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Let the barking dog out until the sleeping lion wakes up (or a fortnight of (close-to) misery…)

Long time no see (this is the obligatory 4 words when no post has been added for a while, correct? :)) Today it is Saturday and hopefully the last fortnight of (close-to) misery will end soon. Let me take you through it…

Started with a Monday which is “pancakes’day” in France and despite all my planning, I woke up too late to have that done before work. OK. Not too good, but there were still some hours left in the day to redeem myself! Left to the office early, having a workshop which I was holding. Better not being late then. Stupid snow and ice still out there on the streets and pavements, so had to be careful with my shoes. And apparently not careful enough when after 500m or so, I slided (?) on a little bump which I thought was snow, but had actually ice right under. Fell on my right knee and my left elbow/arm. Most of the impact felt however in the left shoulder. Nobody for helping to get up (?) until one guy stopped by asking how I was (well, I am on my knees in the snow and apparently not having the winter oufit justifying that I am starting a snowman…what wo you think?…). He was kind enough though to help me getting up (after I asked him to…). Heavy left arm to the office, but more focus on my workshop than my arm then. It was only around lunch that I actually recognized that something must be not too fine. At the end of my lunch with my colleague, I had to ask for helping to get my coat on. No good 😦 Got back to the office and there, typing on the keyboard was making my arm hurt… Right… Left directly to get to the doc. Had to wait for 1,5hour at the drop-in and finally got a check done. Nothing apparently broken, probably the muscles being sored. Still been sent to the xray (twice in the last 6 days!). No preliminary result as I got there just before they closed. Spent a nightmare of night (a bit redundant, but it was really like that!). Had taken some paracetamol as the doc suggested against the pain, and it worked…NOT! Got 4 hours of sleep divided into 3 times… No need to say that Tuesday morning I was a bit tired (understatement…). Worked from home to skip the walking and sliding. Talked to coach for seeing how to plan the training in the next few weeks as the left foot was still not fine and the shoulder was definitely far from allowing any training (well, the doc said ok for bike and swimming). A call to the doc and got the results of both xrays: shoulder “ok” (i.e. no fracture), so have to be patient (!) and rest the muscle and foot “ok” (i.e. no fracture either), so have to be patient (!!!) and rest the foot a while more. No running until the foot is 100% back to normal. Had no chance to try the cross-trainer on Monday, and would probably wait a while before I do, so that the shoulder is fine again. So Tuesday turned into rest day (from training) and indulged myself with a foot treatment. Apparently did not have much to treat, a little dry heels, and got tips for keeping the feet up and running (ha ha ha!). So rest day, with actually a left foot that was half-ok today.

So what about Wednesday then? Got an hour bike intervals (indoor) done and visited the naprapath in the evening to fix this shoulder problem. Pain pain and more pain… when she used the pressure points for solving this shoulder problem, that was FAR from nice. But once again, if this is what it takes to be back on track, I’d say: “bring it on!”. Got to sleep this night as well, thanks to the “horse medicine” prescribed by the doc. Well, it not really “horse medication”, but the way I feel after taking them, make me think that maaaaaaaybe a horse would be taking it and fall asleep as fast as I do! But once again, this is this OR not sleeping at all due to the pain 😦 Thursday got a visit to the physiotherapist who confirmed that “Yep. have to wait before we can do anything with the foot. Bike and water-running… Help yourself!). So headed right after to the gym and got a bike intervals workout once more. Friday and up early for T’s celebration day :), then work and finishing a bit earlier as well. And headed to the gym for…trying the cross-trainer. And yes… the bike has found its king of boredom… the CROSS-TRAINER. OMG! this was so extremely annoyingly boring to stand on this machine…for more than an hour… Luckily, the program was included some intervals, otherwise I would probably have closed my eyes, fallen asleep, fallen from the machine and got to the doc and the Xray once more!!! Not as sweaty as the bike. Foot felt ok. Tried as much as possible to skip using the handles when “walking” to be sure the shoulder would not hurt. Fastest shower ever and then restaurant with flag and fun. Everyone was pretty tired. But celebration it should be, so ended the day with cosy time on the soffa watching a movie.

