Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

When fast becomes faster despite blister :(

After yesterday’s warmth-training, had in mind short intervals workout at midday. Rain during the night, so why not testing a 13-14ºC, high humidity instead…

Early birds were not tired this morning neither, but I was. Snooze the alarm and skipped the cheering planned at 6:55am for the departure of a bike race. One hour later, the legs really wanted to run. So gear on and headed to the street under a nice but shy sun. Had to turn back for allergy tablets (had none for past two days and it definitely feels itchy-scratchy… No sunglasses, so my eyes were crying most of the time as well. Easy warmup, with a pretty sensitive left knee 😦 Stopped after a few 100s m and massaged a bit. Decided to continue, but IF would feel more or similar after 5km (which was the planned warmup), I would then turn back home and skip the intervals. Felt quite ok after 5km, light stretch and went along with my short 400s. I like them. The 200s are too short for me to even start running fast…they are already finished! 400s on the other side feel more adapted to my slow-start-way-of-running… Got a new PB on the distance: 1:18.1 (!) I know I know, I did run a fast one in February which was 1:18.9 (!), so really much faster, right? Anyway, this was a long serie so went for it just. The feet felt fine, a bit heavy with the shoes, but for giving me such time…I AM HAPPY! Had an interval “à la Ryan Hall” (i.e. more straight in the upper body, long steps) and one “à la Usain Bolt” (i.e. more ahead and slightly faster…Really thinking I was there to win the distance 🙂 ). Then easy cooldown back home. Followed this with light stretch and light core and light breakfast 🙂

Time passed quite fast and it was already time to get lunch ready. G grilling, I just had to start the grill and call when it was ready. Got time to go through the information for Stockholm marathon next week. Reviewing a bit the route and planning where I could have strategically (!) placed my water. Not sure really, but can definitely test a bit during this race. Lunch was then gone and I eventually lay down on the soffa for a quick nap…of 1.5hr… Got toast ready and headed to the city…pretty calm and quiet. Stopped by the pharmacy to show my wonderful toe (the one I thought had a ward-which-was-not-one-and-now-has-been-frozen-and-has-a-large-blister-on-blister-which-I-emptied-twise-already-and-yes-I-know-I-have-a-race-in-less-than-a-week). Not smart I am told (like I did not know…). Got suggested to have a regular band-aid until the race, tight around the toes and have those special band-aid during the race… the risk being that the band-aid is so tight that it takes off all the skin of the blister when I eventually want to take it off… Hmmm, what a nice choice… WHY on earth did I freeze this thing! Walked back home along the water-side and then time to prepare dinner. and then movie. and now bed.
NOTE: skipping evening run as the knee is a bit not as I would like it to be. Nothing can be improved now anyway…only can be worse (look at what I have done with my toe for example…)

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  1. You made me smile with this post and some of your comments. 🙂 Sorry about the blister, hope it goes away until the marathon, it’s possible in a week… Have you tried those foamy caps that go all around the toe?

    May 25, 2014 at 3:59 am

    • Blister is better (read: looking a bit less awful than before…). Don’t dare to have those “special blister” band aid as there can be a risk it works “too well”, get too tight on the blister and when taking it off that the blister just got cracked… (ok, sounds awful really)
      Can definitely run the race with this. No worries 😉

      May 26, 2014 at 10:37 am

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