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End of a week of abstinence…

Now it is finally over! One long week without running following Dubai marathon and the body & mind can stay activating themselves again!

Nice awakening this morning, felt, that the day was starting great. Nice breakfast (toast in the oven + 2 eggs, oat milk chocolate, little chocolate piece left (!) from yesterday), sun shining outside so decided to go for a run. This time E followed on bike. Stretching like yesterday after brief km, as well as taking off one of my long sleeves sweater and my extra pair of gloves. Way to warm!


Same as yesterday, with the sun this time!


Ducks laughing loud in a frozen pool… where is the funny part???


Proof that the sun is shining some time in this freezing country…

After that, run for fun. Talked all the way, or sang (this latter one was apparently a but embarrassing according to E…) 🙂 Once again, each km slightly faster than previous one ending with last one @3:54 pace! So today’s easy run was 8.32 km @4:44/km. Grrrrrreat feeling (despite the thigh, once again, but after stretching feel much better little by little…).

Easy light lunch with spaghetti bolognaise (so nice to eat own food!) And little shooing with the small ones. Back home time for cooking again: spareribs in the oven, small potatoes oven roasted and tomatoes-carrots-apple salad. All thanks to G (little help from me only). Good food and a coke on this, last one for a while!

Healthy or what?

Healthy or what?

Simply "yummy"!

Simply “yummy”!

Drank lots of water but no enough I think as felt bit of cramp in the calves. So magnesium and water, here you come! Evening reading, listening from one ear only (way enough!) the program on TV which will decide of who to send to Eurovision Song Contest… From bad to worse… just name it! Focusing now on how my long run will look like tomorrow instead.


And… Hard core for the body!

(Could not resist having this post title 🙂 )

After the visit to the naprapath this morning, long day at work. Did some stretching as shown for the bum/thigh muscle, a couple of times during the day. Felt fine. But after a long day and when the fog starts to fall down AND it looks like icy on the roads… the motivation is definitely NOT on the top to go back home and go out and run.

Anyhow, after asking round, G accepted to follow on bike (which was good as 1) it was dark outside and 2) in case of ice and fall at least I would have someone with me!). Good run in the dark, stretch exercises after 1km warm-up (inclusive this new bum/thigh stretch) and off we went. Route run so many times and the feeling is so different each time. Finish with a last km max pace (actually idea of G to have me chasing him along the street back home…) = 4.07/km pace for this last km. All-in-all, this evening run ended in 10.5km @4.58/km pace (with every km from 3rd km faster than the previous one). Quite satisfied, exactly one week after Dubai marathon!


Back to basics: cold out there!

Quick shower (found a new soap smelling passion flower… a bit fun as it taste like you wish to eat it!) and then aimed to a nearby pub with GET to have our little celebration for my time in Dubai. My choice of food was: chicken fillet toast with sallad, dressing. Finished the oven baked potatoes of T as I was a bit more hungry (I did share a banana and a Gainomax with G after the run already!). And of course to complete 1) this nice celebration and 2) this cosy Friday evening, we ended having a nice piece of Brownie with vanilla ice cream and haribo gold-bears on the top! Movie evening, update of my training diary + blog post, nice chat with my friend, story to the monsters before they fell asleep and little me will follow shortly!


Nice pub!


He he he! Anything wrong with this picture?

Night, night! Tomorrow will bring some more things to do, hopefully after a nice sleep in first!

Final check run

Not too late in bed does not necessarily mean getting a good night’s sleep… Like last night for example. After the afternoon run, I was quite tired and could have slept directly. But to be sure to be able to sleep during the night, I kept myself awaken. Now got to bed at 10pm and probably did not fall asleep before 1am (I know that because I have checked the clock a few times!).

Anyhow, up @5:25am, light breakfast (cereals, soy milk, chocolate) and off I went. Cold outside (-4/5ÂşC, but real feel probably much lower!). Had a 10K with 5K@MP (4:44/km) planned. Cut the run into a 3km easy warmup, felt fine – then 5km @ avg pace 4:41 or so and then easy cool down of 2km. The 5km did not really feel as expected or wished. Probably several reasons for that: early hour, lack of good sleep just before, kind of cold (!) and left thigh still spooking around. Did get into the range I planned (4:44-4:40) but not satisfied really of the feeling of the run. My Garmin is kind enough to specify a training effect of “5” (yippie?) and the little positive thing of the run was that I used gel on my HR band and it seemed to record (finally!) my pulse correctly. Will see if this continue!

Back home, stretching (light!), then little breakfast #2 (1 egg +  3 slices bacon + water), warm shower and ready to get the small ones to school. Now time for work and try to keep myself into a good state of mind for the rest of the day (+ week!).

AND btw… Thanks P for giving me bad conscious… for the past three days have not been using my elevator and have been using the stairs up&down each time I went out… Will see how long I keep this treatment!

Dubai: 3days 23 hours 08 min.xx sec… to go

Ice skating or running?

Two days rest from running, mainly due to terrible weather and general tiredness of the body. So now it was time to get out!

GET on bikes and me running by 🙂


Not to fast especially as the roads were bit slippery. Ice skating replaced running from time to time!



Pause for hot chocolate and nutella toast (+ banana for me). Thereafter back home with the spooky ferry…


All in all, ended with 9+km, very easy pace. Really enjoyable run! Rested all afternoon after that! Hopefully body will be better tomorrow…

30 days to Dubai…