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And on the eleventh day she said: “I shall run…”

No laziness from my side fir not writing for the days. Only tired like a lot in the evenings… So a little short recap

Was planned as a rest day (from biking) so had some serious core workout instead, as well as the daily dose of eccentric heel raises. All good and set, afternoon at the sea was planned and I even waited a short while for my transport to bring me there. But changed my mind and jump in the bike which would bring me whenever and wherever I wanted. So 27.35 km ride later (and a nice rest time at the sea), it was time fir a very cruel (but necessary) massage. Shoulders, thighs and hamstrings were really painful, but so welcoming this pain which would make the rest of the week much better!

Not sure yet of my heel being healed (ha ha ha, fun on words!)  So took inspiration in a suggested outing and after a breakfast and ding twice the VSA legs routine, I went along for a ride. Plan: 5km easy pace, 15km fast pace (to be checked with HR) and 5km easy pace. And this twice (so I get back home as well!). Took a flat bike road and hope for the best.
Started good and easy and maybe slightly to fast, but ok. Changed pace after 5K and had a very nice pace already from km6…which was killed @km7 when the chain of my bike “jumped”. Upside down for the bike, put the chain back and off I started again… Until it happened again one little km later… This time I was ready to cry after having spent 6 minutes trying to figure out how to put the chain back as it was so extremely tight. Was very surprised to have a few cyclists passing by without even stopping it asking how it was… Have had one stooping in France for much less than that (ok, I might have looked like completely dehydrated then, but still!). Until one finally stopped and trickily put back the chain and advised to go to the car reparation shop a few 100s meters back and have it fixed. Which I did. A bit nervous to stay my ride again with fast pace in it, I continued. Had a very tough time trying to get both pace and pulse up, but got a decent 15km anyway. Took a short banana break after the easy 5km  then back home taking a slightly different road for the easy 5K. And decided to bike on the main car road on the way back until I reached a straight bike path. A happy me got to the planned 50km. A but of rain reached us right after I arrived and parked my bike. Food food food and little rest. Wanted to by a few stuff for biking so waited fir the tram…until deciding that with this beautiful sunshine I would better bike to my shopping trip. Ended with a, pair of bike gloves, two pains au chocolat and some Powerade. Then wanted to have a little longer ride so took another way home but got very dark skies above me making my easy peasy pace ruse into a bit faster than planned! 21km were completed and almost skipped the rain… Got the daily dose (once again) of heel raises and VSA legs*2. Pretty tired in the evening…

Started the day after a very long 11hours sleep. Planned a new city to discover, had a brief stop at a bike ship and found nothing-nada-rien… Really boring with the sales in July is that you never find anything until they refurnish the shop! After 20km I felt extremely bored, have had strong headwind and seriously wished to quit this ride. But what to do with the bike then? Da!! Stop for water and three sun shined so nice in me that it felt better…for a, km, because it started to rain and I totally refused to stop for putting on a tshirt. Short but heavy rain, took some km to get dry from it. Stop at km 30 for more water and decided to take a detour to get extra 12km so I would end with 50km. Nice cove as I got more sunshine then. Home, parked the bike after 50km, run for food and shower and had some light exercises for the legs. The afternoon disappeared fast and the choice I then faced was to go our not for a test run. Went eating sushi and then had a 6 km easy walk to test the heel. Felt fine, so when the clock showedmy lunch had passed since more than 2 hours, I ride to the nearest track and…started running. Felt so nice..not! The right foot felt strange and warm and my head was definitely to much focusing in it than in running. Anyway hit 16 laps with the first 14 @1:55/1:57 pace and the two last in 1:27. Should not have pushed the two lasts, but felt ok and definitely not like pressing! Ended the workout with serious stretching, core workout in the gras and time to ride back home. 6.5 km run and 6 km ride to end this 11th day since my heel stopped working. Felt fine after that. The warm feeling in the heel is definitely coming from the warmup cream with chilli extract. Will skip it next time and see how it goes. Quite tired (but good tired). Celebrated with two croque-monsieur, movie and popcorn in from of the TV (yes, I almost feel asleep there already!)

So was it. Now will rest the feet for a day and do a new test run on Friday. Hope will be fine.

Why running for a week when you can ride it in a day…

Bad bad night. 2 hours up to midnight and then 3 hours up to 9am… Considered several time to go out and try a run…
Easy breakfast (as I had a good dinner yesterday in preparation for today’s outing…) and of course, rain falling. Waited 45 minutes, reading biking forums about hints on biking under the rain, prepared a bag with bananas, Powerade, water and change of clothes. Made up my mind to go for it…and the rain stopped 🙂 Rain jacket on anyway just in case. Nice in the air, even warm despite the recent rain. Off with rain jacket after 5 km, too warm and sweaty (and no rain…). Had a new path to try, which I have run during my long runs, but never dared prolonging to the next city. Which I did this week already once and now with another path. No effort, just riding. Listened to music at first and changed to a podcast on running. Stopped at km27 for banana and half a Powerade. Had reached Kungsbacka, which was the first step. Then aimed to Onsala (Check!) and continued to Gottskär. Stop for halfway (ca.42.5km). By thus time the nice sky with sun and white clouds had been changed to grey and ready to rain. Took a 10 minutes stop, ate a banana and rest of Powerade. Good stretching as well.


Lunch break

Them time to aim back home. Exactly when the sky decide to throw buckets of water on earth… Quick putting my rain jacket back and riding for a few km, before it stopped. Off with the jacket and…drizzle started. No way I put my jacket back on! Continue my easy ride. Nice landscapes all around.


Took a quick stop after this pix for another banana and water. Had reached 63km or so. Then more biking, more wind and fun. Reached Särö and then just straight line back home. Quick pause at km83 for water and close after shop-stop for banana and Powerade and it was only 12km left home. So fun to see my watch tucking “Lap 103”!!!! No long run on feet, but a decent 103.5 km in 4hrs 30 min. No world record, but personal longest bike ride ever!
Well back home, had to get some energy: Gainomax, water, Colting’s pancake and a large glad of chocolate milk.


Mums on a plate...

Unsure if the recipe was for several pancakes, but I did a large one, added honey and blueberries on the top 🙂 Had a super cold bath for the legs (10 minutes in freezing cold water…you must love your legs!) And then rest with legs up like after a long run. Slept for an hour like this and then time for a serie of eccentric heel raises and the VSA legs program. 2 handful of M&Ms peanut and now it is evening time in front of “Gone in 60 seconds”.

