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Berlin – Recovery Day 1

And so it was 3:20am…again! Early flight means early leaving from home…should know that by now! Gave myself a rewarding 10 minutes in bed before going up (I did run a marathon yesterday after all!). Throwing all the small things left all around, drying the dishes and off I left to the train station to take my (early) bus for catching my (early) flight.

Got a well-deserved breakfast at the airport (chausson aux pommes, pain au chocolat and hot chocolate – the large one!) while I was checking the results of the marathon in the newspaper. Really cool to see one’s name in this looooong list of courageous (and/or crazy?) runners. Well in the plane, unable to sleep, started to talk with my neighbor, Suzy Seeley. Got that she was not fully satisfied with her race, but will do. She is from Houston and has run (so far)…194 marathons! In 19 years!! And even more impressive, she started when she was 35!!! (so, when I come with my few 10 marathons and a smile… a bit more to learn and run!). All is in the recovery she said. If you are to race, do it intelligently and listen to the body. Great way to spend the first flight to Frankfurt (Yaaa, once again!).

The second flight was pretty cool and smooth as well. Sat close to Yuri Maier…Olympic wrestler from Argentina (how cool is that!). Talked a lot and then the flight was landing. So much for travelling back home! (ya…forgot to ask for an autograph…but might fly to Rio for the Olympic Games and watch in 2016!).

Return home from a race is always a bit tricky. Always forgetting that life goes on when you are away in your thoughts and your race. So finding back a city well into autumn, got an light lunch and rest for the afternoon. A bit of work in the evening to catch up (hey, as I said, life goes on!). Crazy tired, late in bed once more, but happy!

Recovery Day 1 – completed!

To Yuri: would you read those words, drop me a comment! 🙂





Race Report – Berlin Marathon 2013/09/29

Planned: all under 3:10 is fully acceptable, faster than that even better although considering the last two months with heel problem conscious running was in order!

Actual:3:03:43! New PB by 6 min 38 sec from Stockholm in June 2013… 2nd best Swede and 62nd among women all categories… Enough said! This marathon is to be remembered!!!

Race Results:
place (M/W) 62
place (ag) 14
age/grade: 75.74% (2012 Dubai:66.6/ London:66.47/SF:65.66/Berlin:68.29/2013 Dubai: 72.35/Boston:72.19/Stockholm:73.1% )
time total (netto) 03:03:43
time total (brutto) 03:05:19
average pace: 4:28min/km

Official splits:

time of day
5 km 09:08:13 00:21:38 21:38 04:20 13.88
10 km 09:29:36 00:43:00 21:22 04:17 14.04
15 km 09:50:59 01:04:24 21:24 04:17 14.02
20 km 10:12:44 01:26:08 21:44 04:21 13.80
Half 10:17:28 01:30:53 04:45 04:19 13.92
25 km 10:34:37 01:48:01 17:08 04:24 13.66
30 km 10:56:32 02:09:56 21:55 04:24 13.68
35 km 11:18:30 02:31:54 21:58 04:24 13.66
40 km 11:40:54 02:54:18 22:24 04:29 13.40
Finish 11:50:19 03:03:43 09:25 04:18 13.98

btw…today’s race will also been remembered (!) for a new set male WR : 2:03:23

M Day-1:

early in bed as pretty tired, but unable to sleep. SMS pling @8:40pm… Tried to sleep.. Heard the mysterious clock ringing 9pm…new SMS pling …Turned off sound on mobile (finally!)… Clock ringing 9:30pm.. Still no sleeping…(aso until 12:30am – clock ringing – as I did not hear the clock ringing 1am, I would assume I was sleeping by then, I.e. before 1:00am…)

Before Race:

4:30am: Alarm to go up for breakfast. Stomach not feeling so good. Drank lot of water day before but not helping for the stomach… Ate my oat porridge, sweetened with mashed banana and topped by cranberries and gojjiberries and soymilk (good thing in reprise). Glass of orange juice and 2dl water on the top of it. Back to bed.

5:15am: water drinking (as well as every half hour until finally getting tired-me out of bed. Stomach was absolutely not in good shape. Had heard people complaining before/during race, but seriously when it comes at this time of the day (or night) right before a marathon, you start to get anxious about hydration. Felt like all the drinking efforts done the days before the marathon were failing and that it would be quite tricky to run if I started already empty of water. But strong are the warriors, right?

less than two hours before start... (missade 2:00:00...)

less than two hours before start… (missade 2:00:00…)

6:15am: Rise & Shine, off I showered and fixed my hair and got into my running gear. For today (last minute change), would be my blue singlet from NY marathon, my MoreMiles short shorts, my blue and white Kalenji socks. On my arms, I chose to sacrifice a pair of long socks to use as arm-warmers for the start and to be dropped after first few km, G’s scarf (because it looks nice on me and do not want to get cold on the neck before the start). Rest of the socks used as gloves and to be dropped when not useful any longer.
Put on long pants and warm gosy jacket, double check my Garmin, HR band and sunglasses. Gels in different pockets and mp3 in back pocket….just in case! (Last year was a pain from km34onwards so prepared for some music support …as I said “just in case”). Shoes on, close the door and left to the start.

7:35am: have crossed the central station and see the wave of runners flowing towards the start. Nothing I recall from last year. This is a sight in itself. Feeling good, not that cold. The little bridge towards the start holds fine, although it is literally black of people. Aiming towards my clothes drop-off point. All in my thoughts.

First wave (ha ha ha!) of runners from the central station

First wave (ha ha ha!) of runners from the central station

Aaaaand soon arrived to bag-drop area...

Aaaaand soon arrived to bag-drop area…

on the way...

on the way…

Third wave squeezing all they can on the little bridge...

Third wave squeezing all they can on the little bridge…

Second wave aiming towards the start

Second wave aiming towards the start

7:50-ish am: last pic (smiling but for how long?….) before aiming to starting group. Queue to the loo goes smoothly, despite the Brit behind me apparently eager to go! Stomach felt fine (well, it is definitely empty by now 😦 – found my start group and decide for an easy warmup. Not expecting a fast first kms, warmup of this type will so (felt really spoilt in Stockholm to be able to warmup as I wished and then “hop” in the elit start group). 600+m at a pace not decent enough to be mentioned here. Ran close to the start line. Surprised a bit that the grinds are opened. Meaning anyone can go into the start blocks actually (or close yo them). The security has been higher this year.

Smiling-half frozen me (less than an hour to start)

Smiling half-frozen me (less than an hour to start)

Noticing I still have G’s scarf on, forgot to drop it with my clothes… Will have to run with it I decide as do not want to throw it.

