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Long run “Boston style”…

Awaken by the rain in the middle of the night, the plan for a long run felt a bit boring then. So no problem to stay under the cover for a few more hours!

Up @7am, breakfast 7:30am (oat-porridge with blueberries and gojjiberries and oatmilk). Then cozy-lazy morning watching series on tv. By 9:30am the skies were looking pretty well, so decided to go along with my plan: take the bus to a city far away and run back on a straight line so I would have a flat route to do my long run (which was including fast bouts and fartlek). Gears on, bought a banana just before jumping into the bus.

Bus trip to start... without the Boston Ambiance though

Bus trip to start… without the Boston Ambiance though

30 minutes later I was arriving at the little harbour which was 20km away from home (and not 25 as I was hoping for…). Took some pics, set the music and started to run.

Nice view of my start

Nice view of my start

Boats, boats, boats...

Boats, boats, boats…

Easy run at first, trying to keep a slow pace and low pulse. After a few km, was too warm with tshirt and camelbak so I took of the tshirt. Really quiet roads to run, but nice to meet bikes and runners or walkers from time to time.

Rain marks from last night...

Rain marks from last night…

After this good warm-up, started some fast bouts, which were quite a challenge. Unsure why but the last one got me a bit of difficulty to complete (probably due to the gel that I tried to get in and that seemed to be too thick despite the water drank right after). Does not matter, was satisfied enough with the first two fast bouts and wanted to ensure I had enough strength to do the fartleks at the end… which I did 🙂 Running every second minute fast/slow is really fun (even if done under heavy rain pouring on you!!!)

Start of second part under the rain...

Start of second part under the rain…

Got a nice cooldown after that, so decided to take a little detour to see the largest container boat of the world which had a stopover in our harbour.

Cool container-boat

Cool container-boat

Then my watch indicated that the workout was done (i.e. I had reached 27km), but I still was a bit away from home. So two choices: run to the nearest tram stop (meaning running back from where I came from for ca.2km) OR run directly home (for 5km or so…). Second alternative was chosen 🙂 This completed my run of 32km, which is really making me pleased as this is the longest run done since… Stockholm marathon I think! By the time I had the alternative choices to make, my mp3 died on me… Probably not liking to be under the rain 😦

Well arrived home, I was starving. So quick shower and then prepared Coltings pancakes: protein-bomb after-run really. The recipe is pretty simple: 1 banana, 5 eggs, 2tsp peanut butter. The first time I did this I though it was for a single pancake… which turned out as REALLY thick! This time I did three of them (although four would have been better). All in a plate, threw on the top forest fruit, mango, kiwi and maple syrup. AND just enjoyed! (OK it was a liiiiitle  too much. Next time I’ll take only two of them!).

Mums banana-pancakes

Mums banana-pancakes


After that, maximum of chillout. Ice-cold bath for the calves, resting with legs up, watching a bit of tv and then evening out. Became a long day. So lots of sleep to get on Sunday morning!

Is double really trouble???

Up with the birds and the light in the sun light in the skies … Actually no. No bird singing this morning and no light in the skies. 4:30am is too early for any decent things, animal, person, star in the skies aso… Therefore I waited until 5:00am to get up 🙂

