Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

147 days and 373km later…

Not much writing ain’t equal to not much training. Tricky months since February to get this left foot back on track (ha ha ha! back on track…ok, bad joke!). Most of training was done through cross-trainer and bike. and lots of rehab exercises. and new shoes. and insoles in them. and since mid-may I am on the road again. Well. Not as it was before. My physiotherapist estimated to take equal months of no running to get back to similar health and training level. Meaning? WAY TOO LONG! But surely, working on patience and not rushing the whole thing.

After 4 weeks of every second day running, progressively 6 – 8 -10k for each time, I can now get a more regular training. And today!!! got a training race! First race since October last year… More in the race report coming shortly.

Let’s keep faith and hope that this foot and knee and hip and whatever bodypart that may be, will be ready to take on the challenges ahead…little by little. No pressure. It will take the time it will need.

Run happy!

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