Heel feels better, not 100% though. Hoping will continue to get better…

Today’s workout was really worth it. Cannot yet get a higher pace (and not making any effort either!). A little lighter bike might help, but for now, this one will do! Rest tomorrow and let see what the well brings…

When water pouring from the skies ain’t enough…

3:00 am – time to wake up at the lovely noise of…water falling in buckets from the skies! No problem it was still early and after all my rest day was planned at the sea and not starting until later…
7:45am – must be kidding me… Still raining and more buckets! Time for a plan B… Did I have a plan B? Preparing swimming gear and started a complete core workout. VSA legs, S’s program *2 and eccentric heel raises. A bit of sweating while the rain calm down a bit.
Well at the swimming pool, got to hear the 25m pool is closed for reparation and only the 50m is opened. Not much there, have my own line during an hour 🙂  Done a pyramid: 200-300-400-500-400-300-200. All freestyle, apart from the 400s done with plaquettes and pull-buoy. Good workout  Have not swim that much since a while! Got a walk home to see how the foot felt. Quite ok.
Finished the day with more eccentric heel raises. And time for bed. Hoping for sunshine tomorrow a planning a longer bike outing.

Btw no half marathon in Malmö as the heel does not allow me to run…

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…

…you make me HAAAAPPY… So wonderful to have the sun back. A bit later start today, I had a plan. A new city I have had in my thoughts for a long run (getting a bus there and run home). But who needs a bus when you have a bike 😉
Cool start with crossing a moving bridge after 5km. It opened fir a nice sailing boat. Wave to them and got a wave back. Happy start as I said!


No trespassing


Nice sailors in nice sailing boat

When the barrier of the bridge opened, game was on. Bike bike bike…following a guy in front of me until he turned left and I continue straight forward. No problem as there was a gal with a big backpack in bike just passing me. So here was my help! Until she turned to IKEA and I was left alone with my bike on a straight and nice path. Good pace, singing to the wind and… almost driven-on by a car not looking (at least I know my breaks work!). Had a tricky tunnel crossing where water pole was in the other side (i.e. the exit!) and there was no other option (I do not count crossing the motorway above the tunnel” an option….).


Tunnel and water...what to do?

First break at km20 for some energy gel and water. Then aimed to the castle.


Castle on the hill

Very nice city indeed. Until I noticed that the large bridge to cross the river was “motorway only”, their would have issue with taking my bike on it… Bike for a little while on the side of the river but decided to turn back in case I would never find a bridge before I reach the sea… Turn right after the castle and started a nice but tough and lonely ride in the countryside. Beautiful sights really and still sun shining.


New stop at km40 for another gel and new pics and a bit of rest. Now I knew where I was 🙂 Just had to ride back home. Early morning bike tour – 54.4km? Check!
Quick outfit change home (including shower and more suncream), bike to falafel place and got my lunch with me to.the.sea… 🙂 Nice rest under the sun, not much reading as I was ready to sleep instead! Left the sea and got my way back home. 21km for this little afternoon outing, bringing the biking today to 75.4km…not bad, right?

Oh yes, forgot to mention my new running shoes arrived today. Good as they are going to provide a great support to my little sensitive feet… Tomorrow, rest from biking


My new GT-2000 enjoyed the sea sight as well

Would you do it FOUR days in a row?…

Tired yesterday but awaken before the birdies thus morning and pretty well-rested…@3:36am! No need to say I did not go up! More rest and from 6am did some reading and finally went up for easy breakfast. Got myself ready with little energy and water and time for more bike. Fourth day in a row…Is there something wrong with me, Doc? 😉 Humidity in the air, mostly cloudy but when the sun showed itself, it was nice. Got a planned city name I wanted to reach, but did not find it on the bike paths marks. Do aimed for another city. Took only 12km… So had to continue well! (but well-noted for a long run of 24km 🙂 ). From this moment it was a bit chillier, reached a forest area where it had rained recently. Got the hills there as well! Beautiful sights on a lake. Took a pause after 25km, for energy gel and water. Done toe exercises as well for my heel. Grey skies and windy. Not really nice to be in singlet. Saw a deer crossing the road. Poor little thing as it looked wounded and scared 😦 Took another path home, which was nice. New stop at km 40 for additional energy gel and off home. Heard a strange noise and noticed my rear tyre protection was loose. Could not fix it and it was making a great deal of noise! Back home after 48km bike.

Quick shower and directly to the doc to check my heel. Unfortunately the drop-in was finished so aimed to town for new shoes and came back. Got anti-inflamatory pills for the pain and to continue toe exercises. My half marathon in 16 days is more than compromised. Cannot run, not even jogg. It is painful to walk just! So cannot even cheat on this one even if I would have wanted… But at least an additional week he said. Should be fine for Berlin though… Time for lunch (ribs and pasta) and then aiming to the sea close to home for resting under the last sunrays of the day. Niiiice and relaxing. Gave an additional 11km bike for the day.Not bad, not bad at all.

On the top of this, got 2 series of toe exercises during the day as well as ab roller session and less workout. Yapp, you will find the fun in odd places sometimes…

Now time for real relaxing evening in front of the Matrix…and time for bed soon.






Dear in the middle


Wing path apparently!


Nice mansion in the side of the road


Beautiful view on the lake




Km40...soon home 🙂


Sea view for ending the afternoon

Aaaaaand more biking for the weary…

Late in bed, trouble sleeping…Something I saw? Too much sun in the head while biking? At least when my eyes eventually closed, I slept well! Pain in the heel this morning was not a great way to wake up though… Shower cold and hot on the ankle and then massage with Thai cream. Light breakfast and got ready for little shopping. Unfortunately did not find any summer stuff. We are mid-July and the fall collections are in all stores…Crazy! Found anyhow a summer dress in a sport shop. Back home got myself ready for little bike. The plan was easy pace ride of 30km. Started easy, stopped for buying new b-suit top and off I continued. Took the shortest way to where I wanted to go…through a 7% slope… Fun to do. Bike bike bike, lots of beautiful landscapes all around. Could have taken 100 pics today! Stopped after 24km for little food shopping (a donuts and Powerade blue) . I had bananas, nectarines and water already. Got little drizzling rain for five minutes and then started again.
Difficult to find the way to the sea until remembering the GPS on my mobile…got little help and off I continued. Pretty warm, although not hot. Lots of wind as well. Finally reached the seaside. My bike was behaving strangely when changing gear to 4-5-6, so I biked on gear 7 during 10km… Pretty tough on the thighs! speed by a bike store at km 47, and it appeared that a little stuff had to be tightened a little more. Almost embarrassing! Good I did not start looking for a new bike already!!! Today’s ride ended in 50km, a bit longer than planned…
Well back home, did some toe exercises for rehab the heel. Hope this will help eventually. Rewarded myself with M&M’s peanuts and some core exercises… To complete the day, watched “Pulp Fiction” eating a nice pizza 🙂

Hoping for better shape for the heel tomorrow…


No rest for the weary…

THIRD day without running….but no rest for the wicked, right? The sun got me up (as well as the trucks emptying the rubbish…). The right heel felt much better, but still sensitive. Took a light breakfast (cereals, chocolate and soymilk) and got ready with lots of suncream before picking up my bike. Had planned to do alternative training so did a little core before leaving and jumped on my bike. Easy road on the seaside until I reached a harbour (and the end of the road). Stopped a short while (see my feet below 🙂 ) and then aimed for extra 3km to get a turn at km26 for having a 50km bike tour.

