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Can’t you see me? I look like a freaking Christmas tree…

Ok. Silence is over. New laptop on my desk since three weeks. But time is not enough. Today happened something though. And I need to complain a bit.
Rewind: following Chicago I took a full running-free week. Body felt all good. The mind stated to complain by Saturday… As it felt all fine, especially for the calf,  then I started easy run again. Annoying few weeks with calf issue but now it looks better. Still issue to find time, but this is another story.
Back to this morning. Awaken at 2:38am by the coughing concert from E&T, could not sleep back and it felt pretty early (!!!) for a run. Waited 4:30am for light core exercises and then gear on for morning intervals. It felt chilly (8°C on my phone,  2°C on my watch…) hade decided “hard core” gear: shorts, 2 tshirts, arm and calve sleeves and neck warmer and bonnet. Felt all fine. Nothing much about the intervals but on the way back home,  I just got bumped by a car… From nowhere… and that disappear as fat as it came and hit me.  Pretty chocked. Got back home anyway and did check with the nurse what to do (basically nothing). Got to work and the carousel of meetings started again. Well back home again, prepared all for fajitas evening before heading out again. Chillier and even slippery at parts,  the run did go well.

So what about the post title? Well,  when the darkness fall into the city I chose carefully my heart so I can be seen. Fluo yello, pink,  green, blue, mix of all… Just pick and you’ll have one of my outfit. In the top of this,  LED on the skies and one on the arm. As I said I look like a freaking Christmas tree!  So how on earth could this car miss me and hit me?  Watch up, drivers. You are more dangerous than a elk crossing a motorway when you are not awaken and driving.
Surely ended fine as I apparently have no bruise. But still!

Time to rest. More running awaiting tomorrow.

Keep on running!

The stars, the soon-to-disappear Moon, the nightly skies, the sun rise…and me

4 hours of sleep ain’t optimal…I know… But at least had lots done before going to bed (late) and going up (too) early. The clock was supposed to wake me up at 6:30am, but the mind woke up slightly before 5am. And nope…was not well-rested. But definitely not possible to fall asleep again.

What was on the menu for today? 13km easy. Not a chance I do that with the form I felt. Will do one of the 8-10km morning runs instead…if I make it to 8km I thought. 7ºC outside, freezing just thinking of it, I opted for long tights and wind shield again. And on the top… a bonnet! Skipped the gloves though. Out, it felt chilly but nice. Off I went and the legs did not turn right as usual but left. OK, then. And what else? Not the harbours? nope. Took the dark alley instead. Good to have bikes now and then. Don’t feel too lonely. Easy peasy pace, reached the bridge without really noticing how and hop! I was the 54th bike (?) to pass over the bridge. Turn back and headed to the city. So nice to be on the bridge when the sun is showing itself shy and bright. OK, the body felt quite fine now. The 8km will be done but if heading home, I will cut the run to 9km and this does not “sound” good. So a little detour would be nice. Took the 14 to 19th km of Göteborgsvarvet and the legs seriously did not want to stop then. Felt really nice, but the stomach started to tell it was hungry (not often happening during a run btw). So turned back instead of pushing the run to 15km+ and nicely aimed back home. 13km. Job is done. Shared with an almost disappeared moon, only a few stars and the nice sun rise.

Quick breakfast, long warm shower and off to work. Good to have had a very painful massage yesterday (I start suspecting he does that on purpose!). The body feels good today. Will see if the 8-10km morning run can be turned into a 8-10km afternoon run instead 😉

Keep on running and great day to you! 🙂

The stars, the moon, the nightly skies and me…

The clock will now soon turn to 7. Was up early,  no computer from work (in case it would come the urge to start already at 4:30am…), legs a bit tired,  so seriously,  why waiting?
No crazy speed for getting dressed, even took long tights (7°C but felt a bit chillier) and hop! The pavement and the roads are mine 🙂 Easy pace,  testing this right hamstring which behaved really well on Saturday but was a bit tired yesterday (Monday) making me looking like a kind-of grasshopper on my chair… All ok but tired. Pretty dark and when I got to this straight bike path I just looked up to the skies and that felt so nice.  Sharing this with the stars, the moon and the dark skies above. Felt like running on a treadmill (!) which moves. Like having the road going under my feet and not me really moving. Nice.
Ok, turning back home meant having side boring wind but his training. Tried to keep my eyes opened because the mind was not really alert 🙂
Back home and quiet. Shower, getting myself ready, hanging training clothesto dry and now pancakes are on the table,  waiting for the monsters.

07:03am – time to brush those teeth and head to work. Soon. Was it three days ago I ran in Stockholm? … Nice with such a start for the day…

Race Report – Midnattsloppet – 2014 – 2014/08/23

Planned: 10K as temporun – training race
Actual: 10K @42:53 🙂 – place 18 all women (11th at the finish line), 4th in age category

Not the easiest/flattest/lightest of the route…. Got the kicks and rehab done in the morning. Spend the day wandering around and rush at the end to get prepared. Porridge around 7:00pm and shower to get ready at 8:15pm… Not too great preps this time. Got to set the hair up, prepared the shoes and double-checked the watch and the chip on the shoes. All set. Ran easy to the start using the last slope and final 1.5km of the route 🙂 Fun to see people cheering already, one saying that the first runner was already passing by (he he he, I wish!). Saw the final preparations for limiting the road and noted the wind in the final street… Fortunately the rain was not there. Had been raining cats&dogs a couple of time during the day, but now it was just lightly windy. Arrived 8:45pm at the start, figured out where the start 1A was (nothing looks the same when it is dark!), got a stop to the loo and…. Started to wait. Having friends meeting at the tram stop at 9pm I decided to go and check them out. Nice to meet a talk a bit before the race. Met Lennart as well from the club and then it was already 9:08pm…Maybe should try this thing called “warm-up”… Left with all the best luck and smiles and off to the start. Met Maria B (Hälle IF) warming up. This is her who won at Kungsbacka vintermilen last year J A few accelerations in the dark, found my plastic bag cover I had hidden behind a tree and then started the wait for the start…among the coolest gang of elite runners J Felt a bit misplaced, but what the heck… I did qualify for starting there (even if I am probably and by far the slowest of the group on a 10K 😛 ). And almost 5minutes to start aaaaand the heavy rain started to fall on us like crazy. Yeaaaah! Fourth time I run this race and everytime it has been a wet start. As long as the start is not delayed this year I think… right when the speaker announces that we have a 5minutes delay for the start… Can definitely see that HE is under cover when WE are under the rain… Not many smiles from the runners around me, I can tell. Doing a bit of jumping, moving a bit, smiling to the guys around me (and yes…the “misplaced” feeling does increase then!). When hearing 10 seconds to start… REALLY?!?!? Cannot he announce a countdown like…1 minute to start…30sec… and he even shout in the speaker “TWO SECONDS TO START”…

9:35pm – Start it is! Rushing as fast I can in the dark and I just see a thundering yellow on my right and a thundering green/black on my left. And off we went. Nice that the rain had kindly stopped before the start. We run onto a close to pitch black street and then turn and up the little slope. A wave of men with fucshia tshirts just burst passed me (the tshirt colour is the chosen one for this year’s race and all runners are to wear it – apart from elite who may if they want or choose to run in their club’s colours…which I chose 🙂 White singlet, black Moremiles shorts, black arm sleeves and Adidas Adizero Adios Boost Orange. A fast-like outfit :)). Back to the race. The long first straight line is going fine, tricky to check the pace as it is dark out there. Turning up right and then right again to reach km1. Lots of beeping on the first control matt… to start hearing cursing guys all around. So I lift my eyes from my feet (don’t want to walk on something or water or whatever and fall!) and see…small white plastic hurdles ahead of us!!!! WHAT IS THIS?!?!? All are rushing on the left of those…which is a VERY wet grass and then for the final 2-3 then most are running above those “plastic tubes” on the ground…which I decide to do…forgetting that I am probably 2m smaller than most of the guys here and then I actually have to JUMP (!?!?!) above those hurdles and on the last one, my foot step on something which is under the white plastic stuff and the left ankle shouted a bit. NOT A HAPPY ME then. (and no cursing from my side, but definitely not happy)… and it is only km1!!!! Continued the run and then left and it is downhill. Nice with some cheering (WOW, people came despite the rain!!!). and at the end of the street… a giant disco bowl is hanging high in the air…and all the floor is actually turning and bouncing and I already feel sick…like sea-sick! And it is the turning right then and thanks! The street-lights are back and normal after that! Straight and easy, if the first km went sub4, the second one will be far from it. But who cares? Nice and easy to km3. Had been passed by 2 women by now (all the elites are far away now…). I got a nice rhythm and let all the guys passing by. Feels like a marathon start. All are rushing, but I know there are 42km to go… Let’s them rush… Until the brain is waking up around km3 and remember it is only 10K to run this evening. Anyhow, the light fake slope to km4 is heavier that before. Nice to have no wind and no rain though. Reaching the water-station and taking an energy drink. Dropping half on the nice guy giving it to me and then just rinsing my mouth with the rest left and spotting out the whole thing (disgusting taste!). Getting back to the run and hearing MW cheering on the side (yes, I will try to catch up with #22 and see if he (?) is cute!) and the new slope is arriving. Nice and easy, easier than during training actually. The turn to km5 is great with music and hearing someone shouting my name is even better! Twice in less of a km 😛 Passing the 5K in 21:06. D*mn…. 6seconds slower than I wished… But continuing.

