Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Sun, shorts, massage and 120+km for the week :)

THREE times… I woke up three times during the night Saturday-Sunday. And slept so good in-between anyway… Unsure why as it was quiet as in a closed fridge (well, a fridge always makes noise when you open it, but I assume that the little man responsible to switch on the lamp each time one open the door like it quiet inside when it is closed, right?). Finally Sunday, correct?

Light breakfast of cereals, chocolate and almond-milk in front of the tv with the feet up. Still a bit tired from yesterday it appears like. BUT when E came to drop his Xmas present the legs were more than fine and I had already jumped into my running gear. Hold it…SHORTS! Sun outside, 7-8ºC according to Accuweather, so no reason for skipping the shorts right. Took the Boston gear (shorts and long sleeves), which made the run already fun to do. Of course  the compression long socks were helping as well as the wind-jacket (just in case). Added the neck warmer and bonnet, mostly because I had wet hair and did not want to run with wet hair and potentially got sick. Got to hear from G that I was apparently to be crown the “Queen of Craziness” when he saw my running outfit, but it had been already approved by E. So would not mind the crown 😉 Final Christmasy goodbye and then light legs on the run.

So extremely nice and delicious to feel the sun on your face when you run (yes, I did run in a stormy-like weather yesterday, already forgotten?). Slight headwind on the way to the 6km. Running along the harbours, got people looking strangely at my outfit when others gave me nice smiles. Who cares really? I was enjoying my run. No check on the clock, just noting the beep of the km (although I might “nerdily” know by now most of the roads all around and where the “km-mark” are falling… Km6 took a short break to change the music and then turned back home. Easy-peasy-pace, not noticing any tailwind (of course when you need it, it is nowhere to be found!!!). Got this nice recovery run up to 12km, which was tactically calculated to get this week’s volume to 120+km 🙂 Happy! Longest ever run in a week!

Got nice hot shower, light food and then time for Thai massage. Indicated (stupidely?) the area aching (thigh/bum/calf left side) and of course it was handled as such… included thorough stretch (which I am SO happy not to be able to do myself…because it kind-of hurts!). But all is so fine afterwards. Rest of the day was spend chilling out at home, a bit of shopping and really taking it easy.

Today was done 6th episode of rehab for the thigh/bum muscle. A bit better? don’t know. The balance is definitely better, but the stretch is still there. Hopefully will help at one point…

Week’s summary is easy: Icy-rainy-windy-sunny-easy… missing only the snow actually! Real good week and nice to have it done before Christmas. Checked the weight this morning, looking good. Just have to remain the same until next race 😉 Now a week of year-end’s celebration and it will already be time to go back to work… Real happy to have skipped what started two weeks ago or so at work, i.e. people getting the flu and then coming back to work few days before going back on vacations for Christmas. Good with fresh air when running! OK, time to rest. That’s what vacations are for, right?

Keep on running!

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