Got really boring/annoying headwind on both sides of the bike tour, which was JUST like running 😦 A great bike tour however, tried to get some accelerations despite the wind. Took some extra energy gels @km20 and 40  and drank lots of water. Well back home had a large portion of spaghettis with chicken liver, rested a bit and then on the bike again to find a nice place to put my towel and rest under the sun. Took 12km to find the spot (I think it is a bit shorter when I run, but I kind of could not find the paths I generally take…) – 1hour enjoying the sun and warmth on the skin and time to aim back home.Total: 25km… Good evening with friends visiting and now time for sleeping (as I am very tired! – no wonder after 75km biking…).

Right heel starting to make itself reminded 😦 Will continue the massage and hope for the best…

Malmö half-marathon: 17 days to go (!!!!!!!)






Heat, pain and alternate solutions

Still painful heel on Sunday morning so no other alternative than resting. Difficult to walk on the right foot except than on the top of the toes. Of course thus us not practical so I choose to spend part of the last day laying under the sun (after ensuring that all our stuff was packed to go home). Great lunch under the trees before aiming to the airport and seeing that our direct flight was canceled. Fortunately we got an alternative option via Frankfurt and an arrival home around midnight (instead of before 8 pm…). Well arrived, a bit of unpacking and pillow-time.

Up this morning with singing seagulls…and a bright sun already high despite the early time. More unpacking and then got ready for breakfast/lunch at sushi place near-by. After this, we left for a nice/sunny/long/fun bike tour of 25km. One stop for snacks after 10km and one for ice cream after 16km. Pretty fun and tough to bike under the sun. Aimed then to the naprapath for shock wave therapy. This time for the left hamstring as it feels much better, but was added to it both heels. This later part was really painful especially the outside part. But if it is helping to get better, why not. Biked back home, getting my tour up to 29km. Good workout for the day, as I cannot run for now.

More resting to do and definitely early sleep today. Hoping for nice weather tomorrow for a nice bike tour again…


Not every run can be a home run or “How today turned into a bad workout day”…

Up at dawn (well, actually…before dawn as it was still pretty dark when I woke up), drank a little orange juice and headed out int he dark (well, actually… under the street lights). All was set for long intervals to be run and be back home before 6:30am…

Yesterday being a rest day, we spent it in the city, visiting museum, walking in the streets, eating long lunch and enjoying the in/out of shops to benefit of their air-conditioning system… all to occupy ourselves under 30ºC hot sunshine (yes, I know… one day you complain  because it ain’t there and the day after you complain (or did I?) because it is back in full power…). Anyhow, during a walk down a hill in gardens, we went dow stairs and my right foot landed strangely, which made it feel pretty painful and aching for a short while. Thereafter no problem. Rest of the day walking went fine. In the evening, I did massage both heels and headed for my pillow.

Why on earth am I writing about this? Well, actually… this morning warm-up went pretty slow and not fully fun. Difficult to get a decent pace and I completed the 3km finely but not fully satisfactory. Ran in a street close to the woods, which was pretty spooky and dark, then passed a field on the right which was “just-dark” and when looking on the other side, noticing the field on the other side of the street having this little spooky-ghost-feeling-fog above the ground (and still could not have an acceleration on this part neither!). Stretch in the dark on the side of the road and choice of the correct music. Off I went… well, actually… not THAT fast. Took a while to get on the correct pace and by half-way it was 10/15sec/km slower than planned and expected. So pushed a bit and got the first 3km interval in 12:30, which was fine. Rest of 3minutes and choice of new music. Started pretty fast but took approx.a few 100m to start feeling a pain in the right heel (the one that hurted yesterday). As I was having a nice pace, I decided to change my running steps into more front-feet-landing-type (not that I am an expert and far from it actually!) but it felt better. The only thing is that I could only sustain the first km this way and as soon as I started to run like normal (!) the pain came back. Continue to push for a while, but decided to cut short the interval after 2km for not having a too much pain feeling in the heel. Rested a bit and the pain disappeared. But as soon as I turned back home, I thought I could jog back… well, actually…no! Too painful, so I started with powerwalk which went fine… well, actually… for a little km because it was difficult to keep up this pace as well while walking. Once again I could reflect on the fact that this was the first morning for the past 2 weeks that there was so few cars passing by (typipcal! the day I could ask for a lift…). Walked back 2.5km and enjoyed a beautiful red sunrise before showering and heading for breakfast. B-day to prepare and then heading to the city zoo for some more…walk!!!  After a couple of hours the right foot was still painful (had it under a bandage, unsure if was good or bad, but at least it helped the head!). Then time for restaurant (Chinese buffé, Yummy!) and then back home. Got my foot under cold and then warm. Then ordered new running shoes which will hopefully arrive next week (well, actually… had planned for these shoes for the past two months and now I am in deep need for new shoes, which are not there yet…). Rest for the day will hopefully help, but unsure so far. The long run tomorrow is for the moment under question. Will see how it feels tomorrow morning.

BUT as one may say, today may have turned into a bad workout day (OK, let’s face it: it TURNED into a bad workout day!), it is still for sure that not every run can be a home run. Got a good 3K and even a good 2K despite the pain. 21 days left to the next race and 10 weeks before Berlin. All training done so far has been between good and great, so no need really to focus on today’s bad workout. Rest for the foot could be the key (I am suspecting once again that the shoes are the reason for this pain and extra-sensitivity of the heel…).

Tomorrow will definitely be another day 🙂

NOTE: game of the day: How many time did you read “well, actually…” in this post? 😉

Where did the sunshine go(ooooo)…

Early-bird day.

