Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Chicago 2014 M Day-2…

OK, had not planned to write anything, but am stuck in an airport with a plane delayed of 2 hours. So as good to update on what is going on.

6:20pm – Have been on business trip all week. Not too much problem with sleeping (apart waking up early and a couple of times per night) but definitely not feeling tired much. Probably should have skipped the “walking on high heels” during this week, but with such a nice weather I just wanted to have it this way. The two days of carb depletion worked a bit (well, the first one included a final interval run done under 28/30ºC sun all around the campus on the road and then forgot my lunch in one building and could not get it but after the meetings of the afternoon. Ended in having lunch at 6:30pm (ham + sallad)… The second day of carb depletion was planned (unusual) as rest day: got an extra proteined breakfast (extra eggs, extra ham, extra spinach, extra whatever with protein + a tea) and then the lunch turned out to be a chicken salad without pasta. So was happy to carboload at my friend V’s favorite Italian restaurant in the evening). Back to today then. Have drunk by now 2 large bottles of Gatorade Lemon (1 yesterday and 1 today); better getting used to this disgusting taste as it is the one served at the race on Sunday. I know my stomach works fine with the blue one, but the yellow (lemon taste) ain’t in my favorites. And then it was time to head to the airport. Had all planned for the last meal of the day to take it at the airport as well as some orange juice and complete this with a snack when landing in Chicago at 7:30pm this evening. Now the plane has been announced delayed already when I checked in… so departure the earliest 7:30pm she said, but probably 8pm… Will get some Dunkin’donuts flatbread with chicken. Topped with water. Great dinner…

8:40pm – Hmmm. Now the time has passed, I have eaten a second flatbread w/chicken (really disgusting as I asked without cheese and not much sauce, which means it was pretty dry and boring). The water tastes really not good and now the plan is even more delayed. I am tired and want to lay down but scared the flight might leave without me. Not really annoyed actually. I am still on the right side of the Atlantic Ocean and will make it to Chicago before the race… But now the plan is delayed by one more hour or so… Will not make it to my host before midnight probably. This is annoying…

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