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Race Report – Midnattsloppet – 2014 – 2014/08/23

Planned: 10K as temporun – training race
Actual: 10K @42:53 🙂 – place 18 all women (11th at the finish line), 4th in age category

Not the easiest/flattest/lightest of the route…. Got the kicks and rehab done in the morning. Spend the day wandering around and rush at the end to get prepared. Porridge around 7:00pm and shower to get ready at 8:15pm… Not too great preps this time. Got to set the hair up, prepared the shoes and double-checked the watch and the chip on the shoes. All set. Ran easy to the start using the last slope and final 1.5km of the route 🙂 Fun to see people cheering already, one saying that the first runner was already passing by (he he he, I wish!). Saw the final preparations for limiting the road and noted the wind in the final street… Fortunately the rain was not there. Had been raining cats&dogs a couple of time during the day, but now it was just lightly windy. Arrived 8:45pm at the start, figured out where the start 1A was (nothing looks the same when it is dark!), got a stop to the loo and…. Started to wait. Having friends meeting at the tram stop at 9pm I decided to go and check them out. Nice to meet a talk a bit before the race. Met Lennart as well from the club and then it was already 9:08pm…Maybe should try this thing called “warm-up”… Left with all the best luck and smiles and off to the start. Met Maria B (Hälle IF) warming up. This is her who won at Kungsbacka vintermilen last year J A few accelerations in the dark, found my plastic bag cover I had hidden behind a tree and then started the wait for the start…among the coolest gang of elite runners J Felt a bit misplaced, but what the heck… I did qualify for starting there (even if I am probably and by far the slowest of the group on a 10K 😛 ). And almost 5minutes to start aaaaand the heavy rain started to fall on us like crazy. Yeaaaah! Fourth time I run this race and everytime it has been a wet start. As long as the start is not delayed this year I think… right when the speaker announces that we have a 5minutes delay for the start… Can definitely see that HE is under cover when WE are under the rain… Not many smiles from the runners around me, I can tell. Doing a bit of jumping, moving a bit, smiling to the guys around me (and yes…the “misplaced” feeling does increase then!). When hearing 10 seconds to start… REALLY?!?!? Cannot he announce a countdown like…1 minute to start…30sec… and he even shout in the speaker “TWO SECONDS TO START”…

9:35pm – Start it is! Rushing as fast I can in the dark and I just see a thundering yellow on my right and a thundering green/black on my left. And off we went. Nice that the rain had kindly stopped before the start. We run onto a close to pitch black street and then turn and up the little slope. A wave of men with fucshia tshirts just burst passed me (the tshirt colour is the chosen one for this year’s race and all runners are to wear it – apart from elite who may if they want or choose to run in their club’s colours…which I chose 🙂 White singlet, black Moremiles shorts, black arm sleeves and Adidas Adizero Adios Boost Orange. A fast-like outfit :)). Back to the race. The long first straight line is going fine, tricky to check the pace as it is dark out there. Turning up right and then right again to reach km1. Lots of beeping on the first control matt… to start hearing cursing guys all around. So I lift my eyes from my feet (don’t want to walk on something or water or whatever and fall!) and see…small white plastic hurdles ahead of us!!!! WHAT IS THIS?!?!? All are rushing on the left of those…which is a VERY wet grass and then for the final 2-3 then most are running above those “plastic tubes” on the ground…which I decide to do…forgetting that I am probably 2m smaller than most of the guys here and then I actually have to JUMP (!?!?!) above those hurdles and on the last one, my foot step on something which is under the white plastic stuff and the left ankle shouted a bit. NOT A HAPPY ME then. (and no cursing from my side, but definitely not happy)… and it is only km1!!!! Continued the run and then left and it is downhill. Nice with some cheering (WOW, people came despite the rain!!!). and at the end of the street… a giant disco bowl is hanging high in the air…and all the floor is actually turning and bouncing and I already feel sick…like sea-sick! And it is the turning right then and thanks! The street-lights are back and normal after that! Straight and easy, if the first km went sub4, the second one will be far from it. But who cares? Nice and easy to km3. Had been passed by 2 women by now (all the elites are far away now…). I got a nice rhythm and let all the guys passing by. Feels like a marathon start. All are rushing, but I know there are 42km to go… Let’s them rush… Until the brain is waking up around km3 and remember it is only 10K to run this evening. Anyhow, the light fake slope to km4 is heavier that before. Nice to have no wind and no rain though. Reaching the water-station and taking an energy drink. Dropping half on the nice guy giving it to me and then just rinsing my mouth with the rest left and spotting out the whole thing (disgusting taste!). Getting back to the run and hearing MW cheering on the side (yes, I will try to catch up with #22 and see if he (?) is cute!) and the new slope is arriving. Nice and easy, easier than during training actually. The turn to km5 is great with music and hearing someone shouting my name is even better! Twice in less of a km 😛 Passing the 5K in 21:06. D*mn…. 6seconds slower than I wished… But continuing.