The garden around the start is full with joggers…would not recommend to walk outside the gravel paths tomorrow though. Surprisingly people (read: runners) have no problem using nature at toilets right before start of races… Berlin marathon starting in the middle of a great garden ain’t stopping them…

8:20am: in start block D. Already many are there. Squeezing myself to the first line to check on few runners I know would be in group C. Not knowing them by face, I hope they’ll see me! No success with that. Start for wheelchairs is given. And then… It is FIVE minutes to start. My right shoe lace is bothering me again. Drop to the ground to tie it up once more. Drop the “sock-gloves”. Not cold enough. But keep the “sock-arm warmers”, at least look good with them (I think…). Moved my 2 first gels to my weight and hope they’ll stay there! Only have my Dextrosol in a sock stuck in my sport-bra (I know, I have to find a solution for this really… More about this later!).
First half:

8:45am: START is given. As usual, balloons in the skies, yelling and shouting runners all around… and nothing happens really! Double checking my GPS in my Garmin (no worries! Not for the first time before start… just want to be sure…). Succeed in jogging light before crossing the START line, beep on the watch aaaaaand off I went. Really smooth start. No pushing, no squeezing (ok, a little maybe. Probably not just me… But I am the smallest “squeezer”.. 🙂 I see a green (or was it dark blue?) balloon on the other side of the road and smile. Good I thought, the pace maker for 3:00 is at reach. Just to follow him.

Reaching first roundabout at a good pace already. Thought yesterday about last year race and it was a bit bothering to read I could not run faster than 4:48 then (which was fast for me last year, but a bit slow for this year). No worries, though. Would do great even with a slow start 🙂 notice by then that it is 3:15 written on the balloon… So not really willing to follow along! I drop this sight and continue my Sunday morning run under the beautiful German sunshine 🙂

Km1 checked at the same time as my Garmin and make me happy. I wrote on my hand this morning a few reminders for 3:10, 3:08 and have my armband for 3:05…OK, I did write for 3:00 as well, but really not as an aim itself… Then turning and reaching km2 feels nice. Scarf is falling for the first time (of six? during the course…), attached it tighter around the neck. Starts to get less crowded. Try to find so runners I could follow a bit but at this time of the course… better to trust oneself’s pace as most of us would need a few more km to settle in cruising MP. By km3 my Garmin is already ahead by 70m compared to km marks. I am anyway mentally prepared to run 43+km as last year it clocked this way. Not checking the time per km (as the distance is incorrect), looking at the average pace instead. Got down to 4:18, “decent” I thought. The cramps that started to be felt already from km2 (!) are still there. No more, no less. Decide to ignore them (i.e. not stopping for stretching, which would have been a well-thought move) and continue my race.

Km5 is clocked at a decent pace, no PR but good. Noting that my watch is 1min30sec after the gun time, I plan to keep it this way as long as I can. Taking a little water at first station. Keep hydrated is the motto for today!

Great feeling is continuing. First energy gel @km9, lemon taste and once again boringly thick to swallow. Must be really a problem for the manufacture of this taste. Taking two water mugs to ensure it will go down with enough water.

Meeting a giant in black outfit around km11, telling me my running looks good and asking what time I am expecting to finish in. Less than 3:10 is my answer and you? A bit faster than that he said and after a short quiet pause he add that at this pace I am already passed 3:10. I smiled back saying I can follow along and hold the conversation… as long as he is keeping the pace. Can’t promise singing and dancing, but talking and smiling I can 😉 Arriving at the km12 roundabout. Photo smile (I think…) aaaand turn left and keep in smiling. My Garmin indicated a steady avg pace of 4:15min/km, which is more than satisfactory. Every second or minute ahead in first half are bonus that may be use in case of emergency in the second half! Up to km16, nothing really happens. Try to keep up with other runners, not finding though any good pacemaker for myself. Following a lady in blue/yellow running dress (?) outfit. Felt find to run beside her until I closed my eyes for half-a-millisecond and derive to the right…onto her. There came the swearing! Lots of apologies from my side… Hear her talking Swedish when getting her gels from her supporter so here came my apologise in Swedish too! Got a smile and then I drifted forward.

Km17 -start to feel the friction in my right shoe… Blister in the way! Two choices: choice 1: stop and see if can either re-arrange the sock or shoe or… don’t know what else can be done. choice 2: go along with it and hope it holds until the end (yes, lots if questions and decisions to make! Took approximately two seconds to decide for option 2. Any stop might mean I will feel my body may be tired and not willing to start again. Chance to take.). Cramps are still there in the back if the calves. Have taken water at every station since the start. Not helping though.

Reaching km20 (20.4 on my watch…), happy to get to the first half really. A bit worried when passing the time mats as I do not walk really on them. Think if I am not registered there and disqualified for missing a partial checkpoint…. Pace is still showing 4:15, although the distance is incorrect. Quick thought that would I make it to the end at this pace, I have good chance to get a 3-hours blank marathon. Lifting my spirit this way, I fly to the first half. No PR here neither, as for the previous time check with gun time, still having 1:30 difference although at halfway I calculate I have 1:40 or so.

Second half:

The cruising part is done (yes! I can write I felt like cruising at 4:15 pace!!!). Still smiling, clapping hands when music comes or when seeing French or Swedish flags. Danish flags are also good to cheer for, especially when you shout to cheer for the Swedes. You might notice that everything else you probably will never do in “real” life, you may do it while running a marathon!

Strategy from Pfitzinger is to keep carbs levels high during 21-32km. Followed this in Dubai on the top if good hydration. Planned similar approach thus time. Taking one Dextrosol every km (apart from km22 & 29-took two and the km-mark after the gel @ km27). Keeping myself hydrated at EVERY water station. No walking. No pushing. No falling. Always taking two mugs by km25 onwards for drinking and getting water to cool off the body. Use of plastic mugs is a disaster. Impossible almost to fold them for drinking, d*mn slippery if you happen to run on them, breaking easily… Thumb down for this one, Berlin marathon (cannot think it is good for environment either…). A bit of slowing pace down happens by km23 or so. Drifting away by 5-10sec during this part is fully ok according once again to Pfitzinger. But as I am not checking my km-time only my avg pace, I have no clue how much I am actually drifting. Noticing 4:16, then 4:17… Still pretty amazing to have reached that far at THIS pace and still smiling. As “Trickie” might say: ” if it looks good, it must be good!” So with this thought in mind, I do myself a favour focusing on the “looking good” part 🙂

Sub3 is out-of-reach by now so decide to skip chasing time (if I ever did it today… and I really do not feel I did), decide to fully enjoy and have fun. If I gave high-five in the first half, this second half is winning the price! Keeping pace with my giant in black (he looks like running slow and peaceful when little-me beside him looks like an ant speeding for getting food to the ants colony!!!!). Water stop around 30km is a bit boring. Few runners have dropped out, look like cramping and my giant in black stops for water when I pass him one last time. Have not seen him after that.

Km32 -something happens. Clicked on lap on my Garmin to get “real” km-marks until the end. These are the LAST 10km aka Nothing… A morning run at 5pm. A run from work under the sun. A run with G at his full speed. Am easy recovery run.. NOTHING!!! So digging deep into what is left for energy reserves. Last year was a painful part here. No way it is happening this time I decide. Cramps still there but under control since the beginning. Hoping they won’t explode before the finish line. Blister still there and not going anywhere. just to bite and get along with it. Got time to analyse my run by then, thinking of the level of effort I have been using so far and right now. Definitely not much. Unsure whether could have run faster so far (well, I could have actually but definitely did not give it all in first half to keep on steady pace and energy for this final 10k). What is happening now? Why even thinking of it?!?? FOCUS! Passed km34 in good mood, starting to pass people (slowly but surely). Km35 felt great. Saw was a bit of target for my “1:30-difference -with-gun-time” but the watch indicated a pace of 4:18. So more than fully acceptable!

