Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Your toughness is made up of equal parts persistence and experience…

Your toughness is made up of equal parts persistence and experience. You don’t so much outrun your opponents as outlast and outsmart them, and the toughest opponent of all is the one inside your head.
– Joe Henderson

Ok. Time to leave now. The heart is definitely not there, but the left foot ain’t there either…

Weekend on bike turned a bit differently than planned. After core workout, got ready for an easy hour bike tour. The only little thing that stopped me was… this stupid lock that a neighbour had unfortunately closed on my bike as well… Really annoyed, got to skip my bike plans. Cleaning at home became the morning workout then! Had to rush a bit to see the arrival of Sandsjöbacka trail marathon and got there exactly in time to see “Tricky” rushing the final 200m. Muddy legs was an understatement!!! Really admiring those who ran, for the toughness of the route and the weather conditions. Could talk with my naprapath about my foot (he ran the race and was kind enough to still talk about my foot 🙂 ). Overwork probably and resting is the solution. After providing a bit of post-race assistance to “Tricky” (I know how it is after a race, so no issue to help getting food, water or bag), headed to the city for a nice afternoon hot chocolate and walk in the parc with nice company. Talking talking and talking…. does help to forget this stupid foot. Then home, a bit of packing and evening out, eating moules – frites with another friend. Yapp, not the food planned before the race, but as I cannot run it, as good to eat something I like even if it means carbs in it (oooh, Yaaaa!  Dessert was a hot chocolate fondant 😉 ). Late back home and still with my bike locked to the other one. So had to take action…25 minutes later my bike was free.

Late in bed and early up. Core challenge fine and time for bike tour with a friend. Under drizzling rain. And more talking. Short stop at the sea and then back home and freezing. Rest of the day chilling out. And working. So the weekend was completed then!

Finally-Monday arrived with early meetings. Got as well the chance to have a time at the physiotherapist Anna, to look at my foot. Which she did. Apparently having a left foot a bit “tight” (?) and should add some routines to smoothen it. Would probably as well impact positively the calf and hamstring on the same side. Almost horrified with the way my hips are working (or rightly said “not working”). So stretch for this as well. She also sent me to a shoe place working with insulates. Spent some time there. Listening carefully but honestly not understanding all what was said, apart from:1) my Asics shoes are apparently rubbish after 300-500km and 2) indeed an insulate might help the foot/leg/hip movement. No time unfortunately to solve this for Dubai, so will come back to be checked next week.
SO: final meeting and work, and it was time to close this suitcase (including 2 pairs of running shoes… You never know! But definitely not for the marathon). Got a fun time looking at possible races for 2015 🙂 Tricky to sleep as the head and body were really preparing for a race. So it turned into real late in bed. And surely forgetting something in my packing which I will discover when I arrive…

Up at regular hour today, double checked my bag and suitcase and got on the mat for core challenge. Hot tea with honey for the throat which is making me coughing. And here it came, the time to leave. A bit of traveling to get there. It is snowy here and hopefully the sun of Dubai will compensate a bit for the inability to run the race I like. Airport check-in competed. Books purchased. Sandwich chicken-tomato-avokado eaten (Yummy!!!). Soon boarding…

More to come. New countdown to start soon… 🙂

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