Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Travel, shorts, tired, snow and frozen toes…

(Week 021213-081213)
Second of two heavy workload weeks…and some travel…and bad weather…training in all this?

As usual started the week with…a Monday. Less usual that it started after threw hours sleep and as early as 4:00am. Time to get the cab to the airport…business travel. Planned a rest day as I was travelling through 3 airports and one ocean before reaching my destination. Had compression socks to ensure (?) the legs would be fine. Lots of drinking (water!) during the flight, resulting to lots of walking to the loo (high price to pay…). Real boring flight so was happy to reach three Big Apple …it was a little more than a year aso I was there and…not allowed to run their marathon 😦 after the 3 hours wait in Oslo, had to be added an extra hour in NY (meaning 4 hours wait there!)… No need to say I could think of plenty of other ways to spend 7 hours today instead of waiting for my next flights… No possibility to run as I had my laptop in my backpack… Got finally to my destination, got a rental car (automatic….)and got to the hotel. My calves felt pretty tired and when taking of the socks, they appeared like double-sized… Decided then to get a short run on the dreadmill… More boring than that, unsure it can be found! Got up to a 5K, struggling with the pace and distance not being in metrics. Anyway, a good night’s sleep, I thought….
And there came Tuesday…at 3am in the morning…and impossible to sleep more. Decided around 4am to go up and head towards the gym. Once again, struggling with distance and pace, got a 12km (I think?) but so much sweat for this and according to the dreadmill, not at all fast! Got to ask a runner coming with a front lamp into the gym where he did run. “On the motorway” he answered… No kidding! “if you run early enough, the traffic is light” he added… So no, there was really no alternative to the treadmill. Long work day, dinner with colleague and to occupy the evening…stupidly tried to get on the treadmill again. Got to a 5K and seriously? Got so bored I even start to consider the motorway was after all not such a bad idea…
Wednesday got me up early…again with first meeting at 6am. Little ache in the middle of the left knee so sloped the run, especially with the loaded agenda for the day. Great day btw, ending at a Japanese steak house with colleagues.
Could have had a nice and long night’s sleep…if not for the online conference starting at…5am on Thursday… Therefore second rest day in a row. Work day a usual, having around 2pm the feeling that my head was getting closer and closer to the keyboard…a nice large coke kept me away from the jetlag 🙂 and them it was already 6pm (EST) and time to fly back home via Chicago and Copenhagen. Slept on all flights 🙂
So when the snowy landscape welcomed my plane on Friday…I was well awaken, with really swollen calves and hungry a lot. Spent a bit of time with my legs up to reducer the swelling (strange as I had my compression socks in the planes…), but could not hold more and got out for an easy 10K run on slippery surface… Great to be home!
Saturday got a more slippery run, but got a nice pace on those 15K though. Was a bit concerned for not having run well nor long in the US, but this day was fine. No evening out as planned so it turned into pizza in front of a scary movie instead..Tricky to get to bed before 3am…
So Sunday started later with easy and light breakfast and to my disappointment,… a white cover of snow had and was still falling from the skies 😦 😦 Changed to my running gear, left knee making itself heard (i.e. not willing to go out…). Two layers of clothes later and ice pikes under the shoes, time to go for the weekly long run… Stopped after 1km into a shop to get a plastic bag for my mobile as it was “nicely” (read the irony here…) raining out there. Frozen feet and tours that had lost their feeling… This is a description of my km2…onwards! Got to run on little icy parts, but the worse was the snow, the wet snow, the water pools everywhere, the cars passing by and making me wet (or more wet…). The motto during the run was from km2 “only 20km to go”…and no it did not change until reaching km10..when it changed to “only 19km to go” (and then deceased every km). Got to run with headwind, tailwind, side wind…you name it. Took of my ice-stuff a few times around the end as there were so snow-ice-free path and I really wanted to test for some speed 😉 Got up to 27km in those conditions. Took a whole under very hot water to get back any feeling in the toes…but so worth it!
Thai massage was waiting for me to complete this day and week…so well-deserved!

And so ended this travel week. The only positive with the treadmill was to be able to run in shorts!!! Not a fully satisfactory training week, but got more than expected from the workshop organised there. So definitely a good week. Two more weeks before Xmas…and then it us soon new year…


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