Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Paris 2014 HM-Day-1 (cont.’)

Tired is an understatement…when you can lay down on the bed, close your eyes and just open then again 1,5hour later… The strangest thing happened while waking up: I was in my room and could not recall the feeling when passing the Place de la Bastille…when it is in my view the best spot of the race. Then not recalling the start neither, as I really hope for no pushing this year…and then how was the feeling when crossing the finish line… ALL WAS GONE!!! I had overslept and apparently missed the race… (Good I do the siesta a day before the race… First thing after waking up was to set the alarm for tomorrow morning!!!!)
Well-rested anyway, took a tea and pain au chocolat before reading once more the race route. Put on my leg sleeves and headed for a little walk. Another chausson aux pommes went down and got more bananas. If not tired enough after the race, I plan to take a short recovery run to make it a full-worth long run. So extra energy after the race will be good. The leg sleeves felt fine but after a while a bit too tight in the right calf, so took it off.

The weather Gods are now WAY kinder for tomorrow and this feels for a singlet race outfit šŸ˜‰ took the weather forecast for St MandĆ© and Paris… That should do the trick!







Now last tea before falling asleep again… Yaaaa… Will probably try out the outfit once more šŸ˜‰

SdP 2014… Not much time left… at all!!!!


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