Saturday started later than planned (but went to bed late and had this horse medication as well 😦 ). On the bike, intervals, sweat and 56 minutes later, was done. This was the same workout as the one done one week before but outdoor, and I can tell that all the joy from outdoor biking was NOT there, when sitting in this gym! Easy rest of the day. Especially because the left should had been behaving badly. The pain was no longer in the muscle (triceps/biceps) but in the scapula on the back. A bit of shopping, finding a place having Gatorade 🙂 In the evening? Impossible to sleep. So on the Sunday, got to book a last minute massage and man!…!!! Cannot remember when it felt that painful really. And if I have trained and the massage is helping to recover, then I can endure the pain as I know it is coming from the training. But HERE… did not do anything to deserved this. One hour later, decided to get a rest day. After all…it was Sunday!

SOOOOOooooo… this was one week. Hoped for having an easy week after that, but nope. The Monday after the massage, the shoulder was still painful, but could bike (so I did. Indoor. still…). So hope was not (completely) lost. And for the fun of it (!), joined colleagues to a spinning workout on Tuesday morning…7am!!! OK this is not crazy early compared to one and other runs I had taken in the morning… BUT… this meant getting there to change and be ready before 7am… No ferry until 7am neither (apart from the one I took, a paying one). Which meant…bicycling to the ferry, wait 7 minutes in the cold and considering whether or not to bike the 5km to the gym (over a bridge…), finally waiting for the ferry, getting fast to the office to drop my laptop and biking to the training center and almost ready on time 🙂 Meeting A there. T had forgotten his outfit and M was nowhere to be found. Matters not, had actually fun. 30minutes spinning, not increasing too much the difficulty, but enough for feeling it! After that it was planned circle-training, but due to the shoulder, I remained in the room and biked for 15 more minutes talking to A. All good. Shower after that and free breakfast. Ready to rock at work before 8:20am 🙂 THAT’s the way to start a good day! Wednesday got an early cross-trainer workout. 45min and fartlek on the menu. Set the “hill” program and off I went (well, I went nowhere as I was on the cross-trainer…). And after that, the day passed… Friday was decided to be rest day (from training). Early up, early work and got to have a massage for the shoulder again. Not as generally painful as on Sunday, BUT there was these knots that the masseur is so good at finding (and which are so painful). So let’s talk about pain: this was not “painful-like-I-am-gonna-cry”, but “painful-like-I-am-gonna-swear-so-bad-that-it-will-probably-hurt-my-ears” (and I did not do the swearing, but bite my lips pretty hard :-(). No afternoon tea as planned, but evening with girlfriends and that was pretty fun. Ate in this Italian restaurant. And by the end of the dinner, I think that most of my brain had checked out and the rest was on survival-mode, using only the little necessary to be able to get back home on bike without falling (the cold outside helped to keep the eyes opened!). Right back home, impossible to fall asleep, so directly on the soffa to watch the end of the Matrix (Revolution, I think. Just loving this movie :)). So no need to tell that this morning Saturday) the eyes were red and puffy and the hair probably would have scared forest-trolls (not the trolls leaving under the bridges, because those ones are crazy scary…). A bit of tea, C-vitamin and swimming suit on. Just got ready to (finally…) bike to the swimming pool for a session of water-running. THIS.IS.NOT.FUN.AT.ALL!!! When you are used to swim, this water-running is no fun. I guarantee! 10min easy (felt like being a little dog unable to swim) and then a little fun arrive (anyway!): 3 times 15 minutes (with 5minutes under tempo, 5 minutes at tempo pace and 5 minutes sub-tempo). And nope. I do not know what is “tempo-pace” when doing water-running. But the first serie felt like testing a bit. The second serie was a bit of fun: I had found a French song which was suiting perfectly the “tempo”-pace. And for the “over-tempo”, I just continued to sing… just faster 🙂 So the final 15 minutes disappeared fast (well, it still took 15 minutes!). Then 5 minutes easy and 10*45sec fast with 15 sec easy. This was nice to finish the whole workout… 70minutes all-in-all. Would never believe I would actually complete it when I jumped into the water! Got a long sauna after that, to relax. And then bike home. Felt pretty hungry (had not eaten anything prior to training… :-() and spent the day chilling out (read: fixing at home, folding the clothes, reading…).