Eyes opened @5:00am, took a few minutes to wake up and tired like “a lot” went downstairs to get ready. All almost in the dark not to wake up anyone. One foot out and the rain started to fall. Got someone’s running jacket but seeing how it started to poor down from the skies, I asked for a rain jacket instead, add not having mine. And off I left. Three lights were starting to show up shyly in the skies. Drizzling rain at most during the first km, took off the rain jacket for the next few km. Really heavy legs, not to good feeling but continued to get a few km in the legs anyway. Got cut from music at km7 as my mp3 player died in me 😦 Got a well-rounded 10K at recovery-slow-pace…
Breakfast when arriving home as well as stretch. But it continued to rain cats & dogs, so we decided to skip todays outing. Not too much fun to climb in stones and being in an outdoor museum by raining weather… Movie time them and not much done during the day. Even though it stopped training where we live, it was really wet in Lyon, so no chance for outing there today. After lunch (quiche lorraine & tarte à l’oignon, both home made 🙂 ), took some rest and then we headed to the boules place. Played boules, trained on the machines they had there and foins a mobile phone a grand-ma had forgotten when she went home with her grand children. I called the last number on the sms list (!), got her son and by luck saw her grand-son at the end of the street. So left the phone with him and we continue to play a bit before going bank home. And here she came the granny on bike. I asked if she got her phone back and actually she was coming back to thank us and giving us a box with cookies to thank us… Nice people in France, always!
Headed home and it took give minutes before it started to pour rain down in earth again. Pancakes were awaiting for us, luckily. Easy evening in perspective. Hoping that the weather will be without rain tomorrow. The heat is still here but the rain as well…

Listen to this comforting one then:

Hot hot hot

Up slightly early for vacation day (!), it was time to get ready for shopping 🙂

Dropped off at Part-Dieu Mall at the opening 9:30am, I started to screen all shops (almost). And did lots of trying,  but nothing fit. Boring to come at the end of the sales period as everything that might have been interesting has already disappeared and nothing new has been filled in yet. Looked for light/easy food around 11am as I planned to run back home at 1pm. Found NOTHING! Well, of course there is food everywhere, but I cannot really eat a kebab, sandwich, or any good French food before heading for the road… Ended with nothing in the tummy and nothing in the backpack I brought for my purchases (which I did not do). Light run and stop at km2 for buyinh bananas and a powerade. Got one banana and some powerade and off I left. Missed the road I was supposed to take, so change a bit my route. Nice to see that it was already 28ºC when I left and after a few km it went to 30ºC… No direct sun because of the clouds in the skies, but heavy and warm indeed. 32ºC was reached when I arrived at km8/9… Good to have energy drink, little water left and a banana. All went down before arriving home. No more strength in the legs by then!

Cold shower on the legs and then lunch and rest in front of the tv watching Sutter Island (scaaary!). Rest of the day easy and then tacos evening before bedtime. Got some core exercises before bedtime (3 times serie of 20 situps, 1:30min plank, 20 back extensions, 20 fast pushups on fist. Really tired after that! Still 26ºC warm outside…). Tomorrow is planned to start ealy with a short run before we head to Lyon for the Gallo-roman museum. Cool!

Night night!

How to make interval workout “hot”…

20 steps for this hot recipe… (to be used with care…)

Step 1: Skip the alarm ringing at 6 am

Step 2: Skip the snoozeS until 7am

Step 3: Go up around 7:40am, jump eagerly into your running gear and let you convinced to run later (i.e. 10:00am)

Step 4: Take a nice breakfast to load energy

Step 5: Play with the kids until the very kind cavalry came back from her daily powerwalk

Step 6: Massage your thigh with heat cream with chilli extract (no kidding!)

Step 7: Ask for help for sun-creaming your face (if not done earlier… Because it can be dangerous to do it after the chilli cream…)

Step 8: Hit the road and notice the sun being already high in the skies and getting (read: “temperature at least above 24°C”)

Step 9: Warmup and enjoy the light headwind as you know you are going to cook in a short while

Step 10: Find a place on the side of the already-busy-with-traffic road and stretch correctly

Step 11: Take the adequate music in your ears, let the large truck coming in front of you pass by aaaaand..

Step 12: Start running your serie of 12 times 400m with expected pace of 82/88sec and rest of 60sec

Step 13: Quickly reconsider the rest to take between the intervals and increase to 85/90 sec aaaand that the intervals might go sliiightly slower…

Step 14: Run like you can and enjoy as much as possible the little wind of the fast drivers passing by with their crazy cars… There is no shadow, so any little air move is welcome…

Step 15: IF ever finding some shadow, try to finish your interval in this spot and enjoy…

Step 16: Accept without questioning the water bottle a nice guy in a bike is proposing you, even if it means crossing the road (you know the one with busy traffic and crazy fast drivers)

Step 17: Realize that after 6 intervals done under the hot sun, that it is ONLY 6 left, so why not continuing…

Step 18: Finalize the serie of 12* 400s, with a fast last one and a smile in your face

Step 19: Move your feet like you can, others might say you are nit running but just stop listening to them. You cannot do more than this anyway so you ARE running!

Step 20: Reach home, take off your HR pulse band, jump in the little kids pool in the garden, disregarding the bugs that were unfortunate to try it at night and just enjoy this cold bath with your running gear on.
Step 20bis: You may shower yourself with freezing cold water under the water tube in the garden. Still with running gear on. Who cares? You’be been running 12*400s under 30°C, pave between 79 and 93seconds and still smile and can joke (almost…).

This is the best recipe for turning an interval workout into a “hot” workout… If any other suggestion or similar recipes, please send them to me!

NOTE: complete the day with additional steps if you still can move, like waxing, facial treatment and sooo well-deserved massage. Your day will be  complete!