A bit of problem with balance until got a warm shower, gear on and off I left. Unsure really where and how long. 10k at least. Body felt fine (no dizziness from the morning) and a drizzling rain was falling. Skipped the run in the park as it was still pretty dark and then went along with a couple of bikes for a while. Change route for the fun of it, and turn right, left, right followed a lady with a dog and then reached a cross-road: either straight forward – flat OR turn right – slope/hill… 2.3seconds  thinking and off I sent along the slope/hill. Was a bit worried for my heel but noticed then that I did not noticed it until… well, did not noticed it. it felt normal while running (Yippie!). While reaching the top of the hill and km5 or so, heavy rain started pouring down the skies and the most boring is not the rain, but the impossibility to really keep the eyes opened in this situation! Took 2km or so before it stopped. No need to say that my outfit of shorts and tshirt was not directly the best one. Although it was quite nice temperature outside 17ºC or so. The light started to show off the skies but still grey. Continued to run just, the mind fully occupied to think about plenty of things. It is not often it does  that. Generally it is more likely to calculate which pace I should take to reach home as fast as possible for a given distance… (Yes, running can be fun for the mind!). By km16 started to meet other runners and even got a couple of smiles. Took a detour to find out (finally) where the French bakery of the city is hidden (have been searching for it for AGES!!! really!) And this morning I finally found it. I had been running in all the streets around apart from this little bout of street that nobody really notice anyway. Bought a chausson aux pommes and ran back home under drizzling rain again. No need to say that the chausson aux pommes disappeared before even crossing the front door! 19km was the distance of this morning run. Low pulse all the way and decent pace as well. Had not really planned so long and would certainly be still running if it was not for work during the day!

Serious headache and dizziness during the day, so had in mind to skip running this evening. But as the motivation at the moment is not on the top, as good to get some fresh air as often as possible. Gear on and off to the pavement to run. Good music in the ears, no need to guide the feet, just let them decide where they wan to go! Got a nice 7km before reaching the French bakery again. This time it was 15 minutes before closing and most of all was gone. So took a vanilla flan (Yummy!) and ran the last km home. 8.4km and a flan 🙂

Total of the day is ending to 27+km, which is quite nice number. Now time for some rest to see if the head will be fine to run long and fun tomorrow…probably not at 5am though!

Berlin: less than a month to go…

Better late than never…

Lots on the mind and a bit tired so no time set to get a post here. A little recap’ then:


Could not get out of bed as early as I wished so skipped the morning run and did a good “Hover variations” session:

– Side 2 side planks
– Planks with hip drops (each side)
– Around the world plank
– Bridge plank
– Straight plank (on fist)
– Mountain climbers
– Straight plank with a hip drop
– Spiderman planks (= frog legs)
– Side planks with reach (each side)

Each move 45 sec (10/15sec between each…)

Quite nice actually to start the day this way (Yes, believe me it gives a quick!). 45seconds is REALLY long time for some of the hovers, but was gladly surprise that it felt as an easy workout (maybe all the core training done since the heel problem arose is now showing some results? 🙂 Did some eccentric heel raises as well with weight (this is suggested for helping recovering from pain in achilles tendon). I will dedicate a specific post this weekend with all I have received for advices and recommendation as well as the searches I have done regarding this problem with the heels… (let the suspense begins 😉 ) After a working morning, put on my running gear and went to the office to pick up two colleagues for our weekly Wednesday lunch run. Due to the pain in the heel (OK, not that much this day but not really wishing to have it worse…), I had asked to skip all hills or slope or things that can be climbed… Maybe boring, but we were three and two of us had problem with the heel… So we took instead a short 5K run over one of the bridge, climbed down the stairs at the end of the bridge and run to the ferry station. Ran back home while my colleagues went back to the office. Total 7km at easy pace, but 20/30sec/km faster than what I had in mind… Gentlemen have to learn how to run slow! (look who say that!). Took the transport with the ferry to do a new serie of eccentric heel raises and then it was work again.

In the late afternoon, I had booked a massage a bit special: connective tissue massage (I guess the translation in English here). This one was done with a machine, and it…was…pain…ful!!! I can handle a lot of pain (yes I do!), and have been close to cry a few time during massage but THIS! The only way to complete the whole hour of massage (yes, I booked an hour…) was to convince the little person in my head that it was soon going to finish… every two seconds… until it reaches my stomach and this part was just too difficult to handle as it was tickling very very much! The focus areas were back and front of the thighs (of course the side was not left alone), the calves and the stomach. This massage is actually lifting the skin and not going so much in-depth in the muscle (sort-of). Anyway, nice to do…ONCE! Got more work to do afterwards and then time for bed.


