Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

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What was it I say?….

Slept like a stone and woke up ready to run 🙂 Always good to wake up this way. Jumped into running gear. The thighs felt a bit after “before-bed-torture-massage-of-the ITB”, but ok. The plan was a 10K which I hoped would go like yesterday (or better). Took 1km before I had to stop for stretching the left knee. No cooperation, but well, it was early…so continued a bit and stopped again…new stretch…started to run again a bit faster…and stopped again…!?! Stretch not working I gave me to km2 to solve this. The last 350m to reach km2 were painful, like the knee did not want to bend almost. So I stopped the run. I promised I would stop if it was painful. Not a chance I am testing to reach a 5/5 level of pain. But this was easily a 2.5-3/5. Of course only for short, but still. Aaaaand the little stubborn in me did not want to go back home walking (and the tram was not an alternative as I had no tram card with me…) so decided to complete my 10K…fast-walking… WHAT.A.PAIN… I mean it was not painful AT-ALL. But this pace just killed me. Had my arms balancing like crazy, trying to follow the pace of the music in my ears… But seriously: I run probably 2 to 3 min/km faster on this music in normal runs… So no, it was not fun, not enjoyable, not something that should be lengthy…. But once again, the little stubborn in me did not want to go back home just. Too early to go to work, to late for getting back to bed, so as good to really do this +#%%%&”*! 10km finished! Turned back after 7.5km and then started to run from km8 to 10. NOT.AT.ALL.ENJOYABLE. The pain was just gone while walking fast, vanished, “Puff”, disappeared… But as soon as I started running it came back (well, first the legs felt like two heavy pieces of wood…and then the pain started when I thought I would be able to run normally…). Still stubborn, I kept on running, pretty sure that I was not bending my left knee at all  (which I did, I know, but the feeling of “not bending the knee” was there).

Back home, went directly on the mat for Coca Cola bottle massage-torture and completed the whole thing with stretch on the mat. Nothing fun. Changed for work and opted for having my Saucony, to ensure good shoes on the feet. Not fun at work neither… the knee started to make itself reminded about 1.5hr after completed the run and the ache/diffuse feeling of pain was there ALL-DAY-LONG… 😦 So I tactically sat in the back of the room so I could stand up and stretch during the day. No fun, really. But the stretch did help.

And it was late already and time to head back home. The knee was not better but not worse by then. A bit of food and checked the latest news of the World Cup and then headed to the mat…again… but for core&stability workout…followed by knee rehab program…followed by Coca-Cola bottle-massage-torture (the sequel). This time the “massage” was increased from 3minutes each leg to 4minutes each leg. And pretty slow. And stopping on pain point… Yapp, you really learn how to handle the pain as a runner 😦 But seriously now, the second massage of ITB this evening went way better than this evening. Even scored it as a 12/20 in pain level… Now it is way enough for today.

Time for resting a bit (neither Brazil not Mexico were scoring, so not really lost to have done my workouts half watching the game…)