Final gel taken around km35, enough water with it. So proud of myself I could drink properly without dropping all on me! Then km36&37 passed by, dreadful km38 arrived..and disappeared. Great move I thought to have the beep of km from the watch almost on the km-mark by now. Just mentally it was killing me last year to see km38 was 38,7 (?) on my watch. It was the same this more or less (!) but having reset the km at km32 made the difference “when the km beep” of only 100/200m and not 700!!! Once again time to dig in the reserves (and there was more I can guarantee!). I knew as well that several turns were necessary before getting to final street “Unter Den Linen”… Embraced km40, great 2+ km to go. Cheered for Robert (?) whose buddy tried to get along for the final km. Come on! You made it this far (& ahead if me!) so you are up for a good time!… And passed them.

Started to accelerate (have not checked my pace but at least in my head I started my final 2km sprint!). No woman in sight 😦 who can I pass then? … Happily passed gentlemen full with encouragement (a first to have guys cheering when a gal is passing them while racing!). Got a lady ahead and this was my goal: pass her before the finish line and ensure a gap so she would not pass me right before the line!

This time I actually ENJOYED seeing Brandeburg Tor! The mind telling: “Come on, you got this far, your watch already shows you passed the marathon distance several hundreds meters ago… Take a short pause, stop even. You showed you can go that long and fast. Already rewarded, right?”. Tough tough tough to have this less than 300m from the finish line. Skipped the usual smiling to the photographs this time (!) and aimed for getting a few places ahead passing one, two, three,… well let’s say a few guys right before the finish line. Saw the clock changing to 3:05:01 while passing under… YES! Under 3:05!!! Stop the clock. Quick check. 3:03!!!! But the real time is always different…(Garmin showed 46.74km in 03:03:46…).

Smiling-just-massage-me (not long after arrival)

Smiling-just-massage-me (not long after arrival)

Nice front (no the "40" is not my ranking in the race...)...

Nice front (no the “40” is not my ranking in the race…)…

...and nice back!

…and nice back!

Believe it or not! Berlin marathon is an Ultra!

Believe it or not! Berlin marathon is an Ultra!

Chinese horoscope for Race day (kindly sent to me :) So raced purely and simply on feeling and will apparently!

Chinese horoscope for Race day (kindly sent to me 🙂
So have raced purely and simply on feeling and will apparently!


After the finish line

Fell in the arms of a lady volunteer in smile and close to tears. All good I say before giving her a big kiss in the chick! Moved forward, feeling the tears coming. Quick body check: no cramp ahead, hamstring right side making itself reminded (I did forgot it while running!), blister what?, feet tired… No crippling through the finish line! Yippie!

Took the way to the massage after congratulating two giant Swedes. Got half a banana and a quarter of apple. Skipped the energy drink (disgusting!), glass of water. Waited max 5 minutes, laid down on the stomach, cramp under right foot. Best 4-hands massage ever! Could have been harder, but definitely did the trick. Turned to get a quick one on the front of the legs and barefoot, aimed to pick up my clothing.

A bit cold then as the clothes area for me was in a nice shadowy place. Got to a sunnier place, asked a nice block to take a photo of me and start putting socks on and eat a liiitle. Met XXxx and Jonas from home town. Nice with bit of Swedish in this international ocean of language that most marathons are!

Aimed then to the gravure area, got FINALLY my time confirmed :3:03:43, place 62!!! (Got the results already through my mom on my mobile… Best race-follower ever! Always get comments on my races reaching my mobile either during the race or right after finish… Cool with live comments afterwards!). SMS to coach and greatest friends/supporters. Ecstatic, careful with what I wrote as when you are so HIGH on adrenalin, you never know! 😉

Ate the salted sticks from the goodie bag and aimed home. Much less people towards the central station. Tapped an ice-cold bath (ya, getting a habit!), ate banana, chocolate croissant, power fruit bar and drank a full powerade bottle. 10 minutes in the bath and changed to alternate hit/cold shower instead. Felt deeply frozen by then (wonder why!!! Took my bath with clothes on…).

More messaging, massage with cold gel from France and then laid down in the bed with double cover and three pillows under the feet. Rested for one hour and aimed to meet S for lunch/dinner. No spareribs ahead do aimed for steak with fries and little Pepsi. A bit of wall to Alexanderplats to take the subway to Kosmos, where the marathon party was taking place. Met Miguel and girlfriend Julie from Paris while waiting. First marathon for Miguel in 3:40 (if my memory is not failing). Nice talking to them. No queue outside but took a while to get to the “engraving” of the mi time bracelet. In the queue I met Björn and Pål from South of Sweden. Respectively 6th and 3rd time running Berlin. Björn showed proudly all his mi time bracelets from previous years 🙂 Got my time engraved and left for home. Met the two Swedes again in the subway and finally made it home. Packing of all the stuff around, little messaging and time for bed (way too late!).


Weather: chilly 6ºC at start from home, probably a few degrees up at start and much better while running. Sunny, little windy (around km30?) – perfect running weather


> before: oat porridge with banana, cranberries and gojjiberries topped with soymilk

> right after: banana, apple, salted sticks, water

> One hour after: powerade blue, chocolate croissant, cereal bar, banana

> During: vitargo gel @km9, 17.5, 27?, 34.5. Dextrosol: 1 tablet every km (between km21 & 32) except the ones with gel+one after. 2 tablets km22 &29 + 2 @km40?

Gear: Moremiles short shorts, NY singlet, arm warmer, scarf (off after km 25 or so), sunglasses – shoes? What can I say, but GREAT! They deliver every single time. Was a bit scared the heel would not like running with them as being maybe “less” (?) stable than the GT2000, but seriously, wonder what can replace them!

Outfit was great for the race and weather. Should have skipped the scarf (!) and probably could have run in sport-bra or alike. Lifted my singlet from km25+…

15/ Effort level never reach a top. Some km like km30 was tougher for the mind but no more effort was put in it. Unsure whether could have pushed more, to run faster and get a higher effort level. For this time, 15 will do! Feeling was so right!


SUMMARY: Greatest race so far done, without having the greatest preparations in mind (problem with Achilles heel since mid July making me cancelling the few planned races before Berlin, stomach not really fun on race morning, 2 tapering weeks with hectic at work…). Not trying to find excuse here, just facts.

Best overall feeling since Dubai for a long race. First marathon with NO WALKING AT ALL, not even during water pickup. Mindset on the top for 98.99% of the race (hey! nobody’s perfect! 🙂 ) – Body responding good to the training done so far and despite the inconveniences of the heels since July and the stomach in the morning. Body feeling great afterwards, even the day after.

Stable pace most of the race, drifting slightly during the second half, but only for 1min 57sec. Slower first half, but definitely strongest second half I had since Dubai in January. Good to know there is no need for PB on all distance for fixing an overall more-than-satisfactory PB for the full marathon distance!