Full rest day (apart from eccentric heel raises). Was really tired this day and it ended with laying down on my pillow by 7-ish in the evening… Yes, a bit early, but tired I was. Realized just before closing my eyes that Berlin marathon would be exactly in a month from this day…

Why not doubling the odds?…

Too tired (again!) to get up for a morning run, it turned into a working-early instead. Had all morning meetings completed when I changed to my running gear for an interval workout. A bit worried so as 1) based on time and 2) took my ASICS Gel DS SKyspeed (which have not seen my feet since the race early July…). Anyway, sun outside and definitely heat on the way, I took a 3km warmup before my time intervals (4-3-2-1)min *3. Not a chance I would complete this and definitely not at the recommend/suggested pace I thought. But surprisingly the first serie went fine and smooth. The second one was sweaty and slightly tougher but still fine. The last one was the fastest (more or less) leaving nothing but the taste of satisfaction in the mind 🙂 Easy cool down back home of 4km (yes, miscalculation of start/time to turn/finish seems to be my speciality). 15.32km under strong sun and stupidly the bike road I am using to run has now marks (you know: here is for the bike and here is for the walking people) – the annoying is that the “walking people” line is constantly under the sun, when the bike path is under the shadow… Anyway, great run and followed by hover in the garden as well as thorough stretch. Work continued having my legs in ice-cold bath. The heels seem really to like this.

By 8pm, the legs did not want to rest any longer. So change back to running gear for the second time today and went for an easy-peasy-pace recovery run. The sun down in front of me made it magical (sorry, did not have my cam with me). A bit chilly even at some moment. 12km back home and now really tired so time for bed.

Total for today: 27.3km… Beauty sleep is strongly needed…

Enjoying the sun with a Monday run

The week started with a lack of motivation for running a morning little run. Took therefore the opportunity to do a long core&stability session (which I cut on Sunday evening). One hour later, quick shower and start to work. Lots to do all day. Biked to the office after lunch for afternoon meetings and by 4:45pm I was changed from business woman to running chick 🙂 Would have taken ca.10/15minutes to take the ferry and jog to the start place but nope! I took the 5km over the bridge to reach the start. This evening I was running the route of the Göteborgs JubileumsLopp (GJL). This race is planned to take place every year from 2013 up to 2021 when the city of Gothenburg will celebrate its 400 years. Anyway, the race organizers have suggested to test the route every Monday evening. So why not? Met a few runners (one from my club and one who recognize me from the forum…) and we started easy pace, ca.5min/km. I had planned a REAL easy pace of 5:30 but the ones I was following were at a good pace. The route is quite simple: flat-flatflat-flatflatflat-Ooops a bridge-downhill-flat-downhill-flat-flatflat-flatflatflat-arrival 🙂 While reaching the “Ooops a bridge”, I took a pace which was feeling better for me but left behind my group. Felt good so….so good that I reached the woman in the head of the line before us and by 1km after the bridge I was alone with just the head runner before me. Could not slow down as I did not know where to go, so had to get and keep a faster pace than planned… Pretty fun though. Completed the run of 10K in 48min or so and in total for Monday it became a nice 15km. Back to the office to get my laptop and then jumping on my bike, taking the ferry and then ride home. A bit more work at home and then a good night’s sleep.

Great way to start the week indeed! And yes, got a blister on the right big toe, which is not to fun to live with. So googled all possible solutions to get rid of that. Heel feels better, but recovery will be long…

Berlin: less than 5 weeks ahead…


Sunday rest…under the sun

Had in mind a full rest day and it actually wad such I had.
Late awakening, easy breakfast on the balcony with the sun already high in the skies. Legs strength training right after breakfast, then tidying a little before starting lunch. Then time for some sun rest, sun cream protection fully applied on the body and… nothing else to do than rest under the sun and enjoy B-)
Tried to get some core& stability training done, but after 10 min decided to skip it for a cosy evening in front of “The fantastic Mr Fox”. After that, to tired for anything else but sleep.

