Running longer and faster… a few thoughts…

Hills, cold, rest… SUB-40…enough said! :)

(week 111104 – 171110)
Already Sunday and pitch black outside. Got time enough during today’s massage to reflect on the week that has gone.

Monday was a rest day. Actually NOT planned. But an unfortunate strike of the ferries made my work day longer than planned, missed T’s dance rehearsal 😦 and finally arrived home (after sitting in a bus and then tram) and it was barely 45 minutes left before the massage time I booked. No way I change for neither a run or core workout. Would need a shower and then have to stress to the massage. So no training. Just a massage which makes one thinking about “how comes it hurts in places I did not even know I had muscles”… Anyhow, got a deeper massage than expected, but a good way to end the day!

Tuesday started THEREFORE by a “punishment” workout. No real core session since Berlin so I took the stability workout and triple it (instead of double as usual). Yapp! lots of fun. All the series done three times were quite fine but at the end, the arms felt like marshmallows…above a fire 😉 Quick change and run in the dark. Easy 10K, smell of freshly baked bread and new change (after shower!) for work. And yes, was on site for 8:20am… Looooong working day and unfortunately now the darkness is upon us much earlier. I did decide to skip the hill workout in the morning so I could do it during day-LIGHT. Not.a.chance! Taking the bus is driving me crazy. It was overfull of people and at the centralstation, this lady pushed all of us to get a place (despite the driver saying there was an empty bus RIGHT.BEHIND…) and less than 400m after we started to roll, she talks on the phone, coughing and saying that “yes, she is not feeling good, had a rough night and has to go to work anyway…”. No need to say that I spent the rest of the trip looking to the driver (i.e. showing my back to the lady) and getting as much fresh air as possible from the little window he had opened… JUST.NOT.BEING.SICK.NOW!!! The evening trip went smoother. I had in mind to possibly run back home and do the intervals on the bridge, but once again, no good lights. Home, change and warm up to the funny hill of Göteborgsvarvet that all runners fear… 🙂 Took 200m of it, 10times. Had a pull from another runner who was running it up&down a few times as well. And after that completed the workout with a nice (?!) hilly 8km back home (yapp, I took a nice detour!). Great to have this done. Never though hillworks could be this fun! Of course have to learn not to slow down at the end even if the whole body says it. THEREFORE it is good to have a “hill-workout-running-buddy-who-runs-a-bit-faster”, because he/she would be pulling and you (well…”I”) would stop controlling the running at the end… Anyhow, the plan for next year Göteborgsvarvet might be to start with all other runners and when reaching this part of the race,…to run up&down 10 times and then continue the race 🙂 Would probably make one or two runners thinking I am nuts? … The small waves on the graph below are the up&downs and then at the end, the nice (?) hill I incorrectly run up and then run a bit on the top and instead of running down on the other side…did run down the same way I came up!

Hill works!

Hill works!

Wednesday was once again a long day at work (started early…). So when finally reached home (still ferry strike…), it was a bless to change right into running gear (and yes, they were ready since this morning so I would not loose time searching for it!). Drizzling rain, just running around was the name for this workout. 15,5km in the darkness, focus being “not run of the leaves for not falling on my bum”! Good run despite the lack of inspiration.

Thursday was simple: full rest day. Having planned a race on Saturday, I like to have this rest day before (and yes, still loaded at work). btw, would not have been able to train much anyway as it was still hurting from Tuesday’s workout (chest, back and arms… did not even know I had trained those parts!!!)

Friday had an early start and fortunately all was worked from home (well, this means more time in front of the computer!). Took a “form-check” run in the late afternoon and got a nice 8km slightly faster than 3 weeks ago before the latest 10K race. Felt nice and fine. Spent the evening however stressing out for nothing (had lots done at home, between cleaning, bed fixing, cooking, vacuum-cleaning… even though was not necessary!). Once in bed, tricky to fall asleep. A bit unsure why because if one race was definitely not to be bothering me was this one. The “plan” was easy: take it as a fast tempo run. No pressure, just running and having fun.

Saturday went as it went: sub-40! and under the rain. When meeting R, another jogg-buddy, was agreed that with this weather it would go the way it would go! Difficult to set an time objective really (yaaa, sure… he ended with a PB of 35:xx…). Anyway. Race report can be found here. After the race (yes, I REALLY missed the train twice this day…), the afternoon went pretty easy. Food-shopping, bit of cleaning, food cooking and nice company dinner and evening. Not that late though, it was enough time left to watch rubbish on tv. Bedtime was pretty late, but seriously was not tired at all until after midnight. There is something about race really! Cannot sleep before, nor after!

Sunday was planned to be easy long run day. Clock set to ring at 10:00am (yes, I do plan some sleep-in sometimes!), but the light rain woke me up around 6:30am and then it was breakfast and getting ready for running. 25km mix was planned (i.e. easy-slow parts and fast parts in-between). Still running in shorts, but for today it felt something had changed. The easy pace was not enough to keep up the warmth really and the fast bouts felt pretty tough to do. Of course they should! There was a race yesterday!!! Reaching the last “slow part” decided to skip the last fast part, but well-arrived to the “beep” from the clock, I changed my mind and decided to give it all for 500m instead of 1km. Reaching this distance, it was well less than half left ….so went along just 🙂 and yes, was pretty happy to get the fastest km ever (I think?) in 3:39! Youhou! Of course the legs were freezing cold so planned to skip the last 2km of cold down, but reaching a street where the sun was shining and there was no wind…Hmmm, so nice feeling this warmth on the frozen legs….so took a extra detour around a few blocks and ended in 23.5km which was more than satisfied (especially as I needed to shower under boiling hot water just to start feeling something on my legs…). The fun part (yes, there is always a fun part in a run!) is that I have a nice tan on my legs with the marks of the shorts and the socks!!! and no it was not “dirt” as I though at first, it is a nice sun-tan… Easy rest of the afternoon with a thai massage (almost no ache, which is good, right?) and then chilling out with little shopping in town for next week’s food supplies 🙂 yes, now I am a bit tired!

Summary of the week: too fast ending! Got one of the objectives I set for next year already cleared out. Have to think a bit more now… Easy week next week as there is a race coming. Probably no shorts this time… long tights and probably the whole winter-kit as well! And yes, planning to take it as a fat workout this time!

More thought as well: got this place for Berlin and after thorough thinking, will not take it. Will probably regret this when the race is on next year, but awaiting for other races to open and cannot commit to this one if not able to run it properly. A bit tricky…still have until tomorrow to change my mind…

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