The first half was easy-peasy really. Passing a bunch of guys on the way to the slope. A bit of cheering from Magnus from the club (thanks!) and then just taking 2 dextrosol at km6 more for the fun of it (?!?!?) than because it is needed. The first slope feels a bit heavy but once again, being a female in the middle of males does call for some cheering. Which I get and thanks for it! Tricky to see who is cheering because it is SO dark. Anyhow, the scary hill to the first church is soon there and still not seeing the first elites passing… Yeaaaaah! I am not THAT slow anyway 🙂 Starting then the uphill and after the first turn, I see the first male runner crazily running downhill…closely followed by the other elites…and here came the first female runner and all others after… Just continuing listening to the cheer-leaders to the way up. Yes, I know I am almost on the top and some are slowing down…which makes me accelerating a bit (kind of). Have no clue of my pace by now. Just feeling all ok – training-like. Have seen Maria B going down on my way up. So I estimate she is 1km or so ahead of me… Sounds like a sub40 to me… Passing km7 and then turning around Masthuggetskyrkan…to get stopped almost by all the guys taking water or sport-drink at the station, trickily placed JUST after a turn and in the downhill on the other side of the Church 😦 And it is to bite it a bit, headwind for a short while and time to rush down. WHY ARE YOU SLOWING DOWN GUYS?!?!? I have to cut a bit on the left side for passing guys slowing down in the downhill… Not a chance I do that. I know how fast it can be taken. Down down down and fast fast fast. Not seeing anybody really on the way down, just passing people. And turning left to the next downhill… this one we have to run it on the pavement (which I think was stupid, because the street is much less slippery-like than the pavement…but I am not the one arranging the race…). And it is just fast and faster and almost fastest 🙂 It is now less than 2km and it is going nicely fast (not race-like fast, but good enough for today). Passing Andrej who is cheering my name (thanks!) and here comes the first of my best fans G parking on his kickboard and shouting to keep the pace up and all will be good J More of my name in the same street and then the final right turn towards the soon-to-come Church slope. Hearing a functionary cheering that I took the slope quite nicely earlier the first time (i.e. on my way to the start) so I just have to do the same now! Cool to be recognized in the dark! (then I remember I have my club outfit and not a fuchsia tshirt. Difficult to hide…). And the heavy(est) part of the race starts…almost; G has made it to the start of the hill for more cheering..Can’t let him down really! So rushing a bit more (ok, I noticed that I take smaller steps AND looking at my shoes then…) and seeing E&T on the right side…OF COURSE I am making a short curve out for some high-five J And a smile (as if it is not painful…). Passing the music band (sorry, did not noticed what it was for music…to concentrated on NOT stopping and walking). Now it is only a few meters to the end of this *#%!& hill and to the almost-final street. Not too many stopping, but several slowing down here – as expected. Gosh, this is heavy with those small slopes here and there. Getting to km9 and I am just dead tired… but ONE km is left. Just have to rush with the wave of guys around me…some just waking up at this moment…I am waiting for reaching the next street and the little downhill… and accelerating. OK guys, WHY are you slowing down in the downhills?!?!? I jump on the pavement and run there passing probably a bunch of guys there and then of course I have to take the external side of the right curve but who cares… I am almost done! And it is just not long at all. I feel the legs are burning (this chili cream is just killing me! Never getting warm-feeling when I need it). And turning right and it is not much left. On the way up the final slope I just feel like flying. Noting a few guys and deciding they won’t finish before me. Just rushing through the crowd and accelerating, hearing the kind and happy cheering of the guys I am passing…I am on a cloud and I see that the clock is not yet to 43:xx…JUST.A.LITTLE.BIT.MORE….Aaaaand YES! It is finished. Pressing the watch on 42:51. SOOOOOO glad to have made it under 43. The plan was under 45 minutes for this route. Even I ran this race two years ago right under 44 minutes, the route this year was tougher. So sub45 was a good to have. So sub43 was definitely a happy ending… Same as usual after the finish line: Medal, banana, water, cheering from guys around me (fun to hear one saying “I thought I could beat you but you were to strong at the end. How are you doing that?” J and another one just hugging me for the fun of running passed him (Hmmm OK, then!)). After that, just turn back and got more water and then pressed saved on my watch and started again the clock for running back home. Easy peasy pace. Ready for running 3 times the distance already run…. Yapp, have to work on the “being-tired-at-the-end-of-a-10K-race”.

Official time: 42:53


Weather: 12ºC, Feels like 12ºC, 8 km/h SSW wind, Humidity 88% (form Garmin). Nice in the air at start, heavy rain for 5minutes before the delayed start (just to make us wet?!?!? Is that part of the plan?), dark in the skies

Food: Grahamsporridge + banana+soymilk @7:00pm, 2 bananas + water right after the race, risotto+Italian sausage 1.5hr after
During: Dextrosol 2@km2&6 (most to wake up…) and mouth-rinsing with sport-drink
Gear: Moremiles short shorts (3), MIK white singlet, black arm sleeves. Real nice to have the arm sleeves when it rained before the start. Might have been a bit chilly otherwise. Shoes were nice and well-suiting…and fast J

Shoes: ADIDAS Adizero Adios Boost – Orange

14/ tricky again to set an effort on this one. Definitely above the normal-workout-effort, but not much more. Of course a bit higher on the way up to the church, definitely a 15 for the last Church 250m-slope, but despite the final 300/400m being fast, the effort then was not more than strong 13. Just running on adrenaline and happiness by then! J

Knee pain: 0/5 – YIPPIE! All good. The body felt all fine and ready for running. 


NOTE: One more good training race. Better shape that in the previous 10K-race, feeling good just. Once again could the preparations be a bit better (like shower and clothing 45minutes before the start was maybe a liiiittle late for concentration or so…). Warm-up was a little better this time, but could have definitely run 3 more km for being really warm before start. Should have kept my plastic cover on before the start to skip being all wet…. Good to have skipped the music in the ears (dangerous in the dark and in a race!). Great with so many people running as it gave a lot of pull at the end and through the race (well, did not use it during the race, but definitely at the end!)

NOTE: Running in the dark is fun, but racing in the dark ain’t my favorite and far from it. Especially when raining and slippery. Really dangerous I think. Have not fallen, but the ankle slip of the km1 made me a bit scared for the rest of the run… All went fine though.

NOTE: The pre-run done yesterday was on heavy/tired legs and it might have been this during the race as well. No excuse. Just checking how the legs are lately. Probably some rest to plan within short…

…and some still do it in the dark, over a bridge…twice…

What a nice long night of sleep can do on the body is underrated. Woke up before the birds (he he he!) and quietly changed to my running gear for an easy early morning recovery run. Still dark outside, but my guess is that it won’t take long before the light starts to show up in those early 5am-runs… Already turned right instead of the planned left, then aimed to the bridge instead of to the harbours and started the bridge with nice easy pace and fit legs. The temperature felt pretty nice despite being on the bridge. 19 bikes had been passing the bridge when I ran the first time. Over the little bridge and down and back on the other side. Liiitle heavy start on this side, but reached the top after running on the top of the toes, so…heavy is good! The watch beeped on the top and it was just to run down easy-peasy. Passing under the bridge, starting easily to run up…considering whether to cut it for today and run back home oooooooorrrr…. continuing the bridge (of course, by the time my reasoning was finished, I had crossed half the bridge already…). By then there was 23 bikes that had passed the bridge… same procedure as before (I really like this bridge and doing it twice is double-fun!). Then it was time to cut the fun a bit and run back home. Still controlled pace liiiitle acceleration at the end (cannot help it…the legs do decide sometime!). Still quiet, time to get those pancakes done as promised yesterday. Added black sesame seeds in it and it looked really fun.

5 pancakes and a tea later, it was time to get ready for work 🙂 Meeting meeting and meeting and then back home. Quick lunch (had red meat to ensure my little red cells are building up correctly 😉 and then moooooore meetings. Suggestion of the day: “back-to-back” training does have a certain appeal and indeed can be good AND fun to do. BUT “back-to-back” meetings are leaving you and your brain in a very high level of tiredness so you have to ensure to have the window opened to get fresh air in!

Completing the day with the second half of the core&stability workout (yes, the dreadful “core” part… not really dreadful, but when done after a whole day work, ball pikes are NOT that appealing… are they ever any appeal, btw?…

Still a bit of evening left for cosy reading and chilling out. Early morning tomorrow too…Yippiiii…


NOTE: tested my new blue leg sleeves today…under a long tights. OK, maybe not optimal, but it felt quite fine. Have been washing them and they look pretty smaller now. Good my calves aren’t too big, but I think they won’t last long. From Monday running with the black ones, it felt quite fine on Tuesday. Although the run was not that much more than a recovery one. Will see to have one pair during the quality run later this week or during the long run…more to say…

Snow, Rain…I do NOT welcome Thee…

Long day today and worth having a few minutes to write about it…

Late start (I guess?) with hitting the road @5:30am (yaaah, the clock rang from 4:55am…). Had planned to run in my “fashion victim outfit” (read: winter underwear + short shorts on the top), but seeing that it was a little rain falling, I skipped the idea and took regular long tights and the rain jacket. Good GREAT choice! Because the drizzling rain from when I crossed the door turned into a light rain after a few 100m. Was too focused on putting one foot before the other at this time. By km3 my fingers were officially cold AND I was REALLY annoyed by the rain that decided to fall RIGHT into my eyes (of_course_!). Headwind on the top of it (of_course_!) AND turned into snow flakes after a while (of_???? course!!!). So recap: rain, wind, snow… yes you got it: slush after km4 was everywhere. And my wind gloves were no longer protecting against anything (originally this is against the wind (therefore they are cold “wind-gloves”), but with rain and snow, they aren’t of much help…). Took really easy, had planned a 6min tempo and turned out into a 5:30-tempo. All good for a real-easy-recovery-run. By km10 I had discussed with myself (I do that sometimes while running…) and agreed that I would get to the hills and see how it felt before starting the serie. OF COURSE it felt good (ok, not the fingers, because by then I could already not feel most of them and had difficulty to stretch and change the music… I am not talking about the tricky part of pushing the buttons lap and start on my Garmin…). 10 times up&down until the red door 🙂 nice flying feeling which was just tainted at the end by the fact I could no longer FEEL I had fingers. So skipped the 1-2km planned for cooldown and took the direct way home (without passing by START…). Had to bite my gloves off my hands, pull my home key out of my inside pockets, (here I am not proud of what will follow…) took off my shoes in a really bad way (but seriously…fingers – shoes – fingers – shoes… OK, I choose fingers!), DIRECTLY to the bathroom under….HOT WATER (yes, for you who have done that before you understand the terrible and stupid mistake… for you who have NOT tested this, I strongly advise NOT to do it!) Turned out to burn even more (and therefore the tears, the shouting and really not thinking straight… Then it was the shower part (have you tried EVER to take off your clothes with frozen fingers?…). Took ca. 10minutes to stop yelling (by this time it was mostly in my head the yelling!) and then a few more minutes to get back to (almost) normal. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START A DAY!!! Quick breakfast and headed to the office (of course it started to rain after 500m but this time the mascara stayed a bit better…)