The first half was easy-peasy really. Passing a bunch of guys on the way to the slope. A bit of cheering from Magnus from the club (thanks!) and then just taking 2 dextrosol at km6 more for the fun of it (?!?!?) than because it is needed. The first slope feels a bit heavy but once again, being a female in the middle of males does call for some cheering. Which I get and thanks for it! Tricky to see who is cheering because it is SO dark. Anyhow, the scary hill to the first church is soon there and still not seeing the first elites passing… Yeaaaaah! I am not THAT slow anyway 🙂 Starting then the uphill and after the first turn, I see the first male runner crazily running downhill…closely followed by the other elites…and here came the first female runner and all others after… Just continuing listening to the cheer-leaders to the way up. Yes, I know I am almost on the top and some are slowing down…which makes me accelerating a bit (kind of). Have no clue of my pace by now. Just feeling all ok – training-like. Have seen Maria B going down on my way up. So I estimate she is 1km or so ahead of me… Sounds like a sub40 to me… Passing km7 and then turning around Masthuggetskyrkan…to get stopped almost by all the guys taking water or sport-drink at the station, trickily placed JUST after a turn and in the downhill on the other side of the Church 😦 And it is to bite it a bit, headwind for a short while and time to rush down. WHY ARE YOU SLOWING DOWN GUYS?!?!? I have to cut a bit on the left side for passing guys slowing down in the downhill… Not a chance I do that. I know how fast it can be taken. Down down down and fast fast fast. Not seeing anybody really on the way down, just passing people. And turning left to the next downhill… this one we have to run it on the pavement (which I think was stupid, because the street is much less slippery-like than the pavement…but I am not the one arranging the race…). And it is just fast and faster and almost fastest 🙂 It is now less than 2km and it is going nicely fast (not race-like fast, but good enough for today). Passing Andrej who is cheering my name (thanks!) and here comes the first of my best fans G parking on his kickboard and shouting to keep the pace up and all will be good J More of my name in the same street and then the final right turn towards the soon-to-come Church slope. Hearing a functionary cheering that I took the slope quite nicely earlier the first time (i.e. on my way to the start) so I just have to do the same now! Cool to be recognized in the dark! (then I remember I have my club outfit and not a fuchsia tshirt. Difficult to hide…). And the heavy(est) part of the race starts…almost; G has made it to the start of the hill for more cheering..Can’t let him down really! So rushing a bit more (ok, I noticed that I take smaller steps AND looking at my shoes then…) and seeing E&T on the right side…OF COURSE I am making a short curve out for some high-five J And a smile (as if it is not painful…). Passing the music band (sorry, did not noticed what it was for music…to concentrated on NOT stopping and walking). Now it is only a few meters to the end of this *#%!& hill and to the almost-final street. Not too many stopping, but several slowing down here – as expected. Gosh, this is heavy with those small slopes here and there. Getting to km9 and I am just dead tired… but ONE km is left. Just have to rush with the wave of guys around me…some just waking up at this moment…I am waiting for reaching the next street and the little downhill… and accelerating. OK guys, WHY are you slowing down in the downhills?!?!? I jump on the pavement and run there passing probably a bunch of guys there and then of course I have to take the external side of the right curve but who cares… I am almost done! And it is just not long at all. I feel the legs are burning (this chili cream is just killing me! Never getting warm-feeling when I need it). And turning right and it is not much left. On the way up the final slope I just feel like flying. Noting a few guys and deciding they won’t finish before me. Just rushing through the crowd and accelerating, hearing the kind and happy cheering of the guys I am passing…I am on a cloud and I see that the clock is not yet to 43:xx…JUST.A.LITTLE.BIT.MORE….Aaaaand YES! It is finished. Pressing the watch on 42:51. SOOOOOO glad to have made it under 43. The plan was under 45 minutes for this route. Even I ran this race two years ago right under 44 minutes, the route this year was tougher. So sub45 was a good to have. So sub43 was definitely a happy ending… Same as usual after the finish line: Medal, banana, water, cheering from guys around me (fun to hear one saying “I thought I could beat you but you were to strong at the end. How are you doing that?” J and another one just hugging me for the fun of running passed him (Hmmm OK, then!)). After that, just turn back and got more water and then pressed saved on my watch and started again the clock for running back home. Easy peasy pace. Ready for running 3 times the distance already run…. Yapp, have to work on the “being-tired-at-the-end-of-a-10K-race”.

