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Meet my new “friend”…


This bike will be my friend for a little while…


One week has passed since being back from Dubai and still not running.

Monday was travel-day. Leaving 3:35am for arriving after lunch at home, loosing approximately 20°C during the trip and being welcomed by snow, rain and cold. I knew I should have stayed in Dubai… Took this day as rest day.

Tuesday this week was dedicated to finding out what was wrong with me left foot. First a 40-minutes wait before getting to the doctor, regular check of the foot. Walked on the toes and then on the heels. All ok. The doc suggested as well that it could be overwork. But really? After one week doing nothing, it should feel a bit better and not worse. Because now it feels even when I walk… Got sent to take an X ray of the foot. To check whether it could be broken or a stress fracture or nothing. Walked slowly to the xray place. Took 6 minutes including the wait for my turn and I walked back home. Checked with the doc if I could/should go to the physiotherapist now or wait for the results of the xray (which are taking up to 4-5 days…). So biked to the physio Erik S. and there, got him to press on my foot, compare both feet and conclude that until we know for sure if there is or not a stress fracture, it was better to just bike or run in the pool. And avoid all foot-specific workout. Back home and more work to do.

Wednesday turned into a rest day as well. Lots at work to catch up as well as trying to figure out where I could be training as biking outdoor seemed impossible due to the weather and the next two weeks program includes bike and water-running. Cannot run in my bath-tub…

Thursday, time to raise from the ashes!!! And move that butt a bit. Long day at work and directly followed by interval workout on bike outdoor in the dark. Worked quite well actually. A bit unsure what “tempo-pace” is while biking, so took the fastest I felt I could. 3*(2-4-6 minutes). Woke up the body pretty well. Quick shower afterwards and directly to the cinema to watch an Indian movie on the court system there. (forgot to eat right after the bike, so had to buy a vanilla bun before the movie…). Good movie, but after a long working day and bike workout, I felt pretty tired and my eyes closed themselves a few times… No problem to fall asleep after that.

And finally it was Friday. Early start, work and chat with the physiotherapist Anna. When the day was complete, went to the gym closest to home to try a free session. Bike. Intervals on time. Got to drink my water bottle and lots of sweat. Stretch. And bought a gym-card, so I could bike indoor at any time of the day while my foot was not back on track.

Real slow start to the weekend. Saturday lunch arrived after a bit of tv-watching and then time for workout. Bike indoor. 3*10 minutes. Increase of pace every two minutes to reach tempo-pace. Once again, nor knowing really what to refer to, I arbitrarily decided on the rpm to have. The final two minutes of each serie went however way fatter than I thought I could handled, being at the end of the 10-minutes interval. All good. Especially when noticing there is a little fan on the top of the bike… Could be handy when biking for a while and getting sweat! Rest of the day turned into easy at home. And late in bed after movie almost watched to the end… 2.5 seconds and I was gone to Dreamland…

Final day of the week, Sunday started to early for my taste. But had to get prepared breakfast for the first one to get to the athletics competition. Took this time for getting in the mat for a core&stability workout. Not to good balance on the left foot… But not too much better on the right one either! Anyhow, took 26+minutes. Time to jump into bike-shorts and off to the gym. Good to see that “my” bike was available. Decided to go for a hill program, 60 minutes. Started the little fan on low after a couple of minutes and it was just to pedal pedal and pedal more. Lots of water drinking again, but thanks to the fan (?) did not feel really sweaty. Light stretch and back home. In shorts and bare legs. Through the streets with snow and 2°C outside. The large plate of pasta with green peas and ham felt well-deserved after this workout 🙂 Not much rest after that, as it was high time for the afternoon indoor-athletics competition. Got to find some Gatorade (which was not possible before here in this cold country…). As well as having new references for 600m (E) and 800m (G) for how fast I should be running my intervals in the near future… Challenge is on! Still snow outside. Chill out rest of the day, preparing for a fully-booked week ahead. One more week with bike and water-running workouts. Hope to get at least once to the swimming pool…and that the Xray will show something or nothing, but at least that can start taking care of this foot of mine…

Great week to you! Keep on running (or biking, or swimming, or walking…)

A day with carb can only be a good day… (or was it “a day in the sun…”?)

