Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

10 days to go and still…

not really willing to slow down. Tapering is an important part of all training and it generally goes well (apart from the two days of carbs depletion…). But today, Oh, my!… it feels like the day will never end.

Up early (but not THAT much), resisted to the impulse to jump in my snickers for an early run (and the temperature shown on my mobile was indeed helping on this…-10ºC…), so nope. No early morning run. Breakfast with three croissants and a tea 🙂 (one croissant was not mine, and how do you explain with a smile that “well, I will take the last croissant…because I am running a marathon next week”?…Not sure it went home 😉 ). Started work and at first break took a VSA leg*2 workout (cut it into two as I had a meeting starting then @9:30am, but the meeting finishing slightly early I could complete the workout). Then more meetings and by lunch time I decided to take a little longer break. On the floor for a “plank variations – 50sec” serie. A bit tough to reach the 50sec, but when it is done, it feels so good! Then into three layers (!) of clothes to go out in the cold. Temperature expected to be -6ºC (real feel -11ºC!). Once again, did not like really to have the extra layers as it feels like running with a diaper almost and the legs movements are a bit slower and strange with all this (OK, I could have skipped the compression socks, but it felt good to have). Wow – so cold when getting my little nose outside. Great investment to have neck warmers (and yes, I still look like a thief, but seriously…to you saying that: would a thief have bright colours? Apricot bonnet, blue mixed tights and sometimes colourful neck warmer?…I don’t think so!). Back to the run: took approximately 3km to get a nice warm(er) feeling in the body, keeping an easy pace and just letting the legs following the music. Had never run more than a couple of time on this music and it suits perfectly for “brainless-activity-and-legs-in-control” runs! Nice enough there was no wind, which made the layers of clothes a bit too many, and once again I thought about stopping on the side of the road to strip off my long tights (nobody would really notice I run in winter underwear, would they?). By km8, I stopped briefly for light stretch. Then did some drills (have in my new year resolutions to do drills at least once a week… so as good to do it on Mondays, so it is done 😉 ). Real fun to do, especially while watching the cars passing by and looking at me with this strange look saying “what the *** is she doing?!?!”. Then continued my easy run, up the hill and down the hill, when I realized I took another route which would make my run 2km longer…On a regular day, why not. But for tapering, I should really not take extra mileage…shouldn’t I? So the alternative were: 1) run the extra 2km home, 2) stop right there (almost) and take the tram home or 3) walk back home the 2 last km. Alternative 2 is not existing in my mind if not injured, and alternative 3 meant freezing my bum for 2km… so there was really no other alternative but to run home 🙂 Easy paced 14km in a cold city. All good then…

Quick stretch after the run, hot shower and smoothie+banana before starting to work again. 1hour later, got the leftover of goulash soup (Hmmm, delicious the first time and re-heated is even better!) and …. continued to work. By 3:30pm, it felt my day had been already 28hours long and my legs craved to go out and run…. But no says the head, extremely firm and decided… Sitting and working on my Pilates ball all afternoon to avoid any potential pain/ache in the left hamstring… which worked fine.

But seriously, now workday is over, night is on the city and it would feel so nice to get out and run… So strong mind to have for NOT doing it… Looking around to determine what will be today’s dinner and probably will aim for fruits and …fat (?). This is recommended for the tapering weeks to decrease progressively the calories intake and to complete this to have less fat (still for the 20-25% of daily intake) and have carbs instead. Surely I will stop drinking a pint of olive oil to compensate with the carbs… 🙂 I just loved the suggestion on RunnersConnect saying to swap pancakes with butter for maple syrup (already doing this syrup-thing… should I change it to something else?…) or have pasta with tomato sauce instead of cheese (already doing this as well…Start believing that I am generally deficient in fat…NOT!). So anything generally on my dinner table is fully acceptable in my standards 🙂

Time for dinner! and some rest…(Tapering week 1 officially started…yeah…)

Dubai…10 days to go!!!

2 responses

  1. Funny how hard it can be to taper. Love the analogy of running in a diaper. I know the feeling! Good luck in Dubai!

    January 13, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    • Feeling like my mind is like mashed potatoes and the legs want to take the lead out through the door… Still some days to go however!

      And yes, fashion-victim is not on the list when running (well, not in the time 😉

      Thanks! Hoping the sun will shine bright and high next week!

      January 13, 2014 at 9:44 pm

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