Official time: 42:53


Weather: 12ºC, Feels like 12ºC, 8 km/h SSW wind, Humidity 88% (form Garmin). Nice in the air at start, heavy rain for 5minutes before the delayed start (just to make us wet?!?!? Is that part of the plan?), dark in the skies

Food: Grahamsporridge + banana+soymilk @7:00pm, 2 bananas + water right after the race, risotto+Italian sausage 1.5hr after
During: Dextrosol 2@km2&6 (most to wake up…) and mouth-rinsing with sport-drink
Gear: Moremiles short shorts (3), MIK white singlet, black arm sleeves. Real nice to have the arm sleeves when it rained before the start. Might have been a bit chilly otherwise. Shoes were nice and well-suiting…and fast J

Shoes: ADIDAS Adizero Adios Boost – Orange

14/ tricky again to set an effort on this one. Definitely above the normal-workout-effort, but not much more. Of course a bit higher on the way up to the church, definitely a 15 for the last Church 250m-slope, but despite the final 300/400m being fast, the effort then was not more than strong 13. Just running on adrenaline and happiness by then! J

Knee pain: 0/5 – YIPPIE! All good. The body felt all fine and ready for running. 


NOTE: One more good training race. Better shape that in the previous 10K-race, feeling good just. Once again could the preparations be a bit better (like shower and clothing 45minutes before the start was maybe a liiiittle late for concentration or so…). Warm-up was a little better this time, but could have definitely run 3 more km for being really warm before start. Should have kept my plastic cover on before the start to skip being all wet…. Good to have skipped the music in the ears (dangerous in the dark and in a race!). Great with so many people running as it gave a lot of pull at the end and through the race (well, did not use it during the race, but definitely at the end!)

NOTE: Running in the dark is fun, but racing in the dark ain’t my favorite and far from it. Especially when raining and slippery. Really dangerous I think. Have not fallen, but the ankle slip of the km1 made me a bit scared for the rest of the run… All went fine though.

NOTE: The pre-run done yesterday was on heavy/tired legs and it might have been this during the race as well. No excuse. Just checking how the legs are lately. Probably some rest to plan within short…

Race Report – Musselloppet – 2014/08/02

Planned: 10K as temporun – training race to test the knee and the form

Actual: 44:47 🙂 11th place women elite, 69th place total.

A bit of fun under the sun and definitely a good check for the knee 🙂


Surely not the optimal preparations… Up early thanks to the seagulls, got the kicks, core and rehab out of the way in the morning already. A short walk to wake up the legs and then ate porridge around 11am before leaving with Lennart around 11:30am to the race… So far, so good 🙂

The car drive should have brought us to the race area 2 hours before start but due to ferry issues we arrived 10 minutes (!!!) before start (having with us Adam and his mum who needed a ride to the start as their car was still waiting on the other side…). No need to say that it had been a GREAT move to change to running gear while waiting for the ferry… On with the BIB and the chip on the shoe, run to the loo (for once no queue at the ladies…) and then 400m running back&forth rubbish warmup. Fortunately the start was delayed 5minutes to allow other runners blocked by the ferry to arrive and join the race…
Hi to Mattis and placed myself at the first row (surprisingly mostly femal runners there…for once?!)

