Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

And place and sleep She should have…

Started already in Munich actually…they have thought of everything… They do have “nap pods”, where for a fee you can get an isolated cabin to sleep in… What about that?!?!

Flight to Dubai got an early boarding and this was with great pleasure I sat on my seat (which I had changed) and got… a WHOLE row for myself…


Four seats is ideal to be able to sleep and lay down at the same time… Tried to remain awaken so to catch their late dinner while watching a movie of very high quality (“Elysium”…) and yes I am bring sarcastic here. Food was simple: pasta with tomatoe sauce. Even take a bit of salad and ensure to continue the drinking.


Looks like worms, but tasted ok...

Then slept the rest of the trip on my four seats…luxury in economy class 🙂 Arrived in Dubai and got this wifi therefore a quick update…

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