Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Hey! You!… My eyes are up here!!!!

Sun sun sun and more sun… Ok, some rain as well, but warm it has been for the past two days. Monday was dedicated to rest (read: lot at work and being day-after-2-runs-weekend). Time for rehab for the knee and core exercises and it was time for bed already…

When the sun was already up for a while, and the seagulls shouting for whatever-interesting-stuff-they-might-have-done-during-the-night, it was Tuesday and time for testing the legs again. Eccentric heel raises to warmup the heels, gear change and off to the pavement (wet btw). Warm and heavy in the air, sun high behind the clouds when starting, it felt fine. Needed 2km for skipping the heavy/stiff body feeling and start singing for 2 km before the body felt warm and happy to run. Real sunny, not much wind, lots of sweat… And 12km under the hour AND no pain in the knee… Yipiiiie! Felt crazy sweaty at the end of the run. Lots of water just dripping. Not easy to keep the headsets in the hear… Water running like would have been running under heavy rain!!! Could not understand how all this sweat was about until someone mentioned the humidity in the air being over 1000% (!!!) and therefore all the sweating. 🙂 Definitely not understanding when I saw runners with body all covered up (read: long tights and tshirts). Not judging here, not at all. But felt like the body must be suffering with all those layers. Just had minimum gear and that’s was enough to get eyes down… on my stomach! Even got comments on it… Come on, guys! Do I comment when you are taking off your tshirt??? (Ok, maybe I do comment, but discretely 🙂 ). So yes, if you meet a runner, look at their eyes and give this free-of-charge smile of yours 😉

Ok, enough of this. Easy after that. Drank loads of water after the run and then took a walk to the city and back, under heavy&warm sun. Then time to go to naprapath for checking this knee of mine… A bit of cracking the back and the neck, crazy painful pressure on the top of both calves for blood circulation-stuff and knee check. Apparently the body was a little unbalanced and now it should be fine (read: better?). Back home under crazy hot sun and a bit more work… until noticing the heavy rain falling outside!!! Good to be inside then 🙂
Rest of the day chilling out and soon letting the soffa for sleeping (soccer semi final not turning out as planned…)…

Night night!

And yes, the “core challenge” is going well. If I did not know there were muscles there, now I do! Off from challenge today (Tuesday) to rest those muscles and be ready for tomorrow again 🙂

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