15:10 – Start was given and got directly an elbow kick on my front arm, which will hurt throughout the race and even after:( First 100m (?) on track with lots dust and a bit of pushing before leaving the arena and arriving on the first little downhill along the sea. Not much fun to run on unstable ground, with stones and shortly after the first hilly part. Taken running…
Then reaching the street (Yeah! asphalt…) and downhill along the sea. Reaching km2 or so and the second hill (pretty easy at sight, but so early in the race it just KILLS the legs. Taken running though). Turn left and got to the street with lots of supporting people. Not feeling to fun to run, a bit too fast. Downhill light and easy after that. Following a guy since km2 and it feels good because when turning left along the sea side after 2.5km, there is a light headwind and I just hide myself RIGHT behind him. Cannot hear my breathing as I listen to music, but hope it is not too heavy and loud so the guy would continue this way.
First water station right after km3. One glass for the head and the second one, a bit unsure if I drank at all, but threw some on the legs and knees, pretty hot already. Felt nice. Then continuing the run on small stones street… Yeah…NOT! 😦 really careful not to fall there. Still side by side with the same guy. Asphalt is back and NOPE! no straight line along the harbour, but a killer of turn right and left and left again… Yoouhou! Almost 4km…Aaaaaand nooooo! the crazy-killer hill arrives. Good I knew it was there from Lennart, but seriously not expecting this steep! Run almost all the way up (or 2/3?) and then walk. I know there is still one lap to go and now I know where it is gonna be painful (OR really painful…). By the time I reach the top, there is still a little more uphill on terrain before getting the last km before the arena. Pretty steep downhill there, catching up with the guys who passed me on the way up. Noticing how much is left to run around the arena before getting to the end. Running a bit heavy along the wall, getting some cheering from Adam’s mum and into the arena and the track… Rubbish first 5km, don’t like to run on this dusty track either…and WHERE IS THE WATER?!?!? Oooohhh, ok, on the other side of the track. Same procedure: 1 glass on the head and half-one in the mouth.
Second lap is crazy slow. First km exiting the arena is possibly (?) 30 seconds slower than during the first lap…but reaching the first hill is killing me already. So either stopping or walking the last half…which I choose to do. Enjoying the run downhill and on the harbour side. No chance for a nice time on this race, so as good to stop at the maximum of kids asking for high-5! At least it gives a smile for the rest of the run! And here comes the second hill. This one I don’t even think and walk it from start to the top. Not many passing me by now. Have lost my guy in dark red singlet from the first lap, following now a topless guy with his tshirt and BIB in his hand. Seems a bit hard to run, but he has a pace I can follow… Nice street with all supporting people. By this moment my mp3 decides to die completely (apparently not being waterproof…did not really like I passed under water sprinklers and throw water on my head). Got the idea to put it in my side pocket of the shorts, but nothing is more difficult and tricky than this!!! So all ends in the sport-bra and hopping it won’t burn the skin. Downhill from km7 looks to be painful for most of the runners around me. Despite the pain, takes the 3 last Dextrosol I have, hoping it will clear my head at least, turn left to the sea side. Trying to get our GV-trainer with me until the end, but he seems a bit tired. Catching up with a few guys then and it is time for water-station again (one on the head and half-one in the mouth). This time it gives extra strength though. ONLY 3km to go. Piece of cake (under hot sun!!!) Same however when arriving along the harbour (WHY ON EARTH CAN’T WE SKIP THE TURN RIGHT/LEFT/LEFT AND JUST TAKE STRAIGHT TO THE KILLER HILL?!?!?). Crazy enough by now, have been asking two kids to join the run, forcing (?) people to clap louder because I could not hear them and of course all this with still (!!!) a smile on the face. The killer hill is definitely of its own kind: NOT A CHANCE I am running it. Walking from start this one, having 3 courageous guys passing me on the way up. By the time the hill is finished I start again and catch up with them surely less than 100m after that. Then it is just less than 1km to go, passing 4 guys on the top of the hill, 1 on the way down and 1 on the side of the arena. Just not willing to let a gal passing me…The final downhill is taken (I think) way faster than during the first lap, because not fearing to be in pain then (well, might be hurting AFTER the race, but at least the race is finished I thought!). 42:XX and I am still outside the arena… Pushing a bit extra and really thinking that they must have increased the distance outside the arena between the first lap and the second lap (yap, thanks to extra dextrosol I REALLY do think clear by now!). Final 150m on the track. No chance to get the guy ahead of me, but hearing the cheering and the speaker saying my name give an extra kick (and a bit of shouting when passing the clock under 45minutes…).