Soon bedtime, so tomorrow can bring new hot recipes…

12km in 12images

12 easy km at lunch – 12 photos taken at each km-mark (almost…)














Just a little bit further…

3:45am – time to go up for breakfast. Had turned in my bed from midnight or so, having dreamt I had completed my long run already…the only mean to know it was not true is that I could not recall switching off the alarm… Cereals, banana and soymilk plus water and back to bed for a couple of hours.
5:45 am – difficult to go up, woke up G who had been promised since winter to follow for a long run during summer… (Ok, I was not expecting that we would have to do it that early to avoid the heat…). Gear on for both of us, final check on the bike and off we left.
An easy 2km before first pics of the red sun going up. Nice to share this for once! Could not have a croissant at the village bakery as it was opening at 6:30, and we passed it 6:10am… Crossed the roundabout leading to the motorway and headed to the near by city and three we could find some freshly baked croissants. Not for me though… Got it for “free” as the lady dud not have any change as was so early in the morning (and a Sunday!). Promised to pass by later during the week for the 75cts the croissant costs… Any reason is good for an extra run…Continued in a villa area and here it was, the “Large Lake”. We reached it after 8km at easy pace. Really nice place and so calm. Looking to the other side of the lake, it seemed too far away so we decided to just stay on one side. Reached a little bridge and got a divine view on the river and the sun on it. Time for alternative km (fast and medium-fast (I stop calling the latter ones as “slow km” as they are not slow, just slower than the fast ones…)). G did a great job pulling me during all the fast km, commenting all last 300m as if it was the arrival of a marathon or a Tour de France stop… Last fast km ended in 4min, being the fastest one of the serie. Then easy run, fast 3K under already hot sun aswe were heading home by now. G was really tough during the way back. Even biking up the slopes under the starting heat. And then we finished with a serie of 8 times alternative minutes (fast and less fast) giving crazy difficult 16 minutes and a large smile and big laugh at the end. So fun really despite the pain and the heat.Stop at the bakery when we reached 27km. Meaning the workout was finished. The only thing was that we were not home yet. 3 more km and finally rest possible. This was a great long run of 30km mix, with easy and fast pace parts. The toughest being the last 10K with the heat going up. Started around 14/15°C, we ended certainly with 24/25°C.
Well-deserved coooold shower on very warm legs a bit of food and rest with legs up for a while then sun bathing in the garden. Eve the day with Asterix on TV 🙂

Tired in the arms after the time spent in the trees yesterday, but great workout, especially for a national day 🙂  Great help from G, which made the long run disappear (almost) fast …

Rest day got tomorrow probably. Sleeping late tomorrow morning? Definitely!











Four little monkeys climbing on the trees…

Tough to go up early after late bedtime. All prepared to leave for a morning climbing in trees. Three hours spent high above the ground, finishing the parcours with the “black one”… Had done it two years ago and when one is afraid of heights, being at 15-17m above the ground is not always fun. This time around, with all the training for running, I was expecting to do the tour a bit better. And it went better! Not that I timed it, but feeling was much better. Lots of arm work!!! Pulling a lot, stretching a lot and once again all at 15/17m high with two little lines holding me… First, climbing a giant net to reach the first platform @15m high. Pull in a tyrolienne (“high line”) – all high lines are going down in the other parcours, but in this one you have to pull yourself in a horizontal cable going upwards… Then choice to leave OR to continue… Second one for me 🙂 Walk on “inverted T” and then walk on a rope like a tightrope walker (yes, still high above the grind…)… Last activity was to throw myself holding by one hand a rope to reach a net 20m away (ok, I held with both hands…). And climb down the net towards a giant ladder and (try to) get back on safe ground…
Picnic under the trees and back home. A couple of hours sunbathing and time to drop the rental car at the airport. Done it and ran back home… Kind of suicide run almost. Despite the speed limit of 70, probably all cars are above 90 in the way to the airport… No place to run really so had to accommodate as I could. Got some cheering, water thrown in me, kind drivers changing line leaving me more place to run, but also stupid drivers accelerating when then notice me, others driving really close to the side obliging me to jump on the grass along the road… No real fun for those easy 6 km. But done is done! Completed the run with core exercises and 0.5l water.
Shower and then set my watch for tomorrows workout. 27km mix, which I plan to do early so to skip the heat…
Will see how it goes…

Time to sleep. If waking up later, might see the fireworks…




What does “Whoooosh” in the morning?

Have turned a lot while sleeping even waking up a couple of time having dreamt I had done my morning run already…Of course as the clock had not rang I knew I had NOT run!!!

Finally 5am, silently going up and off in the roads. Met a couple of trucks picking up the rubbish, a few rabbits running in the fields but from the moment I got the first roundabout it became quiet. Only a few birds and the noise of the water spritzers… Nice to have left the mp3 at home. Headed towards the village close-by planning to turn back after 5K, coming back to the roundabout and then getting a couple of additional km this way. Changed my mind though, wishing to run to the swimming pool we used to train in when we were little. Quiet city, and sun going up, nice colours already painted in the skies. Passed the city hall and continued on a slope, which my memory could not recall. Reaching the top, I met a wall and a street towards right or left… No sign of swimming pool however 😦 Headed right towards a wood area, then nice long slope down and still no pool. So much I could not recognise. Woods there, houses here… Got to a field and saw a plane taking off ahead of me: ok, this meant the airport was in front of me and I had to get to the left of it . Tricky to read the streets names and not knowing what city you are in!!! Even thought for a while that it would not matter if I got lost: I had my phone do could be running my 15K and then call for a ride home 😉
Turned left and right and got on the original road so just had to follow it and take a nice pic of the sun going up…Waited this time when the water sprinkler made the road wet and ran back home.By this time people started to be in the road and they were driving fast! Got almost driven on twice, by cars driving faster than on motorway and too much on the bike path…
15km at easy pace and low pulse. Liiiittle ache in the heels, but ok. Hamstring felt liiiiittle better, but not normal. Arrived to a quiet still asleep home. Shower, light breakfast and work. Long morning finishing with a very nice long lunch (pizza orientale, rosé wine, chocolat liegois… Yummy!) and then back to the office to finalise everything possible before starting vacations.

Officially now in vacations. Really tired. Lots to do still, but not now…














One for the fun and the good company

No early alarm this morning and all got up pretty late. Aimed for aork Under an already high and warm sun. Today I had a run-date with a colleague. Got my mornings tasks completed and by 12:00pm we aimed to change to our running gear and just crossed the road to the park of Parilly. Really nice to have this close to the nature and being able to run at lunch time. Spent a nice time running under the sun and the shadows of the trees. Still it was ca.30ºC warm then… Talked all the way, no checking my clock once, finishing with a nice stretch. Looking at the clock: 7.40km @5:45/km. Seems a long time ago I ran at this pace willingly and not having any pain in the body! It felt really easy and nice to run, alone I would have probably cut the pace a bit, but nothing could have replace the nice company and talk of this run. Definitely a reason to come back and work here 😉 Especially as my colleague did not comment on the fact that I was running a lot already, which I appreciated. I do not understand why people always answer “no you are too fast for me” when I suggest a run. Am I that scary? 🙂 Anyhow, had been drinking lots of water in the morning and then afternoon; good move as the body reacted a bit better at the end of the day. Got a nice French lunch (tunafish sandwich and iced tea), and morning breakfast was tea and chaussons aux pommes at work… Startin to get used to it… Volume of training will have to increase so I can burn the extra energy intake I am having here!!!!

