Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Aaaaaand it felt like Christmas ALL OVER AGAIN…

Ever felt that Xmas is coming again? that you are surprised and think this is the best (almost) that happened for the day? Welcome to my Monday then!

Awaken @5am, did not feel like running would be really on the menu today, so snoozed until 6am and then started to do my new rehab program. Quite nice and good way to start the day softly. Had do some of the exercises in the corridor outside my home as i was fearing that attaching the elastic band to the table foot would rip the foot and leave me with a “3-feet-table”… Rest of the day was work work work…. Hold on! LUNCH arrived and with it a little note that I had a package to pick up… Did quick grocery shopping and headed to the shop to get my surprise package (Yeah, I knew what it was, but still it felt like a surprise package!). Loaded with a backpack with food and a large bag in my hand, I prayed for the lady not to pick up the large yellow package I could see….and of course it was THE ONE! But light, so light I thought it was (almost) nothing in it. Sooo tricky to resist and not opening the package right away (had to put the grocery at their correct place first….)

THEN and only then, I opened the large yellow package 🙂 Even better than on the photo! Not one but TWO pairs of Adidas Adizero Adios boost, which are expected to replace my flying Asics Gel DS Sky Speed 2 (and yes, I have almost tears in my eyes when writing this…). A pic will be uploaded in future post, but what I can tell is that I wore them during ALL afternoon at home 🙂 When the last telco was finished, I just HAD to go for a run. Quick drop off to the dance class and run back home. Then planned for going for an easy 12km run and finish it with picking up E at soccer practice. Those shoes are just brilliant! Really light (208g!) I put on the purple pairs and off I went. Of course the wind wanted to play today as well so decided to play along (for a little while). Then stopped for drills (with headwind…i.e. doubling the effort, right?!?) and off I went again. Passing km5 the feet (not the legs) got an extra boost (therefore the name of the shoes probably…) and I just could not stop smiling and seeing seriously the pavement disappearing under my feet. Had to force myself to stop (really!) because today was rest day and if not, at least easy run day. The pause of 15/20seconds was enough to make the feet relax a bit and off I started again… until the feet started their little show 3km later again! this time I did not stop but change direction for having a strong headwind instead. Then easy to soccer practice, stretch and freeze during 20minutes and then easy run back home.

So SURELY those shoes feel fine and fast! Yes, I know it is the first run, but I started the day (and still continuing it) with a reminder from Saturday’s run in terms of really tired bum-muscle and I could not understand how I was even able to run, and definitely not at this pace… More test during the week. I think I already have my outfit settled for the next race 🙂

Today is as well 1.5week since I stopped taking the additional iron tablets. Felt a bit tired from time to time, but will see if this impacts the absorption of iron (which seems to be a problem). Food ain’t a problem really, but should actually check for NOT eating too much of iron-rich food for now and until tested again (like end of April). Not that it is making a huge change in the daily food intake though!

OK, time for bed (not just for beauty sleep – this is what everyone needs – but as well because I really hope to wake up with a rested body and no follow-up from Saturday’s run…

Copenhagen: Less than 2 weeks to go… just received this morning my BIB-number by email 🙂

2 responses

  1. Enjoy your new shoes! Everyone is wearing Adidas around here lately, they must be so good!

    March 18, 2014 at 9:47 am

    • If ASICS was still supplying the Sky Speed 2, I would not have to change…. But so far the Adidas feel good 🙂

      March 18, 2014 at 9:48 pm

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