SO, this was how the past fortnight went. No bed of roses directly… But as someone wise told me: “What hurts you today, makes you stronger tomorrow”… Keeping up the pulse and ensuring to keep up the shape…All to be ready when the foot and shoulder allow to get in my runner outfit again.

So I surely have this little barking dog out for now…pretty useful…for now… just wait until the sleeping lion wakes up 🙂

To rest or not to rest? THAT is the question…

Since Sunday, got a conscience check: to rest or not to rest. That was well enough to take two day of rest for noticing whether this stupid left foot would let it go (or not). Gave it a try yesterday (Tuesday) with taped foot, and it worked fine. Easy 10km ended with a good feeling. So nice that I actually could spend the rest of the day walking as normal 🙂 Not bad right? And filled with this enthusiasm, I even made my own day with a long workout for core & stability. Yes, it does help for the running (and not just to set nice patterns on the stomach 🙂 ). Too late in bed, but satisfied as there had been no snow falling as it was forecasted…

Saying this quick because this morning, there was a light white cover waiting for me on the streets when I headed for an early morning run 😦 Not too fun as it was slippery. And wet and cold (in the water pools…). But otherwise, it felt nice to run. Once again, taped foot, but so what. If this is what it takes for the next 15 days… so be it. Rest of day working (i.e. sitting most of the time in meetings), so the foot did not complained too much. Had a talk with the naprapath that checked my knee, hip, foot and he said that taping was fine and that if all felt OK tomorrow, I could give it a try for the running plans I have. After this one, then we would see how it goes. Probably needing a bit more rest. With so short time left before the race, the only thing that can happen is to screw up the training if not taking it easy and intelligently running.

So yes, the question remain: to rest or not to rest? Suggestions?

The day one wishes (almost) that she was a dancer…

Late run often means easy falling asleep (well, actually there is not link and no proof one way or the other is correct, but there must be a start for each post, right?…). Still wondering how the mobile can think sometimes that it is OK to wake me up before 5am for a run… Skipped this morning as I felt that the pillow was more appealing than the 2ºC appearing on the weather forecast. Regretted this by the moment I went up, as the body felt pretty sluggish and unwilling to do anything but going back to bed. Which it did not. Long day at work. Felt like running without breathing. Never tried, but probably feels the same as having back2back meetings all day long 😉 Ended the afternoon with a visit to the naprapath for checking the hips of mine (as well as the knees, the calve, the thighs, the back, the neck… you name it :)) And yes, stretching ain’t my favorite activity and this session proved it clearly. The 4 seconds of pressure on specific stretch positions felt like worse than running a full marathon (no kidding). I might not be the most flexible person on Earth (and that is actually good, because it would not be too good to run then), but today was pretty bad. Good news (Uhhhh?!?) is that nothing felt stuck. Bad news (Uhhhh?!!!?) is that I have to do stretch exercise on a daily basis until next torture session next week.

More work to do now before heading to the pillow. In a few hours, the rest day will be over and should be waking up for a morning run.

Night night!

The days I…. (summary of a week without laptop)

(week 140714-200714) Running is easy…just jumping into running gear, lacing your shoes and hitting the road…But what a life when one’s laptop is suddenly hibernating and not wanting to wake up… Almost (?!) as painful as a knee not functioning as it should, right?…


The day I rested… As usual, started the week with a Monday. After four days running, it was high time for some rest. Being a bit late (and/our lazy?) on Sunday, no strength workout was done. Therefore it was time for it. And as usual, it took 30 minutes and felt so good afterwards…WHY is it so tricky to even start this workout?!?! Then core challenge still continuing… Having spent the whole day planning for an outing, bike tour it became. Two easy stops (one for water and one for early light dinner). All bikes worked perfectly and of course we had the company of Mr Headwind… Great workout with GET on a rest day. No need to add that the whole crew was pretty tired at the end of the day!