Now the rain has fallen from angry skies and during a couple of minutes it looked like a tropical storm. NOw back to normal with little rain and 29ºC warm in the air… Rest day tomorrow and probably better air to breathe as well. There has been pick of pollution today in the city due to the heat…

Bedtime now. No running tomorrow!

Malmö half marathon…30 days to go!!!

Brave, stubborn or simply stupid?

Up at 5am, the whole body shouted for more sleep and therefore skipped the morning intervals for more rest.

Quick breakfast and off to work. Got some running-buddies proposals. Although Thursday won’t work, Wednesday will do well 🙂
Got my last meeting ending at 6pm, had eaten Moroccan pastries before and had calculated that running around 7:30pm would be fine. Stomach a bit concerned as had cramp during the day as well, like yesterday’s run. So not related to the running “bare-stomach”. Hope it ain’t something I have eaten… Anyway, got my new socks on (took them one size larger and they are really suited nice in the feet), short, top and off and ready to go. Planned for today was short intervals series of 600m, 10 or 12 times. Got a nice 3K warmup, heavy and warm in the air still. Got some headwind making it a bit that it was so warm. Did some stretching in the side of the road, with cars passing by and drivers looking strange at me, like “who’s this crazy girl running on the side of the road”… No worries for me. First interval went fine, slightly too fast for a first. Second one was a bit tougher, but still ok. For the third one, I crossed the road (stupidly?) and got a good (nasty?) headwind then. By now I really wanted to quit and run easy back home. Crossed the road again and got the 4th one fine. OK, then. Let’s have a 5th one done to do half of they planned workout and back home. Much slower it was, but went along with a 6th and 7th. How many times should it continue before it is considered stubbornness?… Well an eigth interval brought me to a roundabout and then a choice (really?…): either right to get home (after all, I feel like stopping this serie since interval nr 3…) OR left and getting one more interval. Choice to be done…really? Left it became. What a relief to run along the road and get “watered” at the same time as the fields (the water sprinkler was set to water the field and apparently a part of the road as well…). Got a nice shower and this refreshment helped to cool down the body. So why not a 10th interval? Crossed the road to turn back and well decided to have my cool down now…Music on was good enough for an 11th interval (which was my little challenge to get it under the time of the 10th one of 2:17)… Well done I thought, cool down now… But seriously, when you have done 11, why not doing 12…  And then cool down. Ended total 13.2km, with intervals between 2:08 & 2:19. Way slower than planned and expected… But considering that it was 28°C average temperature when I ran (started at 6:45pm…), I think it was a good serie 🙂

Stretch, shower, light meal after that. Done massage with liniment on the thighs, but unsure if helping. Still having the hamstring bothering me. Left shinbone is a but sensitive and unsure a well why…

Good night’s sleep ahead anyway. Tomorrow is another day.

Sun, sweat and thirsty run

Not to good sleep as it felt warm throughout the night (and probably because I slept long as well in the train yesterday…). Good ready for work, dropped GET to their activities and headed to our location. Work work and more work. Got too see that some colleagues run at lunch time and will ask then where, so I can arrange to run on Wednesday maybe. Not much food during the day apart from lunch and two makrout after work. Two glasses of water when coming back home and off to hit the pavement again. Left this time. Headed towards a near-by city and ended a but lost in an industrial area, no soul ahead and a heavy sun still working in the sky. 31°C @8 pm… Finally got in track again and got the way back home. The first three km were a bit tough and made me realise that eating makrout so short before a run is not a good move. Moreover, my stomach was cramping until km 6 or such. After that it wad just running. I noticed the sweat when balancing my arms and seeing sweat drop flying now and then!!! 13km, slightly over the hour.
Painful hamstring during all day and a bit while running. Shower, washing and headed to my pillow. Late it is. We’ll see if strong enough for some intervals in the morning…

Soon out in the fields

Soon out in the fields

What did I say?...

What did I say?…

What about crossing a motorway during a run?....

What about crossing a motorway during a run?….

There is where I want to go

There is where I want to go

Niiiice with a weath field and sun shining on it

Niiiice with a weath field and sun shining on it

Electricity station?

Electricity station?

Dead industrial area (and hot...)

Dead industrial area (and hot…)

Only French can have a "Party House" (Salle des Fêtes)

Only French can have a “Party House” (Salle des Fêtes)

Little road in little village

Little road in little village

On the way back

On the way back

Cool roundabout

Cool roundabout

Travel and night vision

Following Saturday’s race, there was unfortunately no chance for getting me up @5am, nor 6am and not 7 am either… Body felt stuff and definitely titted. So sleepy until 8-ish and then up for breakfast. Quick finalizing the suitcases and off we went. Flight first and then TGV (extremely fast train to south France). No sleep in the plane but surprisingly I did not see the 2 hours in the train asI was deeply asleep… Late arrival, good for GET. Took some as well but had in mind to go for a run. Not long run I wished but decent distance. Started when the sun was already disappearing at the horizon and by km 3, there was no real light on the country road but the last pink and purple fading colours in the skies. Went on for 4.5km before I turned back and then took another road to get a little longer than 10K. Pitch black on a road with really little but crazy-fast-driving cars…not reconvene I would say. I had only my mobile to light my path and noticed after a while that it must be strange for the cars coming in front of me as they must see only two legs moving in the dark (as from stomach and above it was in the dark…). Anyhow, ended with 14 decent km, dater than easy pace I wanted but the darkness terms to make one run faster… Shower, mint tea and bed. Not long before the eyes just shut down. The hamstring is not happy. Travelling that long means sitting a lot… Hope it will be better soon…

Tomorrow, time to work. Hopefully sun shine still…

Starting nice and easy

Starting nice and easy

Nice and empty road (so far)

Nice and empty road (so far)

Typical French fields in July :)

Typical French fields in July 🙂

Let's continue on the same path...

Let’s continue on the same path…

Sun going down...

Sun going down…

Choose the right side of the road (meaning the "LEFT" side!)

Choose the right side of the road (meaning the “LEFT” side!)

Wheat fields

Wheat fields

Less and less sun

Less and less sun

Last slope before turning

Last slope before turning

Turning point

Turning point

Nice slope down

Nice slope down

Soon back on the empty dark roads

Soon back on the empty dark roads

Back to the village

Back to the village

Nice church

Nice church

Race Report – Åsaloppet 2013/07/06

Planned: under 41:51 and try towards sub41.

