Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

180 days or minutes…


Today is a great day. Started lazily with extra snooze when the alarm rang telling to go out and run (and as a consequence…there was no run done…). Got the perfect mix of chia seeds and soy milk for breakfast, topped with a banana. Bike to work to see that the ferry was cancelled (and strongly considered to cycle all the way over the bridge (5km) instead of waiting for next ferry. (I waited btw…). Dropped my bike for service (hopefully it will be great when I pick it up after lunch).

OK… too much of everything now. Back to 180. This is the plan to be under this number of minutes at the next marathon. It also happens to be the number of days left to the race planned this autumn. I never really count the days to a race (apart from when they turn to one-figure number of days). But here it felt appropriate 🙂

So what’s the plan until then? Keeping the full body in good health. Increase the volume to get those legs tired and liking it. Increasing the pace and getting those tired legs liking it too.

Sun is shining today. Freezing cold outside. 180 days to go. Today is a great day!

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