(Last but not least…THANKS for all the support and kind words of encouragement during both training, pre & post race. Since July the motivation has never reached a decent level – maybe for specific workouts but not as general – making this race and its results even more satisfying.
Yes it IS a long race report, but for a race deserving it!)

1 week off running now and we’ll see what is happening next 🙂

Berlin M Day: 3:03:43…enough said!

2 years, 10 marathons, 50 minutes faster than first marathon i Budapest 2011, almost 20 minutes faster than Berlin 2012, 6 min 38 sec faster than recent PB in Stockholm (June 2013)…

3:03:43!!! I am on a cloud…

More details in race report coming soon. Need a bit of rest now 🙂

Berlin M Day-1…

Not to be repeating myself across posts…but woke up early again! 4:30 am, just in case 🙂 Heard water drops, but apparently was dreaming it. Strange feeling to sleep in a foreign apartment! More sleep and more waking up. Until the light came through the window and I decided to get up for breakfast. Oat porridge sweetened with banana and topped by dried cranberries and gojjiberries. And orange juice. And water. Got myself ready to the exhibition. Decided to skip the Breakfast Run, even though it was a bit of fun last year. Don’t want to stress myself at the exhibition later today.
Foggy and sunny behind it, aimed to the bus and then the subway to the exhibition…Of course, 10,000 people had the same idea to come at the opening….

Not waited long though, got my numbers (much less queue at the female runner counters…). Wished to change to start group C, but was required an official paper of an actual result. So skipped it. Got my two pace armbands and left the exhibition without finding new sun glasses 😦

Back home went really smoothly. Felt like on a cloud. Changed to running gear (opted for long sleeves from SF mara, Boston supernova shorts and compression socks. Took as well a light scarf). Crossed the central station and aimed towards Reichstag…7 minutes from leaving the apartment and I was reaching the clothes area! Good to know! Followed a few km with pretty easy pace running, hot to the start and saw my letter, ran to the first roundabout and back to Brandburgen Tor. Then after difficult crossing over, ran back home. Beautiful weather, if only remains for tomorrow! Few hair supplies shopping and back home for new clothes changing!

Lunched at Vapiano, taking the safest card: spaghetti bolognaise with basil.



Ate under the sun and took all the time I needed. Back home again after that, I felt extremely tired. The heel was making itself remembered and it ain’t good sign for tomorrow 😦 Decided for a quick map and woke up TWO hours later, even more tired… Went up anyway, more water, a soy dessert and a hot bath.
Clothes are ready waiting early for tomorrow. Watch is loaded. Energy feels are waiting silently to play their role. Just me left to get ready!
Night is falling slowly on Berlin. Time for more sleep. Tomorrow is the day!

Berlin…(finally) less than 1 day to go!











Berlin M Day-2

Awaken @5:00 am, moo risk for falling asleep again! As good to go up and finish the packing and the checking…Breakfast of spaghetti and spinach (yes, it is good!) followed by intensive halfday of work. Left all behind me, bought sushi for lunch and direction the airport. Not enough drinking so far, but the day is still young 🙂
2 flights and should be soon arrived (well this evening). To make the time pass…RW with interview of Paula Radcliffe 🙂 More later…

TWO long hours of wait at Frankfurt airport. Those who vote for this airport being the most boring in the world, raise your hand! Arrived to the A-gates noticing a flight to Berlin leaving in 35 minutes…why could I not have this option? Asked if could change, but due to my checked in luggage, this was not possible… So the wait started. Got to a quiet place and passed the time doing a “plankan variations” workout. No need to say people watched! Seriously, this IS as well a way to pass time! Finally boarding and flying. Boring flight (good I slept in the first one!), arriving in Berlin with no service from the ground… Good start! Made it to the bus and then walked from the central station to the apartment. Max was kind enough to wait for me with two friends to give me the keys and show me how everything works. Put down my stuff and aimed back to the station for food supplies shopping. Then time to bed.
This apartment is very cute and quiet. Will be good here I think. Checked the timetable to go the exhibition tomorrow. Either first at 9 or after Breakfast run..still wondering… Still time to change my mind! Better sleeping more now.

Berlin….2 (little) days to go!

Give me some love…

And then arrived the day of the final run at home. Up @3:30am this morning (yes, you read correctly), not able to fall asleep again, decided to go up 6:40am. Jumped directly into my gear and off into the cold. 3ºC but felt much colder than the 1ºC from yesterday. Still I decided to go with shorts, compression socks, long arms sweater from Boston, jacket from Boston and gloves and bonnet. The legs felt crazily fine despite the cold. At least I know I can run this way if it is 3ºC outside! Took a run along the water, supernice feeling. Light and easy. After yesterday depressing feeling from the carb depletion, it was nice to feel this way right from the start. Enjoyed the sun going up. Even coming strait into the eyes and warming the face…Wonderful feeling. Stopped by the French bakery and got a chausson aux pommes and croissant (good way to start carboloading, I guessed). 7.6km easy pace in the morning cold. Nice! Would I run this for 34,52km longer and average pace 1min faster, that would be really nice!!! (not even in my dream though!). Heart beats were up to sky-high values… must have fallen in love during the run to have the heart beating that fast 🙂

Followed a long day of meetings (so much for an easy-resting-tapering-week). But good to have carbs today. Potatoes and smoked salmon at lunch, extra banana in morning snack, nut-topps during the tea break and evening dinner topped by spaghetti bolognaise. I just LOVE this carboloading day! All is now packed, have checked at least 38 times my backpack with my running gears for the race. And yes it is always an extra thing I am adding to it… But now I will stop. Might forget stuff, but as long as I have my running gear…nothing can be wrong (well, maybe if it is -15ºC suddenly on Sunday. You never know with German weather… or was it Swedish weather? 🙂 )

Time for final night at home. Morning work and then lunch travel. Hopefully can get enough time tomorrow evening to pick up my BIB, but not too sure.

Berlin…less than 3 days to go (yes, I checked a few times today and yes it is less than 60 hours to go (!!!!!)

Early, long, exhausting, relaxing carb-free day

Early start with a 10K in the dark, 1°C outside, with a finish at expected MP. Too much clothes on, so Berlin will definitely see me in shorts! Then run to work. Heavy days with meeting, no time to rest.  Being a carb-free, the day felt exhausting. My plan to have a calm week during the marathon is once again not working well… Back home a bit late, could have a massage which was all but relaxing… Tension in the shoulders is never fun to discover!

Got enough protein today for the rest of the week probably! Still planning what outfit to have in Sunday… Packing is on the way. Just have to throw everything in a bag and run to the airport.

Lots of thoughts right now…too many probably!

Berlin…4 days to go…more sleep now (everything that make time go quicker!)

First run of the final week

Long day at work. Starting with pretty cold outside, turned out to be a nice sunny day. Sushi at lunch, banana and peach for snacks, spaghetti bolognaise for early dinner… Good food intake today 🙂 Topped by water and tea.
Time for first run of the final week. Ok, the motivation was not on the top to go out again after getting back home, but once I changed to my gear, fixed the hair up tight and started with easy pace, all the doubt about motivation were gone… Easy pace for 10K, although faster than expected, but the feeling was great so skipped thinking about the pace after half way. A bit of stretching and headed of to 5*500m. Nice feeling, pace more than decent. Easy back home.