Long day at work, especially three meetings in the same room with bad ventilation. So when getting back to my place, took a banana and an apple and really did not feel like running AT ALL. Well back home, took only a short time before jumping into my running gear and deciding to go for my interval workout (which was planned for yesterday, but could not do it as taking into consideration the blood giving…). Heavy legs during the warm-up (yeaaaah, good start…), the final accelerations felt like worse than ever (they always do, but today was even worse). A bit of stretching aaaaaand off I started. Too fast as usual, and then too heavy and then slowing down. The second interval is worth talking about: was pulled (!) by a skater during a bit more than half and passed him after that, making my fastest km since this autumn by 4 seconds… Of course (there are lots of “of course today”…so much logic in this world…) the following km felt heavy and slow BUT the one after that… became my fastest km ever since… a few minutes before… which made me happy. By now I had no choice (?) but turning back and run the 4 last intervals back home. 3 heavy intervals and then…taaaaadaaaaa… (took 10sec extra of rest…) and got to the EVER fastest km by 2 sec (since a few minutes before). So yes, it was a real tough session, was expecting tough and got some! So nice average for the run BUT not satisfied really because it was SO difficult to have a steady pace throughout the intervals. It is indeed easy to start fast, slow down and then increase back to fast at the end. This does not make it as a good interval (in my mind), but probably a fast one. Would be good to have a running buddy able to keep me from doing that during those “short” long intervals. A bit surprise with this outcome as well, due to the blood giving yesterday (and yes, I do think a bit that it was not too smart to do this run so close to the bloodgiving, but was soooo longing after running a bit faster than the (necessary) recovery runs I have had the past two weeks…

Summary of the day: 2 runs, hills, intervals, rehab and nicely tired. Just have to aim for the bed now and all will be solved by the time I wake up.

(and yes, I was SO glad that I did not have the same weather this evening because it would definitely not have ended that well…)

So You Think You Can Talk?…

(yes, I can do a whole serie of “So You Think You Can…” :))

Early bedtime does not necessarily mean good night’s sleep. Following the suggestion of M, I did listen to an app making me to sleep. Well, I was really tired, so unsure the app helped a lot, but what I can tell is that I did not hear the lady voice counting no “6” (she was counting down 10 to 1). ALl good you may say? Well, not really. Woke up a bit feverish after midnight, cramp in the stomach and rushing to the bathroom was not an option but a necessity. Never happen really to just throw up in the middle of the night. So no it was not funny. (Or was it the lady voice hypnotising me and saying that I had to do that?…). Hummm, tried to get back to sleep. Not working. Listening to the app? not working (I did hear the whole countdown and the whole session as well until it stopped. Was even wondering if I should run it twice to have an effect…).

But when the clock rang @4:55am, the brain was happy, the throat was fine (did I say that I tried the 1tsp whisky, 3 tsp honey and a dash of lemon + warming the whole disgusting thing and getting it down the throat. THEN I noticed that tsp was teaspoon and not tablespoon…). Anyhow, no scratching throat meant “good to run”. Hitting the pavement @5:30am has its charm. Having DJ Eclipse music in the ears at the same time is the moment of the day I like. Just rolling… (ok, just running…). Decided for an easy 10K, then @km5 I turned right to the little slope and got to the 12K and then by km6, took a run around a block raising the bar to 14K. Hmmm, so nice feeling. Even passing beside the bakery factory was nice (aka they did not bake the cinnamon buns this time, but another thing that was smelling yummy…). All went really fine, so decided to include drills as well (and once again, planned to do it @km8, (but I was then under a little bridge) then km9 (but it is so close to km10…) and then km10 (not a chance I stop this nice pace…) and km11 (nope. Not stopping at an odd km-number…) SO it turned out to be km12 that had the honour to be the start of stretch and drills session. Still a bit unsure what drills are best to do, so included indian jumps, butt kicks, forward kicks, crabs and the whole thing twice (with light jog or walk between each drill). After that, the plan was to get right back home, but took the right side of the block and pushed the run to 15km 🙂 Nice start for the day, I would say.

It is only after I got back home that I noted that something was a bit odd. As my throat was a little rusty and scratchy yesterday, I had 2 neck warmers during the run (a bit overkill you may say, but it was actually nice to have it warm there). Tried to talk… not a sound… Got a hot shower…tried to talk…still no sound… rushing to my mobile to sms work-colleague and find a backup plan for the 3-hours session I had planned this morning. Not working so had to postpone it to next week and after that worked from home with regular hot tea with loads of honey in it (I took the green tea with ginger and honey… plus extra honey… Hope this will work…)

By lunch time, the voice was back (a little) but the scratching too 😦 Enough voice for a friend chat and got some boost for both training and work. Rest of afternoon sitting on Pilates ball in meeting (so the bum is resting a bit from hard chair sitting!). Call from the doc indicating all looked good in the test apart from too high (!) blood value and level of iron. So had a new test done to check another thing. But good news was that the iron level was higher (ok, too high, but higher is better than lower…). After that had planned to go and give blood as the doc indicated it was fine. Stupidly forgetting my ID card, I could not give any 😦 Drop-off my faulty contact lenses and then ran to training arena to meet my coach F2F (never met but after three races and training camp). Nice to exchange ideas and got an additional rehab exercise. Then ran back home, ate quick a soygurt with cereals and honey and then time for rehab. Changed a bit with less reps (10 instead of 15) but doing two series. Way better and felt easier a bit (especially the swiss ball curl one leg!).

Rooibos tea with lots of honey and time for bed already arrived… Training program settled and indeed Paris is at the corner!!!

(btw… the voice is almost back but gosh! the scratching is killing me 😦

Weekly update? Rehab, rest, more rehab, more rest…ooooh and a bit of running, and stress and…

(Week 030214-090214)
Had expected a busy week…turned out to be a crazy one… which is the reason for having a long full-week post instead of small daily updates.

Let’s rewind to Monday – this is still week 1 after marathon, so keeping the running to the lowest, agreed with that (!!!) and to have some alternative training to keep the body active. Well this latter part is just NOT working. I cannot just jump on my bike if I wake up @5am and no gym in the neighbourhood where I could just pop in at this time of the day… Swimming? apart from jumping in the channel, I could not see any alternative as the swimming pools do not open before 6:30 or 7am…. (WHO sleeps so late really?!?!?). Anyway, having this said, Monday went quite smoothly, lots of preps to do, got a deep massage and a late lunch. The day passed without really noticing it and then it was time for the strength session of the week. Got the rehab exercises incorporated in it. So all-in-all, Monday was a good (rest)day.

Tuesday started early – could not just stay in bed after being awaken for a while so 5:19am 🙂 I had already hit the pavement for a r.e.a.l.l.y. s.l.o.w. run. Tried to keep low pulse, and at this pace, that was no challenge. Great to start the day this way, the legs wanted it really (and yes the brain did benefit from a bit of fresh air). Temperature of +4ºC, just great really and this was the first time (of many…) this week were I considered having my shorts on. Try to keep the flattest route as possible, which means quite a boring outing. But this is ALL for the good of the body, right? Then the day went on with meeting, meeting ooooh and one more meeting, lunch with friend, prep for meeting aaand more meeting and finally ending the day with a …meeting (do you see a pattern here?…). Extremely tired and with the worse headache, I just went back home and lay down with wet towel on the forehead. Would have given my kingdom (if I had any…) for a quick run in the evening… Instead I did my rehab session including the golf ball. Strangely, the golf ball is not really painful. BUT the side of the hips ARE. Crazy pressure points showing pain ALL-THE-WAY… so of course I stop pushing them when it hurts…actually, I don’t! I push until the pain is disappearing and this sounds really like “searching for pain”, but if this is necessary to have it gone…just do it then! Regarding the rehab, have set a plan for 25 days (until Paris) so to cut into few parts instead of seeing it as daily routine (yes, it might turn into daily routine, but right now, I cannot run, so better having some objectives set on something else to keep my sanity of mind 😉 )

Late up on Wednesday, went directly from bed to rehab (and late means 6:20am…). Good to have this done before work. Real good meetings in the morning, nice lunch with friend and then final preps for presentation and meeting with worldwide colleagues in the afternoon before aiming back home. Pretty tired. Have been feeling dizzy since Monday from time to time. Have thought it was the air at the office or the wonderful mix I take like 3 times a year (cappucino+hot chocolate), but nope. No reason. Could be stress but generally this is translated into heavy stiff shoulders. So more sleep maybe? yaaaa, probably, but this does not explain dizziness+headaches. Anyway, took a bit of air in the evening when picking up E: missed my tram and the next one was 6minutes after, so decided to walk to the next stop. By then I had a good warm-up, change my course and headed to the pick-up place instead… reaching it way before the tram I was supposed to take arrive. So yes, my 2-pence advice? walk (at a good tempo) – it is WAY faster than waiting for the tram-taking-it, being transported to your destination… Late bedtime as had a lot to jungle with, among other things final rehearsal for Thursday presentations, cleaning and clothes hanging and oooh yes… a birthday cake to bake…

