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And so it was done…

Late December, NYRR have finally sent out a mail about “2012 NYC marathon Resolution”. This followed the inexplicably late cancellation of the race after having said it would go on… You can read about this by choosing the tag “New York” or “New York marathon”… Staying a week there was not really as planned.

Anyway, had been wondering back and forth about what to do. NY marathon is on my list of marathons to be done (Letter “N” 🙂 ) but also to have the 5 Majors completed… It does not stand out more than that on the marathons I wish to run. Therefore the following choices were not that clearly straightforward for me: Refund / Run in 2013/14 or 15 / Run NY half marathon 2013. See below the alternatives proposed:

Resolution choices

Resolution choices

The qualification times for 2013 had been pretty hard: for my age range changing from 3:23 (marathon) for 2012 to 3:00 (for 2013). This has been adjusted to 3:10 (qualification time for 2013 onwards), but still. The way I made my choice was as follow: guarantee entry in 2013 – not too sure as I have Berlin three weeks before and want to focus on this race really. 2014 or 2015… ain’t that pretty far away in the future to book already? and NYC Half 2013 – No thanks. Not flying to NY to run half the distance I wanted (and moreover it is not fitting in my race calendar for 2013!).



So Refund it became. Will be working hard to see whether can do -anyway- the qualification time for 2014. And if not, well won’t make such a deal about it. There’s lots of marathons out there and even though they all may not have the same “aura” as the NYC marathon, I will still be enjoying the run!

So can now focus fully (!) on Dubai and the rest of the year 🙂

A medal is a medal

You receive a medal when you’ve won a race or are in the three best, right? Marathon is an interesting distance for which broad range of runners of all kinds will endure or enjoy a 26.2miles and get a medal for it… As in this mini film on YouTube were it is said “that’s stupid, you don’t give medal to losers”… Ran 5 marathons, 4 half marathons and a few 10K in the past 1.5year and never have I felt like a looser. When I was swimming (younger age 🙂 ) medals were for the 3 best. I have a few and proud of them.

Here is the one from NYC marathon 2012. Mixed feeling about it as despite the Manhatthathon run, the REAL marathon was not run and therefore should not be a medal for it.

What do you think?

Will I EVER come back home???

Since I got on the bus to JFK airport, lucky has not been my second name: asleep in the bus woke up after an hour to discover we were stuck on the way up to a hill, took 15/20 minutes to get us loss from the snow, storm indeed it was. Well at JFK took 2 hours before boarding started and 3 more hours (in the plane!) before de-icing and ready for take off. Nothing special on the plane apart from arriving late so missed my connection and now have to fill SIX hours in the airport before – eventually – leaving to final destination…

Ok, about food. Nothing really to do while waiting for boarding, neither on the plan nor at the airport so looks like have been eating all along! While generally eating well, this last week has been a disaster! Not even a ” cuisine-discovery-trip”… Lots of walking + a marathon distance on Sunday do not justify this! Still no guilt, enjoyed fully my panini bacon/egg + orangina before taking a Starbucks chocolate…

A pity my running shoes are in my luggage otherwise would have done some running in the airport… Tomorrow morning certainly!

Summary: soon home, and soon back to basics with less report on food and walk/shopping and more training.

Picture featuring NY under the snow storm… Can you believe I ran in ASICS Vesta, bare legs and sunglasses on Sunday????

Last day, rainy/snowy day…

After the cold of the morning, the rain from lunch and now the snow of the afternoon, NY is a great place to go…if one wants to have 4 seasons in one day!

Awaiting for leaving Manhattan to JFK, checking regularly if my flight is still on as flights have already been canceled due to the new storm… Or one of my friends texted me: “get in the plane, there inside is no storm, only little rain on the side…”

Cannot wait to get back home and find my own stuff, my training back and for sure the bad weather, but my home-bad weather!

2 hours to my bus, much more to my flight… Will see how much can be done in this snowy/wet city! Not much training, that’s for sure!

More to come later…


Sunny day for shopping and voting

High line back and forth from Meatpacking district, Bleecker street and window-shopping, Broadway, Union Square, Madison Avenue, Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Central Park, Strawberry fields, Amsterdam avenue, ninth avenue…

25km in the feet/legs can the least be called “training”! Slightly sensitive calves, tired thighs, feeling good (and tired) after this long day.

Full breakfast enabled this long day, as well as fruits salad and 2 soymilk chocolate from Starbucks. Ended with dinner with French onion soup (delicious!).

Election Day: not too much animation in the city, apart from Times Square, NY. Saw the re-election of Obama on tv instead, as was tired quite a lot (& frozen!) .

Time to rest! Tomorrow might bring a new storm…

Monday is always a new day

For sure! Up late today (6:30am!), prepared to get out for breakfast. Met the guy from a German tour operator who said medals from the marathon could be picked up at the NYRR office close to CP. Not really our plan for today so went to breakfast on Broadway.

Irish breakfast it was…potato cake, 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, toast + orange juice and tea… No need to say that with such brealist you can go long!

Lots of walk after that: visit at Paragon sports, Starbucks stop with talk with Lois, lady who left in the neighbourhood of Union Square and has been without electricity for a week… Talked about the elections, the situation in the States… Cool lady!

