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Recovery day 2…

Day 2 after Dubai marathon. Starting to sink in, but not quite. Woke up early this morning – again. Started a bit if packing before breakfast. No pic of the breakfast as quite similar to yesterday. As I plan a whole morning at the beach, it is as good to eat right and skip the struggle of finding something decent (i.e. not fried or burger-like). Almost everything is inside the suitcase and I got a later check-out at 2:00pm (would have wished one hour more but give and take!)

Massively creaming myself again before taking a cab to the beach. Don’t mention being lazy here: my day will be filled with walking later on so can spare my feet for now! The burning sores look better, but still… 3.5hrs of sun to regenerate the batteries, highly recommended! Not even reading much, just enjoying and resting. Lunch was simple: 2 wholeweat half baguettes with small chicken sausages, 2 bananas, 1 apple and 2 oranges. On the top of drinking water. Eating was done in small portions throughout the beach visit as wanted to ensure my stomach would keep it all.

The body feels much better, almost back to “normal”. Writing almost because I can feel if I do a wrong movement or so that it can be painful. Ya, I know, I can be careful and NOT doing wrong movement, this would ease for me, right?!? Back of left thigh is close to fine, although I do no running. But during the walking or light light jogging, it feels fine. Blister on left foot looks well…like a blister! On its way to be better (with the correct shoes not rubbing on it!).

14:30 – check-out completed and left all bags at the hotel. Walked at good pace to Dubai Mall: 2.5km (to the marathon start sign)- shorter than the way I found on Wednesday. But quite glad I took a taxi in the morning of the marathon and skipped walking int the construction areas.

At the Dubai fountain, see below the interesting sign: which one to follow? 8 or 5km speed???


Picked up my ticket to “At the Top”. Was suggested (ok, highly recommended!) by my friend so booked this in advance. If you do so, the ticket is less than half the price than if bought at the desk same day and you are guaranteed a spot in the elevator! Walked a bit in the mall, got 2 pains au chocolat and 0.5l carrots/orange juice and now enjoy the sun before going to the top.

Sunset from Burj Khalifa’s 124th floor: factors out of max 10:
– impressive factor: 9 (pretty high!),
– romantic factor: 1 (sat alone watching the sun sloooooowly going down, so no sharing = no romantic factor!),
– worth to go up factor: 7.5 out of 10 (a bit like going up the Eiffel Tower 2nd floor in more impressive. But some other place are more worth to do. Once fond is fine)
Btw for romantic factor to the max, aim for the beach close to Burj Al Arab at sunset. You won’t regret it. Will post photos taken last year so you can judge by yourself!

“At the Top”: check! Lost in Dubai Mall: check! Watch fountain show twice: check! Watch “water, fire” show outdoor: check! My feet do wish to rest so got my bags at the hotel and took the metro to the airport. Ya, pretty early but nothing to be done and tired. So now will get my nap waiting for the check in…