Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

So You Think You Can Talk?…

(yes, I can do a whole serie of “So You Think You Can…” :))

Early bedtime does not necessarily mean good night’s sleep. Following the suggestion of M, I did listen to an app making me to sleep. Well, I was really tired, so unsure the app helped a lot, but what I can tell is that I did not hear the lady voice counting no “6” (she was counting down 10 to 1). ALl good you may say? Well, not really. Woke up a bit feverish after midnight, cramp in the stomach and rushing to the bathroom was not an option but a necessity. Never happen really to just throw up in the middle of the night. So no it was not funny. (Or was it the lady voice hypnotising me and saying that I had to do that?…). Hummm, tried to get back to sleep. Not working. Listening to the app? not working (I did hear the whole countdown and the whole session as well until it stopped. Was even wondering if I should run it twice to have an effect…).

But when the clock rang @4:55am, the brain was happy, the throat was fine (did I say that I tried the 1tsp whisky, 3 tsp honey and a dash of lemon + warming the whole disgusting thing and getting it down the throat. THEN I noticed that tsp was teaspoon and not tablespoon…). Anyhow, no scratching throat meant “good to run”. Hitting the pavement @5:30am has its charm. Having DJ Eclipse music in the ears at the same time is the moment of the day I like. Just rolling… (ok, just running…). Decided for an easy 10K, then @km5 I turned right to the little slope and got to the 12K and then by km6, took a run around a block raising the bar to 14K. Hmmm, so nice feeling. Even passing beside the bakery factory was nice (aka they did not bake the cinnamon buns this time, but another thing that was smelling yummy…). All went really fine, so decided to include drills as well (and once again, planned to do it @km8, (but I was then under a little bridge) then km9 (but it is so close to km10…) and then km10 (not a chance I stop this nice pace…) and km11 (nope. Not stopping at an odd km-number…) SO it turned out to be km12 that had the honour to be the start of stretch and drills session. Still a bit unsure what drills are best to do, so included indian jumps, butt kicks, forward kicks, crabs and the whole thing twice (with light jog or walk between each drill). After that, the plan was to get right back home, but took the right side of the block and pushed the run to 15km 🙂 Nice start for the day, I would say.

It is only after I got back home that I noted that something was a bit odd. As my throat was a little rusty and scratchy yesterday, I had 2 neck warmers during the run (a bit overkill you may say, but it was actually nice to have it warm there). Tried to talk… not a sound… Got a hot shower…tried to talk…still no sound… rushing to my mobile to sms work-colleague and find a backup plan for the 3-hours session I had planned this morning. Not working so had to postpone it to next week and after that worked from home with regular hot tea with loads of honey in it (I took the green tea with ginger and honey… plus extra honey… Hope this will work…)

By lunch time, the voice was back (a little) but the scratching too 😦 Enough voice for a friend chat and got some boost for both training and work. Rest of afternoon sitting on Pilates ball in meeting (so the bum is resting a bit from hard chair sitting!). Call from the doc indicating all looked good in the test apart from too high (!) blood value and level of iron. So had a new test done to check another thing. But good news was that the iron level was higher (ok, too high, but higher is better than lower…). After that had planned to go and give blood as the doc indicated it was fine. Stupidly forgetting my ID card, I could not give any 😦 Drop-off my faulty contact lenses and then ran to training arena to meet my coach F2F (never met but after three races and training camp). Nice to exchange ideas and got an additional rehab exercise. Then ran back home, ate quick a soygurt with cereals and honey and then time for rehab. Changed a bit with less reps (10 instead of 15) but doing two series. Way better and felt easier a bit (especially the swiss ball curl one leg!).

Rooibos tea with lots of honey and time for bed already arrived… Training program settled and indeed Paris is at the corner!!!

(btw… the voice is almost back but gosh! the scratching is killing me 😦

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