Time to go to bed. Done good with eccentric heel raises today 🙂

Berlin is approaching…6 days to go…

Sunday’s motivational rain (I meant “run”…)

After a Saturday focusing on resting, Sunday was having a different twist…

Saturday was spent coaching a soccer team during a cup. Up with the birds (nope! they are not crazy the birdies! It is WAY too cold to go up that early… but I did). Long drive, first game under light rain (Yey!) and then clouds and then sun (but no warmth). Felt pretty tired all day, standing, encouraging, probably shouting as well (for their own good 🙂 ) and then it was time to go home. Only exercise this day was eccentric heel raises. Felt fine and easy. maybe done too fast though. Celebrated the quarter final place with ice-cream and lots of stuff on it 🙂

Sunday was another day up early… due to soccer game a bit away from home. Spent once again under the rain and then back home, quick lunch for all but me. Jumped into my running gear and despite the drizzling rain, headed for the last “short” long run before marathon. Got an easy 3km and then faster but “controlled” (kind-of) 10K before easy km back home. Of course (or should I write “as usual”?), headwind joined me as soon as I reached the start of the fast part, then slopes appeared and then rain felt heavier on my head (not nice and easy like in the songs…). Made it fine home after 14km under the rain.

So yes, today was ALL about motivation. Go out despite of the rain, get along with the fast pace despite of the wind and the slope, continued with “controlled pace” despite the will of sprinting back home for a hot shower….). What if it is similar weather in Berlin next week? Cannot really stop in the middle, or complain about the wind and find another path… OK, I can actually do the “sprinting” part to get back home faster for a hot shower 😉

Berlin…less than 7 days to go… Yoohooooo!


Busy as a bee… as one can be!

Friday finally! As a Polish former colleague called it “little Saturday” 🙂 No need to rush for anything, take it easy, it is almost Saturday… So was not my Friday. Not that early start made the preparation for work to BE fast like lightening. Then meetings all morning, getting a nice Sub for lunch with carrots juice (Yummy again!) and then meetings all afternoon. Nice to have G picking me up at the office so I could fast change to my running gear and we took the bus to the start.

Fun race organized at work: 1,2,3 or 4 laps of 2.8km each. First easy warmup (and this was the easiest warmup ever done really!). Had a Swedish elite athlete giving us the warmup in form of diverse drills. Did a couple of them, but felt that the heel did not like all the jumping, so decided to skip it and do a thorough stretching instead. Then ended the drills with accelerations and easy jog to start line. We (G and I) happened to be on the first line and when the departure was given G just raced ahead of me as well as two giants on both sides… G even turned back before leaving the arena telling me to hurry… (yes, telling ME to hurry!!! my watch was showing a start of 4:00min/km after 300m and 4:06 after 500m…). Talking tempo throughout the run (especially me). Stop at 1.5km for tie up the shoe lace and then little slow down after the first lap for drinking for G and then we re-embarked for a second lap. This one a bit tougher for him, but he went along despite the cramps and the stitches. Entering in the arena for the last few 100s he took deep in his strengths to pass not one but THREE adult runners in front of us and even gave a nice sprint on the last 50-60m… 5,7km @4:59/km… Not too bad not too bad 🙂

Banana for recovery as well as hot-dog and coke. Nice stretch and then aimed back home. Dinner of pasta carbonara and then chilling out the rest of the evening.

Really great day and perfect finish. Time for sleeping now, before a whole day at soccer cup tomorrow…

Berlin…9 days to go (yes, we reached the “one-figure-number-of-days”…

Running on sunshine

Woke up nice and easy…snoozing the clock like…forever! Then up and got ready for school and work. Lots to do so I actually took some extra help with an energy drink as well as a hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant, right from the arrival at work 🙂 All good things happening, so got busy busy. Lunch in front of the computer once more with a wrap and a prawn mix in it. Took a water with Pear+Ginger taste… not recommended 😦 Was ensuring that I was drinking good but not too much. Got 2 bananas for snacks… All to be well-prepared for my intervals. As my last meeting got postponed to next week, I rushed home and change to running gear.

Easy 2km warmup, stretch and good music. A few accelerations at the end (although done half-heartedly…). Started the first interval, trying not to push too much. Got a nice and stable pace from early in the interval and by half-way felt like “Hmmm, this pace would be nice to have for the whole marathon next week…”. Indeed would be nice! No effort really in this first one and got it nicely in the lower range planned. 5min rest with light jog during last minute and off I went. This second interval was a real bless. Just smiled for the first 2km, sun in my face and the watch beeping as my pace was faster than planned… Nothing wrong, only that it did not feel that I was actually making any effort in running at this pace. The legs were just running to the music and letting the rest of the body and the mind enjoying the sun 🙂 The second half went slightly slower, still smiling and enjoying. Got 6sek faster than lowest range planned. Yippie? 5 more minutes rest. Surprisingly both rests were feeling like…normal. No heart beating like crazy, no difficulty to breathe… nothing! Jogged easy for the last minute and started the final interval. This one was a bit trickier as not flat, having cross-roads and a nice slope up and down at the end. Got it nicely, with a little more effort than the two previous ones, but not much. Then 3.5km back home. Great run really, sunshine and good feeling. All to make me happy today. Of course, I had work to finish after that. But with all the energy I got from the run… no problem in sight!

Great to end the day this way. Hell felt fine, thigh felt fine (did some extra stretch just in case). The whole things was to be celebrated…but not before we had celebrated the great results from G from yesterday’s club championship. Celebration was pretty simple: warm and crunchy waffle, topped with nutella, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate topping. Tapering week no 1 is great! A few days left now before entering tapering week no 2… More beauty sleep now. All to fill in the reserve before next weekend’s race!

Berlin… 10 days to go…

(yes I know, I wrote this already in yesterday’s post… a bit too eager to be there probably… But now my countdown is (should be?) correct. Tomorrow the “single-digit” countdown will start…. No turning back!)


From pancakes to pizza…

Rest day today, so why not starting with pancakes? Then rainy morning, surprisingly stooping right after I arrived at work… Morning meetings, nice lunch in Indian restaurant in nice company, good afternoon meetings and then time to go back home. No idea really for cooking, so pizza for dinner it became 🙂

Easy strength and core workout, it is after all tapering week 1… And finished the day with eccentric heel raises with weight in my back. The heels have felt good all day, hopefully it will continue.

