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What about resting today then?

And so it was Friday. Cold temperatures seem definitely here to stay… Too bad, two months to go before Dubai. Hopefully it will still be possible to train like last year until first week of January.
Perfect lunch (pasta carbonara) in nice company with the sun showing himself through the clouds: great to start loading carbs for tomorrow’s long run. Had to drop some pants to the tailor for fixing the waist: running has impacted definitely on it! In a good way 🙂
Finally, enjoyed a Japanese dinner (guyremaki + rice + banana/ice cream) in front of Vampire movie. Not forgetting the core exercises as well…
Tomorrow will be a great day to run. Let the cold be there, a 30K will surely warm up the body!!!

Oh, and btw have also decided today to register to Paris half mara 😉


Lunch breaks ain’t for resting…either!!!

And off I go! This time long tights, long sleeves + extra t-shirt under my windbreaker, bonnet, throat cover and gloves… Yes, well-equipped this time (although the long tights could have been exchanged to 3/4…).

Easy pace, right? turned out that the first half was 26sec/km faster than easy pace and the 10K ended in 44:22… All but easy, you may say? Well, the feeling was great throughout the run. Did not feel pushing more than regular workout. Body was feeling good, no pain, no cramp. Mind was feeling good (music “Killing the snow” was so suiting the run!) – So WHY cannot this EASY run have an EASY pace?!?!?

Perfect run to end the morning and getting fresh air was perfect way of starting the afternoon! Now the body is ready to go to bed and rest, when the mind really wish to finish “Men In Black II” on tv… Any chance for intervals tomorrow? Well, we’ll see! Night night!


Mornings ain’t for resting!

Once again, the clock got me bad. Snoozed again and again. Well, another reason was the cold temperature (1ºC, realfeel -6ºC…) which did not appear that appealing to me. So finally went up and got to the mat for core & stability workout as below (Huge thanks S for the great music!)

S’s program (excl. hover + “table abs – 2 legs” 2*10)
D’s program (single leg push press 2*10 each side)
Jörgens transverse muscle 3*15
Ball bridge *20
“Walking w/Pilates ball” 10*each leg (one at a time – no support for the ball)

Perfect for starting the day! Core are to be worked out especially to sustain the time spent running on the marathons. Stability should be improved mainly for my knees, but for the overall body as well.

Then breakfast and ready for work! Planning an easy 10K at lunch. Cannot wait for it!

Silent morning run…

And so the clock rang. 4:50am… Seriously?!?! Snoozed until 5:30am, decided the mind was to tired to even go up, so not talking about getting out for a run!

But 5:30am the mind was fully awaken and ready to rock (ok, not completely… Figure of speech!). Gear on and out in the cold morning where the city just waking up. No music in the ears, just the light noise of my steps on the pavement… Perfect!

Turned into an easy 6K, light legs especially considering the intervals ran yesterday! Great day to start 🙂


Shorts or not shorts… That’s the question!

Yesterday was rest day. Used the late evening to workout core & stability and the latter one was not really as good as expected. Definitely some work to do!

Today offered a grey and drizzling weather, but what is that in comparison to NOT running! So lunch arrived pretty quick and time to get the gear on for an interval workout (2*5K @tempo pace). When popping up my head outside the building, it was really slightly raining so off I went and changed my gear – well, windjacket into rainjacket. I kept my ASICS Vesta on. Yes the short ones… Despite the 3-5ºC outside, it felt quite fine. A bit faster than expected but when the legs are getting started, why would you stop them?!?!?

Turned into a 23:17.8 & 22:49.0 for each 5K. Quite satisfied with this as it included slopes as well. Then lunch and back to work.

Evening to relax and possibly a day rest tomorrow as well (if not easy-peasy-early-run). Will see!

Oh yes, and for the question in the title: Of course it’s shorts!

Swap city lights for sun rise on the sea…

And so it became Sunday. Often long run day. Started when the lights of the city started to be switched off, aimed to the sea side and followed the coast line, enjoying fully the fresh air, the quietness and the view.

A half-marathon distance on a Sunday morning is a great way to start the day!


Grey day is Swimming day!

Not really, but having run longer yesterday, decided to aim early this morning to the swimming pool, instead of either running again or resting completely. Good choice, as went really fine.

Easy workout (yes, it is still a workout) as follow:
300 – freestyle
300 – w/ flippers
300 – w/ paddles + pullbyoys
200 – w/ flippers – 25 under water 75 freestyle 25 under water

Good swim and good feeling afterwards. Really relaxing and apart from the swim with paddles which really show that my arms needs some serious workout (!), it went really smoothly. Planning to double the length next visit to the swimming pool, keeping the pattern of 300m.

Now time to rest for the evening before tomorrow’s long run.

Enlighten me, would you?

Planned to close up the week with a run (actually a morning run, but did not make it for 5am, so evening it was!). Although waited and waited for going out, when finally went through the door, light rain was falling, city lights were one and…my head was a bit heavier as well…

Let me explain here 🙂 I run always where lights are on (!) so can see where I go. I had the opportunity to test a headlamp a friend loan me (thanks, A!). Prepared my gear and off I went with my headlamp on. Quite fun as not THAT heavy, and when running under the rain with music on, the head is not really registering that a lamp has been added to the kit, really!

The planned 10K turned into a 15K – good average pace (5:18) but felt miserable for quite some km… Unsure why, but from km3 the thighs felt really heavy (even thought about turning back home and cut it short to 6K) but went on and found more strength. Watching firetrucks aiming back to the fire station, made me happy so I added some speed to the run. But from km10, the head was no longer there, the thighs did not feel quite right and the feet felt heavier and heavier. Made it back home in some strange way, little food, shower and bed (OK with a quick look at “Top Gun” on tv – cannot refuse watching a piece of Tom Cruise, right!).

All-in-all good end for the week regarding distance and pace, heart felt fine as well (although not registered correctly by the garmin!). Had dinner before the run and might not have been the right time to take it (probably energy in the body but not correct energy…). Good night’s sleep will hopefully make wonder.

And yes, about the headlamp: unsure whether should have one. I can see the roads well when I run, but must find a way to be seen better…

Let’s get cracking, shall we?

A start of the day with pancakes cannot go wrong! Following it with a visit to the osteopath,… not a guarantee for good continuation 😉

Actually went quite fine, although was disappointed to hear my stomach muscles had to be working better and differently than I actually do… So 3 sets of 10 repetitions 3 times a week and it should do the trick. Have to stop the hover until better… :…(

Rest day then and ready to sleep so I can get an early run on the bridge tomorrow 😛

What about chasing cars?

After a good night’s sleep, awaken by blinking message on mobile. Always switch off this function at night, this is my recommendation! Nice way of waking up though 😉 30 minutes core training (have been a bit lazy on this side lately), planned as well a full 5 weeks hover training so not to have it forgotten.

Evening bike turned into run tour. Too dark for biking especially to enjoy fartlek when you do not see the road… Started with a bridge and straight ahead. Fully enjoyable! Even raced a little ferry between two stops…and won! Down to 4.07 for the last km or so… Nice easy run, right?

Chasing cars? Well more likely chasing ferries!!! Rest day tomorrow with visit to the osteopath… Will see what he finds for my back….

Have a great run!