Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Like two bridges over troubled water…

Following Sunday long run, a choice had to be made on Monday: to rest or not to rest. Due to sleeping difficulties, not a chance to go up and run early. Then forgot my gear to run at lunch and in the evening I wad in bed by 7pm… Deeply asleep within seconds! But all good things have an end…write up around 9pm and unable to fall asleep again… So did my rehab routine and by midnight, my eyes were closed again…

So early Tuesday morning run you may ask? Well, no… Lots of snoozes, and up at 6:30am to get breakfast ready: croissants and pains au chocolat for all 🙂 not much job 😉 Hurried to work, missed the ferry like yesterday, got to answer the phone and missed a beautiful shot of the harbour under the morning lights…all started a bit…not the way I wanted! Then interview at work, more work, discussion with Poland and planning discussion with Brazil… France is here visiting 🙂 When all looked completed for the day, aimed back home and jumped directly into my gear for avoiding falling on the sofa… Skipped the planned intervals as per the long run of Sunday and thought about a 13km, which changed into a 15K over two bridges and finally was completed in 18km… Lots of uphills, no need for strength workout today 😀 Do nice to run in the dark and the city lights, not to cold in the air, mind being free of all thoughts and worries…Should be like that more often. I love running during the day, under the sun or towards the sun rise or sun down… But the darkness of the skies has a special appeal. Making it all calm and peaceful. Just you, your shoes and the road…More of that, please!
Completed the day with pasta and fish with lemon sauce, yummy! As this is the final week before holidays, we watched a movie as well :”The League”. As usual, took me half of the movie to remember who wad the bad one… But now all asleep and time to get some beauty sleep as well (after doing my rehab exercise…).

Night night!

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