Actual: 41:09 (1 sec faster than Garmin shows!) for 10km => new PB!
place: 9 out of 100(?)


As the race was in the beginning of the afternoon, there was no rush really. Up around 6:20am without the alarm. Well-rested? A bit unsure as the hamstring was making itself reminded as soon as I lay down. But in a good mood definitely! Sun shining outside. Up and started to prepare the lunch boxes for GE. Then shower and preparing the hair 🙂 Time for breakfast, cereals+sesame+chocolate and oatmilk. Drink not a looooot of water, but enough to skip de-hydratation as the day is planned to be hot…Packing all the gear for me and GE. A bit unsure for the shoes, so took both my ASIC Skyspeed and my Saucony Kinvara. The choice would be done on site. ADIDAS supernova shorts from Boston marathon and for singlet I took both my NY marathon singlet and MIK singlet. The problem with the latter one (i.e. the one of my club) is that it is too long. Once again, the choice would be done later. All packing done, missed the first tram so walked to pick up the car and get GE and on the way. Really nice and sunny, a perfect beach day… but no, some 300+ (?) would be running today in Åsa! Easy drive and parking. Pick-up of the BIBs, setup on G&E as their race was earlier than mine. Got time to see & encourage them, chat with our club responsible and a few other people I knew and then time for the choice: it ended with ASICS Skyspeed 2 and no singlet. Too much sun and in such conditions I would be taking off my tshirt during training so it would be similar for a race. Attaching the BIB on my top ain’t to fun as I hope it won’t burn me. Anyway, took time for an easy warmup: 2km with accelerations during the last 5/700m. Last stop to the ladiesroom and time to line up. 5Minutes to the start, noticing the stars of the race (among others Musse, our fastest Swedish man on marathon distance, as well as pretty fast runners – you notice it just by their look…). Set my watch to 4:06. Ain’t feeling the sub40 is in the air, so touching the 41min would be nice 🙂


Not really possible to place myself close to the first line at start, but honestly, I rather not. Seeing the people on this line, it is not my category! Tricky start as it is directly a turn right and then a straight line and then a turn left. Reaching the first km mark but my watch is showing 870m or so, when it beep 1km, the pace is at 3:55. Noticed the first 5/600m were way under 3:45/min… Definitely too fast and a bit dum, but not really possible to do anything else with all the runners pushing behind. Up to the first 2km it was headwind and I tried to get some backs in front of me to get a better pace. But when arriving at the km2, the fast group had disappeared and the ones around me would be quite close throughout the race more or less.

The start pace was way too fast and I needed not really to slow down, but the body adapted to a better pace, which was slower than I planned. The little slope up around km2 ain’t too fun and I recall it from last year. But this year, easier to climb (but still not easy). Not much shadow until this part and that was nice with trees close to the road so could get not that hot. Had from km2.5 a woman in red singlet who had quite a nice pace so decided to keep up with her (which I did until the end). In the downhills, the surprising was to see the female runners accelerating and the male runners slowing down. All-in-all it was equal results when we reach the flat parts, but noticeable. Got a nice shower under a waterhose, got not too much water to drink at the water station as I threw it on me and on my head. The water station was a little too short and did not have time to get back and get more water… Up to km5, it felt really that lots of effort was put on the race. From km3mark, I clicked on my watch for the lap, as to get them better sync. It ended that most of the “km” were shorter and the last one was… well, I am not there yet. Back to km5, I took 2 Dextrosol tablets, but difficult to get them down as I was really thirsty… Km4 once again like last year went pretty slow, but cannot recall why… Felt a bit stressed by seeing so strange pace on my watch so kept the pace from the lady in red singlet instead. Passing km5-mark in 20:01, which felt good, although felt a bit too fast (best 5K was achieved in training not that long ago and it was 20:21…and the feeling was definitely better than today!).

From km5 to 7, there was a group of younger guys running ahead of us as well as one more female runner (grey (?) singlet). Those guys ran making the race looking so easy and cool, which was very disconcerting for my little brain which was really fighting for continuing. I would not have stopped, although the idea crossed my mind 4 times during the race, but I definitely considered running slower. But something happens from km6 onwards as it is now counting down in my head for real, trying to match to distance I can remember. The sun was pretty hot, and a few more showers on the route would have been HIGHLY appreciated… Missed to drink at the second water-station and this was not good really. Arrived on the seaside, with more gravel or sand or stones, whatever but not asphalt… Not happy-me, really! Two of the guys are now left behind and one is having a pretty nice pace (looking at the pace here…) and I decided to keep behind him as long as possible. Cannot have been fun for him to hear me struggling with the breathing for a long while… The lady in red is now behind me and the one in grey as well. Not feeling too good about this as I am expecting them to pass me in the last minute. Reaching km9 and really, same feeling as last year: can it be ONLY one km left? It looks like pretty long. First curve right, good feeling, legs are still fine, second curve left and third one taken pretty well. I felt the two ladies coming closer, so kept the side and push as much as I could. But the lady in grey passed me in the next left curve and the one in red a few meters after. Seriously, I tried to keep up the pace but seeing all the way that was left, was not really fun. The worth being when the watch beeped indicating the 10th km mark and obviously there was a long way left… impossible to cope and get the grey lady, but I got a few meters closer to the red ones. 40 meters before the finish line I here my cheering squad saying that I am the 8th female and that Musse has won 🙂 Crossing the finish line, stopping the watch:41:10 (official time will be 41:09) for a good distance of 10.01km (and a “final km” of 1.26km…).

Close to the finish line...

Close to the finish line…

Smile on the face? For sure at the finish line. Indecent almost to say that there was lots of energy left. Definitely not for having reached a sub40 (although it was close), but for another 10km at a quite similar pace? Probably… New personal record for the 10K. Last official one was 43:31 on this same route last year (although it was then a bit less than 10K….) and inofficial one of 41:51 on the first 10K of Stockholm marathon in June. So Yippie? Yes! The route is not flat as it is advertised, there are lots of ups&downs. Surprising last year and this year as well. But better prepared!


