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Light core for the soul…

In an hour or so it will corresponds exactly to my finish time last week in Dubai. Cannot really figure out that it was already a week ago! Training for this since New york in November and suddenly it was there and right after it was gone/done… Have done an easy jog yesterday and the thigh still spooking around so now visit to the naprapath is necessary to check if something might be misplaced.

Have completed the first core session since a while. S’s program including the Vs-10sec*10 but no hover. Only light in order to wake up the body before leaving it into my naprapath hopefully magic hands.

Yesterday went fine. Not too long day at work, but filled with new stuff to do. So mind is fully occupied on how to magically create time in my schedule… Nice to see and talk to colleague training for Vasaloppet as I follow his training quite closely (and he mine!). If only someone would accept to go for an easy run with me someday…

Back fr.o.m. Naprapath. Seemed to be a muscle problem, quite deep. Lots of stretching and manipulation. Will see how it goes. Have to include a specific stretch for this and hopefully will be better soon. Now breakfast of 2 oven-toasted sandwiches and large glass of oat milk with chocolate. Feel so hungry it is close to crazy! But later on today will go out for a light run. Cannot wait really!

More later… Take care and drop me a note if you dare wish to run with me – even remotely! 😉

Nothing is impossible…

How comes that Fridays appear to be almost always the most heavy day in the week? Despite planning carefully to have an easy day at work AND at home, it turns out to have gotten off to a roaring start!

Core it is as not really feeling like running this morning… WHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAATTT? Yes, when it feels this way, better off sometimes to keep some reserves to enjoy fully the next run instead. Following program completed though. Day starting well (although a bit early!)

2xS’s program excl. hover
2* Ball bridge *20 (alternated w/bottom lift+bottom lift one leg from S’s program)
“table abs – 2 legs” 2*10
+ Back push-ups on low tables 2*10 (alternated together w/ table abs
D’s program: (alternate w/single leg push press, walking on the mat & lunge)
    single leg push press 2*10 each side
+ “walking on the mat” 2*10 each leg
+ lunge 2*10
Jörgens transverse muscle 3*15
single leg,
+ both legs
+ straight legs
“Walking w/Pilates ball” 2* 10*each leg (one at a time – no support for the ball)

Little longer workout, but worth the time spent! Clearing the head and now ready to rock the day!