Sleepy now, so aiming to my pillow. Better resting this week before the stress/excitation from the race stats next week…

Berlin… 10 days to go…

Wet t-shirt contest for 12km and less than an hour…

Tired again when the clock rang this morning. Hope this won’t last. Need not only my beauty sleep but also my training sleep! My thighs felt really aching, definitely the consequence of the “nice and enjoyable” plankan of 3+min…

Working from home, started early and had meetings on meetings. Nice interruption during the morning to talk to a friend and then compensating the planned afternoon run with a quick lunch in front of the laptop (I know it is not that good). Succeeded in squeezing some eccentric heel raises during my brief morning tea-break 🙂

By 3pm, the brain needed some oxygen and opening the window was not sufficient! So changed to running gear, looking at the blue/grey skies. Opted for flashy yellow colours with SdP 2013 tshirt and Boston shorts and cap. Even took my sunglasses as the light was pretty bright outside. Took a turn on the harbour, pretty chilly at first (and it was to be continued…). Quite nice and easy tempo, listened to “regular tunes” instead of my nice trance mix. By km5, drizzling rain and wind decided to join me (of course, this corresponded to when I was running up to the bridge…). Quite enjoyed the bridge (on one sense) as I felt like flying. Did not accelerate though (and this, despite the wind pushing me) because I really wanted to run “slow and easy”. Passed under the bridge and THEN it started to hit me. RAIN RAIN RAIN…HEADWIND HEADWIND HEADWIND… Great choice to have the cap as it stop the rain coming from above. In our city the rain is actually falling from all sides (yes, even bottom-up…). the sunglasses did not feel overkill as it kept the rain from hitting my eyes. Down the bridge and just ran the same way back home to complete a nice and easy 12km. Had planned a 12K on the hour and it turned out to be faster than that. Good feeling, heels good, thighs fine. Nothing to complain about… not even the rain!

A bit of food and off I continued to work. Now time for bed soon as I am yearning like a lion in the savannah during a hot summer day…(probably my hair will also look like the lion’s tomorrow morning as well 🙂 )

Berlin… soon will be “one-figure”-day to go…

Ain’t it slow and painful some days?

Slow start this morning. Body felt fine, but having to go up on Monday morning already tired…not to good for the week…

Early start at work for a whole day networking. No check on the food… Maybe I should have! 😛 Drank at least a lot of water. Well back home, jumped into my running gear and as no one wanted to follow for a run (surprisingly it was pouring down from the skies at this moment…), I hit the pavement in my own. Nice enough, the rain stopped shortly after I started runnin. Recovery run should be run pretty slow…which makes a known distance soooo long and boring. My HR-band was showing crazy figures so stated the watch after a short while. Still showing over 200…I took it off. Reaching 3.5km, which should have been my mark for km 4, I thought that pushing one more km was not that much more… So I turned back around 4.5km, new attempt with the HR-band.Off after a few 100s as I considered that my pace was not justifying a 213 pulse… Got passed by a fellow runner I know, tried to follow her for a while but was to warm with my outfit. Stopped at km 6 to take of my wind jacket and put a new music in my ears… Brilliant to lighten the steps. Got the two last km faster than the others. 10+km, nice finish for the day. The heels felt fine (a bit aching/tired at first, and then all good) but the front of the thighs were pretty much shouting all along… Not really deep ache, but something like training from yesterday making itself reminded… Did eccentric heel raises as well today. With weight. Felt really fine. Hope it stays…

Completed the run with a nice (and long) plankan of 3:34 listening to “Enjoy the Silence” remixed by Anberlin). Pain in the thigh really. I could hold the first minute with the feet on the first step of the stairs, then put my left foot on the right one for 45sec, then as normal for 1minute and then right foot on left foot. Not much shaking, but the ache in the thighs will probably stays for a little while… Fun to do though!

The weather is shifting really often. Autumn is definitely her to stay 😦

Time for bed…really tired and not even 10pm…

Berlin…12 days to go…

All alone, all the (long) way…

Sunday was there once again. Not too long night, easy breakfast @6:30am (oat-porridge with blueberries and banana and oatmilk) and then chilling a bit as could not sleep again. Checked the bus time schedule and decided to get ready for my last real long run before Berlin. No rain when I check through the window, only drizzle (of course!) so I aimed for G’s wind-jacket instead of my (heavier) rain jacket. Cap and short as well as camelbak and 3 gels.

Took the bus to a city 25km south and there the annoying was to start and really blaming myself for drinking so much water in the morning… Half grey, half blue, the skies were still smiling at me. A bit chilly in the air due the recent rain. And off I went, real easy pace. The bike road that was so nice to bike on this summer under heavy sun was looking pretty dull and boring under the rain and emptiness of the surroundings. Good to have music in the ears then. Took 10km easy and then started a 10km fast. Should have reached sub-HMP, but after starting the first km I remembered that this piece of road is a real pain because it ALWAYS has headwind or at best (!) sidewind, between middle to heavy… After the second fast km not at the correct pace, I decided to continue to aim for fast but all under current MP would be acceptable 🙂 Which turned out to be nice and good. The mid 10K turned into 43min+, which was acceptable. Did not feel heavy nor tired (bored and annoyed by the wind? yes, definitely). As I noticed as well that the time would be slower than planned, I turned back at 6km and chose to have some small hills on the way. Which was actually nice. Then completed the run with not 10 but 14 extra km, with the last two pretty fast. Good for the motivation to feel there was more energy in the legs after 34km 🙂

Long runs are fun, being all along all the way is fun as well. That is amazing how the mind is just flying around. Good for the body and good for the soul 🙂

Easy food right after, massage of the heel and calves and then rest before aiming to a massage. Nice indeed. No real painful part, almost enjoyable massage for once! Followed by Sunday grocery shopping and then a bit more tidying and resting. A second serie of eccentric heel raises was done before bed (a bit too late probably…)

Berlin is approaching… 13 days to go!!!

Hold your horses, there is no hurry…

Today‘s decision was to take an extra rest day from running. The heel felt fine, although did not want to chance and run. Occupied myself with a long core and stability workout as well as legs strength and eccentric heel raises with weight. Easy day really, with little shopping of running items and then a slow walk back home. By the time I got back home, the right heel tendon was a bit aching, but nothing that cannot bee handled. Rested 1.5 hrs before continuing more tidying at home. And then it was dark outside. Time for more eccentric heel raises with weight. And now soon bedtime. Hopefully all will feel fine for tomorrow’s long run.

Berlin…14 days to go…

Even the Best need some rest…right?

Not meaning by this I am part of “the  Best” though!!!

Today the right foot was a bit tired. Having high-heel shoes at work actually feel really nice for the feet… What was bothering today was this “cloudy feeling” of ache in the top of the left thigh. Noting new, had it before  but now it is back. Best position is to stand up at work…
Got a visit to the Naprapath.for the heels and bum muscle. Shock wave therapy once more…Ouch, really! Long nap after being back home and then easy evening (read: tidying…).

Reviewed my plans for the weekend and there will be no race tomorrow. Better rest or easy short run, them risking to impact in the heels negatively. Long run will still be on anyway. Last one really before Berlin.

Now it starts to feel it is for real… 15 days to go. Not stressed directly, but bubble is on the way. Much happening around so a bit tricky to handle even this preparation in the top of all things. But will make it work…always do! 😉

Sweet dreams!

Berlin…15 days to go…

What about a relay before dinner?