The day I’ve been cracked… Late up on Monday evening, but ready to run in this Tuesday morning, as at 10:00am, it was time for naprapath check. Easy pace run under the sun, knee quite ok but right hamstring making itself reminded…, stretch and nothing more. Felt a bit heavy, but having skipped the massage after this weekend long run, it was expected to have a stiff and slow body. At the naprapath, time for some cracking 😦 Back, neck, even had a painful massage on the front of the leg (where I am SURE there is NO muscle, just skin…aka therefore the burning pain, right?…), the knot in the top of the left calf… Well, yes, … once again, no dance on roses. (btw: dancing in roses IS painful, not that I tried, but sure if it!). Rest of the day pretty easy with some walking to get the legs moving… Skipped the knee rehab as was a bit tired. And rest day from core challenge as well. OK-day.

The day I closed my eyes, burn myself and could hardly walk… Well-rested on this Wednesday morning, time for intervals. Surely still annoyed because my laptop shows clear brain damaged…it was just to change and get ready for hitting the pavement. Decided to have my heavy training shoes instead of the fast light ones. So that my Achilles heels would not complain before and after (during? Nope, they never shout then). Easy warm up, including eccentric heel raises and stretch. First long interval went fine although too fast start. A short rest and then half the distance, slightly faster. Gosh, I hate this head wind that comes when you really don’t want it… (ok, you probably never want to have head wind…). Short rest and then second long interval, which turned into a painful distance length. Stopped after a few hundreds due to a pain on the front of the left knee cap. Nothing like before on the outside. Massaged a bit, did a few moves and then felt ok to run – although took it easy(er). The final km-interval went however pretty nice and fast…Well, a little thing just… I happened to close my eyes at a moment (!…don’t ask why I do that!) and crossed to the other side of the bike path directly into the bushes of nettles. The burning feeling woke me up immediately and kept on running to the end of the interval. Fully ok pace though… Then finished with an easy cooldown back home. The knee felt all ok then. But shortly after, the pain started. Could hardly change from sitting to standing position without a huge pain on the front of the knee cap. Called the naprapath who suggested to stop doing what is starting the pain (which mean stop “walking”, changing position… and basically lay down and not move…?!?!?). Noticed after a while that the pain was disappearing a bit when walking. Got a lot of reading done on “jumper’s knee” and sounded like it suited pretty much. Unfortunately, there was no magic solution to get this gone (and I mean “for good”). Ended the day with core challenge and core&stability + rehab for hamstring. Not a good day (for running…)

The day I cut my run into two… The evening training as well as the extreme massage I did on the thigh must have helped a bit, because when I went up on Thursday morning, the knee felt better. Not fully fine unfortunately. A bit sensitive. Enough ok for testing it on a short distance run. Am so happy to be able to run slow (!), i.e. the “Swedish runner’s knee” aspect seems to have disappeared. Took an easy 6km, enjoying the sun in the face during most of the run. A bit of stretch did help, but the knee felt a liiittle throughout the run. Shower and the day went on. A bit of walking during the day made the knee feel a bit better, although not fully ok. Decided to get some running done in the evening as well as it was looking ok. Same as in the morning: short distance (took it the other way around just – having the evening sun in the face then!). And once again, the knee felt a bit, but fully ok. More like a tired knee, than a pain in the knee. Same core workout as usual. Felt all good. Not funniest day, but got some running done there.

The day I let an egg fall on my foot… Friday was rest day. Despite this, got up early for doing pancakes as G was leaving early… What to do after that then… Chillout day really, with walk in town under real hot sun. The knee did seem to like all this walking… With all the reading done about jumper’s knee, got that the muscles above the knee had to be strengthened. G’s suggestion was doing the “chair”: back along the wall, you sit as if you had a chair under your bum (but you don’t…). Could get a few minutes (with rest in-between!) but G did all of them without the rest I allowed me… Did some extra stretch as well and abs on the blue ball. Enough for a rest day! Cozy evening to celebrate E in advance and late in bed.