So when the clock rang @4:15am on Thursday, I actually had slept only…… ok, a few hours. So not yet reached the deep sleep pattern, it was ok to go up, get dressed and aim for the street again. Soooo nice to run in the morning fresh air. Had rained during the night and it is the nicest feeling to breathe such air. Got once again a bit boring flat route, but slightly faster than Tuesday, without effort nor thinking (OK, I did think about what shape I was drawing in the street while running and actually from the turtle-shape I had planned, it turned out into an antelope upside-down …. yaaaa, I know… all for occupying the mind….). Followed directly with the rehab… Indeed, for this particular Thursday I would have wished to have 37 hours to get all done, but unfortunately my order was not delivered in time and still had only 24 hours to make it work… Fastest shower ever, dress and then birthday wake up. Then all pretty fast, going to work – work-work-work and then back home. Work stress back – hot tab not helping at all, quick drink with colleagues to say goodbye to one of us leaving to another department and then finally birthday celebration in a Corean restaurant. Good to aim for the bed this evening, I can assure you…

Friday started a bit dizzy, still stress from work, but less. Having no running to counterbalance, it is pretty tricky I would say. Lots of work done, checking as well for rehab and starting to realize that Paris was not THAT far away… Cosy evening including rehab in front of a movie 🙂 One more full-rest day. Been checked by the doc for having a health certificate for Paris and passed. A bit of tests to be run for the dizziness, could be missing vitamins or iron or whatever… of course, missed the last pick-up for the test so had to come back on Sunday morning…

You may expect that the weekend would be easy and peaceful then… you cannot be more wrong. Saturday was a busy one. Up with the light (actually BEFORE the lights in the sky), got my new shoes on and then aimed for an easy run. Felt pretty slow in my head but when checking the clock it was way faster than planned. Stopped after 6km for some drills (nice to do 🙂 and then moved along doing a nice circle-like route. 16km – longest run since Dubai. HR a bit higher than previous run, but this time 1) I did not focus on having a slow pace and 2) did not think about having a low pulse neither. After the bit stressful-crazy-busy week, I consider that a bit of higher HR is fine. Rehab done right after. Then started the beginning of the day 🙂 Pancakes for breakfast, talk about training and then preparation of evening with guests. Gosh, what this day felt long and busy. But so nice ending it this way 🙂

Sunday‘s start was thanks to a siren of a car beeping in the morning (otherwise would have gladly stayed in bed!). Change to running gear (yaaaa… always have it ready on the sofa does help in the morning, when you need some convincing…). Got to run a bit everywhere, finally taking a few km from Sylvesterloppet (ran in December) and then the final km of Göteborgsvarvet (to be run in May again). All under drizzling rain, which was pretty nice and refreshing. All monsters up when I got back home so did my rehab before breakfast and it was already time to go to the doc for taking the tests. Waited a bit after that for G, but it took too long time so skipped it in order to ensure the logistic for the rest of the day could hold! Drop-off at soccer practice, a bit of shopping (spiruline and linseed oil), lunch at Subway and then time to go back home. By then, T and I were pretty tired so went for a nap while the other small ones played more soccer. One hour nap later and had to check what I had purchased for disgusting things. The oil is just repulsive to drink and the spiruline is having this abominable colour (thanks for its lack of taste and smell!). So it went down but I seriously doubted it would STAY there! Easy rest of the afternoon and now it is dark and feeling like night… Have to get ready for a new week starting… Hopefully with way more run, still rehab and rest and skip the stress…

Week summary? pretty simple as the title of the post indicated: lots of rest, lots of rehab, way too much stress and way too little running. Good that the weather is better (sorry kids! the snow is gone and adults are happy for that!). A bit tricky to compensate the little running by something else this week. Have to find a “backup plan” for future rest weeks! But I think that it was good to have this rest. High hamstring (if this is what it is meant by my “thigh/bum muscle”) feels better (or at least not worse). But it is just there. Like this AC-noise you notice when entering a room and that disappear after a while. You just do not notice it, but it is still there…until you notice it again! SO… had time as well to look at the next races and it just feels SO EXCITING really. Rehab is boring, rehab is necessary…let’s continue then!

OMG! Paris…21 days to go!!!


Week 0 or time to fix this pain in the butt…


Summary week 20140129-20140202

Wednesday felt miserable. Snow everywhere, back to work starting to sink in (well, it did since Monday, but Wednesday if half-way through the week, right?…). Remained on “Rest” mode as a bit unsure what to do really. The snow ain’t my enemy but ain’t my friend either… Fully enjoyed (almost?) my massage at lunch time. Good to have a short break from early work start and planned to be late work. Back and shoulders were all good. Coming to the lower right side, bum and thigh felt fine as well (of course, there are pressure points which are generating nice pain, but overall felt fine). The calf was a bit sensitive, but considering I recently ran a marathon… you got the picture!). On the left side however, it started fine for of course getting to the trigger points which are PAINFUL (and here I mean PURE pain). Side of the thigh and hip felt similar (yeaaaaay! 😦 ). We checked the right adductor as well and the recommendation was to massage and do pressure from time to time. Evening spent checking a school as well and then bedtime to catch up on some sleep (apparently the sun tan makes me look tired…).

So I started Thursday well rested and with a short real easy recovery run in the freshly fallen snow/slush/icy parts. Of course it was enjoyable to be moving those legs, but really? did I run a sub3-marathon less than a week ago when I can barely move forward in a decent pace in all this slush all around?!?!? And nope, I did not make any effort to increase the pace because 1) it is NEVER fun to run in snow/slush and 2) my anti-slip under my shoes felt like not keeping in place correctly so I had to attach them back a couple of time until km9 when I got bored, took them off and ran on half-slippery pavements (BUT at least the legs felt like normal again!). Pretty easy pace, tried to keep HR under 75% of max (and not knowing my max pulse, I can set the “75% of max” to whatever I want 🙂 good to be back on track, I thought. No pain, little sensitive calf, but could be whatever. I decided as well to call for help to the French community here and got suggested to meet C, French physiotherapist who could meet me right the same day. This was brilliant, because I could not get time to any physiotherapist I called before that. The verdict was pretty simple: “Why did you wait to come and being checked?..:” (…whatever…). He checked the bone structure stuff, nothing was misplaced (which is a good sign, right?) meaning this was all muscle-related (which is a less good sign, right?). His diagnos was as follow: – chronic tendinitis ischial tuberosity (left side) – this is my “thigh/bum muscle pain that has been coming on and off for a year or so, tendinitis adductor (front – right side) – this is the strange pain that popped up twice since Dubai and tendinitis level of insertion of quadriceps (right side) – a bit unsure here, but there was definitely some pain… Well, the good news is that despite having a chronic tendinitis, he suggested it could not be too “advanced” as I could run and it was going on and off. Despite this, it was high-time to fix it. Serie of suggestions: rest (!), MTP, voltaren (!), voltaren pack w/plastic film overnight (!), shockwave, stretch, ice, golfball massage 😦 Regarding the Voltaren part, I felt already I would not do it after having had this not recommended. Amplified by S telling it was a big “no no” for those tendons. For the “rest”-part, of course it may be better with some rest, but having had some rest during the past year and not noticing any difference nor improvement, this will be on the list but like “as usual”. Deep tissue massage and stretch definitely on the list. Golf ball massage is not my favourite, but if I have to go through this to get rid of this pain, so be it! Shockwave therapy has not been proved being good nor bad for the (high) hamstring tendinitis (HHT), so I will wait before this. SO, ended with a session including back manipulation, extreme stretches and recommendation for more rest. Which I am taking seriously because if there is a moment this year I can settle for some rest, this is this week 0.

Friday felt like too early starting with early meeting, and then cancelled meeting, replaced by another meeting, lunch with nice company and more meetings in the afternoon. TGIF! The day ended with more snow and seriously (I am very serious in this post…) I am pretty fed up with this weather… Easy-cosy evening and more rest.

Saturday was under the “rest” sign. Yes, it burns every inch of the body not to go out for a run (I even could consider using what A called the “hamster-mill”… yes, sounds desperate, and I might feel this way!). Took non-inflammatory tablet in the morning and took cold treatment as well. Despite the lot of walking, it felt … nothing! The left hamstring was exactly in the same shape and the right one. By mid-afternoon I felt pretty tired so took a hot bath, more ice treatment afterwards and 1,5hour of sleep later… did feel like more sleep would be great to have! Long talk to get some thoughts out of my mind, get some suggestion on running and overall having a long nice discussion… Cooking then and watching tv before bedtime. Rest day… I think I might have reach my limit here…

Up with the birds (which are probably in warm Africa now, but still wake up early…), I aimed for an easy run on Sunday morning. After having spent Friday evening in front of cosy movie and surfing on all what google can provide about hamstring tendinitis and how to solve this,… I decided to settle for flat route. Nice in the air, I was a bit sceptical about the twinkle little stars on the pavement…ICE! so carefully run back and forth and yes, running along the water is NOT a good idea, when icing is in progress. Spent the rest of the day at G&E indoor athletics competition so when reaching home late afternoon, I needed to shake a bit my legs and ran a double run (same as this morning – slightly faster but without really doing it on purpose). This evening was however way more icy on the pavement and had to be extremely careful with my running (or almost walking…). Anyhow, just finished now all the clothes folding, preparing for tomorrow’s breakfast and time for joining Morpheus has arrived.