Someone kindly left the city taking with him the nice temperature we had so far, leaving behind a stupid wind and a cold sun…Any chance to get our last week’s weather back?…please?…

When the alarm quietly started, the brain was not really in sync. Not understanding what was happening..Snooze. Closing the eyes. Wait a sec… Must have rang got a reason… Remember then this final quality run set for today. Crazy time to do it at 5:15am, but seriously loaded with work all day, I could not fund a better time slot…ok, there was NO other time slot. Gear on, 5°C outside meaning, shorts, calve sleeves, tshirt and arm sleeves. Even took my sunglasses… Brrrrr! Coooold… But after a few 100s m it felt ok. Decided to give it a try for this stupid knee. 10K easy pace, real ready first 3 where the knee felt a little bit. After that it must have been warm enough as it felt smoother to run. Smell of freshly baked buns when passing the bakery factory…Hmmm…hungry! Turned back after 8km…should have enjoyed them more than I did because from this moment on, it wad full headwind until the end… Quick pitstop after the 10K, light stretch and off for 5 2-minutes intervals. Time intervals are not my favourite, although I started to like those 2 or 4-minutes series. Anyway, back to the run. Strong headwind, could hold easily the pace of most the bikes 🙂 they looked like it was really painful to pedal… Completed the run with a light cooldown.
Surprisingly the left knee did not protest during the intervals…at all! I understand as well why some people run their marathon at 3:41/km…it is REALLY nice pace, indeed! Could hold it for 1,1.5 minutes and it felt really great :o)
Back home, hot treatment in the knee, and banana breakfast + juice. Yoooohoo, the carbs are back!
Then it was work, lunch in nice company (ate tandoori chicken with naan bread and completed after that with an ice cream…). Three carbo loading is definitely on! Have had extra banana during the day, dried cranberries, drank sport drink and extra water. Three sport drink is only because I need an extra bottle for my water on race day… This evening I could enjoy a pizza made by G at the pizzeria he is practising 🙂 cool! Don’t know (and don’t care) if pizza is on the list for carboloading, but I had one. Have now probably taken up the grams lost during the carb depletion 😉
Completed the day with a Thai massage and asking to have a little extra press on the left knee felt like pushing a needle (those large ones) into the knee. But later on, it felt good. Back to normal soon I hope.
Cosy evening, lots of ironing to catch up with and now time for bed. Will be nice with bank holiday tomorrow and then travel the day after…
Plans already made with J for visit to Stockholm, have to check my list and pack tomorrow. Not much, most important being the shoes 🙂  All under control!

Stockholm…3 days to go…

Berlin – Recovery Day 2&3

Two in one!

4:40am…no clock ringing, just the mind wanting to go up (really?!?!).
First day back at the office with nonstop meetings from 8am to 4:30pm… Can I run a marathon with a smile all the way, I can well survive such a day! Really tired afterwards but fit enough for restaurant outing with GET to celebrate 🙂 Late in bed (again…) but still happy!
Did absolutely no running, not even to catch the ferry this morning!

4:40am…AGAIN! Start to believe there is something special with this particular time of the day! Not enough flour, so no pancake :o(
Early start at work once again, directly to meeting. Feel so clear in the mind after a race, this is almost scary. Can see much brighter, focus more and get the dots connected… Sushi for lunch under the sun. And full afternoon meeting until aiming fast home to hear that the vaccination for T is tomorrow and not today… So much for my planning!
Spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, meeting at the athletic club and ended the day with croque-monsieur and glass of chocolated soymilk…Sounds like have been eating all day, but no!

