trying to throw one leg to the opposite hand…20 of those and them continue the fun with turning on your back and with the same position and movement… Yes, you might feel the pain!
The good part of the run was that my heels did not ache. Made themselves reminded from time to time, but now 2 hours after…they strangely feel…normal! Hope this remains this way really. The shock wave pain from yesterday might have helped (I say it quick so the magic does not disappear…).
Now time for resting. Long day tomorrow…as all the other days of the week have felt like! No rest for the warrior…


Rabbit friend


Sunset from the motorway


Dreaming of new horizons?