Full rest week… time to get this pain in the rear disappear for good really! Have settled for taking another easy recovery week (week 1) which anyway was planned to have a minimal mileage of running. But will see how the legs and body feel. Alternative training like indoor bike is almost as boring as dreadmill-running… But if it is the cost to pay to get this butt right… Will start with a rest Monday and deep tissue massage again. Sounds nice and enjoyable, but I promise that it will be far from it. Once again, price to pay for getting it fix, I am happy to do it.


Stop trusting your ears and listen to your eyes instead…

Tricky night. In bed around 10:30pm, took a while to finally fall asleep but then the rain woke me up…thought it must be around 3-push and if though it would be as good to go up…but no, the clock indicated 11:27pm… Disappointment! Back to sleep (easier said than done…) and then it was really time to go up…4:35am…10 minutes earlier than the clock. Still ok. Took half an hour to get ready and kind-of waking up. Had my new cool army blue tights on as well as compression socks for the still light sore calves. Massage pre-run with warmup chilli cream and rain jacket on before flying away 🙂
Soooo nice it was to run at a normal pace again. Tried not to be too excited about it though… Pretty easy pace under the city lights, light and refreshing wind. Great. If only I would have listened to my eyes and skipped the rain jacket…Too much rain had fallen during the night, impairing my ears (and judgement for clothes).



Did my rehab exercises after this early morning run and then enough time for breakfast (enjoyed 2 croissants and warm chocolate oat milk…yummy) and be at the office by 8 🙂

Lunch of veal with double portion of potato puree, drank a few tea mugs as usual and then it wad time to get back home again.
A bit tired it was as good to get directly out for intervals otherwise they would never be done… Dressed lighter than this morning and of course, got some rain at the end of the warm up and first two intervals. But ok. More drizzle, right 🙂 Have never done that many reps of 400s, not too easy, but really enjoyable (yes, it was enjoyable!). Cool down went in the streets around home to get a round figure 😉
Shower, protein drink and just had to wait for fish en papillotes and after cosy storytelling, it is now time for bed. Will be sleeping good I think!

Long Run + Recovery Runs = Ultramarathon over the weekend :D

And this was Sunday evening already… Seems like it was last week’s Sunday was yesterday. Some weeks pass so extremely fast you cannot see they have even been there…

Saturday started pretty early (3:45am to be exact) with an alarm clock remind me to go up and take my breakfast before my long run. Would have gone out directly, but really… 3:45am?… so breakfast with oat-porridge, blueberries, banana and goji berries and oat-milk and back to bed 🙂 Of course it is never easy to fall asleep again, this time was no exception…and when you are so deep back in your sleep again…of course it is time to go up again. Took a long 30 minutes (!) to get ready, double-check the workout on my watch, filling in my camelbak and ensuring I would have my gels. Skipped the LED on the shoes and had them on the front and back of the camelbak instead. Running with 1.5l water does make one feel like a camel… Took easy 8km warm-up and during this time realized the route I planned would give me a headwind on the fast parts of the long run… Asch, as long as it is not like two weeks ago…can be handled then! Got into the fast intervals part and seriously, starting with strong headwind when you try to reach a fast pace ain’t fun. So for the 4 last reps, I did them back and forth instead… Pretty smart, Uh? Well, did not count on the side wind coming from the water through the crossing streets… Almost all my plans for having tailwind on the fast parts and headwind on the slow parts fell into pieces, having now side wind on both parts 😦 Took a necessary pit-stop before ending the serie and then off over the bridge on slow pace… and slow it was! Had to stop at a moment as I could not even move forward due to the strong headwind… Then it was time for a fast bout again. So the choice was : 1) slight downhill slope with light/medium headwind OR 2) take the tram to the final station and get the slight uphill slope with no/little tailwind… Checking the tram which would need 22minutes to even come to this station… No choice at all then! 22 minutes was what this bout should take! So surely with light head wind the fast bout was completed (with a brief stop right at the end as the tram I was supposed to take was crossing my street…). Easy pace close to boring and then time for another fast part (Yippie! says the head – A bit tired, you know say the legs…). Of course once again got headwind on the first half and this wind is always disappearing when it is time to have it pushing me in the back… Real easy part again and time for the fun part of the run (there always should be some!) with speed-work. OK, the legs were not too fresh any more, but for some fun, there is always some strength left! And finally the last 2km of the long run… Too close to the race week for pushing more on those two so decided to take the tram home when getting to a tram-station. Of course (so many of course this day!) the 2km were completed between two stops and by reaching the next stop it was missing 600m to get up to 39km… Easy walk to the bakery for morning croissants, walk home under the rain (had promised not to run after the long run…) and rest for the day after that. Could not directly handle a cold bath for recovery of the legs, but got a hot/super cold shower on the legs instead (and that was way enough!). Rest with legs up for a while and chill out for the afternoon ahead. Started with the lights of the city and the darkness of the skies, noticing the light out after 18km and finishing with cloudy skies and light rain… A bit of sunshine would have been good! This was a very good last run and looking back at how the prep for Dubai went last year during the month of January, it is more than happy I went to bed this day 🙂

Sunday‘s sleep in until 7am (!) was a treat 😉 Later breakfast and then in the gear for a recovery run w/G, his pace. Really slow pace it was especially after 4km when he started to get really tired. Got some walking parts and even did some drills for a km. But all in all a great recovery run at a slowslowslow pace…Dropped him home to get T. Was a bit scared (!) when the first 500m got at a pace of 5:35/km or so… but endurance was not on the menu this day 🙂 second bout was 300m and then easy jog home. This was way enough for one day and for me it was the slowest ever recovery run. Once again, this was promised to do it slow… Reaching the evening the legs really felt like running again, so took on my gear again and got myself under a drizzling night sky for a second recovery run. Way more boring than in the morning when the sun was shining and the company was great. This time the legs would have like to go way faster, but the mind did the extreme effort to stop this. Had to stop half way to empty my stomach as my dinner did not want to stay there. Too much or heavy, too close to the run probably. After that, felt a bit lighter and got a little faster end, but still really slow. Rehab exercises done in front of evening movie and it was time to get to bed (again…).

Summary of the weekend: 57+km which would qualify for an Ultramarathon, right? 🙂 A bit tired mainly in the head after the runs, the body felt really fine. Apparently Friday tough massage did have some results (so far) as the left hamstring did not hurt, and only made itself reminded by a blurry feeling which is not existing on the right side. All ok, I would say.

Summary of the week: New weekly volume record with 130+km. New year looks like starting well so far. Let’s hope it does continue this way.

Time for bed now… Tapering is soon starting 🙂

Dubai: 18 days to go!!!

30 hours and 40km later…

Time to get back to work today. Therefore awaken early (read: 4:55am) and up within a few minutes afterwards (yap, there are days like that!). Gear on, quick check at the temperature (2°C…), music on and off I left. Pretty easy pace, light wind during a few km, only few people met (and none of them were smiling…), a few hills and a starting ache in the front of the left tibia (yeay…). Back home after 15km, thorough stretch and a plank to complete the run…and it was time to prepare breakfast before school and work.

All day long working and then time to prepare for early dinner (risotto with salsiccia, yummy!) and a bit of rehab before bed should do the trick.

Yesterday was recovery runs-day. Easy pace, two runs, the second one including thorough stretch and drills. So yes, took approximately 30 hours to get from “Happy new year” to after-run “Gainomax and banana”. But tomorrow will be rest day. A real one and for the whole 24 hours…

Time to get a bit of energy before starting the tapering down…

Earth, wind and water week (still 120+km)

(Week 231213-291213)
Some may call it Xmas week as well…

After a quick heavy weekend, time for an easy Monday with low pulse running. Got longer than expected but that is all ok, right, as long as you are having fun 😉 This was a nice start for the week. Had to format my mp3 and reload all my music. But to my surprise the sound was locked to a maximum (and of course this was discovered DURING the run…). Anyway, this run was qualify as “extremely easy” on the effort scale. Good for the next day…

Tuesday was without program as well. Wanted to get some speed under my feet so decided to copy a workout done 5 weeks before Berlin, aka time intervals (3*(4-3-2-1)). Started with an easy warmup but by km2 the head wind was already quite strong. Nothing to fear though, in normal circumstances… By km3 it was so strong that I use my “lazy card” and decided NOT to run my intervals facing the wind. Waited 9 minutes for a bus to bring me 15km from home. Done drills while waiting (as well as stretching and singing and a bit of dancing 🙂 ). 20 minutes later I was running a short bout before getting ready for my intervals. Did not bother changing the pace for the intervals since Berlin training… but a bit of improvement has been noticed since and with some tail wind helping… those intervals were gold. First serie went fine, 10sec on avg faster than the fastest expected, but easy and good feeling. The second serie was slightly tougher, the 3minutes- interval being as usual the toughest. After completing the second serie I wondered whether to continue with the third serie or to skip it and run easy back home (well, being 10km away from home it would have been a long cool down…). Started the last serie, voluntarily slower (or “more controlled”). The 4minutes was ok, but the 3minutes was real tough (still got it slightly faster than in serie 1). The last 2minutes got a real push and for the last 1minute, OF COURSE (!) the wind has stopped blowing and I got to run it to the fastest I could and was really satisfied after that (OK, it took 2 minutes to get my breathe back and the tears out of my eyes, but for a 3:16 pace I think it was more than worth it!). Still far from home, got a nice and easy 7.6km back home. Almost got up to 20km for this interval workout. Not bad, not bad at all 🙂 Rested during the day and then took and easy 7km recovery run in the evening…just nice!

And so it was Wednesday and its morning easy recovery run as well (low pulse). Up to 10K and that felt like enough. Wanted to rest the legs a bit. So took the day off on Thursday, with easy core workout only and legs work. That was just nice.