Weather: 19ºC, Feels like 19ºC, 14 km/h W wind, Humidity 52% – well this is what my Garmin says. Being there during the race (!) I can tell that it was way above 22ºC. Sunny like a perfect beach day and windy for some parts

Food: before banana (1hr before) // right after: 2 bananas+3 water mugs+1 snacks bag // during: 2 Dextrosol @5km – 2hrs after: 2 grilled sausages+breads+2 large sweet drink

Gear: ADIDAS Supernova Boston, SOC sport-bra, sunglasses – shoes felt great. Could not hear my feet pounding the pavement now I realize…

16/ A good 16 I believe. Unsure whether due to the sun, the too fast start, the up&downs… but effortless it was not! Once again disappointing to have energy left at the end. Although would be nice to be able to cope with this pace for one more round… A bit more work to do to get under 41 and 40…

NOTE: Really cool to meet (in such a little race) jogg-buddies as well as club-buddies and people I have met in different places 🙂
NOTE: sunny weather is truly helping! But too sunny would probably require a cap next time
NOTE: Got my cheering squad on place and this is definitely something not to be underestimated. Will probably have them in two places next year 😉
NOTE: HR pretty high from start of the race… to be concerned?
NOTE: the km-marks were not in sync with the Garmin, (and not just mine…) so lap on each mark from km3. KM10 was pretty long… (1,26km)
NOTE: 10K is very short so should have a better disposition of the energy (or rightly said: do as planned and it will be better…) Pretty tricky to get some km under 4:00 when I truly believe there was some opportunities… Next time 🙂


Grilling with club-buddies, and then back home to prepare packing. Pretty tired in the legs, but realized that I have barely been sitting during all afternoon. 2 small pizza slices and later one cereals with oatmilk. Now all seems in place so time for resting. Pillow is waiting… More 10K to be run…

Malmö – 34 days to go…

Åsaloppet 10K day -1

(Was a bit short of idea for this post title, so back to basics…)

Bad night, difficult to fall asleep, awaken 2hours in the middle of the night, got done steadying done and then back to the pillow. Good day of work, lunch in good company and pasta with nice sauce, pork and mushrooms. A bit heavy and a lot, but it all went down… Went to the doc after work to check my Hb value and it appeared to be ok. Not to high but better. So just continuing with extra iron for a while. Got nice sunshine by mid afternoon, so when wad done with work I headed to the pavement.
Heavy legs at first, very strong headwind from km 2 to 4. Kept on running against the wind to ensure if it is a similar weather tomorrow, I am prepared! Easy pace really. Turned then back home, got much better feeling from km 5 (meaning “finally warmed up”). Ended into 8 km in exactly 40:00. Yapp, same for tomorrow, the difference being to squizze 2 more km in the same time… A nice 2:30 plank afterwards and stretching. Slight ache in the left hamstring. More stretch fine for it. Now relaxing. All gear are prepared. Just have to wait.

Åsaloppet… 1 day to go…

What difference a rest-day makes…

Early up and snoozing consequently several times the alarm until it got a bit late. Rest day today, therefore no rush for anything really…lots of free time to use, and how do you use free time?
Light breakfast of cereals, gojjiberries and soy milk, then of to work under a half sun shining and a nice temperature of 16°C. Long day at work, interrupted by a brief outing to get a sub-of-the-day (Italian BMT). Not funniest lunch, but would do. Lots of drinking today as well, water and blue fruits tea. Should probably cut on the black tea, but there is no green tea at the office… Then easy back home, a bit of rest and then out for dinner with friends. Yummy hamburger with oven potatoes, glass of white wine (I know, race is in two days and should probably not drink, but first glass of wine since… 2 months? Yes, it is not directly on my list of daily beverages!), orange juice for the rest of the evening and a wonderful chocolate cake with almonds…double yummy! Tea on the top.
Time to say good bye and good vacations and heading home. Pretty tired so directly to the pillow. Good rest day ending perfectly.

Good night!

Åsaloppet…2 days to go…

3 morning quickies

Up around 6:00am, I remained in bed and resisted to the temptation to jump into my gear. I had a morning run with a running-buddy so could not take this workout earlier. “Late” breakfast ? Nope, got my running gear on right after 7:00am, done a few preps for work and then left for warm-up.

A little longer than usual so I could meet A at the spot we agreed on. 3km easy run, then 10 minutes running drills and then 3more km warm-up until I met A on his way towards me. We ran easily to the start for our intervals, agreed on the intervals and off we went. Already sweaty before the first interval, the first 500m had my Garmin beeping wildly than we were too fast. Passing the first km was feeling good, and finally the second km as well. Good pull help from A, I could almost follow in his steps during the second half of the interval. 3minutes rest, discussing the respective race we will both have on Saturday and then it was time for the second interval. This time a bit slower start but still fast. No headwind as for the first interval, but sun shine on the back was highly appreciated. For the last 500m, I represented in my head the same distance at the Stockholm marathon, last straight line before entering into the stadium, 300m into the stadium, 200m last turn toward the finish line aaaaaaand the second interval was done. Felt good, slightly faster than the first one. 3min rest, chatting and little stretch. And then the third interval was to be taken. This one had a way-too-fast 100m start and became more stable after 400m. A was running faster than the first 2 intervals and I did my best to keep up…when looking at my watch and noticing we were quite fast already… no need to rush! Turn back at the 1km-mark and then run, run, run towards the starting point. Same feeling for the last 500m. Cool! Similar time as the previous interval. A bit of resting and chatting and then walking. Took another round for cool down, getting the nice offer to have a specific spot for water stop during my next long run (which is highly appreciated as it means I do not have to carry water with me J). Took the tram to a close-by tram-stop and then ran home the final km. Today’s run ended as follow: 6.42km warm-up, 3*2K intervals (pace of 4.04, 3.56 *2) with 3minutes rest and 3.23km cool down => total of 15.65km for the “3 morning quickies before breakfast”. Incredible to have pull-help in intervals, especially the the “puller” makes it look like so easy and that I am the one behind heavily breathing and trying to keep up… Not too much push for those intervals though as we both have saturday’s race. Have to plan similar workout session a week without race to really push to the max…

Well back home, had to rush a bit with shower, protein drink and biking to the office. Long day at work, late lunch (sub with turkey and plenty of veggies + ice cream) then afternoon snacks (not too healthy with a little pack of M&Ms peanuts and a vanilla bun, but seriously I was starving!). Drank lots of water and tea as well throughout the day. When time to get back home, the rain had started (again?) and I was having the completely incorrect clothing for the weather (summer dress and high-heels – which I traded for my running shoes… but still had to bike under the rain). Got some walk done to the massage place and enjoy a late but well-deserved thai massage. Surprisingly, I thought the calves would be pretty painful but no. The shoulders were! Still have a burning mark on the shoulders from Tuesday’s run and it ain’t fun to have clothe on it… The left thigh up to the hamstring had been painful during the day making me working a lot standing (as the ache is starting when I am in a sitting position…).

No need for help sleeping, the eyes are closing themselves…

Åsaloppet:3  days to go..