Medaille, banana, thanks from the dark red singlet first lap guy, congrats to a few runners and then heading to the water station. Talk with Mattis (42:xx), two glass of water, than Lennart (47:xx) and then pick up the bag, shower, final results and heading to restaurant for large hamburger with bacon and french fries with a coke. Happy to have been running today!

Weather-wise it showed 26-27ºC… not much wind as expected, not crazy hot neither but far from optimal… The race was far from effortless, but with all the walking it went fine. Most of the effort was not much in the running but in the convincing that it was nice to run this race under the sun and with all those hills! Definitely easier to run the last 3 marathons than this 10K race…

The great part was that there was NO pain in the knee 🙂 Not a word throughout the race, nor after. So surely fine for a training race, not in top shape, although should consider 1) stress for coming 10min before start, 2) warmup can be considered as non-existent, 3) pretty warm and not much water-station and 4) counted on my mp3 to drag me during the last 2-3km but it unfortunately died before… and by then there were nobody to pull me to the end!

Musselloppet :)

Musselloppet 🙂

Race report – III Subida a la Cruz de Benidorm – 2014/05/04

Planned: 10km race in training mode

Actual: 44:37 (1st place women & Veteran A category) – Happy? Very!

Great and fun race under the sun! B)


Quiet and still asleep city. Tricky to find the start, but saw a guy with “triathlo club” on his T-shirt and thought he must be there for the race as well… So followed him 🙂 1.5km later we reached the start. They were putting all in place. Registered on place with the translation help from a volunteer. And it was 1hr to start… Sunny and warm, got an easy 2km warm-up and few accelerations before start. Less then 10 minutes before start, decided to skip my singlet. Sport-bra is good enough for Dubai runs in January, or April runs in Sweden, so it would do for May race in Spain!
Lined up in the front, until two guys stepped before me (I passed one at km7 and the other guy got in top ten…). And PANG! Start and confetti rain! Lost the woman standing by my side before start already after 30-40m, so headed with the hungry blocks in front of me! Wow! So fast start (down a slope) and towards the beach. Got to run with another gal for a few meters before km1 and then no more woman. Took the side of a Spanish guy with caps. Good rhythm and this race was planned as training. Knowing there was a hill to run up somewhere, would definitely not aim for a PB whatsoever. Just fun (& sunshine!). The 3 first km went smoothly around 4min/km and THEN the “slope” started. Got the running continuing for a while during km4, encouraging my running mate and getting some “vamos, vamos” back. Not many passing us… I thought this km was slow… Saw above us where the other runners were disappearing in a snake-like road towards the top.of.the.hill!!! Km5 got so crazy-tired-snail-pace-slow, lots of walking, lots of “Vamos, Vamos”… Passing a guy in orange T-shirt a couple of times during those 2km upwards and he passed me back. He did lots of walking as well 🙂
Got to understand by then I was at first position for the women (“la primera de las chicas“). Passed the walkers of the “walk race” who started 30minutes before us. What a sight to see all the guys running down, got some extra strength when recognising some who were not too much before me on the way up…meaning the turn back was close. So many cheering by the guys, filled my heart with warmth and would have hoped my feet would feel lighter 😉 Grabbed a bottle of water, turned, drank and that was it!!! Half way and no more climbing! Ran down the hill from this point (sorry: flew down the hill!!! Got two km @3:32 & 3:35 which are my best km ever run and all in my mind was “don’t fall-don’t fall…). From km6 I got the great honor to be escorted by a lady police on motorcycle, telling me she will take la “primera de las chicas” until the finish line 🙂 WOW! THAT was cool! Km7 was reached and now back to the beach side. Not many people cheering apart from when passing as 1) the police made loads of noise for it and 2) they understand I had the first place 🙂 Thanks for the extra applauds! Got a bit tired to run the race on the beach side, was a bit boring, but the objective in my mind became to pass one of the guys ahead of me before the finish line 🙂 Got to pass 4 of them and met again one of the guys (the orange T-shirt guy) with who I ran up the hill. He encouraged all the way at the end, ran by my side and kindly pushed me on the little slope towards the finish line. He also stepped little back behind me, lifted my hand to show I had the first place and I got to run through those banners (?) and got a confetti rain on me 🙂 yap! First place!