The day I went for a long run and smiled… Japp, .the “late in bed” never helps before a run, except for races. Did feel similar actually (or was it the gallons of tea I drank on Friday that hindered me from sleeping?). Anyhow, only a few hours of sleep and up @6am without alarm: this means “Change into running gear and let’s go”! Saturday‘s long runs are pretty different than Sundays long runs. When you are done, you still have a full day with a city still awaken and can still do stuff… Had found a way of taping the knee to support (?) the knee cap (one of the videos here – I added as well a stripe perpendicular to those shown in the video (from above the knee-through the knee cap-under the knee cap)) and this is how I started my run. First 8km went pretty easy. Stopped for a bit of warmup with heel raises and stretch and the knee was reacting well. So went along with it. Got 8km with alternating fast and slow km and then 6km back home. Got 22km at a more than decent pace and a knee which did not complain…during the running. Back home, pancakes were waiting for me 🙂 Shower, breakfast and off I went for a massage (at this time the knee was pretty sensitive and painful – or just tired?). Anyhow, I would not have been able to run to the massage place. Ask to insist on the left knee area and right hamstring…which she did…OUCH! But if this is necessary to get better, so be it! Back home and a few washing machines later… What do you do when you have trained, massage, cleaned and the clock is indicating 11:11am still… 😛 A bit of rest under the sun – legs up to rest from the long run, and light lunch and then time for a bit of walking. Needed some sun cream and went to not one, not two but THREE shops for not even finding the one I wanted. But at least I got some walking to release any tension in the legs. And what best after a long run, rest under the sun, lots of walking… but a bike tour to get the long-searched sun cream you wanted?… 🙂 On the bike, the knee felt a little sensitive in the uphil as had to stand for pedaling but otherwise, the legs were undecently fit for this day! And unfortunately, not even the large supermarket store had the sun cream I wanted. So I settled for another one (which btw can be found in the shop less than 200m from home…no comment…). Does not matter. This was a very nice way of ending the day. Light dinner and then Batman on tv (not all of it, as I was pretty tired…but still trouble sleeping with all the noise outside…).

The day I went for an easy trail run… When the sun went up, it took a while before I noticed it. Sundays are (or should be) done for sleep-in…except when the weather is expected to turn to warm/hot shortly after 10am… Running gear on, warm tea in the stomach (did not have time for ice tea yesterday… or more likely, I forgot to prepare ice tea on Saturday evening!) and on the bike for warming up an easy(er) way before terrain run. All good to get to the Garden. But when the run starts with one km UPHILL (and here we are talking STEEP uphill), you wonder if this was a good or bad idea. Anyhow, got a full 10K in the woods, loosing my way only 3 times (!) and ensuring to stay on clearly marked paths though. When a km uphill is forcing for walk and get close to 9min…THEN you are talking trail!!! And surely when the final km in the forest is so steep that you have to walk it down (yes, I know…some are so good then can jump down such slopes, but I am not one of them!), surely you are on terrain! Such a relief when reching km9 towards 10 and just unleashing those legs on light downhill was sooooo great! and not only this, but when entering the Gardens, there was still this wonderful km downhill which I used for warmup at start. It went down this time and so crazy fast, I just smiled AAAAAAAAAALL the way (and even continued to run outside the Gardens to finish my final km 🙂 ). All good then. Trail-run for the month? check! A bit of stretch and bike home afterwards. Prepared right away some ice tea and then on the mat for core workout… and strength exercises as well (were planned for Saturday, but felt like not doing it then). The body felt pretty happy after this and needed some well-deserved rest under the sun (and needed a nap as well apparently!). Skipped the plan of biking to the sea, too tired for coming back! So reading and chillout afternoon, when the temperature measured from the kitchen were above 30ºC… Not a bad day, not at all! Completed the day with some good food and a bit of celebration for E with chocolate ice-cream, chocolate brownie and chocolate hundred&thousands with crunchy cake under 🙂 Yummy! Now time for finishing this week review!

Rain, sun, hot, average temp, knee pain, sunbath and some runs as well… Finally the week ends… On the way to be better… (otherwise, all those core and strength workouts will be a good preparation for “Beach 2015″…!)

Have a great running week!


Nice and hairy cows we meet while bicycling!

Even the Best need some rest…right?

Not meaning by this I am part of “the  Best” though!!!

Today the right foot was a bit tired. Having high-heel shoes at work actually feel really nice for the feet… What was bothering today was this “cloudy feeling” of ache in the top of the left thigh. Noting new, had it before  but now it is back. Best position is to stand up at work…
Got a visit to the Naprapath.for the heels and bum muscle. Shock wave therapy once more…Ouch, really! Long nap after being back home and then easy evening (read: tidying…).

