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Morning core strikes again!

This morning body&mind felt fine (great night sleep despite waking up twice, unsure why!), although not found of going out for an interval workout in the freshly fallen snow!!! So snoozing the clock until late and then easy core workout.

Choose to change the routine and took the Pfitzinger advanced core strength exercises

Abdo crunches (adv) *20
Leg pushaway (adv) *20
Staff 6*5sec
Standing knee hold *12
Back extension *12
Side hover 3/10sec each side

2 sets done as a circuit / 1min rest between each set / 5-10sec between each exercise

No real difficulty in this workout apart from the staff (this is pushup position, going down, holding for 5 seconds and then going up…). This was pretty tough to do especially the three last of first set and then the 5 last (!) of the second set. The whole circuit (i.e. 2 sets of all exercises) was followed by a 2min prone hover, tough second minute really! But so glad when it is over. Now feel really awaken and ready to take on the day. Hopefully by this afternoon/evening the roads will have cleared out and I can do my intervals in peace šŸ˜‰

But all this after breakfast… Ciao!

NOTE: I have updated yesterday’s post with the weight of the different pairs of shoes šŸ™‚ for reference only… Any suggestion is highly appreciated!