Not sure what I got after the race, hugs from my helper, and other runners who had cheered during the race, coca cola+orange, got goodie bag, ten minutes massage and two trophies (1st place race, 1st place category veteran A).

The time 44:37 ain’t fabulous. BUT considering it is a training fun race, it was crazy hilly 2km, I had my “heavy” shoes and for the fun just to run, I am so happy to have done this race! Great organisation, the route was not easy but actually fun to run (& walk), the runners were very kind with me on the way up and the way down 🙂 all good!
And I know what to train would I ever run this race again!!!!

Got a huge fruit basket as well and it was time to get back home. Tram for 70minutes, changed to beach-gear and off to get some tan and relax close to the sea. Yes, a book did follow, but after one chapter I fell asleep. Few hours later, more sun cream and turns to get a regular tan 🙂 it was time for getting home. Same procedure: shower, after-sun cream, pasta with tuna and clamps and ready for bed after little reading…

Nice way to end the week!








Hills, cold, rest… SUB-40…enough said! :)

(week 111104 – 171110)
Already Sunday and pitch black outside. Got time enough during today’s massage to reflect on the week that has gone.

Monday was a rest day. Actually NOT planned. But an unfortunate strike of the ferries made my work day longer than planned, missed T’s dance rehearsal 😦 and finally arrived home (after sitting in a bus and then tram) and it was barely 45 minutes left before the massage time I booked. No way I change for neither a run or core workout. Would need a shower and then have to stress to the massage. So no training. Just a massage which makes one thinking about “how comes it hurts in places I did not even know I had muscles”… Anyhow, got a deeper massage than expected, but a good way to end the day!

Tuesday started THEREFORE by a “punishment” workout. No real core session since Berlin so I took the stability workout and triple it (instead of double as usual). Yapp! lots of fun. All the series done three times were quite fine but at the end, the arms felt like marshmallows…above a fire 😉 Quick change and run in the dark. Easy 10K, smell of freshly baked bread and new change (after shower!) for work. And yes, was on site for 8:20am… Looooong working day and unfortunately now the darkness is upon us much earlier. I did decide to skip the hill workout in the morning so I could do it during day-LIGHT. Not.a.chance! Taking the bus is driving me crazy. It was overfull of people and at the centralstation, this lady pushed all of us to get a place (despite the driver saying there was an empty bus RIGHT.BEHIND…) and less than 400m after we started to roll, she talks on the phone, coughing and saying that “yes, she is not feeling good, had a rough night and has to go to work anyway…”. No need to say that I spent the rest of the trip looking to the driver (i.e. showing my back to the lady) and getting as much fresh air as possible from the little window he had opened… JUST.NOT.BEING.SICK.NOW!!! The evening trip went smoother. I had in mind to possibly run back home and do the intervals on the bridge, but once again, no good lights. Home, change and warm up to the funny hill of Göteborgsvarvet that all runners fear… 🙂 Took 200m of it, 10times. Had a pull from another runner who was running it up&down a few times as well. And after that completed the workout with a nice (?!) hilly 8km back home (yapp, I took a nice detour!). Great to have this done. Never though hillworks could be this fun! Of course have to learn not to slow down at the end even if the whole body says it. THEREFORE it is good to have a “hill-workout-running-buddy-who-runs-a-bit-faster”, because he/she would be pulling and you (well…”I”) would stop controlling the running at the end… Anyhow, the plan for next year Göteborgsvarvet might be to start with all other runners and when reaching this part of the race,…to run up&down 10 times and then continue the race 🙂 Would probably make one or two runners thinking I am nuts? … The small waves on the graph below are the up&downs and then at the end, the nice (?) hill I incorrectly run up and then run a bit on the top and instead of running down on the other side…did run down the same way I came up!