Tomorrow will be a new day…starting with core & stability!

Long run under the sun…

Started the day early so to have time for breakfast before biking to drop E at the ferry. 20 km bike (return) with GET in one way and GT back home. Took real easy at home after that, enjoying the hot sun of this Saturday morning-and-lunch-and-afternoon…
Around 3pm, changed to running gear, prepared water bottles, extra snacks, bananas and gels. Bike for GT, ASICS GT-2000 for me 🙂  Real slow pace at first, even for T… But the heel was feeling a little so did not want to push it. Was expecting anyway to have it warmed up by km10. Ricky to run under the heat, good choice not to have singlet on! Caps and sun glasses were a must really. By km9 got a gel and water, i.e. enough energy to continue. As expected, the heel was by now feeling fine and had a good pace. Talking level definitely despite the heat and the sweat! Got water by  km13, although could have had it slightly earlier… Reached the ferry place 50 minutes in advance and 5K were missing on my expected distance run. So left GT at the station and ran an extra 5K to get to 20K. Then pause which took 25min, when I thought would be max 5/10. Got to take a banana, half a Coca Cola, some fries and a but if hamburger. Thorough stretching if choose under the sun… So when E arrived and it was time to run back home, the legs felt heavy like stones. Took certainly several km before I could get to decide for them on a slightly faster tempo… At pit stop, I incidently twisted my ankle while crossing a tram way… No fun, ache, but able to run. So went along! Nice to finish this long run with an extra 10K, making today’s run to 30.4km, longest run since second well of July. Nothing really fancy, but happy to have completed it.
Note that the pause of 20+ minutes was way to long and I will not do this again!

Well-arrived, took a 15min ice-cold bath for thighs and heels pleasure…not! Did a thorough massage of the right heel and then kept my feet up for a while.

Got to cheer for the Midnight Run taking place in the city, regretting a bit not to be part of it.  But better rest the heel than  running 10K race after a 30km outing…

Now time for some rest…

Rest, Morning and Lunch…

Multiple day post… Lots to do this week really!

Full day east, only eccentric heel raise done. Heel felt ok although a bit tired. No stress for training, just rest (well, lots to do at work and at home, but nothing on running…)

Decided for an early morning run. Not that I felt really for it when the clock rang at 4:50am though… Did not warm up the heel before the run so it was feeling a little but at first . Had decided an easy 10K, but after 4 km it felt nice and I planned to extend it to 12K… Turning right on the road at a crossing point, I quickly calculated it would make the run close to 15K. By the time I reached home, had completed 16K… Felt really nice of course afterwards and had a nice day at work as well. But got really tired in the evening, so headed to my pillow around 8 pm already… Must have slept shortly after!


Quite dark skies still when starting the run


Newly painted bike road...have to run on the right side now...


Slope not to difficult but not easy either


Much more light here 🙂


Sun going up behind the bridge...

Planned rest day, but after a morning of non-stop meetings, felt like the brain needed some oxygen. So lunch run under hot sun it became. Took the route of the race I will not run on Saturday (to preserve my heel), which turned into a nice paced 10K. Sweaty but happy, had plenty of energy to continue the day!

Berlin: 5 Weeks and 2 days to go…

Recipe for fast intervals…

Take a good day rest on Monday. i.e. NO running, NO biking, ONLY rehab training for the heel (we want it to be better, right?).

Read the first five pages of the prologue in “Lord of the Rings” before sleeping (in Swedish so you sleep even better, and read it loud as well…)

Wake up earlier than the birds on Tuesday morning and get a glass or orange juice to wake up a bit (or not…)

Have your training pants on if you feel cold a bit – but just so you know, you will get warm after a few minutes…because you started to train your legs (VSA legs *2).