Reviewed my plans for the weekend and there will be no race tomorrow. Better rest or easy short run, them risking to impact in the heels negatively. Long run will still be on anyway. Last one really before Berlin.

Now it starts to feel it is for real… 15 days to go. Not stressed directly, but bubble is on the way. Much happening around so a bit tricky to handle even this preparation in the top of all things. But will make it work…always do! 😉

Sweet dreams!

Berlin…15 days to go…

Heat, pain and alternate solutions

Still painful heel on Sunday morning so no other alternative than resting. Difficult to walk on the right foot except than on the top of the toes. Of course thus us not practical so I choose to spend part of the last day laying under the sun (after ensuring that all our stuff was packed to go home). Great lunch under the trees before aiming to the airport and seeing that our direct flight was canceled. Fortunately we got an alternative option via Frankfurt and an arrival home around midnight (instead of before 8 pm…). Well arrived, a bit of unpacking and pillow-time.

Up this morning with singing seagulls…and a bright sun already high despite the early time. More unpacking and then got ready for breakfast/lunch at sushi place near-by. After this, we left for a nice/sunny/long/fun bike tour of 25km. One stop for snacks after 10km and one for ice cream after 16km. Pretty fun and tough to bike under the sun. Aimed then to the naprapath for shock wave therapy. This time for the left hamstring as it feels much better, but was added to it both heels. This later part was really painful especially the outside part. But if it is helping to get better, why not. Biked back home, getting my tour up to 29km. Good workout for the day, as I cannot run for now.

More resting to do and definitely early sleep today. Hoping for nice weather tomorrow for a nice bike tour again…


Morning run, intervals and 3 bugs later…

The day started pretty early: 4:50am…even before the clock rang. And this happened after long night sleep of nearly 10,5hours. Yes, you read correctly. Was so tired yesterday, that it went pretty smooth after being back from work: toothbrushing, pj on and bed… But today was another day! jumped into my gears (and yes I will soon stop “jumping” into them, but for now it will do!) and off in the…warm (!) morning. Already 16/17ºC and the clock was still 5:30am! Very cloudy and grey, the lights were a bit moody. Kind of drizzling as well. Pretty heavy legs (OF COURSE! one may say (if one dared!!!) early runs ARE like that!). Took 3-4km to wake them up and from km5 I was on. I am seriously thinking of starting all my runs from km5 and skipping the painful and boring km before that one… Any idea? 🙂 Reached km7 and a smile popped on my face (well, I always have a smile, but this one was even larger!) because I thought I had reached km6! and in a second, I was actually in km7… Fastest km EVER in history of (wo)man! Then time to continue with easy pace and then the km just passed by, 9, 10, 11 and then it was 14km when reaching home after 1:06:40 on the road.

Not much rest when arriving: a 2-min plank, 10min core, shower, a few emails before biking to the naprapath and get a third time of shock wave therapy for the hamstring. Bike home and work-work-work (lunch in front of the computer as working as well) work-work-and-more-work. By 5:30pm, all was closed and tidy and seriously the body was in need for movement. Got all bags of clothes to donate and brought them to the second-hand shop. Then time for second run of the day.

Started with an easy 3.5km warmup and then 8 intervals of 4minutes (1 minute rest for the first four and then 1:30 for the last four ones). Seriously? I could have stopped after the first one. Always tough. Second was fine but after the 3rd one, I seriously considered to turn back, but continued with he 4th one. After the 5th one, Yaaaaa, could have stopped but seriously ? I did not have any other alternative than running back home anyway, so as good to continue the run! 6th interval was a pain and in the middle I seriously (WOW, so serious I have been during this workout!!!!) thought of quitting. Then came 7th and 8th intervals. Average of 1km per interval (or sliiiiiightly more). So very satisfied of the workout : 16,12km in 1:18:14 (incl. the rests). Stretch afterwards, soygurt with honey, cranberries and cereals as well as three freshly pressed oranges. And a very hot sower (I know that it should have been cold, but the brain needed warmth).