Hill works!

Hill works!

Wednesday was once again a long day at work (started early…). So when finally reached home (still ferry strike…), it was a bless to change right into running gear (and yes, they were ready since this morning so I would not loose time searching for it!). Drizzling rain, just running around was the name for this workout. 15,5km in the darkness, focus being “not run of the leaves for not falling on my bum”! Good run despite the lack of inspiration.

Thursday was simple: full rest day. Having planned a race on Saturday, I like to have this rest day before (and yes, still loaded at work). btw, would not have been able to train much anyway as it was still hurting from Tuesday’s workout (chest, back and arms… did not even know I had trained those parts!!!)

Friday had an early start and fortunately all was worked from home (well, this means more time in front of the computer!). Took a “form-check” run in the late afternoon and got a nice 8km slightly faster than 3 weeks ago before the latest 10K race. Felt nice and fine. Spent the evening however stressing out for nothing (had lots done at home, between cleaning, bed fixing, cooking, vacuum-cleaning… even though was not necessary!). Once in bed, tricky to fall asleep. A bit unsure why because if one race was definitely not to be bothering me was this one. The “plan” was easy: take it as a fast tempo run. No pressure, just running and having fun.

Saturday went as it went: sub-40! and under the rain. When meeting R, another jogg-buddy, was agreed that with this weather it would go the way it would go! Difficult to set an time objective really (yaaa, sure… he ended with a PB of 35:xx…). Anyway. Race report can be found here. After the race (yes, I REALLY missed the train twice this day…), the afternoon went pretty easy. Food-shopping, bit of cleaning, food cooking and nice company dinner and evening. Not that late though, it was enough time left to watch rubbish on tv. Bedtime was pretty late, but seriously was not tired at all until after midnight. There is something about race really! Cannot sleep before, nor after!

Sunday was planned to be easy long run day. Clock set to ring at 10:00am (yes, I do plan some sleep-in sometimes!), but the light rain woke me up around 6:30am and then it was breakfast and getting ready for running. 25km mix was planned (i.e. easy-slow parts and fast parts in-between). Still running in shorts, but for today it felt something had changed. The easy pace was not enough to keep up the warmth really and the fast bouts felt pretty tough to do. Of course they should! There was a race yesterday!!! Reaching the last “slow part” decided to skip the last fast part, but well-arrived to the “beep” from the clock, I changed my mind and decided to give it all for 500m instead of 1km. Reaching this distance, it was well less than half left ….so went along just 🙂 and yes, was pretty happy to get the fastest km ever (I think?) in 3:39! Youhou! Of course the legs were freezing cold so planned to skip the last 2km of cold down, but reaching a street where the sun was shining and there was no wind…Hmmm, so nice feeling this warmth on the frozen legs….so took a extra detour around a few blocks and ended in 23.5km which was more than satisfied (especially as I needed to shower under boiling hot water just to start feeling something on my legs…). The fun part (yes, there is always a fun part in a run!) is that I have a nice tan on my legs with the marks of the shorts and the socks!!! and no it was not “dirt” as I though at first, it is a nice sun-tan… Easy rest of the afternoon with a thai massage (almost no ache, which is good, right?) and then chilling out with little shopping in town for next week’s food supplies 🙂 yes, now I am a bit tired!

Summary of the week: too fast ending! Got one of the objectives I set for next year already cleared out. Have to think a bit more now… Easy week next week as there is a race coming. Probably no shorts this time… long tights and probably the whole winter-kit as well! And yes, planning to take it as a fat workout this time!

More thought as well: got this place for Berlin and after thorough thinking, will not take it. Will probably regret this when the race is on next year, but awaiting for other races to open and cannot commit to this one if not able to run it properly. A bit tricky…still have until tomorrow to change my mind…