Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Rotterdam M Day-1

And M Day was soon there…realizing it more and more, while timer is going so.extremely.slow right now…

Awaken at 6:30am, when the”plan” was to have a sleep-in until 8, getting little to drink and hitting the pavement around 9-ish. Would make breakfast around 10/10:30…all good 🙂 But this early waking-up made me go up anyway (with all the water drinking yesterday, no problem with dehydratation this morning!). Unsure how I slept as it felt I turned in my bed for a long while. Got more rest and went up around 8-ish. Ouch! 2°C… Brr, cold…until I realised it was home temperature at 4am this morning… Got updated to Rotterdam and…ouch, not much better:6°C… Changed to running gear, long sleeves, short shorts and hair up in ponytail… Not to fancy, but this is a morning run and I know nobody here 🙂
Stairs I have to go down from my room… carefully…

Sunshine outside 🙂

09:05, and ready to rock 🙂 Ok, slow tempo and the plan is to get to the start (2km?) then run to km 39 (2km+) and if still fit (!), take a little bit of the starting km over the bridge (1.5km?). So should get up to 12km or so. Took the sunny side of the road while heading to the Town hall. More work had been down add they prepare for the kids run of this afternoon. Stop to take a pic at the finish line.
Should look like that tomorrow 🙂 Smiling and the finish line behind me…

Two guys from Wales are charting with me a bit. One aims for 2:58, the other one for 2:51… Ok I’ll follow the small one then 🙂 Wishing good luck and continued my easy run. Exactly 2km from home to the finish line and shortly after, I see the bridge. As good to see how it feels at easy pace today… Back and forth. Will probably feel in the legs the second time we run it tomorrow, with 25km in the legs at way faster tempo than today… But enjoying.

Real nice bridge with the sun in the face…
Had to take those buildings in photo… Strangely put on each other, like Lego pieces…
Turning back to the bridge (but tomorrow it will be straight forward…)
On the way back (after 25km tomorrow…)


Meeting the two guys again on the way back. More chat and they decide to follow me towards km39. Very nice indeed to have company. Ben (the 2:58) had run the 10K in Dubai in 2012 🙂 & David (the 2:51) tells me he ran over 40 marathons and he actually changes age category one day before the race 😛 Good for him! Chitchat and we finally see the 40K-sign.

Been there…

They decide to turn back to the Expo and I continue my little run… Stopping once to check the way and taking unfortunately the wrong one. Nice road, but after almost one km, I react that the street is way to narrow for receiving 25,000 people… and indeed I had run 1km way out east instead of North (or something like that)…Back to the corner I choose the incorrect street and a quick check on the watch: km-wise will end up 3-4km more than I should a day before a marathon. But what bother me most was my food timeplan… But I really wanted to see km 39/30… Easy pace and finally I see it 🙂 Picture with a smile at km30… and proud of it 😀
Ok, wrong way but nice way 🙂

…and I would have missed the swan crossing the street… Think if it happens tomorrow…

Finally on the right path…
There in the background… the 30km-sign…

Had to take a pic…not everyday you pass km40 before km30… 😉

My starting pen for tomorrow…

Ok, now turn back to the finish. I am way over what I should have run but at least I know it is possibly windy between km 40 & 30…AND that from  km40 to the finish line it is actually way more than 1.195km… More likely to have 1.6/1.7km… Good to know so I skip sweating tomorrow when the watch beeps and no finish line in sight… (there will probably be some swearing, but not for this at least!). And I am at the finish line…13km done already… Take easy back home and it feels way shorter than on the way there…
Finally back home. 11:00am – Straight up to my room to get green mix and apple juice while preparing my oat-porridge. Adding banana and cranberries. Feeling like drinking a whole sport drink bottle but resist 🙂 Shower and then relax and breakfast. Then sport drink 😉
After that, the plan is… nothing… Feeling that I have way to much time and wary to little to do… Preparing my gear for tomorrow. Still unsure how I will carry my gels… (story of my (running) life…). Aiming for More miles short shorts as they can have 2 gels in the back pocket. Unsure what to do with the 2 others and the Dextrosol… Attaching my BIB both on the front and back of my singlet. Don’t know why we have two, but that’s ok. And ADIDAS AdiZero Adios Boost orange. Yes, they are a little new. Maybe should have taken the other new ones I had in Copenhagen, but the race is in Holland…what best than running  in their orange colours? 🙂



Still nice weather ahead…

1:00pm – have now eaten 3 small bags of gummy bears, finished three AA-drink iso-lemon (ok, should not have bought it yesterday. What if my stomach does not like it?…. But this is the one served on the route.. Will see…could not find sport drink I know here…). Have written a bit, read a little and eaten a Twix… Can’t wait to go to the restaurant and eat!

2:43pm – FINALLY ordered food. Making it simple : spaghetti bolognese… This is the only one I truly understand on the Dutch menu. Sitting at Happy Italy, upon recommendation of my host Class. After the pain finding an Italian restaurant yesterday, I had done my homework before sleeping and had actually 2 Italians close to home. But when checking them today, noticed they opened only in the evening… Lucky me! Met my host on my way out while starting to starve (!) and he kindly indicated this place…. Ok, this meant 2.2km walk and with the help of my GPS, I probably walked 3km instead… Yummy to eat now 🙂

Ok, writing a bit later now… 😦 Could not finish my pasta plate (if yesterday it was way less than my usual portion, today was way more!). Left the restaurant half tired and with tummy-ache. Fresh air would solve this, I thought. Walked a bit and found the luggage area for tomorrow. One good thing done! But short after, it felt real bad and had to stop twice due to my stomach wanting to empty itself. Made it home nevertheless… only for rushing to the bathroom and staying there until all my lunch was out and probably most if my water-drinking as well… Yaaaa, gross… I know…Would definitely prefer write about the sunshine… Felt a bit better after, brushed my teeth and up in my room to rest. Got to drink a bit, which went well. But when trying to eat a piece of bread it just did not work, so stopped right away 😦 So much for the carbo loading… Around 4pm I could get a Twix down, but was seriously tired…and took a short nap of 1.5 hour!!! What is happening here?!? Up around 6pm, prepared liquid-porridge, hoping it would stay and compensate for the lunch… Half the bowl went fine, but the texture and the taste felt like… well, not good. So stop. I think it is good enough with a banana and more water.
Took a little walk after that for getting fresh air (must be now up to half-marathon distance in running/walking today…any other stupidity that can be done before tomorrow’s race???). Grey and strange in the air. Where is my sun?!?! Passed by several restaurants on the way to the shop and each time I felt hungry and 2sec after my stomach would just growl of unhappiness… Little shopping for tomorrow. Banana, orange juice and Nivea cream. Will try to get some orange juice down tomorrow morning. Hopefully will help.
Now everything is ready and the only thing left to do is relax and sleep. Hope for the best? Nope, I don’t run in hope, just on training, hard work and sweat 🙂 ( it’s not because my tummy feels strange, my legs are tired and my head wants to sleep that I can’t joke!!!).

Rotterdam : really not much time left now…14 hours before the canon shot declaring the start of the race…

Had to take a picture of this one… Nutella pizza !!!!

Calm evening close to the canal…

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