Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Copenhagen HM-Day-1

Now it starts to feel real…for real…

Late in bed, early up…not to well for the sleep dose for this week… Got ready, skipped the rehab, took my healthy green mix smoothie with banana, pear and apple juice. Decided to add a little bun with Nutella and drink chocolate oat milk as well…Felt good at the moment, but regretted it shortly after as felt pretty heavy… A bit late for taking the tram to the train station…or was it the tram being late… Got my seat and waited for my travel-mate “Tricky” who hopefully will be a able to run tomorrow.

Long train travel with lots of running chat and then Copenhagen, finally. A bit of orientation and found how to get to my apartment.


Finally getting there and yes it was a great choice! Large room under the roof, jacuzzi in the bathroom and large kitchen area. The hostess was real kind.
Aimed directly to the restaurant (had eaten a banana in the train around 10 and then a twix at the train station), both of us were starving. Lasagnes on the menu as there was not many choices and I wanted to keep the safe side…




Nice food stop completed, it was already 1:30pm when we took the way to pick up our bib. Look what was seen on the street ….



Just have to follow the blue lines 😉 Arrived at the expo, got our bib, a yellow bag with a World championship neck warmer and then through the expo without stopping really. Needing nothing…






And then after those 4.5km to the expo, time to rest the legs….after getting back to the apartment !!! Pretty tired, spent a bit of time resting my legs up on the bed. We had decided with Tricky to get our runs done separately and then meet up for dinner. Change to running outfit and got to the start area. Met some French elite men also taking photos 🙂

Took the first 2km of the race, with a nice pause under the sun for a little chat.



Then took the 11km forward and run a bit around following the blue stripes on the road. Short stop at Hard Rock Café (have to remember NOT to drink too much tomorrow before the race…).

Sign on the ladies restrooms…

And then back to the arrival. Nice in the legs, lots of photo stops. Good weather although little chilly. Just time enough to get ready for dinner. Another Italian restaurant, similar limited menu, so same choice as for lunch: lasagne, with salad and apple juice.


Sooooo, back home, change for bedtime and checked my outfit for tomorrow. Tricky said I should have my club outfit if I run with my club name… Ok then!


Light massage of the legs before sleeping, double checking the times for the race tomorrow. Yes, it really starts to feel real. Plans for tomorrow are simple: get to the start, enjoy the view of elites ahead of me and run as fast as I can 🙂 The fun will be included by default! Especially with the current weather forecast: 12°C at start!!! And sunny!!! And no wind!!!! Perfect conditions 😉

Copenhagen World Championship…. Less than 15 hours to go!!!!
Exciting, right?!?!

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  1. I’m excited for you! Good luck. I love your race outfit.

    March 29, 2014 at 10:13 am

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