Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Stockholm 2014 – the day after…

Everything has an “after”: taste, party, so why not even a marathon?…

SO, how to handle the “after-race”? Still searching 🙂
After a late evening, got to bed and thought would just fell into Morpheus’ arms before counting to 3. But nope. The knee was a but sensitive so any way I was laying, it felt a bit 😦 Got my eyes closed and sleepy eventually.
Up before 6am (new city and the sun still wakes me up…), got my bag packed and time for breakfast. Was surprisingly hungry (cereals, Sou milk, one egg, tea, orange juice, great breakfast to fill in the probably empty energy storage after yesterday’s race). Then we headed to the train station. Quickly in the train, a nice place where I could lay my legs up and 6 hours later (lots of delay…) I was home. Sunshine, unpacking, washing machine and headed to well-deserved Thai massage, followed by restaurant 🙂 niiice!

THEN back to reality and preparing work ahead for Monday. No excuse for being late! Not even training today…

So, this was my first recovery day 🙂

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