Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Copenhagen HM-Day-2


We can be heroes...

We can be heroes…


Why is the day starting so early sometime? 3:27am, no clock ringing and still the mind and body tell each other it is time to go up… Sure! Turned in bed trying to fall asleep again but not a chance…therefore still tired, decided to go up 3 hours later. Healthy breakfast with healthy smoothie: today we shall load carbs a bit!

Breakfast healthy smoothie

Breakfast healthy smoothie

Directly starting to work to get most of it done, then meetings meetings meetings. Went out for lunch to get some air and aimed for healthy sushi…double portion today!

Lunch healthy sushi

Lunch healthy sushi

Added chausson aux pommes for dessert (would do anything for a good carb loading 🙂 ). Then more work and nice chat with colleagues before switching off my laptop for the weekend. After eating pasta plate, changed to take a healthy drink with French friends and then back home.

Evening healthy "going-out-for-a-drink-with-friends"

Evening healthy “going-out-for-a-drink-with-friends”

The evening went way too slow and idling was only the first name of it … Did a lot actually, but should have not waited 10:xxpm for rehab for example or 11:37pm for starting the iOS updater of my phone… Yaaaa…stress is in the air… Rest day completed? Checked!

Time to sleep now already tomorrow…

Copenhagen world championship…Less than 48 hours!

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