Well, the tricky with rest days is that the day right after the legs (and probably whole body) often feels pretty heavy. So when having to do a 10K tempo on Friday, I felt like I had to choose right the timing. Started in the morning with easy 3km, stretching a few drills, but when normally it would have been sufficient to start a 10K, this time it felt still heavy. So went along 3more km and little extra stretch and decided to go for it. A bit unsure I could reach the expected tempo pace, but what was set in my head was that all pace faster than the first 6K would be acceptable 🙂 No disappointment, got a nice 10K with light wind and drizzle in 42minutes and then a bit far from home (once more…) got to continue running and completed this morning-run-before-breakfast in 23.23km 🙂 (I know, I like nice numbers!). Very happy to have done this, the rest of the day was easy and chill-out and finished with an easy evening recovery run. All good for slightly heavy stomach (eating 2 hours before a run is definitely the limit to follow!).

Saturday arrived really fast with its long run. Started it with extremely heavy legs (more correctly “thighs”). By km3 wished I have not gone out and run and ready to turn back… but continued at this slow and easy pace. By km10 my mind which was surprisingly full with plenty of thoughts changed its focus and then it started to get “easier-kind-of”. By km16 the legs were happy and the head fully awaken (finally!). So when reaching home after 25km I was surprised and very satisfied (for the time spent out). And what better than completing such  a day with a massage, right? Well, when the massage includes a thorough massage of the bum and thigh muscle, which might sounds fun and actually is NOT! Pain is an understatement for this! It however always takes so short time when the pain is there that it is definitely worth it! Spent the evening laying on the right side to avoid having some weight on the left side (the painful one…)

Still aching on Sunday morning when getting up and ready for an easy recovery run. Cut the run into 3 parts of 4km, with thorough stretch session after part 1 and then a drill session after part 2. Sunday was as usual pretty easy after that and this completed a very full week of running (with over 120km for second week this year and in a row…). This week also noted the monthly volume passing over 400km for the first time this year as well 🙂 Unsure how this worked because I cannot recall I was that much out running…

So yes, feet on earth, wind in the hair and water pouring from the skies (ok, this week was more drizzling than pouring…) – great week and one more to go before tapering down. December is soon reaching to its end and the year as well… Countdown will start soon!

Short and fast: time for intervals

Got a long(er) night and then time to get ready for work. As my watch was still at the office, did not want to do my intervals with a phone in my arms. Therefore got to work, meeting, meeting, meeting and then it was time to go…for this year 🙂
Lunch with a friend at a Chinese buffet and then 2 hours of rest so the food had time to settle in the tummy. Dark by then, but on with running gear and flying DS Skyspeed.
Started with an easy warmup and seriously doubted on the plan to run intervals. Little stretch, set the music and at the first bike passing…off I went. First serie went fine. Took 3 minutes rest, although did not feel it was necessary. The second serie of 200s was a bit tougher in a way, but the while thing so controlled… The last serie went well with stable time for the intervals. Cannot understand that all first intervals were the slowest ones 😦  Ended the run with real easy cool down with short stop at the running store to see if they had some Skyspeed 3, but no. Will really have to carefully take care of my Skyspeed until I get new ones…
Then easy evening, movie and rehab exercises. Now a bit of rest add it is long run on the planning for tomorrow.

Like two bridges over troubled water…

Following Sunday long run, a choice had to be made on Monday: to rest or not to rest. Due to sleeping difficulties, not a chance to go up and run early. Then forgot my gear to run at lunch and in the evening I wad in bed by 7pm… Deeply asleep within seconds! But all good things have an end…write up around 9pm and unable to fall asleep again… So did my rehab routine and by midnight, my eyes were closed again…

So early Tuesday morning run you may ask? Well, no… Lots of snoozes, and up at 6:30am to get breakfast ready: croissants and pains au chocolat for all 🙂 not much job 😉 Hurried to work, missed the ferry like yesterday, got to answer the phone and missed a beautiful shot of the harbour under the morning lights…all started a bit…not the way I wanted! Then interview at work, more work, discussion with Poland and planning discussion with Brazil… France is here visiting 🙂 When all looked completed for the day, aimed back home and jumped directly into my gear for avoiding falling on the sofa… Skipped the planned intervals as per the long run of Sunday and thought about a 13km, which changed into a 15K over two bridges and finally was completed in 18km… Lots of uphills, no need for strength workout today 😀 Do nice to run in the dark and the city lights, not to cold in the air, mind being free of all thoughts and worries…Should be like that more often. I love running during the day, under the sun or towards the sun rise or sun down… But the darkness of the skies has a special appeal. Making it all calm and peaceful. Just you, your shoes and the road…More of that, please!
Completed the day with pasta and fish with lemon sauce, yummy! As this is the final week before holidays, we watched a movie as well :”The League”. As usual, took me half of the movie to remember who wad the bad one… But now all asleep and time to get some beauty sleep as well (after doing my rehab exercise…).

Night night!

Hills, speed work, tempo, vegetarian and long run…

(Week 251113-011213)
Here it came and here it went. First of two heavy weeks already completed 🙂

Well-deserved rest day was only the title of Monday. Lots of work to do and therefore it was only late in the evening that there was time for core workout. A bit late for my taste and this type of session, but at least it is done. JM6W6P – week 1… Unsure how often this is supposed to be done, but the aim is here to get some variations in core training.

Tuesday started well with a nice easy pace run, completed by fast short hills. Not too tired on the way back home and eager (?) to try a nearby hill, I took two extra rounds on this stiffer hill (and will definitely have this one as reference for next run!). Hill workout can actually be fun…

Wednesday turned out to become a rest day from training due to heavy workload (early-birdie start and late late finish)… A run would have suited well at lunch if not for a telco and rush to second half of the workshop… Standing all day with high heels boots is probably not the first recommendation for keeping one’s heels safe, but these were suiting the outfit 🙂

Therefore Thursday got to have some pace really. Started to feel pretty heavy and having a speed session (time-based, not distance-based) was the best that could happen to lift up this day! Time-based intervals are and remain a real challenge… Soooo easy to just rush at start and notice that yes the distance be greater, but the time ain’t passing faster…

And so it was Friday already… Had planned a two-bridges run for lunch, but got a nice company kindly suggesting a job-lunch…tricky to refuse when asked with a smile! So, work all day it became. As soon as back home, it turned into the fastest gear change ever and off I went. Did not do the 2-bridge run though as it would have killed my finish pace 😉 but placing a 41min 10K in the middle of a 16km was nice-2-have! Enjoyed the lights of the city, the drizzling rain on the bridge and 3km sub4 to start the fast pace 10K. Good to have move this bum to get some training… It is so easy and tempting to just come back home, get to the sofa and just stay there… TGIF!!!!

Saturday was not even close to have me out of bed early. Would have been stressful to get on time for the dance show of T. Therefore: early start, breakfast for the monsters, transport to the first show (we had tickets for the second one), breakfast in town while waiting, show, Chinese lunch (not recommended). Then waited 3 hours before moving my soon-reaching-a-coma-state body and off for a long run. First 30km since Berlin. Felt nice, liberating, comfie, cosy and dark… Got out for 2hr2in (I like round figures!) and finished the day with cozy tv-watching. The long run incorporated some speed work and this was once again some exercise my legs were out after 🙂

No need to say that Sunday was a bit heavy at start (well, late in bed but woke up at 7am, so ready for a recovery run within the hour!). Pretty heavy thighs and real strong headwind making it almost impossible to run sometimes. But as it said: recovery run! Completed the run with some hover and pancakes 🙂 rest of day preparing for business trip and cheering at the athletics training. As H would write: IIFS!!!

Challenge of the week: vegetarian from top to toes… Got started on Monday and completed a full long week with vegetarian food at every meal of the day. Guarantee I missed my meat-meal… Felt tired , although the workload was hereby thus week so maybe it was a combination then. Not convinced at all this is something good for me. But done is done! Tomorrow is back to normal.

Surprisingly got little less mileage this week than during last week of recovery… Still keeping up the pace and time now for some sleep due to pretty early start tomorrow morning… Had to review next week’s program as will probably have to run on dread mill for a few days… 😦

More next week then!

Recovery, stress, legs vs head and a bit of sunshine :)

(week 181113 – 241113)
Promised to take a real whole week of recovery (well, I agree to run slow, low effort-level and short runs…nothing else!)

Monday will always start the week, so better get used to it! Easy day (training-side only), got into my running gear only for easy transport jog from concert hall back home. Slippery on the pavements, night already… better be careful. Extremely tired, was not difficult to fall on the bed and sleep…

Tuesday got a late start (well, early for working as did not feel like running. Cancelled meeting got me a little time-slot for an easy 8km (and yes, it was done carefully slow). A bit amazed actually as my mp3 had died and I was to run SLOW and WITHOUT music. Which generally is not a good combination. Would rather run fast without music to get it done… But went fine. Got along with the working day and completed the whole day with a second easy 8km (this time in shorts…) over the bridge and back . Yes it was a bit cold, especially on the bridge with little wind, but felt ok otherwise. Tricky to get some sleep after that though… I also discovered that I passed just quite rightly the 10km/day this day 🙂 To keep up this daily average, still have to run from this day until 31 December (included) approx. 418.3km… Will see how it goes 😉

Wednesday started with a bit of hesitation, and really staying in bed longer was more appealing than going out when the temperature is expected to be -2/3ºC… Instead of the 8km planned, dragged myself through an easy 7km, buying croissants for the first meeting of the day (Oh…have to mention that the bakery is about 1km from home… so yes, I took a little detour…). Long day at work, so needed some fresh air and oxygen to keep the brain up & running (ha ha ha!). Ended with a nice easy pace 10km, where actually the head said several times to stop but the legs would not listen… A bit of coordination to work on apparently 🙂 So no this type of easy pace run is NOT helping at all after a long day at work for cleansing the head…. Tough workout would have done great (but once again… I did promise to take it easy…).