Then walk again, way down to lower Manhattan, Wall street, the surroundings of Freedom Tower, little shopping for GET and then…had to run from south Broadway up to “Corner Bistro” on 4th street and Jane street. Met Damien marathon runner from Ireland on the way and we ran a few blocks together as both were late! Great run before a great burger 🙂

Chilling out and walked back to the hotel via Times Square. Final stop at Starbucks and soon well-deserved sleep.

btw: w have our marathon medals waiting for us at the reception thanks to Erik “Tricky”, cannot wait to see it!

Good night NY!

Manhattan round or my own “Manhattathon”

What a day! Started 6am, good night’s sleep – up at 7am preparing myself for THE run, i.e. running around Manhattan to get to a marathon distance

Planned: NY marathon
Actual: Manhatthathon

After suggestion from Swedes over dinner on Saturday, decided to follow for a marathon distance long run.

Started to run from hotel up north to meet them and after 1,5km or so we turned back and ran south with the Swedish troop. Good tempo although a bit fast for a Mara distance training! After 10k stopped for group photo and then was discussed to run over Brooklyn bridge.

Proposal taken was to follow Erik “Tricky” for a round tour of Manhattan and finish in CP.

Great run with good tempo, had enough energy for talking and singing along the way 🙂

From time to time a bit sore in back of calves but ok to continue. Route was quite flat until we turned somewhere (!) and got uphill to run. Left Tricky & Patrik behind – slightly- for running up – slightly- faster and stopped at top of hill (Amsterdam av).

Stop for buying sport drink and went along downhill . Then running and running again. Turned back to the center to reach Central Park.
A bit before Gugenheim Museum, we left P who wished to slow down a bit. Ran along the park and nice it was to run on the road sometimes ( asphalt I love it).
Turned into CP and followed the Mara route downhill. Cool with loads of people running there. Dropped Erik after mile 25 for trying to increase pace at the end. Lost my way and ran back to mile 25, then saw the finish line on the other side so ran across a field. AND there it was! The Finish line was crazy full with people! Great finish!

After the run, 2 km jog to hotel, cold bath, rest and then dinner.

Weather: chilly in the morning (40F) but sunny- windy from time to time but sunny most of it (50F at the end)

Food: banana + Starbucks chocolate tall before the run / during the run: vitargo gel @ km 18 and 28 / energy drink Gatorade lime from km30+ until the end.

Gear: ASICS Vesta shirts / SF lg sleeves/ SOC windbreaker/ gloves/ sunglasses – super flying shoes!

Great great great run. Disappointment for not running the NY marathon has (almost) disappeared replaced by satisfaction! Longest training run EVER and great company.

Distance: 42.63km
Net time: 3:41:56
Brut time: to be updated when uploading the run!
So worth coming!

Marathon day-1 almost!

And so was marathon day-1 finishing. My day lasted from 3am until now soon 11pm.

Lots of walking done in the city, checked the view at Rockefeller Center, took picture of the Chrysler Building, Trump Towers, Apple store, enjoy the peace of St. Patrick cathedral and ended with a tour in Central Park where we could see partly the final km of he marathon.
Once again mixed emotions while taking picture in front of the finish line, which will never be crossed this year.

Ended the day in company of Swedish runners (pizza napolitana for me) and agreed for a “round Manhattan” on Sunday. Should cover a marathon distance. Looking forward to it!

Now little reading before falling in he as of Morpheus…

6am up (again) & running – well actually…

Did go to the gym and ran 2.5 miles before security asked med & another training to stop as it was making too much noise… Never heard running was loud!

Went to the Expo after breakfast in a diner (3 pancakes + 2 eggs + bacon sausage ham – yummy in my tummy). Got the tshirt but still no race. Bought a few gear and a farming 910xt (yippie!).

Back to the hotel around 11am. Checked the goodie bag and back on our feet for some more walking, via Starbucks for little Internet connection. Here we are now. Planning for the afternoon. Need to see something “typical” NY to really realize I am there.

More to come…

4am up & running – not quite

Awaken for a while now- still not really realizing what is happening. Indeed NY manhattan has two realities at the moment, up from 38st or so, live as usual ( well looks like it to me as first time here) and south + Staten Island which looks like a storm has just landed on it… Wait a second! Ya, it just did 😦 so no wonder the cancellation, on the contrary. Now why on EARTH did they go on with the mara plans? Would have probably come anyway as all is paid but with another perspective.

First trip to NY, so far not too good.

Planning to visit the marathon expo today so can give the clothes I planned to leave on marathon day and then see what this new day has to offer…


And it ended… No NY marathon

Landed after 12 hours trip, happy to reach the right side of the Ocean, for surprise no1 meeting another runner friend who left on Wednesday for NY and arrived only today AND surprise no 2 to hear that the NY marathon was cancelled.

Angry, disappointed, understanding, unsure… Lots of feelings in the head right now (on the top of a jetlag). Ended eating a pizza with my friend  and time to bed. Tomorrow visit of the expo and see if this settled down.

NY is still NY without the marathon. Void to be filled during  a week.

More tomorrow…