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My kingdom for carbs… and my blister back!

Too short night… Real tired/exhausted when those  *%&&&&#!? birds woke me up at 4:44am… 4:44am!!! Not good when it is at the start of week prior to the race. Calculated wrong as well the timer for the washing machine and it made a lot of noise one hour way too early… No need to say, the day started…too early! Yapp! Need a bit more than that to cut my motivation… Light breakfast (no carb) added an egg and half avocado for doing an omelet. OK-yummy. Early leaving for work for a full day again. Meetings back2back, fortunately some finishing a few minutes in advance so I could gab some tea or eat my eggs. Lunch arrived already – meat, egg, avocado, salad… Just missing some COLOUR in all this! Finished meeting 20 minutes earlier in the afternoon, which allowed to get back home quicker, get more tea and then finish the meetings day from home. Time for dinner – nope, still not looking forward to it! Second half of avocado, eggs, tunafish and grated cheese and salad… OK-yummy… still missing some COLOUR here as well! Decided to test the knee a bit.

Gear on, light massage with chilli cream and off under the sun going down. Got company so to ensure I would NOT run too fast. The knee is definitely not as usual and not liking the run at this slow pace. Did try some accelerations and it felt actually a bit better/lighter, and this despite the headwind. got a light 5km and back home, through the shop to buy some sport drink. Then light core and hot shower on the knee, followed by ice-treatment. Update of training diary and now my eyes are JUST closing themselves….

and yes, I would exchange my royal kingdom for carbs (a-n-y-t-i-m-e!) and having my blister back…instead of this knee-cap fooling around 😦 Yes the blister is still there, but seriously, I would rather run with this fully open, than with a knee potentially hurt. Time for bed…someone needs some beauty sleep 🙂

Is carb depletion really necessary then?

After one day having a stomach emptying itself without even asking, and drinking “fluid replacement”-stuff, it was well rested I woke up this morning. Although a bit late, breakfast was on time (had time to work a bit before as well 🙂 ) and even had time for a shower before school meeting. As I was up and ready, decided to take my final run right away instead of waiting for lunch time (and probably bite my nails until then! – no, I am not biting my nails 🙂 ). Pretty freezing start so headed back home for getting a winter top layer. None for the legs as the tights felt way enough (and they generally get warm anyway). Yapp, needed 500m to get the body back to normal temperature and it felt fine for the rest. After an easy warm-up (read: the legs run, the head focus on not falling on the snow and slush and the mind think it is therefore easy and slow pace…NOT!) just a little stretch and off to a fast tempo piece. Way too fast first km (although this is when checking the watch I noticed it, once again the brain said: all good and easy, just continue…), slowed down then and tried to ignore the beeps of the watch indicating I was outside the expected pace range. Once again focus on the road where the bike path was not (as I would have wanted) that cleared out. Several bikes coming from the other side indicated loudly that I was too move (and I answered loudly as well that I would not run on the icy-snowy-slushy part of the road). But of course I did it for 3 bikes which did not appear to move themselves to let me run 😦 WHATEVER! Just continued me and my beeping watch. After a bit more than half the distance I turned back and run from where I was coming from. Slower pace then due to the 180º turn, but still beeping watch … Completed the fast piece nicely and without falling on my bum a single time (achievement of the year so far!). Then it was just to get back home at an easy pace (read: once again the brain says it is slooooooooooooow, but the watch says it is not). Good run indeed, just can I be given the opportunity to explode now, please?

Back home, stretch, shower and quickly continued to work. Around lunch felt a bit “worried” not to have any hunger feeling so checked this by calling a nurse and she recommended to continue to take it easy with “hard” food. Choose white bread, pasta, rice and avoid vegetable or fibers. Wonderful, on my carb depletion day… So after talking a bit, she said I could have eggs, boiled fish or meat… yeah… just boring stuff! The afternoon continued with more work and after last meeting of the day, time for massage. This time it was not painful (almost). Cannot understand he is always finding spots which are not making themselves heard until he pushes them… But it was fine. Back home and a bit more work before starting the real stuff: PACKING! All the hand-luggage (race outfit and shoes, gels, passport, hair-stuff…) were already ready since yesterday. So this evening it was just to get the little clothes needed for the days I won’t race. SOOOOO nice to take out bikini, sun glasses and sun cream. Hopefully the weather will be nice then (it has actually been cloudy and raining last week…). Now I am just turning round round round like a cheetah in a cage and seriously it ain’t fun! The plan will soon be to throw all in the suitcase, switch on the tv and try to fall asleep… Any suggestion otherwise?

So carb depletion day 1? sure! not really planned this way. But feeling fine (in comparison to last year when I was actually sick in my stomach). Keeping fingers crossed that tomorrow the carbs will be liked then! Still have to think how to lay the race… but this can wait until Friday morning 😉

Dubai…3days and a few hours to go…(shall I start screaming now?….)