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My kingdom for carbs… and my blister back!

Too short night… Real tired/exhausted when those  *%&&&&#!? birds woke me up at 4:44am… 4:44am!!! Not good when it is at the start of week prior to the race. Calculated wrong as well the timer for the washing machine and it made a lot of noise one hour way too early… No need to say, the day started…too early! Yapp! Need a bit more than that to cut my motivation… Light breakfast (no carb) added an egg and half avocado for doing an omelet. OK-yummy. Early leaving for work for a full day again. Meetings back2back, fortunately some finishing a few minutes in advance so I could gab some tea or eat my eggs. Lunch arrived already – meat, egg, avocado, salad… Just missing some COLOUR in all this! Finished meeting 20 minutes earlier in the afternoon, which allowed to get back home quicker, get more tea and then finish the meetings day from home. Time for dinner – nope, still not looking forward to it! Second half of avocado, eggs, tunafish and grated cheese and salad… OK-yummy… still missing some COLOUR here as well! Decided to test the knee a bit.

Gear on, light massage with chilli cream and off under the sun going down. Got company so to ensure I would NOT run too fast. The knee is definitely not as usual and not liking the run at this slow pace. Did try some accelerations and it felt actually a bit better/lighter, and this despite the headwind. got a light 5km and back home, through the shop to buy some sport drink. Then light core and hot shower on the knee, followed by ice-treatment. Update of training diary and now my eyes are JUST closing themselves….

and yes, I would exchange my royal kingdom for carbs (a-n-y-t-i-m-e!) and having my blister back…instead of this knee-cap fooling around 😦 Yes the blister is still there, but seriously, I would rather run with this fully open, than with a knee potentially hurt. Time for bed…someone needs some beauty sleep 🙂

I hear the drizzle of the rain…

What a good night’s sleep does to one is not possible to describe! Still a bit of snoozing this morning, but up early anyway. Quick change (and this time I chose my Supernova Boston shorts and did not trade them for longer ones!) and off under a drizzling rain… Hmmm, what a nice way to start the day! Night still, met a few cabs finishing/starting their day and off I ran along the harbour. Crossing the path of early people going to work, which I met with a big smile. And today, I had a strategy for ALL the people who stare: I gave a LARGE smile AND I said hi (loud and clear)… You cannot imagine how many smiles I got back from tired faces. I was pleased! A  bit undecided on where to run, so I took a bit of detour to ensure finishing with at least 10K. Up towards the bridge was the part where the mind tried to trick the rest of the body to stop and rest…But I know better than that! Kept on running, smiling to the bikes I was passing (I know, it might not be pleasant to be passed by a runner, but I do not say anything when they pass me!). Well on the bridge it felt like flying. Unsure whether there was some wind or not though, but flying-feeling definitely! Continued without meeting my rabbits friends this time. On the other side of the water it was very nice to admire the landscape and the fog above the water. So different from Sunday’s run! Finished the last km on this side of the water with a race against the ferry (which I lost… for THIS time!). Felt nice to increase a bit the pace as this is the first time since Berlin I do that. A bit of stretching on the ferry and then easy run back home. 11km @very decent pace. Finished the workout with a plank of 2min when I arrived home.

Shower, protein drink and banana and off I started to work. About the protein drink (see below), I usually have chocolate and vanilla flavours (as these are the ones sold in the closest shop), but definitely like the blueberry and raspberry. Strawberry flavour taste a bit strange. But THIS ONE! PEAR… a new one, never seen before. It tastes like pear sorbet on a summer night… Really nice!

Rest of the day spent with heavy working. Not always easy to work from home, as tending to stay sitting most of the time. Eating way to fast and continuing to work late. This time I decided to take away Indian food (favourite: Tandoori chicken – really good but not as good as the chicken we had at my friend on Saturday!) and then some snacks during the afternoon. Ended the day with chicken lever, toast and salad. May sound strange, but this is really good (and hopefully helps to keep my iron levels up!)

Now I am VERY tired and ready to close my eyes. Tomorrow, core exercises on the program (as I was a bit lazy today and only run…without even pushing…). Starting to think about races for next year. Nothing decided yet, and I would consider all suggestions!



