Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

This pace that the mind won’t comprehend…

Bad night, long work day and recovery run… time for bed soon !

Started the day WAY too early: the alarm rang @4:55am!!! not.a.chance. The snooze button was way to tempting and the pillow got my preference. (yes, it IS ok to snooze the alarm sometimes!) Then it was already 7:20am… without noticing it! Quick up, got ready and on with my blue/green Brooks Green Silence for work (and yes, it IS ok to have running shoes with a suit on the way to work so you can change to high heels when reaching the office!). Then work work work. Got a bit late for lunch so picked up Indian Tandoori chicken and got a nice colleague taking me company during my lunch. Cool to learn about boat training, safety regulations and risk handling course. Wish I could apply to these courses 🙂 OK, back to running, might have been a bit too late for going out, but traded directly my costume for my ADIDAS Supernova shorts and singlet and out and running. The sun was still showing itself a bit, 16ºC and light wind. Felt nice and easy, but had planned a  SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW recovery workout, so it had to be a SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW recovery workout 🙂 The first 3 km went way too fast, but felt easy. So stopped a little, calm the pulse to the maximum and headed forward again…one calm km and then the music changed… giving wings to my feet and seriously making me doubt about having run a race a week ago… Got a nice fastfast km and then slowed down and got back to the plan. At this point I had enough time to think about pace. This fast km was about 4:02min, which means slightly slower (!) than my first half in Rotterdam marathon…COMPLETELY INCONCEIVABLE… How on earth can this pace be held during 21.1km when today it felt like 1km was WAY over the distance I should have run with this pace. To add 20km to it (sorry, 20.1km) is real hard to even comprehend. And this happens for most of the races. How can the mind and body achieve a certain pace during race when it is barely achievable during intervals or short tempo runs during training?… Yes, I know the “train low, race high”… but still… What makes the mind stopping (because it is well the mind deciding there) the body to run faster & longer during training when it can go further all boundaries during races…

Anyway, turned back after 6m and got a nice headwind (at first) and then not much stronger but definitely annoying headwind. Even danced a bit around km10+… but then my left knee started to complain and I cut the run short to 11km. Happy enough as it was a bit longer than planned, but not fully due to the pain felt. Of course the pain stopped immediately after the run and nothing felt when walking… Back home it was not much in the fridge and did not feel much hunger so I turned 2 eggs, 1 pear, little flour and oat milk into a pancake and topped it with half-honey and half-nutella… Japp, this was delicious and just what was needed then 🙂 And water 🙂 OK, the latter part sounds like a punishment, but it was refreshing…

A bit more work, chores to fix for the evening and now late rehab and core to go. I know… should not do that right before bedtime… but hope to have a sleep-in until 7am tomorrow morning 😉

Aaaaaand for ending the day right, have registered (finally…) to Stockholm marathon. Hoping for nice weather and this time to handle the second lap way better than last year (OK, it cannot be taken worse than last year…). So exciting to have race ahead…and training until then. Got a suggested trail marathon for end of June from a colleague…Hmmmm, sounds tempting…if it was not the day after a race I am although thinking about participating… Have to rest body and mind a bit more. So this week will also be relaxed…

Rehab and core workout…here I come!

2 responses

  1. Some runs are just like that, legs feel heavy at a pace they shouldn’t. Happens to me all the time. Not that I can personally comprehend 04:00 pace for a half anyway… 🙂

    April 23, 2014 at 3:59 am

    • Good to hear I am not alone on this one! And I share the “not comprehending 04:00 pace for a half-marathon”… I do have to check this actually happened for believing it…

      April 25, 2014 at 8:40 am

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