Tuesday was the longest day EVER! Slept quite early on Monday, which resulted in a VERY early up…say…2:30am? tried to stay in bed, then read a bit on my phone and finally went up for breakfast @4:40am. Then what about using the time ahead efficiently? Long workout starting with legs (VSA legs *2) and then core&stability workout. Good good good. Looking outside the rain had stopped (kind of). So checking the time, I was having enough to do my interval workout, go back home and shower, changed and then (hurry) go to work for first meeting. Easy warmup (right heel was a little aching). Stretch correctly. Did some accelerations (had read “how to do a good warmup” in RunnersConnect the same morning, so why not applying it directly?!?!?). Took of my wind-jacket and started my intervals. First one was REALLY fast at first and then ended right under 4/km. rest and then two more slightly slower, but decent and acceptable pace. THEN started the pain in the foot. Had to cut short the 4th interval and took longer rest. The 5th and 6th intervals were decent enough for a HM-pace, but not for interval workout. So when starting the 7th interval and the foot was still spooking around, decided to cut short. 3 good intervals and 2 close to “OK”  that is a satisfactory training. Easy jog however was killing my foot. So took the tram back home.
Superfast shower, clothes on and then race to the office for meeting. Incredibly long day of work. Which did not stop there as I had promised to count laps for a fellow runner at the district championship for 10,000m. This was fun. Met there as well my club chairman and took as well lap counting for him. Great to be there. Running 10K on a 400m-track is really tough!


Wednesday was easy to plan: FULL DAY REST! Even forgot the heel raises (which is badbadbad). Unsure whether it helped the foot, but anyway.Had a nice (?) massage, with focus on the legs. Front thighs which generally are forgotten due to lack of time had a real work (read: it was painful!). A few knots on the shoulders as well.

Not too late in bed, but still a bit tired when waking up…


And so it was Thursday. Up early enough (but not too early) for strength workout. VSA Legs *2 (really good as warm-up actually!) and then Plankan variations. Did the Spider(wo)man plank for 50sec this time again 🙂 Sounding (almost) that I like this one!. Then work work work. Not feeling too good before lunch so went to the pharmacy for painkillers (which did not have any effect). Felt like a stiffness on right side of the neck (yes, I can say that I HAD a pain in the neck!), suspecting the ventilation at work to be too cold in some rooms… ANYWAY, the event of the day was a first time for me (I think…): I had to jump in to replace a colleague in a really 4*2.450m (yes, not 2.5000m because it would have meant trickier turns on the route…). For a race @6:00pm, meeting with my team (which I had never met before) @5:30pm… I went to change into my running gear @5:00pm!!! Oh yes, the legs wanted to go out (but the right foot was still not too ok). After a short brief with the team, did an easy warm-up (pain in the heel still) with accelerations at the end. Should REALLY have run a 5-6km before to REALLY be warmed up! Anyway, I was honoured with being the first one in the relay (no pressure!). Started in second row behind the REAL fast runners. Felt fine to follow them…for 50/70m (then Ssssshhhhh! they disappeared!). The first km was reaching an avg-pace of nice 1km interval. No effort felt, but pain in the foot definitely. Turned and straight and turned and straight and turned again and then straight long line where I could get some more speed. Still fine and felt like effortless. Pain in the foot just played with my head really. Final 700m was run with another gal who looked like she was levitating above the ground. She had superfast-Kinvara3 on and really it looked like she barely touched the pavement. She could take the inside curve at the last turn when I had to take the long outside one as the two guys before me would not let me pass 😦 Tried to catch up with her then, but was a bit difficult. Then I shaked my relay high up to show I was coming and passed it along to my fellow-relay-teammate. Final time for my part : 9:35 (unsure how they measure this as there was not “measuring-mat” when I arrived… But anyway, faster than what I expected (my plan was a good 11 towards a 10min). Our team got the 8th place of all mixed teams and 29th place of ALL teams!!! Great for the motivation this one!

Back home, bit of food, update of training diary and ice-cold bath for the feet.

Now time for bed.

Berlin: 16 days to go…


The feeling is so nice…you do it twice :)

Lazy bee this morning, could not make it out of the bed as planned for core workout and light run, so no training before work. Long morning with meetings made it easy to run to the locker room and change to running gear. Sunny but not hot, perfect weather for a quick run at lunch. Took a route we usually do with colleagues, and can assure that running it alone was REALLY boring. Generally the talking with others makes the hills disappear (almost) and the time shorter. Nothing wrong with the time, but the hills… Really tough (and no one to cheer either!). Sprint the last km (or tried to) before stretch and shower and running up the stairs to eat my wrap in front of my computer. 8km easy pace (mainly due to the hills…). Slight ache in the heel pad, but disappeared when I put on my shoes with …high heels! 🙂

4:45pm – almost done with today’s work. Changed again to running gear and took the ferry to cross the river. 1 easy km to reach the start of the training. Strong headwind…not much to do about it. Chatted with other runners joining for this last rehearsal before Saturday’s race. Took off with another running lady and completed the first flat half @4:47 which was quite ok pace (especially as we were talking most of the time…): Reaching the feet of the bridge I felt to accelerate as otherwise I would not be able to run up at all. Dropped the lady runner and continued to the end on my own. Tried to pace correctly, but not really easy as no one was ahead of me. Ended the 10K in 45:53, which was satisfactory as the first half was quite slow compared to the second half (which included the bridge and another little slope + the last 2km with headwind). Got my work stuff and then ran to the ferry to catch up with runners who had finally arrived. 2km back home and then time for resting (well, before that it includes shower, food (semolina + spinach and pork fillet) and gear washing/hanging).

Will see how the body feels tomorrow after today’s 21km… intervals are planned…


35-24-2-23: Figures for this end of the week…

Embedding two days in this post (that can be called “efficiency” ! 🙂 )

Saturday started early with the alarm clock ringing at 4:45am (yes, you read correctly!). But seriously, had too much to think of and prepare so, I decided to stay with my pillow for a bit longer…trying to figure out how I would make the 33km long run plan with a 7-years old with me on bike… Up @7am, time for pancakes (this time I took three before they disappeared…) and then drop off to training camp. On the way back home, got a friend on the phone so I could be alone during my long run (thanks!). Not that it would not have been fun with a biker with me…just a bit slower (and more cheering from me would have been required definitely!).

Started around 11-ish, where the sun was already high. Had 0.5l water and 2 gels with me, which should have been enough (I thought). 10 easy km which were run 20sec/km faster than what I planned (but there was this other runner ahead of me, and his footsteps were really nice to follow…perfect tempo!). Got my first gel before ending the slow part. Then alternate fast/slow km during 10km. Lots of fun for those… well, when you do not have heating sun on your head, strong headwind (of course during the km you have to run fast…) and a bit short on water supply (because you really want to get a shower while running then!). Second gel taken before the end of this second part of the workout. And then there was no more water supply. With regular weather conditions (read: “we are first week of September and this is Sweden… where is the rain, wind and cold…?”), this could have worked to complete the workout maybe. But yesterday was tough. Easy parts and fast km in-between were fun AND tough to run. Had a cheering friend passing by with her car while I was in the middle of a fast (read:”TOUGH”) km and this was what was necessary to get my legs fire enough to get to a faster pace! (Thanks, T!). By km28 it was a bit too hot to start the fartlek without water or energy. In normal circumstances, I might have (stupidly?) continued, despite the lack of energy obviously appearing in the whole body (Note that the mind was still sharp… Hum! sharp? saying that it would be fine to even continue without water?…). Anyway, stopped by a gaz station and bought a powerade. Had 3/4 of it and then fit for fight again, i completed my 2km of alternate minutes. Then it was only easy run back home (and for not changing the apparent tradition… 2km extra on the program as I changed a bit my route while running). All-in-all it became a 35km under hot weather conditions. Longest run ever now since Stockholm marathon in June! Felt great to run that long (actually I prefer 36km than 35, but this would do for now 😉 – The achilles heels felt fine (back to normal?) and the heel fat pad on the right foot felt a bit aching and tired, but this is to be taken care of. 24ºC (at least) is what I estimate the temperature for this run.