Thursday was once again a very long day of work so an evening run was quite nice to have. As I did not take any “short run” in the morning, I decided to have little longer one in the darkness of the city. Went a bit faster than planned, but seriously the feeling was easy, and the effort pretty low. So I would give it a “Pass” anyway.

Friday once again served as rest day. Better off training with the workload this day. Got to finish the day with a very nice concert where E was singing, a good dinner in restaurant and a vampire movie to complete the evening. Got pretty late in bed after that… so much for a rest day!

Saturday got to see me awaken quite early, but still wondered how to set the running during the day. One run, two runs, one short+one medium… until I was called for duties to cheer at the Athletics competition… 5 hours later, the legs felt like running. Had in mind an easy 10/12, by km 3-4 changed my mind to a 15km and when I saw the bridge I could not resist to get on it back & forth before aiming back home for an evening of laundry. Evening half-marathon. Quite fun 🙂

Sunday would have been the last of the easy recovery week… and it was. Got up at a decent time, so took breakfast and waited an hour before jumping into my gear. Planned once again not to check what the watch was recording, just hearing the km-beeps. 10-12km easy pace ? or double ? or whatever?. Got today again some warm-up chili cream on the legs and they respond well (the tricky is after the run and under the shower where it is really burning then!). This turned into a very nice long run, easy feeling and no pressure. Sunshine in the face most of the time, ran along the harbours (meaning slippery on the pavement where there was water pools…). but all-in-all it turned into a very nice and easy 25km with everything but a slow pace… The effort itself was low nevertheless… Got to have my recovery drink after that and it was just a bit of wait until my massage. Surprisingly, the hamstring was not the most painful, far from it. The shoulders however were loaded with tension (which is translated into “stress is in the house!”). So will have to check this out. The legs felt fine and I was really grateful for the foot massage as they were a bit tired actually. Now the evening is already there and the darkness has fallen on the city. Evening activities are simple: tidying, working and pretty soon sleeping!

Summary of the week: S.L.O.W. this is how the week could be summarized.  It can be fine to take some time off, but the slow running would have to count as such. Now there are two more weeks of stress as well as running to do. Will see how the whole thing is working out… Strength training has been on the “absent”-side this week, only got the visit of Hovers on a regular basis…There is ALWAYS time for a straight hover (or two or three…).

Sunshine through the trees

Sunshine through the trees

Curious swans

Curious swans

A bit of forest in an ocean of asphalt...

A bit of forest in an ocean of asphalt…


Easy, cosy, sweaty…SUB-90…& a victory…enough said!

(week 111113 – 171113)
From a rest day after sub40 and long run to a race day with sub90 and victory… this week seems to have gone pretty fast!

Monday started the week (as usual) and this was a well-deserved rest day. from everything (well, at least from training). Mountain of work and lots to do at home…the day was well-used!

Tuesday started heavily and not really with the motivation to get out of bed for running (yes, that happens some times!). Got to start the day with pancakes anyway and after a long day at work, it was time to change gear, put on my little LED-lights and aimed home. The ferries had stopped their strike in the morning, but still I took the long way home getting a long bridge and enjoying the lights of the city.

Wednesday got to see me up very early and on with the gear. Way too much this time. If the day before I was having 3/4 tights, this morning saw me going out with long tights, long sleeves top, wind-jacket, throat cover and wind-gloves…on the top of winter long underwear and winter sweater… Took 1.5km to realize this stupid choice and my mind wondered a bit if I should stop and take off one of the tights and one of the sweater… Considering that it was pretty early 5am+ and still pitch black, this idea appeared clearly out of this world (stripping in a park when it is dark?… sure!). So continue my workout already feeling I was in a sweat suit! Got to do 3*10min with diverse combination. A bit difficult for my head (still asleep?) to understand the point, but when it came to the last part and the run of the 5 last minutes faster for every minute…NOW you are talking! The legs woke up pretty fast!. Then the usual: home, shower, breakfast, work. The evening offered a little special treat with an invitation from T for a run… Took my easy pants, running shoes and windjacket. Shared my LED-ligts (I got the white and T got the red) and…off she went! light as a feather just started to run and actually I was so surprised that I had difficulty to follow. Estimating the pace to 5:45/6:00 for the first km, without stop (apart from one traffic light) and then we continued uphill…racing! (not MY idea!). Easy walk, then more run. And on the way back…still not MY choice, we ran up (yes, RAN) up the hill and then down again… Really cosy run, which should be done more often (but next time I will be wearing proper running gear!).

Thursday offered a very nice lunch run. Once again the waking-up did not work really well. But working early from home, got a lot done so when my lunch meeting was cancelled, it was pretty fast I jumped into my gear to get my daily workout. Easy 10K ending with short and fast hill work. REALLY FUN TO DO! Could have done more reps, but had a meeting waiting… Had done a 3*1:30min plank between two meetings earlier and the body felt really well after the whole training. Became a long day btw!

Friday was a rest day as I was planning for a race on Sunday. Got to check food intake (not that I do something special before a half-marathon, but never be too careful 🙂 Got cramp in the stomach all afternoon and this was not feeling really well for the next day…

Saturday was easy-peasy-day. Pancakes breakfast from T, rehearsal in town for soon-to-come-concert for E and then a bit of shopping in town before aiming back home. Packing all the stuff for the trip and race of Sunday. Got to check the directions for getting there, printout the PM of the race, double-check all the gear (as I was taking a few changes, just in case there would be some changes in the weather forecast… According to G, I had more running gear changes than when we went to Dubai last year.. (NOT!)

Sunday started early and ended late. Got to record a new PB with sub90 and a victory on an international course (ya, sounds really cool when a jogg-buddy said that :). Race report is already saved here. The race went fast, and finished too soon. Got way more energy too give (but yes, probably could not have run much faster, but definitely longer! 🙂 ). Long drive back home, late evening and the week was ending…

Summary of the week:Fast, fast, fast! Second objectives set for next year achieved… Have to do MORE thinking now! Next week will be under the sign of recovery and easy-peasy feeling (I do not right “pace” because it can be fast but feel easy…). Taking back what I wrote last Sunday: Shorts are STILL on! a bit chilly but winter-kit are not getting out unless my legs turn blue… (OK, maybe I’ll get the winter gear on, before that!).

Almost half-way of the race

Almost half-way of the race

400m left to the finish line :)

400m left to the finish line 🙂

Rest, pitch black run, rabbit friends and sponge cake with chocolate

Saturday was a clear rest day. Up way to early with dizzy thoughts, got back to bed after a while for being awaken by a nice bowl of freshly cut apple brought to my bed. Pancakes smell took me outside the bed completely! A bit of shopping, easy lunch and then cosy afternoon, before meeting Indian friends for dinner. Great evening, no difficulty to fall into Morpheus arms after that!

And then it was 4am (I think I will stop searching for what is actually happening at this time of the night, as it definitely must be something!). This time, did not try to get back to sleep, woke up slowly and then in my gear…to notice my clock’s battery was dead… a bit of charging (time for emptying dishwasher and hanging clothes…), changed gear to 3/4 socks instead of short shorts as it indicated 3ºC on my mobile… (Could not have been more wrong! By km3 I was already to warm (and still it was 5ºC apparently). The two long sleeves were not helping either…) and off I went in a pitch-black city. Reaching the harbours is always nice, quiet and calm, lights reflecting on the water…I noticed having had 55 bikes passing this particular spot before me today (on a Sunday!!!). Cannot remember really how I reached the bridge, but then I was easily in the middle and admiring quietly the city lights. Then easy down to the other side of the water, crossing the “trucks-sleeping-area” and then quick stop to see the skies starting to lighten up a bit. Tricky run as some parts were lacking of lightning and it looked a bit slippery from time to time. But kept myself on my feet. Hi to the guard ensuring no one is incidentally coming into the companies on this side of the water. Then I met my first two little rabbits friends (the photo is a little blur, but could not get too close). They did disappear pretty fast as well (and my legs seriously did not want to give them a match this morning!). Reached the first wood-bridge and decided to skip all of them for avoiding to fall on their slippery surface (which meant doing a detour along the harbours of a total several hundreds meters – there were three bridges…). After the second bridge I just stand and looked as the sun showing himself slowly at the horizon. What a sight. Not even the photo below gives it justice. Then tried to continue on the harbours but this time the constructions have started seriously and it was VERY closed. Climbed the second bridge and then ran under it and then flat until home. 18km at real easy pace and low pulse. Best way to end this run? Stopping by 7Eleven for buying croissant for breakfast! (This is Sweden here, and not France…No bakery would be opened at 7am on a Sunday morning!) AND following the stretch exercises by a 2-minutes plank (with a smile).

Rest of the day spent chilling out. Final touch of the day: Food! Breakfast was a clear winning start with croissants, lunch a good second place with oven-baked saithe with lemon sauce, home-made potato purée and green peas and dinner turned into spaghetti carbonara…followed by heart-shaped sponge cake with chocolate in them… Yapp! Time to get good food on the table is definitely Sundays!

Long day anyway, end of “zero week”. Training has been the lowest since a while…Time for ramping up tomorrow 🙂


Nice to see I am not the only crazy one up so early on a Sunday morning…


Little blurry, but so nice in real…


Peaceful view from the bridge


Already on the other side of the water (and the lights popping out …)


One of my fast (and blurry) furry friend – too fast for me this morning!


Sunrise on the harbour


Fishy, isn’t it?


Up the bridge…


…and down the bridge!




Time to cut the ribbon…

On the road again…

Flying evening, night light and plus temperature: Nice to be on the road again!
Had an early morning start planned with core and then easy pace 12K but seriously when the clock rang at 4:30am nothing would have made me going out of my bed, really NOTHING! Remained in bed until 6:20am and then hurried for getting to work. Long but rich day of work. Nice lunch with sun in the eyes and good company, ate a good mix sallad with pasta-bulgur-quinoa-plenty of veggies, tuna-shrimps-crayfish tales and japanese tea. Just good stuff! Pretty tired though when back home so slept 45 minutes and then off to the fresh air.

