Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Wind, rain, cold and how to set 123km into perspective…

A while ago since last post. No real reason, but lack of time, motivation, inspiration.. pick one. Well, it is actually not fully true; I do believe that time can be found all the time. Inspiration has been there all the time. Motivation on the other side, has been a bit down. But let’s skip this part.

Two weeks ago, my training week ended in 123km. Which I was very happy and satisfied with. Lots of work at the office, rubbish weather with storm, rain, cold, you name it. And still, could have a second in a row of “more than 100km-week”. So yes. happy. And here came JJ who ran no less than 500 less than me…but all in a row…during 12 hours…indoors around a 239m track… Yapp! Making my little 123km a week/9 workouts/10hrs33min into perspective, isn’t it?

And of course, this meant a great personal best for JJ (and a visit to the doc for dehydration afterwards… price to pay for all warriors…). Same day, ran Elov Olsson around this ridiculous and small 239m-track for 24hours and summed up…250km!!! All in a row… Have a bit of run and see how he ran his last two laps (of many many!) here. (a bit of perspective: this is my MONTHLY km in September this year, which I did in 20hrs and 15 minutes and divided into 20 workouts (incl. one halv-marathon race). Yeaaaahhh… a bit more to reach the “real warriors” level.

Keeping up on running until then!

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