Open the window completely before doing your thorough core & stability station (I told you it would become warm…probably the training pants are no longer necessary!)

Stretch a little before rushing to the kitchen and prepare pancakes for small monsters (try to grab one or two before the pile is disappearing…).

Rush to the shower, get your clothes on and drop everybody at first day at school before rushing to work for first morning meeting.

Have your last morning meeting lasting 35minutes longer than planned so you’ll have to throw all your stuff in your bag, change your high heels to sneakers and run to the ferry which is  nicely making you noticed that next time, running this pace won’t make it…

Finally arrive home, proceed to the fastest clothes-change in the world (seriously, probably close to Guiness record…).

Skip the 5km warmup easy pace for a 2km not-that-easy-pace (but seriously, there is a meeting in the early afternoon…)

Drop your singlet at a random shop because it is too warm already and tell that you will come back in ca.45/50minutes.

Continue the “not-that-easy-pace-kind-of-warmup” until 2km is reached and streeeeeeetch.

Set “Dj Eclipse” latest mix and off you go.

Do you best to get 2 intervals 5km @20:44 & 21:26 (with 5min rest in-between)

BTW! Stop after 200m of the second interval to ask to a random person working in his garden if he could give you water (look desperate? no need to push yourself… You have already run an interval close to your PR so you do look already tired, sweaty, desperate… water should come right away!)

Finish your run without forgetting to pick up your singlet where you dropped it.

Climb up the stairs home

Shower ice cold (you won’t have time to bath your feet only as your meeting is soon starting)

Get a pear, a banana, a milk chocolate on the table and start dialling for your meeting.

If by any mean, you still have strengths left, bike to the soccer practice and play your coach role for 1hour 30 in progressively colder and winder climate (with the sun disappearing as well). of course, you’ll have to bike home back…


Really good day – so time for bed really and see how tomorrow will be!

Berlin: ONE MONTH TO GO!!!



Soooo… Where were we? :)

Missed a few days of posting, so here is a quick recap:


Full rest day. Only done eccentric heel raises (with weight, i.e. having my laptop backpack on the back and waiting for the ferry to come… OR how to use wisely the 8/10 minutes of wait ;). The whole day at work was with high heels shoes and surprisingly it feels really great to have such shoes for the heel… Flashdance on tv in the evening, while bathing my feet (up to mid-calf into ice-cold water and alternating with hot water. First round was 30minutes in the cold and 8 minutes in the warm. then 15 and 6, and finishing with 10 and 5. Thorough massage of both heels with Tiger balm before bed and a thorough stretch of the hamstring against the wall as well.


Not too good sleep once again. But the heels felt fine. So eccentric heel raises, VSA legs (*2) and jumped into my GT2000 and direction the shoe store close-by so they could check whether I was running funny/strangely or fine (the reason being that during Thursday run, I “felt” that I was pounding more on the right foot than on the left one). Check done and nothing to declare. Advice was to continue the heel raises, and take it easy. So 21km later (with last km @3:38 again) and low pulse otherwise I reached home and got ready for afternoon tea, sunbath on the balcony and girl-evening 🙂 Of course the run was followed by ice cold + hot bath for both heels (15minutes+6minutes).


Good night sleep, but not enough 🙂 Should have check drinking a bit more water during the day as when deciding to run I felt an urge to drink water. Chose to skip running in my good old GT-2160 purple as they are now soon reaching 1200km… and took a new GT-2000 (2A) – pink laces. Started easy and focus was on keeping a low pulse (and as a result a low pace). 15km later, low pulse for most of the run and two last km at current MP and expected MP (?!) – Good way to finish the day under the sun (especially when the day started with heavy crazy rain!).

Summary of the week:

Never doing any summary for a week, so this is a first: got up in volume to more “regular” number, despite the junk-run of Tuesday. Got two long runs with low pulse and strong finish and two good distance run at low pulse as well. Without forgetting a nice recovery bike tour on Wednesday. Not too bad week indeed!