On the road again, nice to have this song in the ears at the beginning but then plug in “October 2012” (DJ Eclipse) and ZoomZoom! Could not understand the pace reach after the first km, passed the 5th km smiling and singing, but km 7 I was almost in tears as I enjoyed so much – cruising at a nice 4:49/km. Until 8km all good. Effortless, just letting the feet bringing me forward. Noticed that everytime there is an uphill, the pace is better than on flat parts… the last 5km were the fastest, but I felt it as well. I pushed to maintain a steady pace and did well: 15km @4:38min/km with 5km splits: 24.24 / 22.23 / 22.21 🙂 Really satisfied of the results of this evening run. Compensate by far what i would have done this morning!
Easy chillout evening after that. Will keep taking C-vitamin, eating loads of fresh fruits and training to keep my health on the top as at home two small ones have been sick already (OK, it was a virus, but they were in pretty bad shape for a few days 😦 ) Hopefully will be good soon. Now time to rest, maybe swim or little trail run in the woods for tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes!Countdown to Boston to start soon 🙂

Late and lazy back on track

After two full rest days one may think that the body and mind would have rested enough and be ready for some more. But seriously after a long day at work, lots on the mind and finally all the clothes that have been piled for days finally folded, it is pretty late to start a run after 10pm, especially when the whole me felt already tired.

Nevertheless got into my gear and off on the road. Took 300m to get a HR over 195… so stopped, took a few minutes and started again my clock. Crazy sensor noting strange HR all the way long. heavy legs, tired calves and not really able to clear out the thoughts in my head. Ended with a shy and boring 10K @52min. The positive was the temperature with +4ºC and clear skies. Nice to breathe the air without risking a pneumonia! Nice hot shower afterwards to relax the muscle, little food and now aiming for bed. Long day tomorrow and friday but THEN it is the weekend (with all the activities already planned to happen… Yippie???)

Short short post today …

All about shoes

At lunch break I went to the shoe store for checking new running shoes.
My purple ASICS GT-2160 [296gr] are fine. Bought in December 2011 – ran 743km with them (give or take!). Mainly used for distance, rarely for intervals and never for long runs. Surprisingly they always have felt heavier than my other pairs of GT-2160, but while at the shop, my personal helper M 🙂 took their weight… and… they are actually a few grams lighter than my pink ASICS GT-2160… IT IS ALL IN MY HEAD, THEN??? He explained that sometimes (and studies have been done apparently on this topic) the colour feels more heavy… well well well, what will the small ones say on this after having heard me complaining over a year on those shoes!!!

ASICS GT-2160 Purple-heavy

ASICS GT-2160 Purple-heavy

My pink ASICS GT-2160 [294gr] are my back-up shoes for races. Bought in December 2011 as well – ran 963km with them… Used for any run from distance to intervals or long runs. Unfortunately while in Barcelona some holes popped up in the net on the front and on the side. I can (and will!) continue to train with them, but it is bothering as this is my back-up shoes… Not much fun if they just decide to break during a race…

ASICS GT-2160 Pink lightgear

ASICS GT-2160 Pink lightgear

My ASICS Gel DS Sky Speed 2 [233gr] are great. Although I have had them for a short time period (bought end May 2012 – ran 622km), I have run 4 marathons, 2 10K and a bunch of long runs and intervals workouts with them. So would be good to have a backup solution just in case…

ASICS GEL DS-Sky Speed 2 - superfast

ASICS GEL DS-Sky Speed 2 – superfast

So the question is: running 5-6 days a week, approx. 60-90km, three pairs of shoes are way enough. WHY are they starting to die on me all at the same time?!?!?

Looked at new models as the ones I have are no longer existing as being from previous years. In order of preference, here are the ones I tried:

1) ASICS GT-2000 tight (T2L5N (2A)): [265gr] great fit, perfect around the feet. Like the first pair of GT-2160 I had. ASIC have some models which are in tighter form and this is suiting great. Good feeling while running. Nice color (white!). Unfortunately my size was not available so tried in slightly bigger size. Might be my next shoes…

ASICS GT2000 (T2L5N (2A)) - nice for the eyes and the feet

ASICS GT2000 (T2L5N (2A)) – nice for the eyes and the feet

2) ASIC GT-2000 regular (T2K7Q): [265gr?] great fit, although slightly less perfect than the tighter model. Good to run in, nothing else to complain about! Nice color (fushia?). Can be considered as my next shoes!

ASICS GT-2000 regular: nice right? Cannot miss me on the road (all black with pink shoes!)

ASICS GT-2000 (T2K7Q) regular: nice right? Cannot miss me on the road (all black with pink shoes!)

3) Saucony Kinvara 3: [190gr] nice and light. Good fit for my feet 🙂 running fine and kind-of stable despite being lighter than GT-2160. Nice color (white, again!). Although they look a bit funny on the side, not going up like the ASICS. As long as I can run fast and stable, who cares???

Saucony Kinvara 3 - the ones I tried had no "stripes" on the toes part... but nice, right?

Saucony Kinvara 3 – nice, right?

4) ASICS Gel Noosa Tri-8 (T356N): [230gr] Nja… a bit unsure right from the start because of… the color (or rightly said colorS!). They are however better than the Kinvara 3 when it comes to stability for my feet.. but really, the mix of colors made me almost sick… Nice sneakers though!

ASICS GEL NOOSA Tri 8 (T356N) - nice for the feet... but seriously what about the eyes???

ASICS GEL NOOSA Tri 8 (T356N) – nice for the feet… but seriously what about the eyes???

New models will come end of February so will see then what to get. No need as said for new shoes right now, but in case one of my racing shoes fall apart, I need a backup!!!


Shoe trying session…

This evening I took my little-tired body for an evening run. I decided to (finally!) go for changing the battery of all my Garmin pulse band. Why not running to the store then? Gears on and off I went. body felt quite tired (Daaaa!) but surprisingly the thigh/bum was kind-of fine. I have had my compression socks all day, can this help? Ran 2.6km to the shop and back home, for a total of 5.57km in 29:40 (avg pulse 146, which seems normal). Will see tomorrow how the pulse curves are looking like… Interval session planned (hopefully the body will have a  good rest and the weather will not be too cold…)

Rest needed now. Eyes are closing themselves!

UPDATE (13/02/13): have added the weight of each shoe. For the shoes I have, it is weighted on my kitchen weight and for the models I tried i took the reference weight from ASICS or Saucony website for female models.

And… Hard core for the body!

(Could not resist having this post title 🙂 )

After the visit to the naprapath this morning, long day at work. Did some stretching as shown for the bum/thigh muscle, a couple of times during the day. Felt fine. But after a long day and when the fog starts to fall down AND it looks like icy on the roads… the motivation is definitely NOT on the top to go back home and go out and run.

Anyhow, after asking round, G accepted to follow on bike (which was good as 1) it was dark outside and 2) in case of ice and fall at least I would have someone with me!). Good run in the dark, stretch exercises after 1km warm-up (inclusive this new bum/thigh stretch) and off we went. Route run so many times and the feeling is so different each time. Finish with a last km max pace (actually idea of G to have me chasing him along the street back home…) = 4.07/km pace for this last km. All-in-all, this evening run ended in 10.5km @4.58/km pace (with every km from 3rd km faster than the previous one). Quite satisfied, exactly one week after Dubai marathon!


Back to basics: cold out there!

Quick shower (found a new soap smelling passion flower… a bit fun as it taste like you wish to eat it!) and then aimed to a nearby pub with GET to have our little celebration for my time in Dubai. My choice of food was: chicken fillet toast with sallad, dressing. Finished the oven baked potatoes of T as I was a bit more hungry (I did share a banana and a Gainomax with G after the run already!). And of course to complete 1) this nice celebration and 2) this cosy Friday evening, we ended having a nice piece of Brownie with vanilla ice cream and haribo gold-bears on the top! Movie evening, update of my training diary + blog post, nice chat with my friend, story to the monsters before they fell asleep and little me will follow shortly!


Nice pub!


He he he! Anything wrong with this picture?

Night, night! Tomorrow will bring some more things to do, hopefully after a nice sleep in first!

First Run of 2013 – sweat and pace!

And 2012 had just time to close its eyes that 2013 was there and with it all new challenges and hopefully fun! Awaken a bit early, tea and cereals/banana then rest again. Game with the kiddies and then aimed back home and took an afternoon snack (oat porridge w/ blueberries and oat milk) and watched a bit tv. As my feet were really cold, I had a wheat bag warming them for a while, so that they would be fine for a little run.

1,5hr after my snack, +6ºC outside and nice blue cloudy skies: just perfect for my run: 3*5K (@23:00-22:00) with 5min rest. Started easy warmup of 3km, a bit feeling my backside of left thigh (again!) but decided to go on and see whether after warming up and stretching it became better. Well, it did so started my intervals and it was a real bless! The first interval was a bit heavy in the legs but ended in 23:06. Quite satisfied, I jogged a bit and stretched during the rest and off I went for the second interval. Night had fallen down already and dark it was. A bit chilly in the air when passing by the sea but so nice to see the colours in the skies changing (until a plain dark it became!). Ended in 22:41 which was really satisfactory. Then stretch again and a bit of walking aaaaannnnnnd off I went (again). This time I pushed a bit and really enjoyed the feeling. Breathing felt light and easy, despite the pace. Ended in 22:15. Great last interval, followed by easy run back home.

Today‘s interval was the first run of the year and it definitely boosted my confidence. Sweat indeed, even feeling the saltiness on the skin (like after Sunday’s long run). May the temperatures remain as well as the weather until I leave to Dubai and everything will be just all right!