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You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…

…you make me HAAAAPPY… So wonderful to have the sun back. A bit later start today, I had a plan. A new city I have had in my thoughts for a long run (getting a bus there and run home). But who needs a bus when you have a bike 😉
Cool start with crossing a moving bridge after 5km. It opened fir a nice sailing boat. Wave to them and got a wave back. Happy start as I said!


No trespassing


Nice sailors in nice sailing boat

When the barrier of the bridge opened, game was on. Bike bike bike…following a guy in front of me until he turned left and I continue straight forward. No problem as there was a gal with a big backpack in bike just passing me. So here was my help! Until she turned to IKEA and I was left alone with my bike on a straight and nice path. Good pace, singing to the wind and… almost driven-on by a car not looking (at least I know my breaks work!). Had a tricky tunnel crossing where water pole was in the other side (i.e. the exit!) and there was no other option (I do not count crossing the motorway above the tunnel” an option….).


Tunnel and water...what to do?

First break at km20 for some energy gel and water. Then aimed to the castle.


Castle on the hill

Very nice city indeed. Until I noticed that the large bridge to cross the river was “motorway only”, their would have issue with taking my bike on it… Bike for a little while on the side of the river but decided to turn back in case I would never find a bridge before I reach the sea… Turn right after the castle and started a nice but tough and lonely ride in the countryside. Beautiful sights really and still sun shining.


New stop at km40 for another gel and new pics and a bit of rest. Now I knew where I was 🙂 Just had to ride back home. Early morning bike tour – 54.4km? Check!
Quick outfit change home (including shower and more suncream), bike to falafel place and got my lunch with me to.the.sea… 🙂 Nice rest under the sun, not much reading as I was ready to sleep instead! Left the sea and got my way back home. 21km for this little afternoon outing, bringing the biking today to 75.4km…not bad, right?

Oh yes, forgot to mention my new running shoes arrived today. Good as they are going to provide a great support to my little sensitive feet… Tomorrow, rest from biking


My new GT-2000 enjoyed the sea sight as well