Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Race Report – Musselloppet – 2014/08/02

Planned: 10K as temporun – training race to test the knee and the form

Actual: 44:47 🙂 11th place women elite, 69th place total.

A bit of fun under the sun and definitely a good check for the knee 🙂


Surely not the optimal preparations… Up early thanks to the seagulls, got the kicks, core and rehab out of the way in the morning already. A short walk to wake up the legs and then ate porridge around 11am before leaving with Lennart around 11:30am to the race… So far, so good 🙂

The car drive should have brought us to the race area 2 hours before start but due to ferry issues we arrived 10 minutes (!!!) before start (having with us Adam and his mum who needed a ride to the start as their car was still waiting on the other side…). No need to say that it had been a GREAT move to change to running gear while waiting for the ferry… On with the BIB and the chip on the shoe, run to the loo (for once no queue at the ladies…) and then 400m running back&forth rubbish warmup. Fortunately the start was delayed 5minutes to allow other runners blocked by the ferry to arrive and join the race…
Hi to Mattis and placed myself at the first row (surprisingly mostly femal runners there…for once?!)

15:10 – Start was given and got directly an elbow kick on my front arm, which will hurt throughout the race and even after:( First 100m (?) on track with lots dust and a bit of pushing before leaving the arena and arriving on the first little downhill along the sea. Not much fun to run on unstable ground, with stones and shortly after the first hilly part. Taken running…
Then reaching the street (Yeah! asphalt…) and downhill along the sea. Reaching km2 or so and the second hill (pretty easy at sight, but so early in the race it just KILLS the legs. Taken running though). Turn left and got to the street with lots of supporting people. Not feeling to fun to run, a bit too fast. Downhill light and easy after that. Following a guy since km2 and it feels good because when turning left along the sea side after 2.5km, there is a light headwind and I just hide myself RIGHT behind him. Cannot hear my breathing as I listen to music, but hope it is not too heavy and loud so the guy would continue this way.
First water station right after km3. One glass for the head and the second one, a bit unsure if I drank at all, but threw some on the legs and knees, pretty hot already. Felt nice. Then continuing the run on small stones street… Yeah…NOT! 😦 really careful not to fall there. Still side by side with the same guy. Asphalt is back and NOPE! no straight line along the harbour, but a killer of turn right and left and left again… Yoouhou! Almost 4km…Aaaaaand nooooo! the crazy-killer hill arrives. Good I knew it was there from Lennart, but seriously not expecting this steep! Run almost all the way up (or 2/3?) and then walk. I know there is still one lap to go and now I know where it is gonna be painful (OR really painful…). By the time I reach the top, there is still a little more uphill on terrain before getting the last km before the arena. Pretty steep downhill there, catching up with the guys who passed me on the way up. Noticing how much is left to run around the arena before getting to the end. Running a bit heavy along the wall, getting some cheering from Adam’s mum and into the arena and the track… Rubbish first 5km, don’t like to run on this dusty track either…and WHERE IS THE WATER?!?!? Oooohhh, ok, on the other side of the track. Same procedure: 1 glass on the head and half-one in the mouth.
Second lap is crazy slow. First km exiting the arena is possibly (?) 30 seconds slower than during the first lap…but reaching the first hill is killing me already. So either stopping or walking the last half…which I choose to do. Enjoying the run downhill and on the harbour side. No chance for a nice time on this race, so as good to stop at the maximum of kids asking for high-5! At least it gives a smile for the rest of the run! And here comes the second hill. This one I don’t even think and walk it from start to the top. Not many passing me by now. Have lost my guy in dark red singlet from the first lap, following now a topless guy with his tshirt and BIB in his hand. Seems a bit hard to run, but he has a pace I can follow… Nice street with all supporting people. By this moment my mp3 decides to die completely (apparently not being waterproof…did not really like I passed under water sprinklers and throw water on my head). Got the idea to put it in my side pocket of the shorts, but nothing is more difficult and tricky than this!!! So all ends in the sport-bra and hopping it won’t burn the skin. Downhill from km7 looks to be painful for most of the runners around me. Despite the pain, takes the 3 last Dextrosol I have, hoping it will clear my head at least, turn left to the sea side. Trying to get our GV-trainer with me until the end, but he seems a bit tired. Catching up with a few guys then and it is time for water-station again (one on the head and half-one in the mouth). This time it gives extra strength though. ONLY 3km to go. Piece of cake (under hot sun!!!) Same however when arriving along the harbour (WHY ON EARTH CAN’T WE SKIP THE TURN RIGHT/LEFT/LEFT AND JUST TAKE STRAIGHT TO THE KILLER HILL?!?!?). Crazy enough by now, have been asking two kids to join the run, forcing (?) people to clap louder because I could not hear them and of course all this with still (!!!) a smile on the face. The killer hill is definitely of its own kind: NOT A CHANCE I am running it. Walking from start this one, having 3 courageous guys passing me on the way up. By the time the hill is finished I start again and catch up with them surely less than 100m after that. Then it is just less than 1km to go, passing 4 guys on the top of the hill, 1 on the way down and 1 on the side of the arena. Just not willing to let a gal passing me…The final downhill is taken (I think) way faster than during the first lap, because not fearing to be in pain then (well, might be hurting AFTER the race, but at least the race is finished I thought!). 42:XX and I am still outside the arena… Pushing a bit extra and really thinking that they must have increased the distance outside the arena between the first lap and the second lap (yap, thanks to extra dextrosol I REALLY do think clear by now!). Final 150m on the track. No chance to get the guy ahead of me, but hearing the cheering and the speaker saying my name give an extra kick (and a bit of shouting when passing the clock under 45minutes…).

Medaille, banana, thanks from the dark red singlet first lap guy, congrats to a few runners and then heading to the water station. Talk with Mattis (42:xx), two glass of water, than Lennart (47:xx) and then pick up the bag, shower, final results and heading to restaurant for large hamburger with bacon and french fries with a coke. Happy to have been running today!

Weather-wise it showed 26-27ºC… not much wind as expected, not crazy hot neither but far from optimal… The race was far from effortless, but with all the walking it went fine. Most of the effort was not much in the running but in the convincing that it was nice to run this race under the sun and with all those hills! Definitely easier to run the last 3 marathons than this 10K race…

The great part was that there was NO pain in the knee 🙂 Not a word throughout the race, nor after. So surely fine for a training race, not in top shape, although should consider 1) stress for coming 10min before start, 2) warmup can be considered as non-existent, 3) pretty warm and not much water-station and 4) counted on my mp3 to drag me during the last 2-3km but it unfortunately died before… and by then there were nobody to pull me to the end!

Musselloppet :)

Musselloppet 🙂

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