Pear flavour, close you eyes and dream yourself back to a nice summer evening with a cool pear sorbet in your hands…


Early, long, exhausting, relaxing carb-free day

Early start with a 10K in the dark, 1°C outside, with a finish at expected MP. Too much clothes on, so Berlin will definitely see me in shorts! Then run to work. Heavy days with meeting, no time to rest.  Being a carb-free, the day felt exhausting. My plan to have a calm week during the marathon is once again not working well… Back home a bit late, could have a massage which was all but relaxing… Tension in the shoulders is never fun to discover!

Got enough protein today for the rest of the week probably! Still planning what outfit to have in Sunday… Packing is on the way. Just have to throw everything in a bag and run to the airport.

Lots of thoughts right now…too many probably!

Berlin…4 days to go…more sleep now (everything that make time go quicker!)

Long run “Boston style”…

Awaken by the rain in the middle of the night, the plan for a long run felt a bit boring then. So no problem to stay under the cover for a few more hours!

Up @7am, breakfast 7:30am (oat-porridge with blueberries and gojjiberries and oatmilk). Then cozy-lazy morning watching series on tv. By 9:30am the skies were looking pretty well, so decided to go along with my plan: take the bus to a city far away and run back on a straight line so I would have a flat route to do my long run (which was including fast bouts and fartlek). Gears on, bought a banana just before jumping into the bus.

Bus trip to start... without the Boston Ambiance though

Bus trip to start… without the Boston Ambiance though

30 minutes later I was arriving at the little harbour which was 20km away from home (and not 25 as I was hoping for…). Took some pics, set the music and started to run.

Nice view of my start

Nice view of my start

Boats, boats, boats...

Boats, boats, boats…

Easy run at first, trying to keep a slow pace and low pulse. After a few km, was too warm with tshirt and camelbak so I took of the tshirt. Really quiet roads to run, but nice to meet bikes and runners or walkers from time to time.

Rain marks from last night...

Rain marks from last night…

After this good warm-up, started some fast bouts, which were quite a challenge. Unsure why but the last one got me a bit of difficulty to complete (probably due to the gel that I tried to get in and that seemed to be too thick despite the water drank right after). Does not matter, was satisfied enough with the first two fast bouts and wanted to ensure I had enough strength to do the fartleks at the end… which I did 🙂 Running every second minute fast/slow is really fun (even if done under heavy rain pouring on you!!!)

Start of second part under the rain...

Start of second part under the rain…

Got a nice cooldown after that, so decided to take a little detour to see the largest container boat of the world which had a stopover in our harbour.

Cool container-boat

Cool container-boat

Then my watch indicated that the workout was done (i.e. I had reached 27km), but I still was a bit away from home. So two choices: run to the nearest tram stop (meaning running back from where I came from for ca.2km) OR run directly home (for 5km or so…). Second alternative was chosen 🙂 This completed my run of 32km, which is really making me pleased as this is the longest run done since… Stockholm marathon I think! By the time I had the alternative choices to make, my mp3 died on me… Probably not liking to be under the rain 😦

Well arrived home, I was starving. So quick shower and then prepared Coltings pancakes: protein-bomb after-run really. The recipe is pretty simple: 1 banana, 5 eggs, 2tsp peanut butter. The first time I did this I though it was for a single pancake… which turned out as REALLY thick! This time I did three of them (although four would have been better). All in a plate, threw on the top forest fruit, mango, kiwi and maple syrup. AND just enjoyed! (OK it was a liiiiitle  too much. Next time I’ll take only two of them!).

Mums banana-pancakes

Mums banana-pancakes


After that, maximum of chillout. Ice-cold bath for the calves, resting with legs up, watching a bit of tv and then evening out. Became a long day. So lots of sleep to get on Sunday morning!

Tapering & carbo load!