Now, you can imagine that I am a bit tired (read: “VERY”) and it will be very nice to chillout in front of the tv. Tomorrow is off as this is Swedish Midsummer.

And what about the bugs? (maybe someone read the title of my posts…): well, with the nice weather coming, and the running in places where trees and greens are all around, nice flying bugs are joining regularly my runs lately. Unfortunately for three of them, they ended in my mouth (but I think I spotted out two)… Always run with close mouth during bugs season, this is my final recommendation!

Blame it on the rain…

Nice and warm day yesterday, although no run… Too many excuses and reasons (probably all bad!) made the day a “runless” one. 11pm was a bit late to start one, I figured. So when the rain woke me up @4am, there was no way I would blame it on the rain!

Shorts, tshirt and rain jacket + cap under and off I went. 4:43am…. must be my earliest run ever! Drizzling rain at first which was quite nice, temperature more than decent for the time of the day and the weather: probably 14-15ºC… First km went slow and controlled. Planned to try a 10/12km or to the hour. Light stretch after 3km and decided for the bridges. Of course it started to blow on the way up and rain slightly more. So enjoyable still. Could almost not see a thing outside of the bridge, but spooky it was not. Reached the running downhill, where the head is saying “Slow down” and the legs are going “Faster, faster”. And the water side again. The rain started to fall a bit heavierly, but still fine to run. Tried to avoid the water poles although the first one I got my foot in was at km1.5 or so… Then just enjoying and running. Turned the 6km @31+min again so decided to aim for a 12K on the hour. Of course the rain did not help on this one, starting to pouring more and more from the skies. Still got my 12K @1:00:xx. The only liiiiitle thing was that at this point there was no traffic available to get back home. So just had to get the second bridge up & down, then the water side again. The last 2km were more than fun with LOOOOTS of water poles which I deliberately run into. WARM water it was. When I looked at my thighs, I was surprised to see them nice and wet only, rather then showing signs of being cold. Got home pretty soaked but smiling. 16km in 1:19:01. So yapp, pretty happy to have gone up this morning! Stretch of the hamstrings, a short plank and in the shower (yes, you may ask why on earth jumping into the shower after having run already over an hour under the rain!?!?!?).

A few thoughts on the way to work on should I run or walk under the rain to ensure being the least wet… Got thoughts on this almost all day and finally found this little explanation on youtube:

Total wetness = wetness per second * time spent in the rain + wetness per meter * meters travelled

Any other suggestion on this one? 🙂

Lunch was dedicated to a follow-up at the naprapath and new shockwave therapy on the hamstrings (=thigh/bum muscle), as well as electro-pulse on the “Achilles heel”. Felt good afterwards and for a while. But after a few hours, back to “normal” = ache and radiating feeling. For my right knee, it might be an inflammation suggested the naprapath, but will not take anti-inflamatoric as I wish to be able to feel if the hamstrings is becoming better 😦 So might be massage of the knee instead. Will see.

Felt hungry all day long! Despite a large pasta portion at lunch as well as steady/heavy snack and then had to add some food this evening (leftover pasta bolognese 🙂 Lots of fruits as well and water. Should be fine for the body and mind.

Have completed the day with stretching and core exercises. Those latter ones have been neglected quite a lot since Dubai (same as last year!).
S’s program incl “full V” 10*10sec – excl. hover
+ Ball bridge *15
Program done twice (grouped exos per pair, done twice)
Except Vs and ball bridge- only once

Stretch leg up 30sec each

Not too much core this evening. Will be having longer workout on Saturday as it should really be part of the regular workouts. The Vs went crazily well (apart from one). Felt really the stretch in the back of the thighs…

Ball bridge+ leg straight stretch = recommended by naprapath for hamstring

And soon time for bed. Really tired!

Abstinence and shock wave therapy…

Early wake up despite late work start. Visit to the naprapath who checked my thigh/bum muscle. First, warmup of the muscle with electric pulse and then start with shock wave. Not as tough as expected. Short treatment and then ready for work.
Was ensuring during the day that I did not sit too much and walk a lot. No need to say that tired I was at the end if the day!
Really hope that this shock wave therapy will work and make the muscle work as normal again. Have to recognize as well that I ran this morning… as I was late for my appointment. What a nice feeling! And fast one! But rest for the day after that. Tomorrow will be an outside day with lots of fresh air. This might cover the extreme need for running!

