Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Sevilla 2020 – M-day-1

Early up to get a final easy run. More like flushing the legs really. Got company from Shaun. A bit chilly when leaving the hotel at 7am. Heading to the start, turning back after 13 minutes. Losing a bit out easy back, but eventually got back. Light light stretch. That’s it. No more training now. Everything that could have been done is hopefully done.Got ready for the next adventure. Large breakfast (definitely not alike what I would have in regular day-1 breakfasts..). Meeting our little group and our guide for the morning, Samael. He talks funny, he gets intense on every topic he starts, he gave us anecdote on anecdote… and we are yet to arrive at the royal palace (Alcazar)…The time spent in the Alcazar disappears pretty fast with all those stories Sam tells us. So much history, so many beautiful sights. And the gardens… We eventually end the visit. I have already reached my daily steps volume… Feeling a bit worried for the marathon, I usually never ever walk this much the day before a race… but hey… the adventure continues with a bus tour. The red bus we have is only for us. Feeling really special 🙂 Almost royalties… Lots of photos and filming is done. We get a lovely sunshine and a bit of winds during the tour. Hoping it won’t be this strong tomorrow… It is time to get to the expo. Nice one. Decent size. Lots of people as we arrive around 1pm… Popular time… The pickup of the BIB and goodie bag goes quick. Free time in the expo. I take a nice photo indicating #FastestOnEarth with wings.. Might help tomorrow…We eventually meet important people for the race and the city of Sevilla. More pictures. City sightseeing provide t-shirts and for each one running on Sunday, they pledge 20€ to a charity association.Feels a bit tired now. Breakfast seems far away. And did not think of taking bananas with me. So I sip on my short drink until reaching finally the restaurant. Definitely later than my usual part-time, but once again, this is an adventure…Meeting the City Sightseeing family of runners. A large table await for us under even larger parasol. Because by now, the sun is pretty hot. Plates after plates arrive on the table. And those are appetizers. Feeling that I am eating easy too much, but the food is very good. I’ll probably feel sorry tomorrow, but hey… just enjoying the company too. Finishing the lunch with a plate of paella-like dish with pasta instead of rice. And time to get to the hotel.Antonio from City Sightseeing explains what will happen tomorrow and then we separate. My legs scream a bit. I close my eyes on the bed and wake up 1.5hr later. Better 🙂 Got my race kit ready and walk to the store to get banana and bread for my breakfast. I cannot wait for 6:30am at the hotel breakfast. So I stick to what I know. Meeting Nathan and Laura at the shop and then on the large square in front of the hotel. Starting the a short while, just chatting. 7pm and many people outside. Not that common view at home… Final goodnight and now my time to focus.Final race kit check. Nail painting. Prep for breakfast. Watching French tv to relax. Time to sleep.

No idea what to expect tomorrow. Preparations went well until December. Ok with the catch up getting mid-January, but honestly, the form is far from what I wanted and want it to be… Let’s take this as the adventure that it is. Let’s have this right foot tested and hopefully passing the test successfully. Let’s enjoy the sun and warmth of Spain. Let’s do this!

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