No post yesterday. Long day at work, wonderful (super hot!) weather outside, and ended late at the hotel. Still wanted to go for a run, aiming for 10K easy. Did not work that well. 5K @5:07/km, to be qualified “the most boring evening run EVER”! Ran in the dark for some part of the route, then around the hotel on the parking and up and down and up again and so on. No feeling, boring, boring, boring! Bedtime really late on the top of that AND that it was th first day of carb depletion. As usual really boring day where to eat little or no carb. I might try to skip it before the next marathon and see if any effect…

Today woke up in the middle of the night and then slept again. Up @5:30am (well awaken!) and by 5:58am was in the lobby to run with C. To my surprise, it had been raining ALL night apparently. Lots of water pool, humidity to the roof, but temperature already high (22/24ºC!). We ran side by side, slightly different route than the day before, but with company it made the run more fun. Ended with a few strides (ca.70/100m) and then a little cool down. 6.30km @ 4:40/km. Yes, faster than planned but really good feeling. Breakfast with three eggs and bacon + soy milk.

Day at work went smoothly, the mind is really starting to wander around and getting itself to the soon-to-be-run race. Carbo loading started from lunch with a large plate of linguini with chicken and marinara sauce + orange juice. Bananas and apple during the day as well. Three pancakes with honey as morning snack 🙂 Right knee is feeling a bit aching. Maybe due to the high heels treatment of the week! So as soon as arrived at the hotel, off with them and changed to swimming suit. Unfortunately found the pool full with people so skipped it this evening and did the 7min core variations program. Now I am really tired, have to pack my bag so tomorrow I can go to the pool, have a light breakfast and then aim to the airport.

Sleepy sleepy!

Boston, Here I come!

NOTE: thigh/bum muscle better today. Still patching with Salonpas. Did some light stretching especially after this morning run. But still aching a bit…

101.89km and some rest to do!

Yes, you read correctly! This week was a long and good week with 101.89km ran in 7 workouts. No need to say that today – Sunday – I feel that a rest day is definitely to be taken tomorrow – Monday!

After yesterday’s race, I did too much walking and was pretty tired in the evening, making me sleep like a stone from 9pm to 3am. Up then to take coughing mixture and watching a bit of rubbish on tv… and back to bed after an hour to hit the pillow for 5 more hours. The long run planned to be completed by 11am was not looking good! Took a late breakfast à la Staffan (i.e. oat-porridge, gojjiberries and blueberries, banana and oat milk). As I am unable to run right away with this in my stomach, I waited an hour or so and then hit the…SNOW! No pavement to be seen, a white layer had been falling during the night making it definitely not “spring-like”. So lucky that the race was yesterday and not today!

Whatever, put a new mix in my ears and went along for a 27K on an easy pace (well, having my ASICS GT-2160 on the feet, I could not directly be racing on the snow, right?). Just running, breathing, taking not too hilly path (at the beginning, because after a while it became up&down!). Missing one turn at a moment I arrived to a dead-end and had to climb up in the snow a very stiffed slope… SO worth the climbing to get a beautiful view from the top as well as seeing dears jumping around in the snow…After 10K and a few blitz stops for taking pictures, I took an energy gel with water (Yes, i had planned to take my camelbak for its first ride of the year, but seeing the snow I was expecting cold and left with a half-full bottle of water instead. Me who really do not like to run with bottle in my hands…). Quite empty of people despite being lunch time on a Sunday with “nice” snow weather… Got some more water at the restaurant on the dock and then hit the road again. Aimed for the harbours but strongly determined NOT to take them if there would be the SLIGHTEST shadow of snow on the road… Yes, sure! Who am I kidding, really? Turned right and here it was, the “terrible” place where I fell earlier this year on a snow/icy part. This time, the skies were light, the air was nice and yes snow was there but definitely nothing to do with the “snowy long run” I had then. The water was so calm it left a strange feeling. Body fine, head full of thoughts, reaching mid-point it was nice! Just running along turning there and turning there. Took my second gel in the middle of a houses area, a bit unsure where I actually were. Aimed towards Smithska Udden/Näset, no soul around when during summer this place is dark of people! Nice up&down slopes as well. Final 5km were really good in terms of feeling, nice in the legs, good breathing (last 2km nose only…) and finally skipped the gloves as well.

