Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Race calendar 2014


Dubai Marathon                                          January 24th
Semi de Paris                                              March 2nd
Copenhagen Half-marathon                        March 29th
Göteborgsvarvet                                         May 17th
Stockholm Marathon                                   May 31st
Midnattsloppet Göteborg                            August 25th
Stockholm Half-Marathon                            September 13th
Chicago Marathon                                      October 12th

Objectives 2014

> 10K under 39
> half-marathon under 1.27 => changed to sub1:24 after Copenhagen half-marathon 2014
> marathon under 3.00 => changed to sub 2:55 after Rotterdam marathon 2014
> maintain a month volume > 300km
> keep enjoying my running!

>>Any suggestion to add on this list?

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