Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…


Time for swim!

(And I guess this will be the last one in the post serie “Time for…!”).

After a good night sleep (worked late – despite Friday night…), chilling in front of the tv, hover 3*1min as forgot it yesterday evening… light core exercises (even fell when trying to stretch on my Pilates ball… I put more air in it yesterday and now it is to high for me to relax on the back… Fell on the left thigh and was not fun)… and time to get ready for the swimming pool. Have to get a new bathing suit. This one start to get old (but still looking good in it 😉 )

500m cr
500m cr w/paddles & pullbuoy
300m cr w/ flippers

Good feeling, easy pace, sun shining outside (but temperature down to probably -12ºC and if not, must have been this as “RealFeel” temperature). Legs felt fine and that is good. Cut the last 500m to 300m in order to relax in the sauna a short while. Friend meeting and then soccer game to coach. And then it was the end of the afternoon already! Quick food shopping, tacos evening and now ready for movie evening with the small ones.

Dubai is less than a week from now and so far so good! Feeling fine (both mind and body). Wish it remains that way for a while (i.e exactly until Friday afternoon next week!)

Easy day comes and goes

Starting the day with American pancakes can never be wrong! Mixed the last one with banana… Soooo delicious!

Aimed then for the swimming pool where I took it quite easy: 1,500m freestyle, easy pace. Slight feeling in the calf while pushing the wall at the beginning, but fine after a while. Finished with a nice sauna. Banana and clementine with lots if water afterwards. Nice start for the day!

After that chilling at home, oven toast with avocado and half a coke served as lunch. Visit to the city to oxygen the mind and back home with a headache 😦 Quite tired now so the day will probably end soon…

And so this was a brand new and better day

The past days have not really been as expected on the training side. Not too good at 4 weeks before marathon (but better than 2 day before!). But today started well (although a bit early!). Trip to Dubai booked : check!

Decided for a swimming tour early morning (opening at 7am) but seriously… it is still Saturday! and as up early, went back to bed for a short while… which became a longer while! So ready and in the water of the swimming pool turned out to be at 11am instead. Good feeling and great workout.

2*500m freestyle
500m freestyle w/flippers
500m freestyle w/paddles & pull buoy

followed – stupidly? – by a 30minutes sauna… Yaaaa, did not really think about the de-hydratation here… But felt good. Banana + sushi and lots of water after that! + walk tour in town to check for any sales opportunity.

Back home had a lot to fix and tidy… took a few hours and thereafter got myself ready for an evening run (aka testing the body/mind form). 10K in 47:47 felt good. All paths were cleared out as snow has disappeared and rain has come to clean it up. Still keeping strong focus on the pavement and potential icy parts.


Ducks enjoying the evening lights


Unfocused lights of the bridge

Back home, shower and dinner (2 portions pasta from G) and thereafter rest in front of the Lord of the Rings on tv. Time to bed now! If everything fine, longest run tomorrow morning.

Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow…

Up late this morning and after light breakfast we went swimming. Easy workout this time:

1000m freestyle
400m w/ flippers
100m w/ flippers – butterfly legs

followed by a 15min sauna for relaxing the whole body & mind. Ate thereafter at Max (their Low carb burger + French fries and coke 🙂 ) and then last Xmas shopping before back home.

Today was a rest day and was not planned to have active recovery, but following the thai massage from yesterday afternoon, the thigh felt fine (little-little feeling still, but nothing alarming as before). Swimming was feeling like a bless really, despite the cool temperature at first. But as F said wisely: “swim a bit, you’ll warm yourself!”. Regarding the food afterwards, no real bother to have a burger, just did not feel like cooking (on the top of cooking lunch would have taken a while, so this was the best alternative).

Evening dinner with smoked salmon and boiled potatoes – Mmmm! so nice with butter on the top. And finally some last Christmassy stuff to be fixed before bed time. Will see if tomorrow is allowing for a bit of running as the skies decided today to bring us a thick white cover, nice to walk on, not too nice to run on!

The power of the water might be stronger than expected…

Intervals left a bit of euphoria in the mind but the evening was spent resting in front of the tv (yes it may happen!). So up this morning did not feel like training as rest day it was.

10:30am: change of heart and aiming to the swimming pool instead. Snow had been falling during the night and all was covered by a thick white layer – although not cold (+1ºC). Well at the swimming pool had a great workout:

600m freestyle
3*100m  w/flippers (25 fast/25rest/25fast/25rest)
100m w/flippers – easy
600m w/paddles + pullbyuoy
400m w/flippers – easy

After such a workout, spent a while in the sauna relaxing and then lunch in the mall close to the pool (chicken with potato gratin).  Back home and resting.

Feeling good to have moved a bit instead of resting passively at home (read: watching tv all day from the sofa!). Upper left thigh still a bit aching,and stretching not helping. Hope this disappear for tomorrow’s long run… Now Lucia concert before early-bed evening 🙂

And it was Sunday again…

Cold this morning when went up after a really good night’s sleep. Discovered – not too happy – that the swimming pool I was planning to aim to was 1) opening at 11:00am and not 7:00am like the rest of the week and 2) the 25m-pool was closed due to a race…

So rest during the morning and went to another pool. See below my accessories when swimming today 🙂

Swimming accessories

Swimming accessories

The workout went super fine: 2000m in 38min:

1050m freestyle
3*100m w/flippers (25 fast/25rest/25fast/25rest)
50m freestyle rest
100m freestyle regular pace
300m w/paddles + pullbyuoy
200m freestyle rest

Perfect session, felt great and smoothly felt like a real dolphin in the water:) Ended with a nice sauna and then lunch at Subway.

Rest of the afternoon reserved for little shopping and chilling at home. Now it is dark outside (again) and feel quite tired so early bed it will be.

>> One word for this week’s training: GREAT!

Grey day is Swimming day!

Not really, but having run longer yesterday, decided to aim early this morning to the swimming pool, instead of either running again or resting completely. Good choice, as went really fine.

Easy workout (yes, it is still a workout) as follow:
300 – freestyle
300 – w/ flippers
300 – w/ paddles + pullbyoys
200 – w/ flippers – 25 under water 75 freestyle 25 under water

Good swim and good feeling afterwards. Really relaxing and apart from the swim with paddles which really show that my arms needs some serious workout (!), it went really smoothly. Planning to double the length next visit to the swimming pool, keeping the pattern of 300m.

Now time to rest for the evening before tomorrow’s long run.