Completed the run with buying some protein recovery drink and a well-deserved half-Sub chicken. Lots of water to drink with it. And then back home with public transport (yes, because I did reach my objective of 27km and was not at home then!). Nice and hot shower (as usual!) and then 20 minutes laying on the floor with legs up / feet on the sofa. Long run of today: 27km in 2hr 24min. Pretty satisfied especially as the pulse felt quite steady and not high.

Now definitely time to call it the day. Night, night!

First line along the first harbour...snow

First line along the first harbour…snow

Crazy nice view from the top of whatever-hill-it-was

Crazy nice view from the top of whatever-hill-it-was

Yes, when you sent up, down is coming right after!

Yes, when you go up, down is coming right after!

Beautiful view again!

Beautiful view again!

House on the top! Wondering what view they have...

House on the top! Wondering what view they have…

Panorama...sooooo nice really (cannot say it enough!)

Panorama…sooooo nice really (cannot say it enough!)

Yes, It's me! With coloured bonnet! a bit tired but smiling :)

Yes, It’s me! With coloured bonnet! a bit tired but smiling 🙂

Tree house making me willing to buy this specific house!

Tree house making me willing to buy this specific house!

Downhill again towards the see

Downhill again towards the sea

Energy-stop at km10, looking at swans and dukes

Energy-stop at km10, looking at swans and dukes

Wow view of the second harbour

Wow view of the second harbour

Divine skies, don't you think?

Divine skies, don’t you think?

And it is even more beautiful in real!

And it is even more beautiful in real!

Harbour nr 3, empty of boat in the water

Harbour nr 3, empty of boat in the water

Harbour nr 3 still - calm calm calm

Harbour nr 3 still – calm calm calm

Peacefuly and ...

Peaceful and …



Into the woods...

Into the woods…

...and the fourth harbour, cute and charming :)

…and the fourth harbour, cute and charming 🙂

Final slope towards the end of the run

Final slope towards the end of the run

Cows taking it easy

Cows taking it easy

Last straight line to the finish!

Last straight line to the finish!

Still fighting…

Have been wondering all day whether would go for a light run or not. After last meeting of the day, closed the laptop, rest a bit and put on my gear. Really nice to hit the pavement again. Still fighting due to the left tendon quite sensitive, although it is painful only when I stop running… Would have been able to run longer this evening, but common sense insisted on closing up the run at 8K.

Stopped by Max to get a Low-Carb burger-no cheese-no sauce… Well sauce it was anyway. Good to get something in the stomach after 5km run. The last 3km felt lighter…even with fartlek during km7 🙂 Good feeling.

Protein day all along – booooooring really! I miss my carbs and cannot wait until tomorrow to get some! As usual feeling quite tired and throat is a bit aching after lunch walk in the wind…

Now time to really rest as tomorrow is packing day!


Stress, protein and candle lights

Late in bed – early up:  Feeling a bit stressed now before the big day (have to say it to recognize it)… Multiple reasons for that: a superstorm decided to make her way to Broadway this week, chilly or rainy weather for last weeks of training, not prepared for visiting New York after the race (I do HAVE the travel guide… just have not had the time to plan anything) but most of all this stupid achilles tendon which makes itself reminded constantly. Cannot impact much on the storm, nor on the weather, too late to read the whole guide. What can be done though is taking a look at the main parts in the travel guide and for this tendon… just to relax, do eccentric toe exercises and hope for the best.

Protein day today – not directly. As for previous marathons, carbo-loading has been taking place during the three days before the race, prior to which I am doing a “carb depletion day”. Simply said: normal breakfast, then protein rich food all day (no carb…almost) + morning after. During this day, planning to run easy (especially now!) so to get the body to use the carb reservs, easy run tomorrow as well and from lunch tomorrow – carbo-loading it is (one of the best part of the marathon 🙂 ) – So for today, expecting my personal little chef G to prepare the great cod he bought yesterday (the only drawback here is not to enjoy it with potatoes, rice or pasta like).

Candle lights as a start for the day… means going up a bit too early as it is still dark outside. Cozy still to light home this way 🙂