Bedtime story and final reading about the recommendations regarding the week after marathon for maximizing recovery. Pfitzinger recommends at least 2 days off-running and then super easy run if really need to. It always surprise me having fellow runners already in their running gear the day after the marathon. Not that I do not want to run then…my whole body shouts for more running! But so far, have always had a full week or so without running, before resuming training. Berlin being the last marathon for this year, it is nice actually to rest a bit, not chasing anything… Will see how long I can say that and still smiling 🙂

Time for beauty sleep and muscle recovery…

Why running for a week when you can ride it in a day…

Bad bad night. 2 hours up to midnight and then 3 hours up to 9am… Considered several time to go out and try a run…
Easy breakfast (as I had a good dinner yesterday in preparation for today’s outing…) and of course, rain falling. Waited 45 minutes, reading biking forums about hints on biking under the rain, prepared a bag with bananas, Powerade, water and change of clothes. Made up my mind to go for it…and the rain stopped 🙂 Rain jacket on anyway just in case. Nice in the air, even warm despite the recent rain. Off with rain jacket after 5 km, too warm and sweaty (and no rain…). Had a new path to try, which I have run during my long runs, but never dared prolonging to the next city. Which I did this week already once and now with another path. No effort, just riding. Listened to music at first and changed to a podcast on running. Stopped at km27 for banana and half a Powerade. Had reached Kungsbacka, which was the first step. Then aimed to Onsala (Check!) and continued to Gottskär. Stop for halfway (ca.42.5km). By thus time the nice sky with sun and white clouds had been changed to grey and ready to rain. Took a 10 minutes stop, ate a banana and rest of Powerade. Good stretching as well.


Lunch break

Them time to aim back home. Exactly when the sky decide to throw buckets of water on earth… Quick putting my rain jacket back and riding for a few km, before it stopped. Off with the jacket and…drizzle started. No way I put my jacket back on! Continue my easy ride. Nice landscapes all around.


Took a quick stop after this pix for another banana and water. Had reached 63km or so. Then more biking, more wind and fun. Reached Särö and then just straight line back home. Quick pause at km83 for water and close after shop-stop for banana and Powerade and it was only 12km left home. So fun to see my watch tucking “Lap 103”!!!! No long run on feet, but a decent 103.5 km in 4hrs 30 min. No world record, but personal longest bike ride ever!
Well back home, had to get some energy: Gainomax, water, Colting’s pancake and a large glad of chocolate milk.


Mums on a plate...

Unsure if the recipe was for several pancakes, but I did a large one, added honey and blueberries on the top 🙂 Had a super cold bath for the legs (10 minutes in freezing cold water…you must love your legs!) And then rest with legs up like after a long run. Slept for an hour like this and then time for a serie of eccentric heel raises and the VSA legs program. 2 handful of M&Ms peanut and now it is evening time in front of “Gone in 60 seconds”.

Heel feels better, not 100% though. Hoping will continue to get better…

Today’s workout was really worth it. Cannot yet get a higher pace (and not making any effort either!). A little lighter bike might help, but for now, this one will do! Rest tomorrow and let see what the well brings…

Time for a check-up

Difficult to go up this morning? No wonder! The clock showed only 6am, it is Saturday btw!

Relaxed a bit until I set my gear on. The skies looked good enough for wearing shorts and tshirt (the latter one could have been replaced by a singlet from the beginning…). Easy warmup of 3 km, then short break for stretching. Then started a 10K expected @44. Started to fast, but settled their pace after a coupler of km. Strong headwind (of course?), but sunny (behind the clouds…). Quite humid i’m the air, got pretty sweaty, but instead of taking off my tshirt (which would have felt sooooo much better), I kept it on to ensure I can run actually this way. Next week race won’t slower me to taker of my singlet, so better be used to ths warmth! This first interval ended in 43:06, 10K. Which is my best time for this distance while in training mode…and better than my PB from last July! 5 minutes of rest and stretch and he we go again. This time a bit slower to start, but hot a good group on it by half way. Completed my 5K in 21:23, which is I think the fastest 5K in training as well. So nice and entertaining morning run really. The whole thing (inclusive warmup and cool down) ended in a half marathon distance in 1:34:27. Nice 🙂

Rest of the afternoon easy. Walking a lot (ca.7 km) under the sun, as recovery from the morning. Enjoyed a pizza on the docks and then a ferry tour. Now body and mind are exhausted… Will fully enjoy my day of tomorrow!

Stockholm marathon: 7 days left…