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Hills, speed work, tempo, vegetarian and long run…

(Week 251113-011213)
Here it came and here it went. First of two heavy weeks already completed 🙂

Well-deserved rest day was only the title of Monday. Lots of work to do and therefore it was only late in the evening that there was time for core workout. A bit late for my taste and this type of session, but at least it is done. JM6W6P – week 1… Unsure how often this is supposed to be done, but the aim is here to get some variations in core training.

Tuesday started well with a nice easy pace run, completed by fast short hills. Not too tired on the way back home and eager (?) to try a nearby hill, I took two extra rounds on this stiffer hill (and will definitely have this one as reference for next run!). Hill workout can actually be fun…

Wednesday turned out to become a rest day from training due to heavy workload (early-birdie start and late late finish)… A run would have suited well at lunch if not for a telco and rush to second half of the workshop… Standing all day with high heels boots is probably not the first recommendation for keeping one’s heels safe, but these were suiting the outfit 🙂

Therefore Thursday got to have some pace really. Started to feel pretty heavy and having a speed session (time-based, not distance-based) was the best that could happen to lift up this day! Time-based intervals are and remain a real challenge… Soooo easy to just rush at start and notice that yes the distance be greater, but the time ain’t passing faster…

And so it was Friday already… Had planned a two-bridges run for lunch, but got a nice company kindly suggesting a job-lunch…tricky to refuse when asked with a smile! So, work all day it became. As soon as back home, it turned into the fastest gear change ever and off I went. Did not do the 2-bridge run though as it would have killed my finish pace 😉 but placing a 41min 10K in the middle of a 16km was nice-2-have! Enjoyed the lights of the city, the drizzling rain on the bridge and 3km sub4 to start the fast pace 10K. Good to have move this bum to get some training… It is so easy and tempting to just come back home, get to the sofa and just stay there… TGIF!!!!

Saturday was not even close to have me out of bed early. Would have been stressful to get on time for the dance show of T. Therefore: early start, breakfast for the monsters, transport to the first show (we had tickets for the second one), breakfast in town while waiting, show, Chinese lunch (not recommended). Then waited 3 hours before moving my soon-reaching-a-coma-state body and off for a long run. First 30km since Berlin. Felt nice, liberating, comfie, cosy and dark… Got out for 2hr2in (I like round figures!) and finished the day with cozy tv-watching. The long run incorporated some speed work and this was once again some exercise my legs were out after 🙂

No need to say that Sunday was a bit heavy at start (well, late in bed but woke up at 7am, so ready for a recovery run within the hour!). Pretty heavy thighs and real strong headwind making it almost impossible to run sometimes. But as it said: recovery run! Completed the run with some hover and pancakes 🙂 rest of day preparing for business trip and cheering at the athletics training. As H would write: IIFS!!!

Challenge of the week: vegetarian from top to toes… Got started on Monday and completed a full long week with vegetarian food at every meal of the day. Guarantee I missed my meat-meal… Felt tired , although the workload was hereby thus week so maybe it was a combination then. Not convinced at all this is something good for me. But done is done! Tomorrow is back to normal.

Surprisingly got little less mileage this week than during last week of recovery… Still keeping up the pace and time now for some sleep due to pretty early start tomorrow morning… Had to review next week’s program as will probably have to run on dread mill for a few days… 😦

More next week then!