Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

TGIF!!!! Still cold in here…

Two crazy days for training.
Thursday up before even the craziest birds in summer and for what??? Speedwork. In a 2°C dark and sleepy city. Here I come. Did not feel too cold actually. After easy warmup I even stopped for taking of my long winter underpants. Way too warm. Left with shorts. And off to go. Did not succeed well and it would be too easy to set this on the weather. Focus,  focus and more focus. Ok, maybe a pinch of motivation and maybe a kick in the butt for each thought of stopping running (would have been a lot of kicks…). Final 5 minutes done even with taking off the extra tshirt. Really warm workout. Back home and crazy pace for getting the early activities of the day started. Extremely long working day and late in bed.


Another early morning after too short night. Surprisingly fine to go up. Getting ready aaaaaaand …. my Garmin turned dead when I started it. Ok, a bit wait then while it charged and off to the pavement, the cold and more night. Easy run was on the menu. Approximately 2°C, shorts felt appropriate 🙂 and it just felt nice, light and easy to run. Took approximately 9km to fill fully warmed and the body just decided to get a bit of acceleration. Just like that 🙂 Finally completing the run. Hot shower before pancakes and off to work. Ok, should have taken extra energi with me. A bit tricky to figure out lately how to keep the level of energy at correct level. Have to think about this. Back home and noticing that lunch had passed without food (yeah, great…). So food shopping became first plan after work. And right after, just dropped on my pillow for a bit of sleep (well-deserved! ). Then it was time for dinner!
Checking back to last year training, the weather was really colder. So should not complain too much. It is tricky to adapt to this type of weather. More difficult than the heat I think. Will have to make it work in a way.

Time to rest now and hopefully a sleep – in tomorrow should do good to both body and soul.

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