Cozy evening at first!

And… Hard core for the body!

(Could not resist having this post title 🙂 )

After the visit to the naprapath this morning, long day at work. Did some stretching as shown for the bum/thigh muscle, a couple of times during the day. Felt fine. But after a long day and when the fog starts to fall down AND it looks like icy on the roads… the motivation is definitely NOT on the top to go back home and go out and run.

Anyhow, after asking round, G accepted to follow on bike (which was good as 1) it was dark outside and 2) in case of ice and fall at least I would have someone with me!). Good run in the dark, stretch exercises after 1km warm-up (inclusive this new bum/thigh stretch) and off we went. Route run so many times and the feeling is so different each time. Finish with a last km max pace (actually idea of G to have me chasing him along the street back home…) = 4.07/km pace for this last km. All-in-all, this evening run ended in 10.5km @4.58/km pace (with every km from 3rd km faster than the previous one). Quite satisfied, exactly one week after Dubai marathon!


Back to basics: cold out there!

Quick shower (found a new soap smelling passion flower… a bit fun as it taste like you wish to eat it!) and then aimed to a nearby pub with GET to have our little celebration for my time in Dubai. My choice of food was: chicken fillet toast with sallad, dressing. Finished the oven baked potatoes of T as I was a bit more hungry (I did share a banana and a Gainomax with G after the run already!). And of course to complete 1) this nice celebration and 2) this cosy Friday evening, we ended having a nice piece of Brownie with vanilla ice cream and haribo gold-bears on the top! Movie evening, update of my training diary + blog post, nice chat with my friend, story to the monsters before they fell asleep and little me will follow shortly!


Nice pub!


He he he! Anything wrong with this picture?

Night, night! Tomorrow will bring some more things to do, hopefully after a nice sleep in first!

Light core for the soul…

In an hour or so it will corresponds exactly to my finish time last week in Dubai. Cannot really figure out that it was already a week ago! Training for this since New york in November and suddenly it was there and right after it was gone/done… Have done an easy jog yesterday and the thigh still spooking around so now visit to the naprapath is necessary to check if something might be misplaced.

Have completed the first core session since a while. S’s program including the Vs-10sec*10 but no hover. Only light in order to wake up the body before leaving it into my naprapath hopefully magic hands.

Yesterday went fine. Not too long day at work, but filled with new stuff to do. So mind is fully occupied on how to magically create time in my schedule… Nice to see and talk to colleague training for Vasaloppet as I follow his training quite closely (and he mine!). If only someone would accept to go for an easy run with me someday…

Back fr.o.m. Naprapath. Seemed to be a muscle problem, quite deep. Lots of stretching and manipulation. Will see how it goes. Have to include a specific stretch for this and hopefully will be better soon. Now breakfast of 2 oven-toasted sandwiches and large glass of oat milk with chocolate. Feel so hungry it is close to crazy! But later on today will go out for a light run. Cannot wait really!

More later… Take care and drop me a note if you dare wish to run with me – even remotely! 😉

Nothing is impossible…

How comes that Fridays appear to be almost always the most heavy day in the week? Despite planning carefully to have an easy day at work AND at home, it turns out to have gotten off to a roaring start!

Core it is as not really feeling like running this morning… WHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAATTT? Yes, when it feels this way, better off sometimes to keep some reserves to enjoy fully the next run instead. Following program completed though. Day starting well (although a bit early!)

2xS’s program excl. hover
2* Ball bridge *20 (alternated w/bottom lift+bottom lift one leg from S’s program)
“table abs – 2 legs” 2*10
+ Back push-ups on low tables 2*10 (alternated together w/ table abs
D’s program: (alternate w/single leg push press, walking on the mat & lunge)
    single leg push press 2*10 each side
+ “walking on the mat” 2*10 each leg
+ lunge 2*10
Jörgens transverse muscle 3*15
single leg,
+ both legs
+ straight legs
“Walking w/Pilates ball” 2* 10*each leg (one at a time – no support for the ball)

Little longer workout, but worth the time spent! Clearing the head and now ready to rock the day!