Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

What a difference a day makes…

VERY MUCH!!!! Would we be tomorrow, it would only be 2 days left… Time has been going waaaaaay too slow today (almost all the day…)

Started BEFORE the birds, quick change, goodbye to those going skiing today and out in the cold. Well, actually, the temperature announced on my phone was 3ºC, but it felt way nicer. Had long winter underwear and MoreMiles shorts on the top. Not the time to be a fashion victim! Wanted to check if could still handle the cold with no double layer or no long tights. Real easy run, meeting almost no soul, until km5, where a car seemed a bit upset that I was taking the car road (which is NOT for pedestrians, but so much quicker and nicer than going through the tunnel). On the other side of the road, took off the winter underwear and kept shorts only. SO NICE! (and definitely not 3ºC!). Already had a neck warmer, but attached my winter long tight around the neck as it was not in the very thoughtful plan to carry it by hand to home. The legs did appreciate very much to get in the air and the second half went way faster than the first one, the effort level remaining constant (read: low). Ended the 10K with a fast last km and stopped to buy some croissants. A nice guy must have thought “poor her, she must be mad AND freezing” and let me go first to buy my croissants 🙂 Then decided to sprint the last 600m home and this WAS fun (ok, not easy with a bag full of stuff in the hand, but fun definitely). Back home was time enough to do my rehab exercises and then breakfast (YES, I DID EAT TWO CROISSANTS! and not even feeling guilty 🙂 ).

Took a break for sushi-lunch in very nice company, which made the afternoon passing by very fast, but then arrived the time to start packing… NOT FUN. The weather in Paris is very changing and today was shower all day long apparently. Below is what accuweather is predicting for Sunday… Will see how the body feels on Sunday with 3ºC, 92% humidity and 40% chance rain…(oh yeah, and there was some wind planned as well…).

SnapShot_023420 SnapShot_024420SnapShot_025620

OK, double-checked the Semi de Paris website, and it is still 3 days to go…

Gear-wise it is a mess. Had planned shorts and tshirts (not THAT bold to have singlet…working on it….), but now with the rain, am a bit unsure… Have a little suitcase almost full…of running gear! Good it is in France I am going so if anything is missing I know where to find it. Long day of travelling yesterday. So time for bed soon.

SdP…3 days to go 🙂

One response

  1. It must be so exiting to be so close now! An international race is definitely on my bucket list, but I know it’s not going to happen for a while, mainly because of the logistics.
    If you could do a post afterwards with tips and suggestions I’ll bookmark it for when I do take the plunge. 🙂
    Good luck!

    February 28, 2014 at 4:02 am

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