Spent the rest of the day…resting. Had an ice-cold bath right after the run and then legs up for a while. Must have drunk a litre of coca cola between the large glass right after the run and then the 3 small after while eating… No worries, I needed this 2l coke bottle empty to use it for massaging my legs (instead of a foam roller…).


Sunday was way easier (I thought). Late awaken (6am…) and then a bit of chilling out before going out and shopping. Rest day with easy bike to lunch. Hot lunch under the sun (i.e. it was very hot even for me! Felt like I was almost melting…). then more biking back home and light run to pick up a broken bike afterwards. TWO weeks (+ 6 days) left before Berlin marathon. Can you believe this? Had to review the course map this morning as I cannot remember all the parts I ran last year (well, up to half-way it feels like a blur or like it went way too fast! after km34 it felt tough and then km38 onwards were a real pain!). SO, checked again all the route, the expo, what has changed aso… Good start for the day!

Now it is 23:xx and the washing machine is finally quiet. A bit of clothes hanging before sleeping and waking up to another (busy) week.


Would you have croissant for breakfast?

Lazy bee this morning I went up a bit before 6 and started some core workout. Changed a little the outlay not to fall down into boring routine. A bit tough to do each exercise twice following instead of having a long serie of exercise done twice. Anyway, it always feel much better afterwards!
Fast gear change, softly waking up the monsters, I ran out to a nice and chilly morning. A bit short on time so I only took a little detour to ensure the bakery would be opened when I arrive. Croissants and pains aux raisins were most welcome when I opened the door at home 🙂 First time I would say a 3.5km is worth changing for 😉

Heavy workday, nice lunch company, sun and heat on the way back home…lots to convince it wad good to change for an easy evening run. Up the hill to drop E at soccer practice, meet I&S who were going out running and I could join them. Nice running in company, even though the pace is definitely not the one I planned. For 3K at least I was not alone…then ran the final km back home on a slightly faster pace. 10.3K in total.
Ended Friday with home-made French fries and porkfilet in the oven with greens and reds. Highly appreciated by all! Completed the cosy evening with “The Last Airbender” (I choose to be one 🙂 ) and soon time for bed. Hopefully a night of rest will be good for tomorrow’s long run.

Time for bed!

Race against the sun…

So it felt today…Up before the birds, got a strength session for the legs followed by the variations on hover (I reassure once more that it CAN be fun to do in the morning…). No time for running after that. Done have a work to go to… But as soon as back home I really thought only about jumping into my running gear…which I did 🙂 Got dinner ready, grab a little today with lamb sausage, tomato and cucumber. Sounded like a bad idea but seriously after having prepared all the food served,I could as well have a little snack!
Started with easy pace and decided to go for a steady 5min/km, which would give me a nice 12K on the hour. Always nice with round and clear numbers… Maintained this pace more or less until half way. Then got more enthusiastic and slightly faster. Enjoyed the sunset on the river and finished my 16km with a fun and nice final km in 4:08 min. Yap! Probably enable to have this pace for a whole marathon, but would be cool to be able to record the last km of the race at this pace, wouldn’t it?
More hover afterwards, thorough stretch (I think I did stretch…). Did this exercise when laying on the stomach with the arms as a cross and trying to throw one leg to the opposite hand…20 of those and them continue the fun with turning on your back and with the same position and movement… Yes, you might feel the pain!
The good part of the run was that my heels did not ache. Made themselves reminded from time to time, but now 2 hours after…they strangely feel…normal! Hope this remains this way really. The shock wave pain from yesterday might have helped (I say it quick so the magic does not disappear…).
Now time for resting. Long day tomorrow…as all the other days of the week have felt like! No rest for the warrior…


Rabbit friend


Sunset from the motorway


Dreaming of new horizons?

How to forget a rubbish run

Yesterday was a day “without”, no doubt about it. Sunshine at lunch made it possible to change to running gear for planned intervals. Felt fine from start, little sensitive heel but ok. Easy warmup brought me to the tracks I planned to use but a full-scale school was using them. So aimed to the road again. First interval was already slower than planned, but they always seem to be this way…so after the rest started the second one and it turned pretty bad. Decided to skip it and take longer rest. Third interval was slightly faster than first one but still slower than expected. Not to good for the motivation. The heat from the sun was not helping either… Started the fourth interval but cut it short and turned back home. The only positive in the run -if any- was that I did not give in and take the bus home. I continue run/walk and got a rubbish 10km out of this lunch workout. Just had to change and bury myself in work to forget this…
The heel was not happy of this run, making itself reminded from the first interval. So to keep on the safe side, better resting…

Today Wednesday, the clock was set in 4:45am. Took 7 minutes to get up but then changed and hit the road. No music, no real objective set, apart from getting at least a 10K or maybe 1 hr run. Started real easy and it remained this way; low pulse and decent pace all the way. 15km later I was able to do a fast acceleration on three last 500m before jumping in G’s bike and aiming home. Took a detour to get done pains au chocolat for breakfast and then got easy 5K bike a well. Lots to do today, including a visit to the naprapath for an additional season of Shock wave on the hamstring and both Achilles heels. Have read that there is no documented researches showing that this method would help, but seriously at this point, why not trying… Got to the point of extreme pain during the session but knowing that it is only laying a short time, could bite my lips and endure the treatment. After that, both heels were fine the rest of the day. What a feeling! Got a few bike km to pickup G&E at their activities and a liiitle ache came while biking. But now it is fine.
Had planned some core workout before bedtime, but do not want to even jeopardize this, so will postpone this to tomorrow.

Time for bed, beauty sleep definitely needed!

Berlin: 24 days to go!


Dark start...


Spooky river


Final sight before running uphill

Easy start for a new week…

With the rain falling in the morning, the motivation for running was not at the top. So took a good core workout instead with the hovers variations and some heel raises. The hovers variations are fun to do, and painful, but fun… and painful…and fun… 🙂 so nice feeling when it is completed (that you forget the pain you felt while doing them!).
Work morning and them easy quick run at lunch. Got a 10K at easy pace, although some of the km were faster than planned. The pulse is a bit tricky to follow. At a certain pace, there its no way I could have a low I stopped and took it…and actually had a low pulse… Ok then! A bit of biking to and from the office and more work to do.
Quite easy day.
Have been taping my heel during the day, to see if it helps for the little ache I felt since Sunday…either I do tape incorrectly, or it is correct but not for what I have…
Rest now so tomorrow will be even better.